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Need help identifying a burnt diode on a victron phoenix charger 12/30

The diode in question is severely damaged. Can someone please tell me what the markings are on the diode placed at d27 on the main board? A large film capacitor on the opposite site of the pcb is also damaged from the heat. The trace is burnt from the diode, under the aforementioned capacitor and up to a large coil. Thanks!

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Hi if i was you i would not bother to try and repair.

With the level of damage you report there will most likely be other components damaged and you will be just chasing your tail around the PCB fixing part after part, also consider if the PCB has burnt traces it might also start to de-laminate so all your hard work might come to nothing.

And remember if you don't find the root-cause of the problem it will just happen again.

Sorry to be so negative but i have seen a lot of this in my time and experience has taught me to bite the bullet and buy new.

But having said that you might get lucky...good luck.

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