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Split phase victron quarrto 3000/48 not charging from AC

Hello, I hope someone out there can help.

the system in question is installed on a bus with Solar but currently located in a very shaded area, from time to time we need to charge from grid.

the system has a Cerbo GX.

also in setup we disabled "Switch as Group". As suggested in other posts. As we are triying to charge from a single 120V ac input (AC Input 1)

Additionally it is in VS it is setup to start charging from ac when battery voltage drops below a 56 volts.(condition was met).

when connecting to grid, it shows volts and hertz but doesn’t start charging.

Other info:

There’s a CAN bus BMS connected and it controls solar charging perfectly.

I’ll be glad to provide any other data.


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Disable virtual switch for now to rule out that being the issue. And see if it just connects that way and charges.

As for the charging, you will need to rule out can bus being the issue or the settings on charger tab.

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