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Main Grid Failure Alert when Inverting

Can someone tell me why I get a Main Grid Failure Alarm when the Multi goes back and forth from an 'Ignore AC' condition.

Periodically, when the Multi is inverting (but connected to grid) and dedicated AC Ignore is selected in VS tab I get a Grid Failure Alarm. But the grid hasn't failed and VS functions properly, switching between Inverting and passing through Grid AC when conditions are met. In VRM portal dashboard system overview, the Grid box will show ' - ' when inverting, which I figure is normal since it's not drawing any current, but it's odd I keep getting a Grid Failure alarm. Is this the Multi's current sensor mis-reading things or is there a setting I missed somewhere? Thanks!


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Virtual load output when the sun is shining


I see there are several other posts regarding the same subject, that we want load output only when the sun is shining. I’m writing another posts as my user case is slightly different, and I hope that Victron listens to the users on this forum. The other posts show that there is no solution provided from Victron, its all workarounds.

For the user defined parameters for virtual load ouput, the user can only define the voltage for the battery, not for the panels. Should be an easy tweak to allow definition of panel voltage as well?

The streetlight function lets us define panel voltage for turning the virtual load output on/off, but only between sunset and sunrise. It should be a simple tweak to provide the option to turn it on between sunrise and sunset?

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Main battery switch before Lynx distribution system?

I notice in the various Victron produced circuit diagrams for the Lynx system, they never put a main system switch before the Lynx distribution system/Lynx Smart BMS, however most actual people building seem to fit a physical switch between the battery and the Lynx.

Is there a reason why I should fit a physical switch?

I’m assuming people don’t like relying on the software controlled contactor In the Lynx Smart BMS?

Is this just aversion to change, or is there a good reason such as a regulatory requirment?


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"Not in phase" message on VEConfigure Monitor

Dear Community,

We are having trouble with our virtual switch "Ignore AC Option" in our 3 phase system. We just recognized a text dipslaying "not in phase" as it can be seen on the attached image regarding de VEConfigure Monitor. Any idea what does this mean?

Thank you.



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Virtual Switch (ignore AC) and charging time restriction (schedule) - Possible ?

Good day all. I have a specific requirement for which Victron might have the solution but maybe i have no cross-figured it yet.

Component of installation:

- 1x Quattro 48/10000

- 2x Smartsolar 150/60

- 7x Pylontech US3000 (total: 24.8kWh)

- 1 Cerbo GX

The grid is awfull in terms of voltage (180v to 230V max). Allowing grid in daytime is not comfortable since the Quattro does not double conversion.
During daytime, we reach a maximum of 210V.
Between 00:00 and 05:00am, we can have about 220V-230V. Charging in this time period is the best and is wanted.

When the day is sunny, no issue at all. Batteries are charged around 95% for the night.
When sun is not good, we lose about 10-15% daily. Grid input becomes necessary at a certain SOC.
I use VS to allow the grid to enter when my SOC is below 25% (security). That is accetable at any time to avoid power shortage.

But now, i would like to tell the system that IF SOC<50% AND 00:00<actualtime<05:00, then go ahead to charge batteries from AC source until we reach a certain battery voltage.
IF AND ONLY IF time is between 00:00 and 05:00am.

I know that ESS has the schedule option.
Also, small energy backfeed to grid is not an issue here.
But i was told that due to Loss Of Main option, ESS won't work with unstable grid voltage and frequency. So i am stuck with a simple Virtual Switch without schedule.

Anyone can give a hint/help/indication on how to tackle the issue.

Thanks and best regards.

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Can DC-coupled MPPT feed directly into power need of ACout, or only be used to charge batteries (no ESS)

I have a solar panel (340W) with a Bluesolar MPPT (DC-coupled), BMV-700, Cerbo GX and Multiplus. The ACout of theMultiplus is attached to a separate network in the house which is only attached to this ACout (not mains feedback). The Multiplus can use the ACin or the inverter to provide power to this network.

Ideally, I would like to keep the batteries fully charged and prioritise the solar power to feed into that separate network (i.e. use solar power until the load exceeds the solar power and then complement with ACin or if that is useful to add power from the batteries) and only switch to the batteries/inverter during power failure.

