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Siemens PAC2200 as Grid Meter


i've got a Siemens PAC2200 as a Grid Meter ...

The Setpoint for the Multiplus 2 is controlled by a PLC via Modbus Register 37 ... that works perfectly.

But now, i want show the grid in the remote control panel of the cerbo.

That is not working out of the box with the PAC2200

i found some threads like this ( with eastron SDM630 )

my Idea is, to simulate the EM24 with my PLC / Node red or what ever as a Modbus Master

my question is, which registers need the cerbo to work proberly, that the cerbo thinks it is an em24 ?



cerbo gxEnergy Meterem24
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I also what to connect my PAC2200 to my cerbo gx.

Did you get it work? And if how did you do that?

Regards, Niels

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