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ESS grid feed-in enabled does not feed surplus energy to grid

Hi, I have one system where I can't make ESS grid feed-in to work. System is working as 1-phase system using Multiplus-2 5kVA inverter with battery and 250/100 regulator connected via port.

For 3-phase energy metering I use EM24 device connected via Ethernet and configured as "Total of all phases" under "Settings / ESS / Multiphase regulation".

Feed-in is enabled using "DC coupled PV - feed in excess" parameter under "Settings / ESS / Grid feed-in".

System is always trying to pivot energy production to the value which is set under "Grid setpoint" under "Settings / ESS"

System is upgraded up to latest firmware and software version.

The grid code is set to "Others".

EM24 is connected via ethernet cable and is configured to the system under "Modbus TCP Devices" settings.

Can anybody help me to investigate and find the reason why it does not work as expected?

Thank you so much.


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