Solar Controllers going to float too early

Hi there. I have 3 x MPPTs on my boat connected to a SmartShunt which are all networked using VE Smart Network. I also use a Raspberry Pi running VenusOS which monitors the system. DVCC is off as I was told that SmartNetwork trumps DVCC.

I find at times (i.e. when I have been running the engine) that the charge controllers switch to Float mode too early. With my above setup, where are the controllers getting the information for when to switch from Abs to Float? Is there any way to force a reset for them to go through their cycle again? Any advice for improvement here?


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Cerbo GX and large TV screen with HDMI port.

As the Cerbo GX has an HDMI port, I'm pretty sure it can also be displayed on a large screen TV with an HDMI port. Has anyone done this?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

have s nice day,

Yonas Kiflom

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SOC wird nicht auf 100 gesynct

Hi mein SOC wird nicht auf 100% gestellt.

Da ich LiFePo4 Batterien habe, habe ich eine max Spannung von 27.6 volt eingestellt.
Die Batterie ist voll also auch kein Strom der in die Batterie geht und trotzdem geht der SOC nicht auf 100%



Was mache ich falsch?


Habe nun etwas rumgestellt aber kein erfolg.


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Generator running indication? (manual start... for now)

Hi folks,

New to all this, stem less than 24 hrs online.

Easysolar 5000, BYD 13.8

Seems to be working well but not showing generator running when charging.

I am assuming that is because I am not starting the gen from the system, yet, but I wanted to know if I can get it to recognise when the gen is running base on the AC state.

I am off grid so there is no AC unless the gen is on.

If there is no setting for this, is ther an aux input I can configure to do it?

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Vorrang von MPPT Ladung bei Inselanlage

Guten morgen,

die betroffene Inselanlage besteht aus einem MPII, zwei MPPT Ladern, einem Cerbo, BMV und Bleibatterien.

Bei Tagsüber angeschlossenem Landstrom hätte ich das gerne so konfiguriert, dass die PV Ladung priorisiert wird, der Multi soll erst laden wenn die Sonne weg ist.

Läßt sich das irgendwie konfigurieren?


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Blue Smart IP65 12/10 - Power supply mode => no 10A ?


I purchased a Blue Smart Charger IP65 12V/10A due to the fact, that it can be used as 10A power supply as well. But when I set it via bluetooth to "power supply Mode 10A" an connect my mobile cooling box the voltage drops and the charger supplies not the desired current.

I verified with another programmable power supply with OCP set to 5A that the cooling box does not reach that current. I measured that even the peak current during start is less than 4.5A

So, is the charger defect or is that a software issue within the firmware?? The app says "no new firmware update available".

appreciate any help.

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maximum inverter capacity with victron quattroo 200kw 3 phase system

we have a fast request from one of our customers he wants to install a hybrid system with 240 kW power + 120 kW battery backup for one hour only.

so my question is can we make this design only with Victron stated in the Quattro datasheet we can connect a maximum of 144 kW inverters in 3 phases, but in the quattro manual it says that we can connect up to 6 units in parallel and 3 sets of 3 phase system.

so we are planning to use 3 sets for each phase each set contain 6 X 15000 kva Quattro so the inverter power of each Line will be 72 kw and the power of all the system will be 216 kw , we will also use 8 set of 16 kwh LVS battery to have 128 kwh of back-up power and we will use 225 kwp panel

so please I need your confirmation if this combination is possible to be done and would i need any extra devices or accessories that i should take into consideration in the price?

and is there any reference projects by Victron at this large range that we can see and send to to the customer as reference project

note that we are victron distributor and service provider in IRAQ since 2019 and we are have installed more than 20 ESS systems with victron

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easyplus 12/1600/70 inverter charger AC out let number 2 not working

I have a an issue with my easy plus basicly its working all ok except one of the ac outlets is not working

Ive checked that both plugs are push in fully trips are set ok yet i only have ac out put to one of the two when connected to mains power ether grid or generator

Any ideas on what this might be please would be a great help

kind regards


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current transformer multiplus II

has somebody the multiplus-II successful implemented with the current transformer to optimize self consumption with no feed in into the grid?

There is no documentation whatsoever....

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Cerbo GX stopped seeing smart shunt

My boat has been sitting idle for a couple of months. At some point over the last few weeks, the Cerbo GX suddenly was not longer able to see the smart shunt connected via a VE Direct cable (it has worked flawlessly for 1.5 years). I checked everything including reconnecting the VE cable on each end, updated all firmware on cerbo and smart shunt and testing out the shunt via bluetooth. I was not able to reset the shunt (by removing the red power cable) yet and not sure if that will help. Is there any other suggestion?

