Multiplus II + 4* US3000C - Low Battery Voltage

Hi Community,

for 3 month i run 3* Victron Multiplus II + 3*US3000C. Firmware Version of all the Multiplus II is 502; Cerbo GX is v2.92 and Pylontech 1.7 (was already running 1.8).

The System run without any issues for the last 8-12 weeks, but since Monday evening I get “low battery voltage reported” and this in all flavors: At 52.00 Volt, at 51.50 Volt and at 49.00. Sure, the whole bandwidth is included.

I did a lot of research, thought one out of fours Pylontech (or even more) are defective, so connected all of them individual, but the issue remains.

I did a complete reset and fresh install of all Multiplus II, same behavior. As soon the MP2 come up proper, Low Voltage gets reported on Multiplus II Phase I (so the first one out of three).

I connected a Power Supply and started at 52.00 V. As soon all Multiplus II are up and running, the Voltage drops from 52.00 V to 45.00 V. Goes up again and down, until a Relays? Disconnect the input for a while.

Anyone knows or had a similar problem before?

Thanks and best,


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Discrepancy between Smart Solar Battery voltage and Battery Monitor Voltage, 0 current

Hi there seems to be a mismatch between the reading on my Smart solar and my Battery monitor leading to 0 current and no power going from the solar panels to the batteries. Any idea what would cause this? Theyre both on the same network and firmware has been updated. I have tested the terminals on the unit for the battery and the PV and there is power going through them.IMG_3013.PNGIMG_3014.PNGIMG_3015.PNG

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Circuit breaker or supplementary protector: which to use?

My Mulitplus 24V2000 will be connected to a 20A circuit breaker in my basement subpanel. On the AC OUT side, I was looking at installing two 15A "breakers". Now I see that there are two different type MCBs: circuit breakers that are UL 489 and supplementary protectors that are UL 1077 certified. Given that I have circuit protection at my subpanel , can I simply use a UL1077 breaker on the AC Out side?

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Cable Lug type for phoenix inverter for grounding


To ground phonenix 12V/500VA, what type of lug should be used for Inverter EARTH connection - to me seems that you can use just bare wire - maybe twisted - there is bolt to secure wire, so i think dont need special lug for it - if someone can confirm or is there good technical way 2 do it?

oTher question -> if you want to stop oxidation, say on chasiss outside for earthing cable, what is good to use to: increase good conductivity and also protection wise, any recommendation. Doing this first time.

Third question - to ground phonenix 12V/500VA -> you just need to connect earth outpuit on inverter to negative battery if i understand this correctly, please prove me wrong if not correct.


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Multiplus 12/300/120 Service Manual error

I have what I believe is an error in the Service-Manual-MultiPlus-3k-120V-(firmware-xxxx4xx)-EN.pdf (Version 7 date 8/3/2020) on pages 11-12.

This is regarding DIP switch ds2 in step 2 controlling the output AC voltage of either 115 or 120. Page 11 says ds2=off =120V. The examples on p12 give contradictory info. When I tried ds2=off I had 115VAC output and ds2=on produced 120V.

I'm currently having trouble getting full charge current output. I haven't tried setting ds3,4 in Step 1 to the inverse to see if I get better output, but I'm wondering if the documentation is correct there.



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Mopeka Pro Sensors connection to Victron Connect App possible?

I don´t have a Cerbo. I use the Victron Connect App via Bluetooth on my smartphone for all my 6 Victron devices.

I recently got two Mopeka Pro Sensors for my gas bottles. Works perfectly fine via bluetooth with the Mopeka App.

Any chance to see the status also via the Victron Connect App on my smartphone? Would be nice to have all relevant data of my camper on one screen. Victron Connect App doesn´t find extra non Victron bluetooth devices obviously. But I´m aware that communication already works with Cerbo / Venus OS, so this is why I´m asking.
( )

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Global Link 520 wont connect

I have a new Global Link 520 that i have problems to install.

I have set it up according to instructions but it wont come online. The blue led keeps on blinking.

LTE-M status says ”Attaching to LTE network”.

If i try to add it from VRM it says ”The installation with the specified VRM Portal ID or IMEI could not be found.”

I live in Stockholm in Sweden and should have LTE-M coverage according to map/list from Victron.

I have a strong connection to the tele provider.

