Error 67 very frequently

I’m having the above problem with error 67 with following configuration:

  • Cerbo GX with GX Touch 50 // Firmware 2.91
  • SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/85, connected via VE.Direct to Cerbo //Firmware 3.11
  • Winston LiFEYPO4 1.200 Ah, controlled by a REC ABMS //Firmware 2.6
  • ABMS connected via Can-Bus BMS (500 kbit/s) Rx and Tx no errors at all
  • Multiplus 12/3000/120-16, connected via VE-Bus //Firmware 2609497
  • DVCC is “on”

The error appears always early in the morning (almost every morning), when SmartSolar should be about to commence charging. Some times for a few seconds only, sometimes for a bit longer

I have reset the SmartSolar to factory defaults (VE.Direct disconnected) and re-connected it, then it goes automatically to external control.

Before the 250/85 was installed a 150/50 was used via VE.Direct and then there were no such problems at all! Since Solar panels were renewed and larger capacity, the bigger charger became necessary.

I understand that MPPT pre 2019 are not supported for the feature to work with a BMS, but from which serial number on this is supported? (Bought it in late 2020 but who knows how long ago it was produced)

Is there any possibility to prevent to go to external control for SmartSolar?

Does anybody has a solution or a workaround for this annoying situation?

Appreciate your support

Best Regards


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Pylontech isolation


I am wondering if the built-in isolation of Pylontech modules is sufficient for a system with 4 Pylontech US5000 modules. I'll use a Lynx Distributor to connect the 4 modules to a busbar. I intended to add NH1 250A fuses so all the modules can be isolated in one go. However the Victron example wiring diagram suggests it is not necessary to add those. Any suggestions?


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Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Battery Charger / Smart Battery Sense

Hello, As far as I know, the Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Battery Charger cannot work with the Smart Battery Sense. And also has no charging temperature compensation. Problem is that I have to charge service batteries which can get quite warm (are in the engine room) So I would like to charge temperature compensated AGM batteries with the alternator. The extensive Buck-Boost DC-DC converter does not have this option either. Does anyone have another idea? Regards, Arnold

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battery is not listed as compatible ?

New here new to solar, extremely qualified electrician, I have 4 Eco-worthy 12v 100ah LiFePO4 battery's, Victron MultiPlus II 12/3000/120-50 2x120V inverter this battery is not listed as compatible ? is why and can or how do i set inverter to accept them.

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Multi RS Solar SOC

Currently I am having to reset the SOC display every couple of days. After a couple of days, it shows about 30% when in storage mode (54.4V), is there a specific method for calibrating this SOC reading so it doesn't need to be reset all the time?

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Multiplus UK G98 G99 non-compliance update

Dear Victron,

It seems very likely, from the email below (names and some details omitted) that the docs you submitted to ENA in early October will not be sufficient to gain compliance "due to important information being either incorrect or missing altogether".

Please could you provide some kind of timescale for when you will be able to provide updated documents? I note that NGED are, helpfully, willing to liaise with you in order to speed up the process.

Providing a response on this forum would, I'm sure, be very welcome by customers like myself.



Good afternoon,

I have been asked to contact you, to explain the current compliance status, with regard to ENA EREC G99/1-9, for the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX (which share a common compliance report).

As you may already be aware, as of 1st September 2022, any device that is recognised as an Energy Storage System (ESS) had to meet the full technical requirements of ENA EREC G99/1-8 (and subsequent revisions), where they were previously exempt from some of the newer requirements, that were introduced by the European Network Code: Requirements for Generators (RfG). This requirement was communicated well prior to September 2022, and was published in EREC G98/1-5 and EREC G99/1-7 in August 2021.
Many manufacturers pre-empted this change, and made their ESS compliant before need. Others waited until the deadline to submit renewed compliance documentation.
Where an ESS device had not met the requirements on 1st September 2022, it was marked as ‘non-compliant for new installations’, by WSP, in the ENA’s Type Test Register, and manufacturers were pushed to renew their compliance documentation.

The ENA, WSP and DNOs have the authority to determine Generating Unit compliance under (to name just one document, to avoid confusion) ENA EREC G99, which is an Annex 1 document of The Distribution Code of Great Britain (DCode).
DNOs have a statutory obligation (and licence condition) to abide by the DCode and (in particular) its Annex 1 documents.