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victron orion tr smart 12/12 30 non isolated, Einstellung App passt nicht

Screenshot_20220703-105354[1].jpgScreenshot_20220703-105400[1].jpgScreenshot_20220703-105428[1].jpgScreenshot_20220703-105409[1].jpgSeit Oktober 21 habe ich ein Womo mit einem Victron Ladebooster 30 ah 12/12 30 non isolatet.

Irgendwie passt die Einstellung der App nicht, die Kabel sind korrekt angeschlossen, wurde geprüft.

Nun hat mir eine Werkstatt gesagt, die App muss nicht auf Ladegerät stehen, sondern auf Stromversorgung. Habe ich so umgestellt, mit dem Ergebnis dass meine Anzeigte im Auto Batterie schwach anzeigt. Habe ich sofort wieder auf Ladegerät geändert. Habe 2 Winston LiFePo4 Akkus 200 ah . Kann mir vielleicht mal jemand die korrekte Einstellung auf der App sagen ?

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On the calculation of the power values


My Victron system uses two power meters and has a fronius PV with AC-1-out coupled.

The first power meter is on the handover point to the grid, hence its configured as role gridmeter. Needless to say that the fronius is configurd as inverter. Now comes the tricky part. Before the Victron System came I had an AC-coupled Varta Element 6 battery. This battery I still have. I wired it like the Fronius - so its coupled to AC-1-out but with the second power meter which has the role "AC Loads".

I know this is already a bit odd. Yet I have four questions, which I hope somebody can enlighten me.

How does the Cerbo calculate the values I see on the remote console? The values for PV and grid seem to be valid, but AC loads is always always 0 .. 200 and "Critical Loads" seems to be all what is pulled from AC-out (of the inverter).

Can the Cerbo distinguish between loads on AC1-out and loads on AC2-out? I ask because "Critical Loads" seem to be both for. Regardless if I draw power from AC1/2-out, all seems to end under "Critical Loads".

Obvious question: I know the Varta Element 6 is odd man out, especially AC-out coupled, but is "AC Loads" a good role for this? Or should I go for somthing else?

I tried setting the Varta Battery Meter to role "PV Inverter", yes, it added to the Fronius, but I still had "AC Loads" in the diagram. What actually is the meaning of "AC Loads", compared to "Critical Loads"?

Odd questions, for an odd system...

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Multiplus 12/1200 not switching to AC input


Just installed a 12/1200 and it will not switch to AC input. I AC out works tried putting 800W load on it without a problem.

When applying AC in relay toggles periodically. IN CHG-only mode it goes into fault after a number of relay toggles.

Charger is configured as default LiFePo4 with VE.configure

Connected battery is a drop-in 200AH LiFePo4 voltage is at 13.1V SOC 40%

I have an Orion connected to the engine it charges fine with 28A.

Have tried reducing the charge current to 10A no diff.

Have tried disabling charger no change.

Any ideas what could be the issue?


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Lynx Smart BMS + WS500

Hi, I see the new schematic diagram showing the lynx bms and ws500 indicates that CAN comms to the ws500 is still under development. Any indication when this might be ready?

With the ATC control of the ws500, does this open before the contactor opens to avoid load dump damage to the alternator? Is this also the case when the bms is turned off by the remote contact?

Also wondering how the relay output is configured on the lynx bms and why the ATC signal is wired through the relay for the ws500?

Thanks and nice work on the new product!

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SCC 100/50 low W-V

Hello, I will try to be precise. I have contacted my distributor of victron devices, and he has stopped selling, so I wonder if you could give me an indication here.

My system. Camper van, lifepo4 280ah 12v battery. 5 100W solar panels in parallel, mppt 100/50, orion 12/12, smartshunt, multiplus 12/1600/70 and CerboGx.

I would like to have the panels in series, but they can reach 116v and my charger is the 100/50. I can't fit another 100W plate to do series-parallel.

Since 9 days ago, my batteries have been discharging down to 20% (then I get the vrm warning). During the day the solar generates about 40-60W on average, before (even last summer, I had about 150-160wh).

Since a few days ago, the plates do not generate more than 40-60W, at some point of the day they can reach 150W (but only for a moment), then sometimes it goes down to 0W (lots of sun and no clouds).

I have checked all the connections and everything seems to be in order. I just need to check the mc4 connections of the solar panels, but it is quite inaccessible for maintenance and I would like to discard everything else first.

The battery is below 80% (I have done the tests with the SOC from 20% to 90%, same results.)

I have tried charging the battery from the alternator (Orion) it takes 18amps, and from the multiplus (takes 65amps) no problem. The battery is fine, and the cells are balanced.



A few days ago (as always, fine)




Just to add it, half of the time, the SCC is not giving any W as can be seen here (it never did it something like this, at least with the battery not full).


Thank you for your time, I hope I can fix it..

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