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Victron 160AH Lead carbon batteries

Hi I've seemed to have lost a lot of capacity in my battery bank 8x 160 AH Victron lead carbon, they were new in mid 2019 so just over 3 years old, the BMV has recorded 104 charge cycles and 507 full charges ( sync to 100,%) our average discharge is 107ah, we now get a low voltage warning around 80ah, basically we have to run the generator in the evening to get something like 90% change if the solar hasn't got it above 90% or we end up with low battery warning in the morning or shutdown with voltage about 38 volts, the battery settings are hopefully in the picture below with the history page.

I've spoken to my dealer he's essentially said out of warranty and buy new lithium! I'm off grid so totally dependent on the battery bank, I've checked and cleaned all the terminals my next option is possibly removing 4 of the pack and getting them tested and charged with mains power to see if they are still usable, interested to know if this is normal for 3 year old batteries or if something is setup incorrectly?


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How do you advise Victron that the Webinar subtitles are embarrassing?

Just sat through the webinar "

Victron VRM Update Webinar 2022

Had to laugh at the subtitles which might be a tad embarrassing


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Recorded VRM seminar

I was not able to take part of the whole seminar yesterday. Where can I find the recorded version of the ""Walkthrough of recent VRM and Venus OS features"?

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My 9000w generator took 11 hours to charge a 24v 705ah bank... HELP!!!

I just invested in a new victron system and batteries with solar (not that we are getting that much this season to make a big difference). I cannot seem to figure out what to set to get this to all hum smoothly.

All brand new, I have:

  • 24v system, comprised of twelve 6v 235ah batteries in series and parallel, flooded acid
  • VE Multiplus 24v 3000w inverter
  • VE Smartshunt (external bat monitor hooked up here)
  • VE Cerbo GX
  • VE 100/50 MPPT Charge Controller
  • 11,500 starting watts, 9,000 running watts generator (also brand new)
  • 4 Longi 370w 75 cell panels

I live at my off grid home full time just outside Vancouver, BC in Canada on the west coast. I have no appliances that draw electricity. I have no heat generating things here. I use about 2500w to 3000w daily. I know I need more batteries and solar to avoid generator time but I have spent all I had to get what I have now, and can't afford more at the moment... so this is my system for the time being, until I can add to it.

I have not yet hooked up the generator start/stop functionality. I'm waiting on wiring information from the generator company so that I can do that without guessing which wire is which! I also think I need a relay to do it (see this video which is what I'm trying to do next:

I have asked the solar company I bought the victron elements to help me with settings. They will not advise. I have asked the company where I bought the batteries to help me with settings. They will not advise. They keep referencing me to page 10 of the Rolls manual which has a bunch of math and information which I really just do not understand. I emailed a Victron rep and they told me to ask the company I bought the components from... dead end there... The Rolls executive I spoke with did tell me though that based on higher useage like mine (living full time at my home and using the system day in, day out) that "higher useage means faster depletion each day which should equal a higher bulk/absorb setting to 59.2>60v because the harder you work the batteries, the higher you go but not over 60v." Would someone please tell me where to put that information and what that translates into which screen on which device at what value???

Is anyone out there willing to suggest what settings to put into what screens to make it all work smoothly so that I can manage my batteries efficiently and have them last? I did my best setting it up and tried to manually run the generator when my batteries were at 64% the other day... it took 11 hours to get them to 100% and as you can see on my dashboard, towards the last half of the charging, the generator charged less and less the longer it ran! 11 hours was 30 litres of gas! Yet, today I had some time of bright sun when my batteries were at 95% and within one hour, they had the batteries back to 100%. How can that be right?

I've tried to share my dashboard so hopefully this works:

I live alone in the woods by the sea 18km by ocean from anyone. Just a chick in the woods which a bunch of great new shiny gear.

Please Victron Community, help me!

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Hi there Guys, I hope we're all doing Great under the Victron Logo, as I was just seeking to get some clarification as to How would one get to use the PayGo system affiliated with this marvelous product from victron. I've been all over the web looking for answers and I think that I may have attracted some scammers.

Please Help

Many Thanks.

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No load Current Draw from the Autotransformer

I have a 120/240vac. 32A Autotransformer.

I have attached a current clamp once switched on it is drawing 10a with no draw from the 120vac. the input rush current is also at 29A.

The transformer is attracting Bees it is humming so loudly.

