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Cerbo GX and Carlo Gavazzi EM24 with CTs communication issue


I am experiencing a problem with my carlo gavazzi EM24 three phase (CTs) and a cerbo gx, that setup used to work for a year but now I cannot get any grid readings from the cerbo gx (remote console) when the 3 CTs are installed. The meter itself has kWh readings but the cerbo gx does not register anything.

Under energy meters the cerbo gx still picks up the serial number of the EM24 but on the cerbo gx dashboard I have no readings.

Modbus TCP is enabled, Modbus TCP devices ip is still the same.

On the EM24 the rs485 is connected as pin 43 Black, pin 42 Orange and pin 41 Yellow and usb is plugged to the cerbo gx usb port, I have also replaced the old existing rs485 to usb cable to a brand new one but I still do not get any readings on the cerbo gx and finally I tried to update the cerbo gx firmware, "error during checking".

Has anybody ever encountered this issue?

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