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Help to understand ESS and home grid plug

I Will make an ES


S system with a Esaysolar II GX 24/3000/70.I have the grid in my house.

I could not find schematic about how to wire my home system with the multiplus. I read that the main grid have to connect to the AC-in. And to AC-out the critical load. But I don't understand because I have only one grid in my house? Should I plug the same wire AC-IN with AC-Out So when the grid fall down AC-OUT power my house?

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230V without neutral in Belgium

In Belgium we still have an electrical grid monophase (only 2 cables coming in) without neutral. I think Norway uses this system too.

It is originating from 3 phase 3 x 230V Delta configuration, from which L1 and L2 are coming to the my meterbox. I imagine my neighbours will be on L2-L3 and L1-L3 to divide the grid load.

there is NO neutral wire.

Which Victron system could be used to provide ESS functionallity? I already have a grid-tied solarinstallation, and would like to expand with ESS capabilities.

all help is greatly appriciated

best regards

Stefaan De Ridder

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Une idée pour charger une batterie de scooter en 72 V à partir de régulateurs solaires ?

Je suis en autonomie solaire et je trouve dommage de passer par mon onduleur pour convertir du continu en alternatif pour le reconvertir en continu...

Plutôt qu'un long discours, un dessin !


Si je fixe les mêmes tensions sur les 3 régulateurs (alimentés par des panneaux identiques), cela peut-il marcher ?

Merci d'avance,


alexis-masseux asked

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No load Current Draw from the Autotransformer

I have a 120/240vac. 32A Autotransformer.

I have attached a current clamp once switched on it is drawing 10a with no draw from the 120vac. the input rush current is also at 29A.

The transformer is attracting Bees it is humming so loudly.

Have I got a bad unit or is this to be expected?

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Cable connector missing Venus gc

Somehow my Venus gx package is missing with the green cable connectors which I need. Has anyone some left which I can buy. I donˋt want to buy another Venus for that. Thanks

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Programing Quattro

Please help with programing a Quattro 5000 Watt 48 Volt Inverter.

I bought this as a kit, but the Quattro needed to be replaced and I don’t know the setting that I would need for this kit. I would also need to know the settings to not overload my generator, for charging when my panels are not charging enough on cloudy days. Here is the rest of the system that I have. Please help!

4 batteries 2.3 KWH each, lithium NMC
Victron Energy Smart Solar MPPT 150/60
Victron “GX” monitor
Midnite combiner box
8 solar panels - Q-Cells 400w Mono Solar Panels Model: Q.PEAK DUO L-G7.2 400

The generator I have is an EU7000IS

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BMV 712 Smart Monitor dosnt work


Hey ,

I have Problems with my BMV 712 . Im Sure that i haf install everything correct, but the Monitor dosnt work.

Energy flows.

The battery Pol of the Shunt is connected with the minus Pol and the load Site of the Shunt is connected to the System ground.

+B1 -> Battery1 +, +B2 -> Battery2 +

I send the Monitor back, but the seller says it Works. He Send another Shunt, Same Problem ...

I Switch the phone cable, still nothing.

I tyried ist with other cables for the +B1/B2, also nothing.

now i Test the „Energy Flow“.

Shunt - to Shunt +B1/B2 has no Connection, i was mit able to get the 12.8V.

Anybody and idea ? What did i wrong?

Sorry for my english, thanks for help !



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Orion 12|12-30 not charging

I have just installed an Orion 12|12-30 into my 2012 sprinter van. I’m running 3 206Ah LiFePo4 batteries (eventually plan on getting a second alternator). I am not getting a current output while driving which I believe should be around 30A. I’ve adjusted my settings but still seem to be having issues. Start voltage: 14, delayed start voltage: 13.8, delayed start voltage delay: 120s, shutdown voltage: 13.5 input voltage lockout: 12.5V / 12.8V

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VRM Broken?

Since today, VRM sometimes doesn't show me any data.

Is there anything known about this? Am I the only one with this problem?
As soon as I click on advanced once and go back to Dashboard, something is displayed again.


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No Ve Direct Ping reply

I am trying tp update Firmware on the Multiplus and it shows Status:No VE. Direct ping reply. What do I do to rectify this?

joe-w asked
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ESS Single Phase grid feed-in not working

Hello I have an EM24, Multiplus2, cerbogx and a mppt 150/70.

The MP2 is connected to L1.

If I now switch the ESS grid metering from inverter/charger to the EM24 and 1000 watts are consumed on L3, for example, it starts to feed into L1. But I do not want this. It should only feed into L1 if enough is being consumed here. Gridsetpoint is 100W and it makes no difference if I set Multiphase regulation to Total of all phases or Indivbidual Phase.

Grid feed-in is completely switched off.


I have checked in: that With the "Single Phase" option selected, the (single phase) ESS uses the battery to balance only L1 to 0W. L2 and L3 are visible on the CCGX but are not used by the ESS in any way.

This is exactly what I want. But it doesn't work like that...

Please help. Thanks

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lynx distributor insulator

might be an obvious one, but look at the attached photo, where the isolator connects to the lynx distributor.

this is presumably live, if they were to touch it. is there an insulator for covering/protecting against these joint areas?


mattw asked
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MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80 VS MultiPlus 2000VA

Please confirm that is the MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80 is discontinued or not? I ordered a MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80 from a dealer, but they sent me a MultiPlus 2000VA instead. I downloaded the fact sheet from Victron and found out the configurations of these 2 units are different. The Compact has 2 AC outputs, but 2000VA seems doesn't have any. The charging current on the starter battery is 4A (Compact) vs 1A (2000VA). At zero load power, 2000VA draw 10W vs the Compact draw 7W. Also, the peak power is 4000W (Compact) vs 3500W (2000VA). Lastly, the 2000VA didn't state it is Lithium-Ion battery compatible, as I will be running the inverter/charger on x2 Lithium batteries. If the MultiPlus Compact is discontinued, and replaced by MultiPlus 2000VA, would the newer model be less functional compared to the Compact?? Correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you.

Christopher Leung asked
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Ultimate Instructions

There is so much information on the net it gets confusing. Is there a link that will give the ultimate and accurate information on how to configure Victron gear? I have a new 200ah lithium battery an AC to Dc charger, a DC to DC charger and Solar MPPT charger and there is some suggestion that they can talk to each other via a network. This is only one confusing aspect of the system. There are other things that are confusing and I dare not change setting for fear of destroying the system. They say ignorance it bliss but I'm just confused. The manual that comes with the units tell me nothing.

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multiplus 24/5000

I have just installed a multiplus 24/5000/120 and i have 230v ac on a meter on the ac in and i have 26.4v on the dc in from meter, No lights on the inverter weather on the ON < OFF or Charger only. nothing showing up on the cerbo either its like its not even there

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