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Virtual Switch - Ignore AC input - Feature Request

Is there a way of the VRM indicating that AC is being ignored and prevent the "Grid Lost" Alarm when using VS? If Not, it would be useful to have this feature so that it is easy to monitor the grid for someone using VS to ignore the grid and prevent false "Grid Lost" Alarm.

John Muntanga asked

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Output voltage loss on virtual switch MultiPlus 24/3000

Setting up virtual switch on MultiPlus 24/3000 (running 2 parallel with a bank of Li-Ion batteries in 24v, Cerbo GX, and 2 SmartSolar MPPTs w/2 banks of panels). When battery conditions are met and it switches, there is a temporary loss of AC output power and everything resets (all 110/120v outlets and appliances in my RV). It is worse from battery to grid (50A 220/240v service with one leg to each of the Multi’s), but does it grid to battery as well. This is highly frustrating as it turns off tv, internet router, washer/dryer, etc. Started as a few second gap, but seems to be taking longer each time.

1. Is this a common occurrence for others running virtual switch? Would hub assistants be better (just the self-consumption or would I need more and which ones)?

2. Could this be a tug-of-war (of sorts) between the multi and the RV onboard surge protector?

bigheadprop asked
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Prioritize MPPT Solar Energy over Shore

I've been trying to figure this out. Spent a lot of time researching and today tried for several hours, but came up with nothing. Even tried using a Self Consumption Hub, but ended up with: Using VECONFIG I set it up and then you select a policy. All but two are deprecated. I tried the two and I could not get any AC power, I received a Error 6 - Error in DDC Program.

Victron, here is the ideal solution, which might not exist in your firmware, but it is to dynamically limit the AC Input based on the solar and based on the AC Demand.

I.E. If the AC demand is 2000 watts and we have 500 watts of solar, limit the AC Input to 1500 watts. If the Solar is 1500 watts and demand is less than that, switch to Inverter. I'm hoping, if the AC Input limiter cannot handle frequent changes, then give us a threshold. The goal is to use direct solar and avoid tapping the batteries so we aren't charge/discharge.

Please point me in the right direction, or take this as a feature request.

looknow12 asked
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Split phase victron quarrto 3000/48 not charging from AC

Hello, I hope someone out there can help.

the system in question is installed on a bus with Solar but currently located in a very shaded area, from time to time we need to charge from grid.

the system has a Cerbo GX.

also in setup we disabled "Switch as Group". As suggested in other posts. As we are triying to charge from a single 120V ac input (AC Input 1)

Additionally it is in VS it is setup to start charging from ac when battery voltage drops below a 56 volts.(condition was met).

when connecting to grid, it shows volts and hertz but doesn’t start charging.

Other info:

There’s a CAN bus BMS connected and it controls solar charging perfectly.

I’ll be glad to provide any other data.


chenirl asked
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Multiplus virtual switch set to keep batteries charged when there's no sun.

Multiplus 24/3000/70 settings, VS (virtual switch) was set to switch on to charge batteries when there's no sun or the batteries are low. Not working now!


By (igorne AC input ; VS on=do not ignore, VS off ignore.

On when UDC lower 27volts for 20 sec

Off when higher than 28 volts for 20 sec

And options of do not switch off within 1 minutes of switching on.

For some reason the VS On and Off settings were working great and now the charger just stopped charging the batteries completely.

Is it possible I missed some other settings after a firmware update?

Anyone have any ideas?

Do I need to check, Enable battery monitor?

Thanks in advance!

waynec asked
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Virtual load output when the sun is shining


I see there are several other posts regarding the same subject, that we want load output only when the sun is shining. I’m writing another posts as my user case is slightly different, and I hope that Victron listens to the users on this forum. The other posts show that there is no solution provided from Victron, its all workarounds.

For the user defined parameters for virtual load ouput, the user can only define the voltage for the battery, not for the panels. Should be an easy tweak to allow definition of panel voltage as well?

The streetlight function lets us define panel voltage for turning the virtual load output on/off, but only between sunset and sunrise. It should be a simple tweak to provide the option to turn it on between sunrise and sunset?

punda asked
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Programmable Relay Switch Condition LED Alarm

Hi, we are in the final design stages of a 3 Phase intentionally islanded system with 3 Quattro 15s. Using the assistants we want to ignore the grid connection on AC1 In and only grab it when battery low or load high. I have several systems on single phase using this set up which is fine, but i am concerned that the high load setting may miss a high load on one phase causing a shut down as i am told that the high load is aggerated across the three phases. I see there is an LED Alarm switch condition but cant find any detail on it. Can anyone confirm that this will trigger the switch when any of the LED alarm states is triggers on any of the 3 inverters. ie Low battery, Over load or high temp. This would be perfect if it does.

Lawrence asked

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Monitor for Grid Failure when using Ignore AC Input virtual switch


I did some searching but did not find a response to this specific question. I have been using the monitor for grid failure functionality for quite some time and I am pleased with it. I have now been experimenting with the virtual switch features and in particular the one to ignore AC input when SOC and AC loads meet proper conditions. However, I get alerted when the shore power is cut off by the virtual switch rather than an issue with the grid. I would prefer to only get alerted that shore power is lost during periods when I have AC input on. Is this possible? (Maybe I am missing something obvious.)

moitz asked
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Filax 2 Transfer Switch

Filax 2, When the priority souce is unpluged (shore support) yellow light, no red fault light on. we are then switched to the alternative source (Victron inverter) the yellow light glows on together with the Priority Source fault light (red), is this correct and working correctly or is there a genuine fault

paul-ainsworth asked

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Multiplus compact remote switching with third party bms

I have a MultiPlus Comapct and I'm just about to start installing my new Lipo4 set up using none Victron batteries and BMS. I have realised that the Compact does not have the same remote switching capabilities as the full version.

I have been told that I will be able to use my bms to switch over to charge only on low soc and I would use a solid state relay on the incoming generator feed to stop an over charge.

Is this the case and would these settings be done by an assistant on the ve configure software?

Any suggestions and advice greatly received as I'd assumed that the compact would have the same functionality in this situation.

chezgals asked
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Virtual Switch on/off toggle on mobile app?

I have set up a virtual switch on my Multi 12/3000 (it’s the “Ignore AC Input” switch so that I can prioritize solar over the grid). Is there a way I can add a switch on the mobile app (like in the attached photo) to be able to simply switch it on/off? I don’t even know if that switch is for a Virtual Switch... but it would be nice if it were and I could switch it on and off like that.

The reason I would like this switch is because I have downloaded Parallel and Windows 10 trials on my MacBook and the trial period is almost up and I’m not really interested in buying these programs. However I don’t know if I want to leave this virtual switch on without any way of turning it off once the trial period ends... I saw the pictires of the switch and wondered whatit was and if it would work as I am hoping.


chad-poindexter asked

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Virtual Switch Easy solar

I recently programmed the virtual switch on the easy solar 48/5000 for a generator remote start (Dedicated generator setting). I have the settings for the genset to start when the load is at 4500watts and battery at 45 volts. When testing we loaded the circuit and the genset kicked in at 4500 watts as programmed but the AC in didn't switch over. Would this be because the battery was still at a full charge (showing 100%) and was approx 52 volts when we did the testing? Or should the AC in relay switch over under the above conditions.

Thanks in advance.

bushy asked

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