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EM24 - no data "Energy to net"

First I thought there is a problem with my connection to HomeAssistant when I was not able to receive data for "Energy to net" over modbus.

But in VRM I was also not able to see this data.

I am using the EM24 Ethernet meter. Here are screenshots from VRM. All screens showing December.


1673442414528.pngFrom Dash I can see:


As you can see, there was power delivered to the net and VRM recognized it. But in VRM and locally on GX, the gridmeter entries just show zero.

It is a newly installed system, so I may did soemthing wrong in configuration of the EM24? It is running the application "H", which is for my understanding the correct setting.

I used a shelly 3EM before the EM24 was delivered. With that device everything worked fine.

I hope somebody can help :)

Energy Meterem24
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