Webinar question à Mr Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff)

Bonjour Mr Cortassa,

En parcourant les différents je suis tomber sur ce message dans lequel vous donniez 3 liens vers des webinars en Fr. (liens dropbox).https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/28104/comment-parrametrer-multiplus-ii-pour-implementer.html?childToView=172049#answer-172049

Serait il possible de mettre la liste dans un poste dans ce forum, je les trouve très instructifs et cela permettrait a beaucoup d'entre nous de pouvoir dégrossir le travail concernant certaines problématiques et d’être plus précis dans nos demandes.

il est bien évident que cela ne remplace pas les formations dispensées par Victron, sur le compte victron elles ne sont pas nombreuses (en fr, ou alors je ne les pas bien cherchés).

En vous remerciant par avance.


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Fuse holder recommendations

Can anyone recommended a fuse holder brand please?

I have had issues with both 60amp fuseholders available in my local town.

The first was prefab but the wires were only rated to 40amp...

The second option was for a inline glass tube style which fails to pass any current at all.

I would just like to buy the best option available.

60amp fuse. Wire is 4mm 50amps

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Will solar power be enough? Newbie here



Does anyone know if this idea below will work? (note: I am a newbie to 12V electrics)

I want to power off JUST SOLAR for a small camper van. That is build a system with 1x solar panel and 1x leisure battery only to power a small fridge (30L), some LED lights, MaxAir fan, 12V cigarette & USB sockets plus an inverter (1000W).

I figured if I oversize our battery and go for a 150-200Ah plus the largest wattage fixed panel to match and see if we can travel and power most of our appliances using just solar. If solar charging is not enough then I will add a DCDC charger later to this system.

I have chosen to go with the Lynx distributor (incl fuses) to make wiring more compact instead of separate positive and negative busbars and circuit breakers.

Have I missed anything in my attached wiring diagram?

The sizing of wires, fuses, Solar charger are still to be finalized but initial calcs indicate a 130-150Ah battery would be enough for our camping needs.

Thanks in advance for any comments

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PowerAssist how does it work? Boosting starts well below Current Limit! Batteries cant charge! help!

Theres a foot of snow and its freezing out. I need to heat multiple buildings to keep pipes from bursting. And though my hydro (shore) power is producing ~30amps the "power assist" keeps turning on at about 50% of my current limit rather than as the description says, to supplement power demand after the 30amps! (Quattro: 2x10Kw (240V SplitPhase)

State A: Load near Limit - battery discharges at 2Kw! (1000Watt available load)

Battery State: 45% SOC and Discharging

Input Current/Limit: 16/29Amps (3800W / 6960W)

Output Load: 6000Watt

State B: Load around 50% - battery doesn't charge! (2500Watt available load)

Battery State: 45% SOC and Float

Input Current/Limit: 18/29Amps (4500W / 6960W)

Output Load: 4500Watt

I've tried changing the power assist boost factor value from 2 to the minimum of 0.3 which I would assume is 9amps. Isn't it supposed to give me an additional 9amps? so I can boost up to 39amps but have a load of up to 30amps?

Well I have a consistent load above 15 amps and the quattros keep draining from the battery rather than using the available load!

Now that my batteries are below 50% the occasional load spike will shut off the quattro system! And the batteries are continuining to discharge. By the end of the weekend the system isn't going to work anymore! I would be better off without the quattros! (and this has been pretty much my entire experience w/ the product).

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Multiplus Compact charging not at 80amps?

Hey all,

I've had the multiplus compact for a year or so now. It is onboard a sailboat which is used daily as an inverter and is disconnected from shore power 99% of the time. Last winter we were able to charge @ 80amps. Summer came around and we don't need to run our generator or plug into the dock as solar covers 100% of our needs. Well winter is here, we need to run our generator every couple days to charge the batteries.

Since Nov 3rd when we first needed to fire up the generator, i have started to notice the charger is only putting out around 60-70amps. I thought this was weird intially, thinking maybe i mis-read the voltage and we actually weren't as low as i thought we were. Well since that point, we've ran the generator 5 times, plugged into a dock once, and am currently running the generator as we were around 11.8v(60-70% discharge for our firefly battery bank). Well i assumed due to drawing the bank down this low, I would have assumed to see roughly 80 amps coming in via the generator(2200 watt generator). Alas we only are seeing around 68amps at the high end of things.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to why this would be? I have the inverter set to 30amps(generally set it to 18.5amps but figured lets rule this possibility out).

