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L1/L2 probably swapped?

Hey everyone,

My question has been discussed several times, but as I am not the one who installed the Victron etc. and the electrician who did doesn't know Victron well either, I'd like to get your feedback so I can tell him what needs to be changed (he's coming back in a few days for some last things so a great chance to fix this).

What I wanted my installation to look like was the following:

  • L1 for "critical loads" using a Multiplus 2 48/5000, attached to the battery (Pylontech)
  • L2/L3 remain connected to the grid
  • EM24 for energy metering

The installation works fine, no problems.

However, the results I see in the pictures below doesn't seem right.

The "victron feed" image, on a high level, states I believe:

  • MPPT generates 3710 W
  • of which 3083 W are fed into the grid
  • the Multiplus routes 3200W on L1
  • while L1 consumes 506 W from and L3 26 W

I think AC Loads with the 3200 W is correct, but Grid with -3140W should be on L1 as that is the Multiplus connection, and not L2 which is connected directly to the Grid?

So L1 and L2 are swapped - maybe from grid to EM24 or EM24 to Multiplus?

The "victron consume" image states, I believe, that 311W + 113W = 424W are used directly from battery an MPPT for the critical loads, and 24W are on L3.

But if L1/L2 are actually swapped, then in a fixed setup I would actually see

  • 30W (not 4W) on L1 from the grid --> 30 W difference to AC loads, so maybe that's the Multiplus?
  • 4W (not 30W) on L2 - no idea where the 27W difference (31W-4W) on L2 AC Loads comes from though?





VRMem24split phase
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Phase compensation is part of what you are seeing.

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