Have I got a bad unit or is this to be expected?

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Multiplus shuts down when trying to use Air Conditioner 24/2000/50

Hey all,

I just setup my Multiplus 24/2000/50 Compact and all seems to be working fine until I tried to turn on my AC.

while leaving the Multiplus in “on” position and plugged into 30amp shore power I turned my AC on and the surge when the compressor turned on made the multi shut down.

I have had my rig parked in the same place for the last 4 months and have had to run my Air con a few times before I setup the Multiplus.

I also tried to run it while my generator was running and that didn’t work either. But I used to run my Air Con off the generator no problem before.

I do have to switch on the “weak AC” setting to get the generator to work but still won’t allow the Air Con to work.

Should I be running the multi on “pass through”? (not sure how to set that yet)

Do I have something wrong in the settings?

does the Victron only allow me to use 2000 watts when I am connected to shore power? (Doesn’t make sense to me)

My generator is 4000 watts and still doesn’t let it happen.

I tried it with everything in the rig off except the Air Con and it still didn’t work.

I am running a 24/2000/50 multiplus compact and a 24 volt 206ah prismatic battery set from LYNX batteries out of Washington state. The battery connections use 4awg wire. Battery is rougly 2 foot away from the multi.

Is the only way to make this happen is to get a soft start for the air con?

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Lm335z problem

Hello, I have a problem with the lm335z sensor with potentiometer, I read the temperature perfectly but by heating the sensor the indicated temperature decreases instead of rising. any solution?

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Phoenix inverter load info

Hi all, my phoenix 12/375 inverter does not show any load information on the dial. What could be wrong?


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Orion 12|12-30 not charging

I have just installed an Orion 12|12-30 into my 2012 sprinter van. I’m running 3 206Ah LiFePo4 batteries (eventually plan on getting a second alternator). I am not getting a current output while driving which I believe should be around 30A. I’ve adjusted my settings but still seem to be having issues. Start voltage: 14, delayed start voltage: 13.8, delayed start voltage delay: 120s, shutdown voltage: 13.5 input voltage lockout: 12.5V / 12.8V

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Hello I have a problem with my Multiplus 3000VA/48 converter. Since a while it ignores the AC input. The Multiplus works with the batteries and the panels but the AC input does not work anymore. I need your help please


I have a problem with my Multiplus 3000VA/48 converter. Since a while it ignores the AC input. The Multiplus works with the batteries and the panels but the AC input does not work anymore. I need your help please

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UK Installer List

Hi, New to the group. How do you find an Victron installer/engineer in the UK please. North West England ideally.

Thanks, Clay

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marking of the chip for multiplus 24 500



Ищу маркировку микросхемы ic1 и резистора r102 от multiplus 24 500. Буду благодарен если поможете названием


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Help please..

My system was working earlier.. 4- 400w panels, Victron 150\85 controller, CERBO w\touch 50, BMV-712 smart, 4- 100Ah BB lithiums.

2 panels are on the roof and other 2 are leaning at same angle against side of the RV. All 4 have 15a fuse connected. So this system has never received much over 800w out of total 1600w. So I unplugged the 2 lower ones.. and used my multimeter to verify they were working. They both tested good. So I plugged them back in.. and verified on my phone they were working too. Climbed up top to test the other ones.. while reaching to unplug one of the panels, I noticed one of the connections shorted out and melted the plug. So I got some tools and cut it off and replaced the MC4. plugged it back in and climbed down. Came down and went inside.. Unplugged CERBO to reset it.. but the screen flicker about every 20 or 30 seconds.. and the controller has some flashing lights. Blue light comes on and then the yellow and green light rotate off and on.. I have disconnected the negative wires on the PV and Battery, waited about a minutes and reconnected them. No change. Then I disconnected the negative cable from the batteries for a minute also.. Hoping to restart the system.. No change.

System was getting about 50w of solar when I first unplugged them..


Since I posted.. I think it was an over voltage issue.

2022-08-07 180343.jpg 20220807_131129.jpg20220807_131853.jpg20220807_154812.mp4

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How to increase Multiplus 2 power

Hi I have a MP2 24/3000.
It is connected to a 8S3P LiFePo4 battery.
Now I would like to run an air conditioner in the summer. But this is beyond the power limit of the MP2.
Now I ask myself the question whether I should buy a new MP2 24/5000 or another MP2 24/3000 and connect this parallel.

What would you do?

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