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DC 32a Disconnect correct voltage setting / wiring?

Easysolar gx 2 48v

3800w (10 panels on 2 strings of 5 x 380w) mppt 250/70 35a

i have fused inline with 15a on the phase on both and schokty diodes after the fuses, these goto y branch connectors. Then a disconnect dc breaker, SPD then easysolar gx 2 inverter 3000 48v.

If the datasheet states voltage max 30 A per MC4 connection and have the 2 inlines @ 15a and then combined 32a disconnect is the voltage 250v x 1.2 combines or two strings combined x 1.2 ?

The datasheet stated 250v coldest conditions. I also have a z beny rotary disconnect which is somewhat puzzling if anyone knows how i put phase and neutral in and out of the disconnect (for 2 pole I cannot see how I can wire through image 2




Andrew asked

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Wiring Unlimited Example 2

Excellent "Wiring Unlimited" summary! I just have one suggestion:

At the top of page 8, your 2nd example says:

Let’s take the original example and now calculate for a cable with a cross-section of 2.5 m^2.

which is clearly a typo, but will lead to lots of confusion amongst many who are not so clear about this stuff. As you well know, this should be 2.5 mm^2.

gafenton asked
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Wiring of IP22 30A 3 output together with Cyrix battery combiner

I plan to replace an old Tystor charger with the IP22 3 output model in my boat (advice from a dealer).
The present installation has 2 x 100 A GEL batteries for consumption and 1 x 80 A AGM starter battery. Consumption and starter batteries are separated with a Cyrix battery combiner to secure power on the starter battery and prioritized charging.

The availlable wiring diagram from Victron shows an installation where the alternator seems only to charge the starter battery.
I need the alternator to charge all batteries.

So I have 3 options (I believe) to wire the IP22 into the installation. Which one should I choose?





Thank you on beforehand for your feedback!

michael-staal asked

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Automatic transfer switch

I want to add an AC sensing automatic transfer switch to manage the Main AC IN/Inverter AC OUT of the Multiplus II in order to take full advantage of ESS.

I noticed the VE Transfer Switch is meant for 220/230VAC. I'm using 120V AC in and Out. Can the victron transfer switch be used for 120 50A.

If not, what do people recommend. Preferably, I want to be able to carry 50A on a single 120 leg (wire cross-section appropriate.)

duswami asked
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Looking for wiring ideas for Jumpstart use case with LiFePo4 batteries

Hey people,

I want to add the option to jumpstart my Sprinter van by using my 400 Ah Victron Smart Batteries using the existing wiring from the starter battery to the Orion.

Just a brief overview on my current electrical setup:

  • 400 Ah LiFePo4 Batteries
  • 30A Isolated Orion DC-DC Charger
  • Lynx Distributor
  • 8m of 10mm2 wiring from the Orion to the starter battery


I thought that it should be possible to use changeover switches for this purpose like in the wiring diagram below:


From a wiring perspective would that be possible? And if yes, which changeover switch should be used? And if not, what can be done to make this happen :)

sunny regards


tschoeki asked

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Smart monitor shows volts jumping around while aims inverter/charger is charging house battery.


Image Caption

Hey guys, I’m curious if it is normal for voltage on smart meter display for an mppt 100/20 charge controller to jump around while battery is being charged through shore power. I used an isolator switch settings to shut off panels and it still does it. I have one 100ah battle born battery and an aims 1500w inverter/charger I’m using to charge battery through shore. This is when my smart monitor shows volts jumping around. Volts jump around in the 14v range and then when I turn off my aims charger, it shows 13v.

ryan02-96 asked

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Wiring MPPT 100/20 and Orion 12/12 30 non-isolated

Hi everyone,

I installing the electricity in my van conversion and I'm looking for a little help on the wiring set up for my dc-dc charger and MPPT. I can't find a clear explanation of how these should actually be wired in practical terms. It's my first time and I'm just nervous about making a mistake.

Should they both be wired directly to the positive terminal on my battery bank (2x 180Ah AGM in parallel)? If so, how will they interact with one another so as not to over charge the battery? they are both smart units, so perhaps this all depends on the Victron connect app?

Any help would be much appreciated (including wire and fuse sizing!)

Thank you!

asinnobooks asked
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Orion Tr Smart 12-30 and Phoenix 800 - Common Minus/Negative

Hi all

Fairly new to Victron equipment and absolutely very much appreciate the quality of what I’ve seen so far. I’m just embarking on a new project and this one includes an Orion TR Smart (isolated) charger plus a Phoenix Inverter.

