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DC 32a Disconnect correct voltage setting / wiring?

Easysolar gx 2 48v

3800w (10 panels on 2 strings of 5 x 380w) mppt 250/70 35a

i have fused inline with 15a on the phase on both and schokty diodes after the fuses, these goto y branch connectors. Then a disconnect dc breaker, SPD then easysolar gx 2 inverter 3000 48v.

If the datasheet states voltage max 30 A per MC4 connection and have the 2 inlines @ 15a and then combined 32a disconnect is the voltage 250v x 1.2 combines or two strings combined x 1.2 ?

The datasheet stated 250v coldest conditions. I also have a z beny rotary disconnect which is somewhat puzzling if anyone knows how i put phase and neutral in and out of the disconnect (for 2 pole I cannot see how I can wire through image 2


EasySolar All-in-Onewiringfuses
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