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Multiplus Solar and mains preference - battery for standby only

I need some assistance with optimizing my Solar system.

My system is as follow:

1. Multiplus 24V/3000KVA/70Amp

2. Bluesolar 150/80 MPPT

3. 8 x Narada 200aH Batteries (Strings (2x2)+(2x2)

4. 9 x 340 W solar pannels (3 Strings).

My chalenge is how to Ignore Mains (with virtual switch) and use batteries for backup only. Basically prioritizing solar during the day and on Mains at night. Batteries only for our famous loadshedding (I live in South Africa).

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What to do with my leftovers... Should I cascade them ?

I have had my pair of Multiplus II 48/5000 (240V) running in Parallel for a couple of weeks now, and they are working fine. (other than a dodgy fan in one of them)


but I have a load of parts leftover !

when I started my Victron solar journey, I bought loads of stuff that I thought I'd need and then bought other stuff that was 'better' (differant)

So. I have four Epoch 12v 105Ah LiFePO4 batteries (that I was going to connect as a 48V pack)
a 500A SmartShunt, a SmartSolar MPPT 150/35, a heavy duty DC isolator (Icu 85kA)
loads of 50mm2 and 75mm2 cables and Lugs.
A Raspberry Pi with Venus OS and a load of USB to VE Direct DIY Cables, set up and ready to go.

I can't hook the 4 Epoch batteries up to my main (BYD battery) system.
But I could buy a small Multiplus 48/1600/20 and cascade them ?
Thinking of setting up a second "separate" system that just powers my office (using about 2kW per day)
that part is not that complicated

is how to set up charging and pass-thru

I don't really want to set up more solar... so would like to only charge the 4 Epoch batteries, from the main system, once the BYD batteries are full, and we have excess solar.
and would like the Multiplus 48/1600/20 to go into passthru if the 4 Epoch batteries are low

And I just can't work out the best way to do it.

I was thinking of using a Shelly 4 Pro to switch power to the Multiplus 48/1600/20 once the main batterys were full, but then how would I work the passthru, if both sets of batteries were low.

and how would I stop the Multiplus 48/1600/20 from drawing power from the BYD battery to charge the 4 Epoch batteries (that would just be a waste)

there must be a way... anyone :)

thanks in advance

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Virtual Switch - Ignore AC input - Feature Request

Is there a way of the VRM indicating that AC is being ignored and prevent the "Grid Lost" Alarm when using VS? If Not, it would be useful to have this feature so that it is easy to monitor the grid for someone using VS to ignore the grid and prevent false "Grid Lost" Alarm.

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Problem with Ignore dedicated AC input in three phase system.

Hello, I have a problem with a three-phase installation consisting of 3x Multiplus 48/5000/70-100. It is an off-grid installation with a Pylontech lithium battery bank and SmartSolar controllers, all controlled with a Cerbo GX through DVCC. The system works smoothly off-grid. But a three-phase electrical network connection was installed in the sector, and with this the house was connected to the network and increased consumption with the intention of using the electrical network.

The idea of the new operating mode is to use the solar system as a priority (and complete backup in case of grid failure), and to leave the grid as support at times when the loads exceed the capacity of the inverters or the batteries are low. For this, the virtual switch was configured in "Ignore dedicated AC input" mode, according to manuals this instruction must be configured only to Master L1 and when doing it in this way the instruction really works but only responds to the values of L1, and when it is exceeded the power (4500W) in L2 or L3 the system does not transfer, generating an overload in inverters and cutting the system. When configuring the virtual switch with the same instruction to ignore AC input in each inverter, the instruction of (no) ignore AC input definitely does not work or operate in any way, the AC input is always ignored and does not transfer at any time.

Is there a way to ignore AC input in 3 phase system and work for all 3 phases, and the system can immediately switch from inverter to main when the loads for any phase exceed the established power limit? (All devices are with updated firmwares.)

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Virtual switch & false "Grid Lost" Alarm

Is there a way of the VRM indicating that AC is being ignored and prevent the "Grid Lost" Alarm when using VS? If Not, it would be useful to have this feature so that it is easy to monitor the grid for someone using VS to ignore the grid and prevent false "Grid Lost" Alarm.

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Virtual switch versus assistants

Hello everyone,

I've a question while using VEconfigure and configuring a Multi plus.

Why virtual switch and assistants.can't be used at the same time?

Technical restriction ? Software limitation ? what's the reason ?

Thank toy for our answers.

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Switching off multiplus with normal main switch in distributor

Hello, I want to be able to switch off my ess 3 fase system from the main distributor box by means off a normal main switch. In case of fire every noob should be able to disconnect mains and inverters so the house is not powered for sure. How can I connect a normal on/off switch to the inverters to switch them off? Thanks in advance! Rik

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Disable AC ignore at night


I have my Multiplus II using the virtual switch to ignore ac and use solar and battery power. This works well during the day when there is sun.

But I would like it to switch to bypass or ac during the nighttime when there is no sun. And save the batteries from being charged and discharged.

I was thinking of using an external time switch but how do I connect this to the multiplus?

I also have a raspberry pi running Venus OS if that will help.



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Generator output ignored when Virtual Switch Ignore AC is active

I have a Quattro 24/8000, Color GX, BlueSolar MPPT 150/85. To maximize the input from the solar panels, I use the Virtual Switch Ignore AC (Ignore AC input shore power between SOC 70% and SOC 80%)

However, the output from my AC generator is also ignored when using the Virtual Switch Ignore AC.