As the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 (ENA Type Test Register reference: VICEN/02689/V2) Energy Storage Device’s current status is ‘awaiting assessment’, in the ENA’s Type Test Register, I have conducted an in-house assessment, in order to provide our customers with a response sooner than we would be able to if we were to wait for WSP’s assessment. My assessment is based directly upon the requirements within EREC G99/1-9 alongside prior assessments by WSP (what they will be looking for), and my own experience.

I have assessed the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX as being ‘non-compliant’ with ENA EREC G99/1-9, as things currently stand, due to a number of shortfalls in the compliance form. As Victron have made their form publicly accessible, via the ENA’s Type Test Register (i.e. it’s not a restricted document), I believe that I can elaborate upon this:

Advisory and failure points:

[information which could be considered commercially sensitive omitted]

Hopefully, you will be able to see that this compliance status has not come about due to minor inaccuracies, which could be forgiven, but due to important information being either incorrect or missing altogether.

As a consequence of these findings, National Grid cannot accept the connection of the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 or Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX, in parallel with our Distribution Networks, until such a time that Victron have provided alternative or additional information that demonstrates compliance with the latest version of ENA EREC G99.

I am comfortable with you informing Victron of the above, either directly or indirectly (through your equipment supplier), so that they may complete and provide alternative or additional evidence of compliance. They should do so primarily to the ENA, but National Grid Electricity Distribution would also be willing to take an early look at any documentation, should Victron see this as desirable.

I am confident that, given time to complete the documents accurately, Victron will be able to make these devices compliant (perhaps with another firmware update) but, unfortunately, we will have to wait until they have demonstrated this before we may accept these on our networks.

Kind regards,

Engineering Policy

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EM24 Ethernet - lockup issue

Hi Everyone,

I am running an ESS, everything fine, BUT: My EM24 Ethernet is regularly losing the connection to the LAN. This is not a DHCP issue or such, it clearly hangs.

After disconnecting the EM24 from power (cold restart) it works again, but only for 1-2 weeks.

I would like to update the firmware and then see whether the problem goes away. This is just a way of saving time from further troubleshooting.

My problem is: Nobody will help me to get newer firmware. Victron Dealer says to contact Carlo Gavazzi. They say to contact Victron. And Victron says to contact the Dealer. Stuck in a loop.

Anyone here to help my get new firmware for the EM24 Ethernet?

My Device is a EM24-DIN.AV2.3.X.E1.X


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optimize usage of solar over grid

I have a complete victron system with stacked multiplus inverter/chargers, dual solar charge controllers, and a BMV on a boat.

When the grid input to the multiplus units is present for example the 90% of the time that I am connected to shore power, the multiplus units connect the incoming AC to the load side.

The result is that any AC loads are supplied from the grid and do not benefit from my solar installation.

I want to eliminate that. Right now when I am on the boat, in the morning I just trip the breakers that feed shore power to the multiplus units and then reset them in the evening when solar power goes away. This maximizes my solar production.

How can I automate that process?


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Quattro inverter overloas but Phoenix doesn't

I've replaced Phoenix with Quattro. Both have identical inverters according to datasheets. 24v 5000VA 230v.

Phoenix was rarely overloaded, Quattro constantly. Even a coffee maker can trigger it.

Phoenix never showed "Temperature" warning while working in 45C°. Quattro works in 35C°, shows a warning and then shuts down with an error.

Typical scenario: 10A load for 2 hours triggers a temperature warning first, then an error and Quattro shuts down. Ambient temperature is 35C°. Fan sounds like it's working.

What could be the reason? Broken Quattro?

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Victron Orion 12/12 30 Charger Connection to 2 x Lithium Batteries in Parallel [A or B]?

Hey Guys,

Question Part.1 - I have two solar king 100ah lithiums in parallel - I have recently bought an Orion 12/12/30amp DC-DC charger and was wondering if there is a best practice when it comes to making the output connections; essentially, a or b? Assuming the wiring was exactly the same lengths in each case.

Question Part.2 - Following on from that, would your advice change if there was an Victron 100/50 MPPT connected to the bottom bus bars as well?



Many thanks in advance, Peter

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Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30a not Bulk Charging

I have just installed for a customer a Victron Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30A Charger to an RV.

We are charging 2 x 240ah LiFeP04 batteries in parallel.