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Feature Request: A NEVER, EVER CHARGE FROM THE GRID flag, please.


I have a single-phase MultiPlus Compact 24/2000/50 which is AC-coupled to a 2kW Fronius MPPT.

After a cloudy day, the charger will kick in at sunset to top-up batteries from the grid. Or a cloud will come over during Absorption and charger will start importing power to continue Absorption during the day. [More than the 1A I have set as AC current input limit - why?]

I NEVER want my batteries charged from the grid - far too inefficient!

I looked at the Charge Control Assistant but it doesn't seem to be the solution.

Please can we have a flag to disable charging from the grid under any circumstances?



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Understanding VE Direct Output


I recently started having to maintain someones solar power system. They are using the MPPT 75/10 charge controller and the BMV 700. They managed to hook up all the connections and are getting data output on one of their computers. They appear to be tracking a number of values and I wanted to get some clarity on what exactly they represent. I have been thorugh the VE direct datasheet but I have some further questions.

The values being collected are as follows.

V - This appears to be the voltage of the battires, that is clear enough.

P - What is this the power of? Is this the net power = (power in - power out)?

CE - I am assuming this is the cumulative power consumed, but it is not clear since when. is there a way to reset this value?

VPV - This is clear, it is just the voltage accross the solar panel leads.

PPV - Is this simply the power in from the solar panels?

I - Battery current has an explanation in the document

iL - I guess this is simple the current draw of the load.

Apologies if this question is very basic and vague. I just want to get the terminoology clear so I can understand this system better.

Thanks a lot!

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Any way to install ESS Assistants without VE Configure?

Not a Windows guy (100% Mac based) but would like to install an ESS Assistant. I have a Multiplus II, MK3-USB and a Cerbo. Is there a way?


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Stopping my MPPT from charging around 80% SOC while the RV is in storage

I have seen other questions like this but the answers were more about folks NOT wanting to do this. I am trying to find out how to do it. I am assuming maybe by changing the voltage, I tried lowering the float voltage to 13.5 from 13.6 and it had no visible effect. Instead of trial and error I am hoping to start in the correct area as my storage facility is far away. (I monitor it via VRM)

PS. I want to do this, so I don't need any info on why folks don't think it needs to be done, I have read all that and still want to do it anyway to lower the cycle count on my older LI batteries.

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SmartShunt buzzing noise? Is this normal?

I just picked up a SmartShunt to act as a DC monitor since I already have a BMV712 for the main monitor. However upon installing it on my test bench, I found that there is a buzzing noise coming from the PCB. I did a quick search and found a few other users that reported this. Is this a common issue with these smartshunts? I'm mild OCD so I know when it's really quiet and I can hear it it'll drive me nuts. If I can get a warranty swap it might be worth it if it's not a common issue.


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Himoinsa CTME01 Contoller has remote start option?

This is the controller i am asking about. Does anybody has any experience with this controller? Is it possible to Start remotely the genset? or should i have to change this controller with a remote start one?



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Node-Red Webinar

I am in the states and could not participate in the Node-Red Webinar/Zoom event.

Is there a recording of it that I can watch?

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How to stop Grid using electricity while I am 100% on PV and Battery

Good day all,

I noticed that the Grid is using 2kwh per day.

My system is completely running off PV during the day and battery during the night with 40% plus in the morning when the sun starts coming out.

My installer is talking about reactive power between Grid and Inverters....

2 x Multiplus II 48/5000

1 x RS 450/200

2 x Solar MD 14.3kwh batteries

28 x 400W IBC panels



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Victron minimal setup


I have 2 eg4 batteries(48v, lifepower4). I plan on buying a multiplus2 48v. Do I need anything else to configure this setup? Assuming I can install the ve-configure sw on pc and connecti without any other adapters in-between?

Couple of other questions:

- I don't think the eg4 batteries can communicate with multiplus as per other threads. Is there any danger of it being overcharged or drained fully

- I plan to charge the batteries at night and discharge during the day. Assuming this is possible with ve-configure

- anything else I need to be aware of?

thank you

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Cerbo GX connection sequence

I'll be installing and connecting a MPPT Smart Solar Controller, Smart Shunt, multiplus 24/3000 and a Touch 70 display. Is there a preferred sequence for connecting these devises and power? The manual is unclear. Thanks.

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