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PV input visualisation in VR

we have here a farm with 9KW peak solar distributed on several barns, it is 6 micro inverters from 4 different manufacturers, partly over 500 meters apart,

it is a 3 phase ESS built, to integrate the whole inverter into the VRM would be yes 6 individual ET112 and cable /zigbee connections Nötig.

Would it be possible, (the whole house incl inverters, hangs on ACout1 of the Multis)?

Would it be possible to connect an Em24/ET340 AFTER the multis and configure it as a solar inverter,

Would then only the "minus current" (from the house to the multi) be counted and visualized in the VRM? I know that this way would not take into account the current that is consumed directly in the house.

But any "economical" solution to visualize the PV surplus would not be bad.

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