There is also a Victron Smart Solar 100/30 Charge Controller connected in parallel.

The problem is that the Orion will not bulk charge at all, if I isolate the solar output and the Orion is left to do the bulk of the work.

I have checked the inputs from the vehicle and ensured the Orion will turn on to charge at the desired voltages. However it starts to charge - then displays a sudden drop in input voltage and stops charging. I have tried 2 different vehicles and monitored their voltage to confirm it is not actually dropping below the threshold.

If I turn on the Solar Charger it (the Solar Charger) immediately starts bulk charging (approx. 22A).

When the Solar Charger is doing the bulk charge the Orion will start working in absorption mode. But if left to do the bulk charge will keep cycling on and off.

It has the latest firmware V1.06.

Reading the threads it seems many are still having similar issues with this Orion Charger. Can you please advise how to rectify it?

I look forward to your response.

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Strobe lights in cabin when charging

The cottage has solar electricity via an inverter 230V. If the battery level gets too low, I charge them with the Blue Smart IP22 Charger 30A charger, in this situation the entire solar system with inverter is separated from the cabin's electrical system with a mains changeover switch and the generator is used. When I plug the charger into the socket while the generator is charging, the cabin lights start flashing like strobe lights. Where could the problem be?

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VictronConnect + SmartSolar: showing different stages

Hello! My system seems to be physically working fine, but the reporting from the VictronConnect app seems a bit off.

The LED on the SmartSolar shows that I'm in the bulk charging mode, but the VictronConnect app shows things in Absorption at a tiny current (0.5 A). My BMS however shows that I am indeed getting a more reasonable current given the conditions.

Additionally, the VictronConnect app shows the battery side voltage as 14.60 V, where my multimeter at the MPPT battery wiring, and BMS both agree that the voltage is at 13.2 V.

Where should I begin looking first to try to understand why the VictronConnect app is in disagreement with what I'm measuring and seeing reported elsewhere?

I've found a few posts that touch on the voltage issue, but haven't found any posts that deal with the mismatch in charging stage LED vs VictronConnect app issue.

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MultiPlus 3000 Low Battery Light On When Battery is Fully Charged

We have a MultiPlus 3000 connected to 2x100amp hour batteries via 2/0 cabling. The DC Voltage at the battery terminal on the MultiPlus reads 13.6vDC (i.e, full battery), however when we turn the MultiPlus on, the Low Battery light turns on (static, not blinking). Why is this?

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Err-39, Err-87, Dead Lynx Shunt and No Amps from Solar Array

Hopefully someone will be good enough to advise and help me figure out what has happened so I can prevent it from happening again in the future.

I have a typical DC off grid system with a Lynx Shunt, two Lynx Distributors, a Multiplus 48/5000 and two 250/100 Charge Controllers, coupled with Seplos Mason 280AH battery. At the time the system was under external control

At 12:44PM both of my SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 VE.Can charge controllers had a "Err 39 - Input Shutdown (retry)" error. One Charge controller automatically recovered but the other reported an ERR - 86.

I followed the instructions to reset the one charge controller still erroring and all seemed well for couple of minutes until it reported "Err 87 - PV Input shutdown".

At the same time my Lynx Shunt went offline, it was no longer seen by my Cerbo Gx and all power lights on the shunt and both my Distributors went off. I have checked all the fuses and all seem fine, everything is getting power, but it is still dead. One of my solar arrays also seems to be showing no amps after this event (whatever it was) and my battery also showed a cell imbalance error at the same time and it's SOC dropped to 0. The array connected to the errorring charge controller has produced zero amps since that event.


It took place at 12:44PM (My Cerbo's time is wrong). There was a lot of cloud and there seemed to be a break at that moment. I was also using a coffee machine/water heater. The array in question jumped to around 4177W and my AC loads were 1644W. Under the system's maximum capacity and lower than it has been previously many times.



Below is a link to my VRM dashboard, hopefully someone can help identify what has happened so I can stop it happening again in the future. I've tried to include as much information as I can think of that is relevant, if anything else is required please don't hesitate to ask.

Here is my VRM dashboard:

Thanks in advance, as I'm at an absolute loss to what could ave triggered this and exactly what I will now need to do to remedy it? I'm guessing my Solar array now has a short circuit which will need to be located.

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