Two questions:

is there a bypass possible to turn off the Virtual Switch, for instance in the Color GX display or using VictronConnect?

any suggestions setting the virtual switch so it ignores the shore power but accepts the generator power?

Solutions and ideas are appreciated!

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Output voltage loss on virtual switch MultiPlus 24/3000

Setting up virtual switch on MultiPlus 24/3000 (running 2 parallel with a bank of Li-Ion batteries in 24v, Cerbo GX, and 2 SmartSolar MPPTs w/2 banks of panels). When battery conditions are met and it switches, there is a temporary loss of AC output power and everything resets (all 110/120v outlets and appliances in my RV). It is worse from battery to grid (50A 220/240v service with one leg to each of the Multi’s), but does it grid to battery as well. This is highly frustrating as it turns off tv, internet router, washer/dryer, etc. Started as a few second gap, but seems to be taking longer each time.

1. Is this a common occurrence for others running virtual switch? Would hub assistants be better (just the self-consumption or would I need more and which ones)?

2. Could this be a tug-of-war (of sorts) between the multi and the RV onboard surge protector?

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Can Ruvvi sensors be used to monitor and switch a heating system

I would like to know if it is possible to use the GX touch as an adjustable thermostat to control a heating system. I am aware that I can use a tanks sender to switch a relay a 2 designated resistance readings, so I could use this but then the customers heating would not be easily adjustable if he would like it a bit warmer in the evenings. I was wondering if anyone is aware if the Ruuvi units can be used as a thermostat so they switch a relay using a adjustable setting. I don't think this is possible, but I would be grateful if anyone knows a way of doing this through the GX touch and the Cerbo?

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Prioritize MPPT Solar Energy over Shore

I've been trying to figure this out. Spent a lot of time researching and today tried for several hours, but came up with nothing. Even tried using a Self Consumption Hub, but ended up with: Using VECONFIG I set it up and then you select a policy. All but two are deprecated. I tried the two and I could not get any AC power, I received a Error 6 - Error in DDC Program.

Victron, here is the ideal solution, which might not exist in your firmware, but it is to dynamically limit the AC Input based on the solar and based on the AC Demand.

I.E. If the AC demand is 2000 watts and we have 500 watts of solar, limit the AC Input to 1500 watts. If the Solar is 1500 watts and demand is less than that, switch to Inverter. I'm hoping, if the AC Input limiter cannot handle frequent changes, then give us a threshold. The goal is to use direct solar and avoid tapping the batteries so we aren't charge/discharge.

Please point me in the right direction, or take this as a feature request.

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Split phase victron quarrto 3000/48 not charging from AC

Hello, I hope someone out there can help.

the system in question is installed on a bus with Solar but currently located in a very shaded area, from time to time we need to charge from grid.

the system has a Cerbo GX.

also in setup we disabled "Switch as Group". As suggested in other posts. As we are triying to charge from a single 120V ac input (AC Input 1)

Additionally it is in VS it is setup to start charging from ac when battery voltage drops below a 56 volts.(condition was met).

when connecting to grid, it shows volts and hertz but doesn’t start charging.

Other info:

There’s a CAN bus BMS connected and it controls solar charging perfectly.

I’ll be glad to provide any other data.


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Possible to use solar for AC out 0?

Hey there,

I am trying (and failing) to use solar energy on my EasySolar for the AC0 output.

My installation is on an RV, I have an Easysolar with the build in MPPT, some solar panels on the roof, a 200ah victron lithium battery, a BMV 712, a digital multi control and a CCGX.

As for the wiring, some loads are connected to AC0 of the multi as this is only available when a AC input is available. This is needed as for example my fridge prioritizes AC over gas thus there should be no power available when I am not connected to the grid. The fridge switches to gas automatically and my battery is not sucked dry overnight (I have no way to manually set the power source for the fridge). Same goes for the air conditioning or the electric water heating, both should not run on battery so I put them on AC0.

My issue is that when I am somewhere with power available I would like to use my batterie and the solar to power the loads on AC0 as it otherwise goes to waste and I have to pay for the consumption from the grid. But whatever I try I cannot get it to work. What I tried so far:

  • using victron connect to put the multi to default island mode
  • using the virtual switch to ignore AC
  • setting up an ESS

Same result, no power to AC0 (all firmwares are up to date).

I am thinking of adding a wire with a switch to connect AC0 and AC1 but that sounds like a hack I should not need.

So before I start doing that my question to the community, is there a way to use solar on the AC0 loads? In case yes, what do I need to do?

thanks in advance,


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virtual switch (vs): how to switch it depending on solar power delivery ?

Hi, I use a Quattro and a MPPT SmartSolar Charger.

I configured the Quattro, so that the VS switch the AC-Input (Shorepower), depending on the AC-Output-Power and the SOC of the batteries. For example, the AC-Input will not be ignored, if the SOC is lower than 50%.

This make it possible, that the batteries are loaded regularly from the PV (solar power modules).

This is good at summer time, but in the winter, the PV energy is to low to load the batteries. With my configuration, the batteries would be unloaded permanently to the SOC of 50% and then be loaded to about 100% from the shorepower. This procedure would be repeated every day and wouldn´t be the best for the batteries.

My idea is to optimize the configuration of the VS, that the switch depends on how the PV delivers energy (for example more than 100W) to load the batteries, or if the PV isn´t able to load the batteries enough and the shorepower is needed to do this.

Is it possible in the ve.config to configure this?

Thanks for help!



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