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Generator auto starts everyday at same time - SOC momentarily drops to 0% on Venus - battery BMS does not show this SOC drop

Good Morning,

I basically an off grid system - 1x8kva quattro, 3x7.2kw Solar MD batteries, 11.5kw PV array, using a venus - has a 14ka genset for backup - there is utility available - but only used in rare circumstances - so is isolated off.

Since 19th September - each day around 13:14 to 13:24 my genset will start, run for 5 minutes and switch off.

I have enabled the genset to run under 2 conditions

[1] SOC drops to 15% - Start | SOC reaches 40% - Stop | AC1 returns - Stop

[2] The inverter load is 6000W for 30 seconds - Start | the inverter loads drops to below 4000w for 30 seconds

on both the minimum run time is 5 minutes.

Battery monitor is set to automatic - has selected the Solar-MD bms on CAN-bus

When the genset automatically starts - the reason given is SOC

I have looked into the advanced page of the setup - it will not indicate the SOC has dropped below 80% - however on the dashboard historical data shows it does drops to 0%

Have looked at the battery BMS - SoalrMD have a very accurate logging system - SOC not shown to drop below 80%

My main query is the timing - it is the same time each day + 1 minute.

Any help would be great.

have looked for gremlins - haven't seen the furry guys yet.

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