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Output voltage loss on virtual switch MultiPlus 24/3000

Setting up virtual switch on MultiPlus 24/3000 (running 2 parallel with a bank of Li-Ion batteries in 24v, Cerbo GX, and 2 SmartSolar MPPTs w/2 banks of panels). When battery conditions are met and it switches, there is a temporary loss of AC output power and everything resets (all 110/120v outlets and appliances in my RV). It is worse from battery to grid (50A 220/240v service with one leg to each of the Multi’s), but does it grid to battery as well. This is highly frustrating as it turns off tv, internet router, washer/dryer, etc. Started as a few second gap, but seems to be taking longer each time.

1. Is this a common occurrence for others running virtual switch? Would hub assistants be better (just the self-consumption or would I need more and which ones)?

2. Could this be a tug-of-war (of sorts) between the multi and the RV onboard surge protector?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargervirtual switch
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Have you enabled UPS?
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