My question relates to the negative/minus wiring arrangement. Since this installation will be vehicle-mounted with chassis as battery negative, should both the input and out of the Orion (negatives) be common with the system side of the setup?

Or would you common all of the system side (from the Orion, leisure battery, accessories etc) back to the leisure battery negative and not the chassis?

thanks for any tips or advice

mrrikp asked

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Is this the correct use of the BMS CL 12/100 in a van system?

Hi everyone,

I can't find a lot of detailed information on the Smart BMS CL 12/100 and was hoping for some insight on how I've applied it to my system. The main reason I wanted to use it was it provides more amperage than the Orion.

(I have yet to add wire size, fuses and breakers to my diagram)

Any help, insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Van is a MB Sprinter, 2 x 200ah Lithium Victron Batteries, BMS is connect directly to start battery)


MB Diagram.jpg

scottca asked

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Cable fittings dont fit SPM040551200

Hi I just bought a SPM040551200 with Victron Solarcable L=5m/6sqmm MC4-M/F conn. (PV-ST01). The water tight cable box has fittings that are too small to fit that cable (with contacts removed.) What type of connection and cable am I supposed to use? The dealer I used is a certified victron dealer, so I thought they would tell me if something was wrong, when I mailed them before I placed my order.


mcdee asked

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Off grid wiring digram

Hi there,
This is how I am planning in wiring my off grid tiny house on wheels (essentially a caravan) and just wanted to see if anyone can see any issues with it? Is the earth circuit correct? Photo attached.

I haven't drawn any of the AC side of of the installation for the purposes of this diagram but I'd like to add that in addition to the connections in this diagram, I will also have:

-All the earth's from my AC loads will connect back to my negative buss bar
-A large cable (same size as battery cable) joining my negative buss bar to the trailer chassis.

Another note - The reason I have run the MPPT positive cable through the other pole on my DC isolator is because when I switch that off I want everything to stop, including the charging of my batteries. I realise I can just turn the PV isolator switches off and achieve the same result, but I want it all to turn off with the flick of one switch.

Sorry for the long winded question and thank you in advance!


Brandon asked

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Installing IP22 battery charger

Hi there. Can I use a AWG 11 (4 mm2) wire to connect the IP22 12V/30A to three 74 Ah/680A wet batteries, at a maximum distance of 2,5m? Also, shall I install fuses between the charger and the batteries? If yes, how many Ampere? Thank you in advance for the hints. Max.

massimo asked

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Peak power/fuse sizing Phoenix 12/1200

I am sizing a fuse/wiring for this inverter. Would I be right in saying the peak power is double (so 2400W) and so my fuse size should be 200A? We are using power heavy tools so expect that they may dip into the surge capacity when spooling up. Also, is there an internal fuse built in, and if so what size?

tristanhooft asked

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Compact PV & B2B System

Hi all

I hope this is not an inappropriate question

I'm designing a minimal off grid system for my 1989 LHD T25 1.6TD Westfalia campervan. I will have 2 x 75Ah SLA leisure batteries and 75Amp engine battery. I'll upgrade leisure batteries to LiFePO4 in a year or so. I'll have a single 160 Watt PV panel.

I'll use all Victron kit: MTTP solar controller, B2B charger, Lynx, Shunt and battery disconnect and 230v ac to 12v DC charger. I'll only need 500 Watt inverter to charge ebike, ideally from alternator while moving. I'll use Bluetooth to monitor.

Can you point me to a wiring diagram to help me choose exact model and calculate wiring sizes and fuses.

Any advice or suggestions very welcome.

Many thanks

spailpinfanach asked

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Thickness cable IP65 12/15

I ordered the IP65 12/15. I wonder what the thickness of the cable (1.5 m) is... Because, 15A x 1.5m. x 0.2 = 4.5 mm2 diameter....That should be the thickness, correct? The connector cable with indicator leds (BPC900110114 or BPC900120114) is 3.3 mm2 in diameter and also 1.5 meter (see pdf) I was thinking to buy also the connection cable with indicator leds. If the cable of the IP65 12/15 is also 3.3 mm2, then, it's already too small, I think (should be 4.5 mm2). And certainly if I use the connection wire too... Then, 15A current is running over 3 m, needing a wire of (15 x 3 x 0.2 = 9) 9 mm2

So, what is the diameter of the original IP65 12/10 cable? And, can I extend that with the "battery inicator eyelet/panel"? What should I expect? Will it get very hot? Too hot?


pete-v asked

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