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Virtual Switch on/off toggle on mobile app?

I have set up a virtual switch on my Multi 12/3000 (it’s the “Ignore AC Input” switch so that I can prioritize solar over the grid). Is there a way I can add a switch on the mobile app (like in the attached photo) to be able to simply switch it on/off? I don’t even know if that switch is for a Virtual Switch... but it would be nice if it were and I could switch it on and off like that.

The reason I would like this switch is because I have downloaded Parallel and Windows 10 trials on my MacBook and the trial period is almost up and I’m not really interested in buying these programs. However I don’t know if I want to leave this virtual switch on without any way of turning it off once the trial period ends... I saw the pictires of the switch and wondered whatit was and if it would work as I am hoping.


VictronConnectvirtual switch
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