Can an ESS invert from PV panels and discharge from batteries at the same time?


Hello. I have a new PV system installed (by a professional) with 20 Shutten Solar panels 410 Wc, a Fronius Symo 8.2-3 (3 phases), a Fronius Smart Meter 65A-3 (for zero injection, that's a long story with my utility provider...), 3 Quattros 48/5000/70, 4 LiFePO4 batteries 25.6V/200Ah, and a back- up generator. System management is through a Cerbo GX 3 and a BMV700.

I am struggling a bit to get the configuration right. One issue I see is that, during the sunny hours, while the ESS decides to discharge from the batteries, it does not allow production from the solar panels (see screen below). This effectively reduces the efficiency of the system, especially when the loads of the house are such that it may take several sunny hours for the discharge to stop at the min. SOC (currently at 75% on Batterylife), leaving me, by the end of the sunny hours, with batteries charged at 85% or so, nor contributing much to the loads overnight. Do I expect too much from my system, or is there a way to get around this issue? Many thanks for your tips!

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Victron MPPT 150/35 not powering up when connected to batteries only

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem, and maybe found a solution. I recently acquired a BlueSolar 150/35 MPPT, brand new and updated to the latest firmware, however the device seems unable to power up when connected to batteries only. The moment the solar power is removed, the entire unit switches off. This is especially cumbersome at night, when solar is not available.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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the inverter does not work from the generator, the inverter quattro 5
IMG_20221202_092159.jpgvernuty uvahu?

the inverter does not work from the generator, the inverter quattro 5kv. When there is no grid, I turn on the generator, and the inverter switches off. What is the problem. What settings should I pay attention to?

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BMV-702: how to disable automatic sync

I find the automatic sync function problematic with a system where charging can be from multiple sources (charger, solar, windmill). I also want to monitor the full cycles of discharge/charge myself. So, I want to disable it. With a 12V system I tried to put the charged voltage to 20V, the tail current to 0.5% and the charge detection time to 50 minutes. The 702 still syncs to 100% SOC after getting close to full charge and sometimes earlier.

Does somebody know how to completely disable the auto sync?

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Configuring a Three Phase

We have connected a three phase 5KVA multiplus-II system.

the inverters are updated, now we want to configure them, we doing so without wiring the AC in but with the 480V battery wired up.

when we switch on the first one its ok but when the second one is switched on it starts beeping and the "absorption LED" lights up same with the third inverter, and we get error code 3.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

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Advance dashbord cannot see a shunt used to monitor wind connected via ve.bus/usb

I added a splitter USB so now I have a shunt connect as DC meter for wind via ve.bus-usb since by ve.bus ports however in advance I cannot see that to select widget for the data dashboard I can see other devices shunt, mppt, usb-gps but not this device. can someone help

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Tigo optimisers (TS4-O) compatibility with Victron MPPT's

Hi, has anyone installed Tigo panel level optimisers (TS4-O) with the Victron MPPT's? Interested to see if the Tigo MPPT voltage sweep interferes with the Victron MPPT. I have Tigo's installed on several strings (various MPPTS) and it has been successful but observed some strange behavour including some unusual current spikes towards sundown (causing DC breakers to trip).

Background- The system is off-grid with some (growing) shade issues from trees so the optimisers greatly improve performance in partial shaded conditions.

Interested to hear if anyone else has installed Tigo optimisers with Victron MPPT's?

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Grounding the Neutral of the Battery

We have a 3-phase ESS 5KVA multiplus-ll inverter installed it's using a Freedom Won 53V Battery.

The connection is battery to Bus-Bars. Bus-Bar to circuit breakers to inverters

My question is, must the neutral of the battery be grounded also?

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Grounding Battery's Neutral in ESS system

In Wiring Unlimited by Victron the ESS system's battery is grounded from the neutral (refer to image below)


Now I have a 3-phase ESS system using a Freedom Won 53V battery due to conflicting opinions, I'm not sure if I must ground the battery's neutral.