I have tried to reboot it but no luck.

I have a Smartshunt and a Smart solar device and i can see them together with the Global Link 520 in the Victron app using Bluetooth.

What might be the problem?


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Can I use 2 ET112

I’m currently using a Carlo Gavazzi energy meter on my ess install supplying all my loads with 66kwh of battery and it works really great. I was asked today if I could do a single install supplying 2 separate houses each with their own grid supply using an ET112 on each house supply. I can’t imagine this would work but just wanted to check before saying it wasn’t possible.

Also wanted to ask if the zigbee works well or not.

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BeagleBone Black Venus OS hardware question.

Hello lovely people,

I am a complete noob and apologise in advance...sorry.

I'm mostly looking for some confirmation before pulling the trigger on buying hardware to attempt Venus OS install on. RPI's are obviously pretty hard to find at the moment so I've been searching for a reasonably priced alternative: leading me to the Beaglebone Black.

Can anyone confirm for me that this: is the correct board for the job before I drive down to RS components to purchase?

I have read through the github wiki several times and confused myself :D am I correct in thinking I can install Venus OS on BBB, and then connect my 3x ve direct/usb cables to a 3rd party USB hub, and from there connect to my RPI4 which is running my Homeassistant OS.

really appreciate if anyone can help me clarify whether my intended plan is doable.


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Bluetooth Issue: Connect until 95%, then fail

Bluetooth connection issue in 2 of 3 devices:

I cannot connect to the following devices anymore:

- SmartSolar MPPT 100/30

- Smartshunt 500A

on my new Phone Nokia G11.

- Orion Tr Smart connects and works as normal (always)

- Pairing works on all 3 devices, but full connection only works on Orion, on SmartSolar and SmartShunt connection every time stops at 95%, tries three times and fails in the end (always).

What I tried: Disconnect and re-connect via VictronConnect app (several times). Deleted cache, uninstalled and re-installed VictronConnect app.

Do the devices have different software versions?

What can I do furthermore? Could you please help with that issue?

Best regards


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Possible to combine x3 shore power inlets for ~90A?

A customer had this question about a possible system for a van running a chemlab/test equipment. Ideally, when the opportunity is there, they would like to charge the batteries as quickly as possible via shore power.

The system:

Quatro 48v/8000

x2 Smart Lithium 25v batteries in series
AC-in 1 shore power

AC-in 2 generator

Is it possible to have 3 shore power inlets combine before entering the Quatro? The idea would be to have each shore power cord plugged into a different outlet (each on its own breaker). Each cord would be able to bring in ~20-30A totaling ~90A of 120V charging.

Is this possible? Would the 'combining' of circuits cause the outlet circuits to trip their breakers?

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Victron Orion 12/12 30 Charger Connection to 2 x Lithium Batteries in Parallel [A or B]?

Hey Guys,

Question Part.1 - I have two solar king 100ah lithiums in parallel - I have recently bought an Orion 12/12/30amp DC-DC charger and was wondering if there is a best practice when it comes to making the output connections; essentially, a or b? Assuming the wiring was exactly the same lengths in each case.

Question Part.2 - Following on from that, would your advice change if there was an Victron 100/50 MPPT connected to the bottom bus bars as well?



Many thanks in advance, Peter

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Is it possible to extend the Victron warranty to 10 years?

I want to build a 9,6 KWh storage with: Pylontec us2000 plus and Victron Multiplus 2 (3000 / 48 V) ... together with: Energy Meter ET340 and Color Control GX.

I'd get 300 Euro per KWh by a "city energy storage promotion program", if there is a 10 year warranty. (time worth warranty)

Does anybody know if Victron grants such a warranty? I know that Pylontec (the battery) does it. :)

The crucial point is that the whole storage system (incl. all components) have to grant such a 10 years warranty.

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Balancing non Victron brand LifePo4 batteries

I have 4 lifepo4 400Ah cells ( As I noticed Victron BMS only monitor the total 12v Voltage and not balancing individual cells) Is there any Victron product for balancing 4 non Victron brand cells individually ?

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multiplus 500va output

Hello all. I have a question on how the Multiplus 500VA model outputs 230V. Is this single phase center ground (ie 'US' style) were I can split it to 2x 115V legs?

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4 Answers

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