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Hi there Guys, I hope we're all doing Great under the Victron Logo, as I was just seeking to get some clarification as to How would one get to use the PayGo system affiliated with this marvelous product from victron. I've been all over the web looking for answers and I think that I may have attracted some scammers.

Please Help

Many Thanks.

Prince Mthembu asked
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Lm335z problem

Hello, I have a problem with the lm335z sensor with potentiometer, I read the temperature perfectly but by heating the sensor the indicated temperature decreases instead of rising. any solution?

sesa46 asked

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marking of the chip for multiplus 24 500



Ищу маркировку микросхемы ic1 и резистора r102 от multiplus 24 500. Буду благодарен если поможете названием


pugaevnik asked

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Une idée pour charger une batterie de scooter en 72 V à partir de régulateurs solaires ?

Je suis en autonomie solaire et je trouve dommage de passer par mon onduleur pour convertir du continu en alternatif pour le reconvertir en continu...

Plutôt qu'un long discours, un dessin !


Si je fixe les mêmes tensions sur les 3 régulateurs (alimentés par des panneaux identiques), cela peut-il marcher ?

Merci d'avance,


alexis-masseux asked

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No Ve Direct Ping reply

I am trying tp update Firmware on the Multiplus and it shows Status:No VE. Direct ping reply. What do I do to rectify this?

joe-w asked
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Generator auto starts everyday at same time - SOC momentarily drops to 0% on Venus - battery BMS does not show this SOC drop

Good Morning,

I basically an off grid system - 1x8kva quattro, 3x7.2kw Solar MD batteries, 11.5kw PV array, using a venus - has a 14ka genset for backup - there is utility available - but only used in rare circumstances - so is isolated off.

Since 19th September - each day around 13:14 to 13:24 my genset will start, run for 5 minutes and switch off.

I have enabled the genset to run under 2 conditions

[1] SOC drops to 15% - Start | SOC reaches 40% - Stop | AC1 returns - Stop

[2] The inverter load is 6000W for 30 seconds - Start | the inverter loads drops to below 4000w for 30 seconds

on both the minimum run time is 5 minutes.

Battery monitor is set to automatic - has selected the Solar-MD bms on CAN-bus

When the genset automatically starts - the reason given is SOC

I have looked into the advanced page of the setup - it will not indicate the SOC has dropped below 80% - however on the dashboard historical data shows it does drops to 0%

Have looked at the battery BMS - SoalrMD have a very accurate logging system - SOC not shown to drop below 80%

My main query is the timing - it is the same time each day + 1 minute.

Any help would be great.

have looked for gremlins - haven't seen the furry guys yet.

Alex Rodgers asked
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Why vrm not showing connected devices?

Hello, I am sorry if someone question that. Today, I saw that again. When I open FRM APP to see battery percentage and with how many watts charge PV, I am not saw PV, battery and invertor consummation. I am using Raspberry Pi 3b plus version to run VRM. I reboot device from VRM Remote console, and after reboot all show up. How to fix that? I am connect raspberry pi power supply to invertor, can that is the problem about that.

My setup is 2x PV solar panels, mppt charge controller 100/30, invertor Phoenix 24/800 l, smart shunt 500, two batteries and raspberry pi3b plus.

Thanks for answer in advanced.

hrischo asked

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Can I use a charge controller on a solar generator to regulate voltage

I'm guessing a lot of you are familiar with the term solar generator? An all-in-one lithium battery pack with an inverter, converter, solar charge controller, and numerous inputs and outputs.

I have quite a few of them and they all have different specs when it comes to charging from solar. I'd like to max out my solar array for the largest one which has a 48 volt battery bank and a 150V/12A max DC input but then I'm unable to use that same solar array for smaller ones. Some of which are wired for 24 volts.

If I wired in an additional victron solar charge controller like the 150/35, would I then be able to use the same solar array for the smaller solar generators? The smaller ones have a maximum VOC of 25.

curb71 asked

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Multiplus flashing leds not in toolkit

Hi everyone, I have some weird LED flashing on my multi + 3000 while trying to program with MK3 USB adapter. after that series of light stop splashing it goes to these solid LEDs. Any idea what's going on? Dealer isn't sure either? We walked through each step one by one. I also can't connect to Veconfig or veconnect. Leaving for vacation on the 9th.


l33der asked
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Heat Dissipation from the SmartSolar-MPPT-250/100

Dear All,

I am designing an Off-Grid Solar Power System to be installed in an ATEX Certified Boxes (SS 316, 25mm thickness, IP 65). The system will require 2 x MMPT 250/100 charge controllers installed inside one box (approx. 1200 x 800 x 300 mm) and running at an ambient temperature of 50 Deg. C.

I know that the charge controller will de-rate as the temperature goes up. what I don't know is what are the heat dissipation figures for these controllers and couldn't find it anywhere in the Victron literature.

karam-el-bayed asked

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Message erreur


Voilà j'ai un écran de contrôle mppt qui a un message d'erreur fetching history. Après plusieurs recherche je n'ai trouvé aucune solution mise à part le déconnecter du régulateur mais cela ne dure qu'un temps.

Merci de vos réponses

mathieu-0203 asked

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Lost top cover Phoenix 24/25

Hi folks, a really simple (or maybe not) question. Any idea how I can get a replacement top cover (the one that covers the fan vents) for a Phoenix 24/25 charger. The UK agent wasn't able to help. ta, Graham

downdale asked

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Victron Quattro 10 KVA with Freedom Won

@Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) We have freedomwon connected to 10KVA quattro. There is often feedback to the grid.

Please advise

jonjex asked

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