My connection is from Battery to Bus-Bars, Bus-Bar to circuit Breakers, Circuit Breakers to inverters.


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Far north solar array: starting small. Planning to grid link eventually. What am I missing?

Hello- I am interested if there anything else here that I am missing or should be including? Planning to build the DC portion now, and then add more panels, batteries and AC later. Thanks in advance.


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Determining DVCC compatibility

The color control GX manual( ) says DVCC needs:

  • VE.Can MPPTs with VE.Direct: v1.04

  • Older style VE.Can MPPT Solar Chargers (with the screen) cannot be used: they do not support the new control mechanisms.

I have a smartsolar MPPT 150/85 - TR VE.can, pn SCC115085412, sn HQ2018C8MTL, v1.04.

(The system also has a couple smartsolar 100/20s, and a pair of 24/3000/70 Multiplus units.)

This unit has no screen, but it does have a blocking plate labelled 'display option'.

So, can it use DVCC or not? It would be extremely useful for my application, but I don't much want to buy a GX and then find DVCC doesn't work...

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When making connections in the Lynx Distributor, what to do with the 2 small red wires?

I posted the following question a while ago without receiving answers, so I'm trying again:

When making connections in the Lynx Distributor, there are 2 small wires already present on 2 of the connecting posts:

  • on the negative bus bar where the ground connection is meant to go; and
  • on the second slot of the positive bus bar.

The product manual indicates to leave these small red wires in place, and more specifically to install the Mega fuse on top of the one on the positive bus bar.

I would like to double check this, as doing so means that all the current needs to go *through* the small connectors of these wires in order to reach the bus bar (or from the bus bar in the case of the positive connection). Since these are very small connectors, would it not be preferable to lift these wires, and put them back on top of, respectively, the ground and the positive connections.

(I searched the forums without being able to find information on this before posting, but I suspect I'm far from being the only person with this question. Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply if you are able to do so.)

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Smartshunt 500A ringing noise

I have just set up my campervan system and j am getting a ringing noise from the smart shunt 500a. I have disconnected all loads and and the noise remains the only way to stop the noise is by the shunts power cable to the battery.

I tested the noise and it is around 16000-19000hz so it is very quiet high pitching ringing noise. I added a picture showing the noise hz.

Its a Saturday now so ill call my supplier on Monday but wanted to Know it anyone has an idea what the issue could be other then faulty equipment.

Its a new install so I am more than confident with my connections so I'm leaning towards a faulty smartshunt but j could be wrong


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Humming noise/coil whine normal on a Victron Smart Shunt?

I can hear a very faint humming noise like a coil whine coming from my smart shunt. Is this normal?

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Trying to understand how much my genset can output

I have this 9000w genset and I'm having a hard time figuring out how many amps it is able to output while charging my system. It can output 120v or 240v.

What math I'm using is this so far but it's such a big genset, it must be able to output more than 60a???

9000w - 20% inefficiency = 7200w
My multiplus 24v/3000w/70-50 is 120v so the math should be 7200w/120v = 60a output.

Is that correct?

Right now I'm charging and I can see that my system seems to only be accepting 20a from the genset while charging! What? How can I fix this so I can get more charge into my bank in less time and gas spent?



Following this document by Victron, I have:

Deactivated Power Assist in the VE.Config
Changed the AC Input Current Limit to 31a based on their equation below:

(a 5kVA generator typically provides about 4 kW
80% of 4 kW is 3200 W
3200 W / 230 V volts = 13.9 A
Set the AC Current Input Limit to 13 A)

Mine looks like 9000w - 20% as above = 7200w / 120v = 31a

But I'm not seeing anything different at all.

PS: Please ignore the "stopped" in the genset info. I don't have it set to auto start/stop yet so everytime I manually start a charge, it still reports it as stopped on the VRM.



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