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Victron Battery unable to be found via bluetooth

Hello Victron community.

I have run into an issue. Last year I put in a full victron set up in my boat (2 multiplus 2 3000W/24v, 12/24 Orion, 150/60 mppt, 500amp smart shunt, victron battery monitor (small circle one) a digital multi control box, and four victron 100ah batteries, 3x360w solar panels. more pieces of kit)

Last season and this season I have had no issues with keeping up with power and the system is all visible via bluetooth. When we came back to our marina after being gone for a week I plugged into shore power and wanted to see where the system was at and noticed I am only able to see three of my four batteries on the victron connect app. Is it possible that the internal Bluetooth has broken? These batteries are just a year old. I have contacted my supplier in which I bought them (in Ontario Canada) and have heard nothing back. I have sent in the victron connect report along with all receipts etc... I am stuck trying to figure out if there is a way to reset the battery? I keep all kit up to date on software updates etc.... Will victron warranty cover this?

Any help on where to go next would be greatly appreciated.


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