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Multiplus flashing leds not in toolkit

Hi everyone, I have some weird LED flashing on my multi + 3000 while trying to program with MK3 USB adapter. after that series of light stop splashing it goes to these solid LEDs. Any idea what's going on? Dealer isn't sure either? We walked through each step one by one. I also can't connect to Veconfig or veconnect. Leaving for vacation on the 9th.


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Matthias Lange - DE avatar image Matthias Lange - DE ♦ commented ·
Some more information about your system and maybe some pictures could be useful.

You write you get this while you try to program with the MK3 but in the next sentence you write you can not connected to the Multi.

What do you want to program?

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jbmobile303 avatar image jbmobile303 commented ·
Have observed same lights on Multiplus 3000/120 12 V. Occurs when my mk3-usb connected to Multiplus, and Multiplus turned on. Occurs with at least firmware versions 430 and 486. When successfully connect with VEFlash to update firmware, the lights stop flashing. Also, when VEConfigure successfully connects (I had to try repeatedly for perhaps 10 minutes to get it to connect), the lights stop flashing.
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