For what I read on the Victron website, this could be (easily) achieved by installing an 'assistant' IF I would feed back into the net. However, I can not feed back into the net.

So my question is, how to achieve this situation (solar power complementing net power, having priority)?

I configured a set-up similar to described by Edphonse using the virtual switch, but it feels like a sub-optimal configuration.

Currently I use the virtual switch to use the Multiplus as inverter until the battery voltage drops to 25V (then use ACin), or the load on the ACout exceeds 300W (and then the Multiplus also charges the batteries if needed until bulk is completed).

This sort of works but is clearly a 'hack' and power is lost by charging and inverting. Edphone also importantly notes that using this approach the batteries and Multiplus will wear quickly.

So effectively my question is whether I can use the solar power to feed into the ACout network without needing to discharge the batteries (I read in one of the posts that there is an option to keep the batteries at fully charged state, but then also the solar power input seems to be throttled back).

Or, perhaps the current set-up is still usable, but I would need to increase my solar power capacity (which is admittedly quite low) so that it would always exceed the normal load on the ACout. That is assuming that the solar power will be used for direct power and not only to charge the batteries.

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Programmierung Multiplus 12 3000 Relais abhängig von der Batterieladung?

Ich möchte das im Multiplus 12 3000 vorhandene Hochlastrelais zur Steuerung des autom. Kühlschrankes einsetzen. Es soll in Abhängigkeit von der aktuellen Batterieladung schalten. Z.b. Batterie > 98% dann ON, wenn < 80% dann OFF. Der Kühlschrank soll dann in diesem Intervall auf 220V laufen. Mein Händler meint, das sei nicht möglich. Auf der letzten Messe in Düsseldorf habe ich aber am Victron Stand eine andere Information erhalten. Was geht denn nun wirklich?

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Programmable Relay Switch Condition LED Alarm

Hi, we are in the final design stages of a 3 Phase intentionally islanded system with 3 Quattro 15s. Using the assistants we want to ignore the grid connection on AC1 In and only grab it when battery low or load high. I have several systems on single phase using this set up which is fine, but i am concerned that the high load setting may miss a high load on one phase causing a shut down as i am told that the high load is aggerated across the three phases. I see there is an LED Alarm switch condition but cant find any detail on it. Can anyone confirm that this will trigger the switch when any of the LED alarm states is triggers on any of the 3 inverters. ie Low battery, Over load or high temp. This would be perfect if it does.

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With the Victron Energy EasySolar 24V 3000W 70-50A Inverter Charger can I switch between 2 separate battery banks?

We are upgrading our battery bank, but rather than just not using the existing ‘old’ batteries at all there would be an issue with keeping the existing batteries as a sort of "spare" battery bank - basically having a switch between the two battery banks- and if the new battery bank was getting too low we could manually switch to the other bank and utilise that- switching between them also to charge.

our system:
We have a Victron Energy EasySolar 24V 3000W 70-50A Inverter Charger (purchased 2017). We also have A Smart BMV-712 HQ1801TW9VZ. The system has 2x 100Ah 12V iVOLTA Lithium batteries connected in series, and 2000W of solar panels

I don’t yet know the exact specifics of the new battery bank but we are looking to have at least 300Ah total.

Would it be possible to do what I am suggesting above with this system? My concern is if you would have to change all the settings on the Victron EasySolar each time you switched batteries and if this would be too labour intensive or confusing- I wouldn't want to make a mistake and mess up the system. If this is possible what other Victron products might I need to achieve this?

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Virtual Switch control with Aux-1 and Aux-2 instead of using assistants

Why don't you integrate the Aux-1 and Aux-2 inputs to control virtual switch.
VS is an easy and reliable method for DC coupled solar system.

The Ignore AC with dedicated gen control would even allow to control the MPPT in case of a Battery / Cell full signal withuout any other external relaying

Assistant are a pain because
- documentation is fairly poor
- every time you want to adjust a parameter in the assistant ( e.g. a threshold ) a running system goes black when assistant is charged
- all conditions are OR connected, it is a pain to program an AND condition for interlocking
the only way seems to be inverting every input and the output which makes things difficult to read and is error prone

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How to "Do not use VS" using my GX Touch 50 (with Cerbo GX) rather than using my laptop.

I have 2 Quattro 48/5000/70 60 hz set up for USA (actually in the Bahamas) 240 volts along with Solar panels and 3 MPPT150/35. Unreliable grid is available. Most of the time we are self-sufficient, but after several cloudy days we need the grid (or our generator to top up)

I use Virtual Switch to employ the grid when the battery levels are too low, or if we are pulling too much for too long. It works well automatically, however when it switches to the grid to charge there is the usual loud click plus the fans start to run. All OK unless this happens in the middle of the night and it wakes up "She Who Must Be Obeyed"

The way around this is to pre-charge the batteries for 30 or 40 minutes in the evening by switching off VS temporarily..."Do Not Use VS" with VE Configure on my laptop.

How can I do this without the use of a laptop, eg configuring and then utilising the GX Touch 50, or by some other method?

I have other installations I installed locally at friends where a solution would be useful also as they are not technically savvy.



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Multi Quattro - Fronius Primo - ESS - Dedicated Virtual Switch

Good morning to the community

I have a lot of doubts about the my system and can't find any answers.

I have a system of:

10KwHof solar panels.

PV solar Fronius 8.2

80 KwH of lithium batteries connected via Can Bus

Actually I am using the ESS assistant

Unfortunately I am very confused because my dealer insists that where I live (Kenya) it is not recommended to use ESS.

But it seemed to me the only alternative to have the Feed In 0. He tried it with contactor connected to a relay, but nothing worked well.

In ESS is worked well for a year, then there were problems with the charger section of the Victron the Victron was replaced promptly.

Now after another year I have a similar problem when connecting the mains the multi makes a lot of noise it switches from Bulk to Passtrough and disconnects the mains and does this all the time.

If I manually disconnect the grid the system works perfectly as an inverter.

I was considering the dedicated virtual Switch, to physically disconnect as much as possible, but how will the feed IN 0 work ?

Any suggestion?

Thank you

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Open AC-input relais in ESS mode on MultiPlus-II

Is there a way to open the AC-input relais on MultiPlus-II by a command submitted to GX-device or with an input signal on MultiPlus-II when using ESS- instead of a virtual switch application? I would like to avoid placing an additional motor-switch or relais in between grid and MultiPlus device.


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Virtual Switch Ignore AC not working on Multiplus with Firmware updated

Hello Dear Community and Staff,

We have a 3 phase system with Multiplus 2000VA inverters, Smart Solar Chargers, a CCGX and a Battery monitor BMV712. We want our system to use the grid only when batteries SOC is below 50% and when Load exceeds 1600W after a couple of seconds.

Somehow the Virtual Switch is doing its job for the battery SOC condition but not for the load condition, we tested with a constant 1800W for 60 seconds and the AC inpunt won't come in. This is important for us, as some loads in the house come in really fast and take the inverter inmediately to overload.

Does any have had this problem? what could be missing?

Please finde below some screenshots of the Virtual Switch configuration at VEConfigure for L1 Inverter.

Thank you!





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Problem with Ignore dedicated AC input in three phase system.

Hello, I have a problem with a three-phase installation consisting of 3x Multiplus 48/5000/70-100. It is an off-grid installation with a Pylontech lithium battery bank and SmartSolar controllers, all controlled with a Cerbo GX through DVCC. The system works smoothly off-grid. But a three-phase electrical network connection was installed in the sector, and with this the house was connected to the network and increased consumption with the intention of using the electrical network.

The idea of the new operating mode is to use the solar system as a priority (and complete backup in case of grid failure), and to leave the grid as support at times when the loads exceed the capacity of the inverters or the batteries are low. For this, the virtual switch was configured in "Ignore dedicated AC input" mode, according to manuals this instruction must be configured only to Master L1 and when doing it in this way the instruction really works but only responds to the values of L1, and when it is exceeded the power (4500W) in L2 or L3 the system does not transfer, generating an overload in inverters and cutting the system. When configuring the virtual switch with the same instruction to ignore AC input in each inverter, the instruction of (no) ignore AC input definitely does not work or operate in any way, the AC input is always ignored and does not transfer at any time.

Is there a way to ignore AC input in 3 phase system and work for all 3 phases, and the system can immediately switch from inverter to main when the loads for any phase exceed the established power limit? (All devices are with updated firmwares.)

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