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Faulty device workarounds

I have 3 multiplus units, one of them refuses to start causing the remaining 2 also not starting. Is there option to configure the Victrons to ignore the one not starting unit?

Originally they have been in 3 phase ESS configuration, this configuration has completely turned off after first failure.

I tried also following configurations:

- 2 phases, but I need to put somewhere the not starting inverter otherwise it will not save, so I put in phase 1

- 1 phase with 3x AC in

- 3 phases without group, ESS replaced with AC disconnect virtual switch

- tried to leave the not starting unit in 'unconfigured' but this configuration can not be even saved

In all above configurations none of inverters start. I would like to ask for advice how to make at least one multiplus start.

1. Is there option to tell the system to 'ignore' certain unit?

2. In case the configuration is independent (e.g. 1 phase 3x AC in) is there option to allow continue operation in case one unit is not starting?

My system: 16x IBC solar 450 Wp, 3x Victron Multiplus 5000 (three phase setup), 2x Victron MPPT 250/70, 1x BYD LVS 4kWh, 1x Victron color GX

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Multiplus II Settings for Pylontech US3000C 48V

Hi All

Thanks for the great info on the forum, it has helped greatly to setup the system as a DIY install in the UK.

I am having a problem with the setup in VE Configure, just getting confused as the Victron Pylontech doc talks about the US2000C.

On VE Configure > General I have battery capacity as 74Ah and currently do have 25Ah on the charge current. Is this correct? or should I be changing charge current to 35Ah (as I notice 37Ah is not possible)?

To start off I limited the inverter to 1000W this caused a low battery error. I have since lowered it to 500W limit and it worked fine. I do only need a low background output not the full output of the inverter.

I currently only have one US3000C and that was not easy to get hold of in the UK.

Any help would greatly appreciated.



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Unable to connect with Multiplus via MK3 USB


I am installing a system using Multiplus charger/inverter. I need to configure the Multi. Hence communication between PC (Lenovo Win10) and Multi is required.

I have installed the VE configure III and I have a MK3 USB interface.

When I let the VE Config auto detect nothing happens i.e. the programme is doing a search and eventually times out.

When I try manual connection to e.g. Com3 an error message apperas saying "Cannot open Com3" - it does not help to change Com port no.

I have removed and re-installed the MK3 driver. In device manager I am able to locate the virtual serial port i.e. that part seems to work fine.

I have also tried to use the VE Bus Quick Configure software - and the error is the same

Any good suggestions?

p.s. I have tried on a different Multi and the error message is still the same. I have not tried a different PC yet - not so easy due to remote location

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Import Venus GX configuration

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to import a pre-made configuration on a Venus GX device ? To save time at production level.

A question was asked a year ago, and it was, according to @mvader (Victron Energy) on the list (Link), but I can't find anything on my GX that would do the job.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards,

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virtual switch (vs): how to switch it depending on solar power delivery ?

Hi, I use a Quattro and a MPPT SmartSolar Charger.

I configured the Quattro, so that the VS switch the AC-Input (Shorepower), depending on the AC-Output-Power and the SOC of the batteries. For example, the AC-Input will not be ignored, if the SOC is lower than 50%.

This make it possible, that the batteries are loaded regularly from the PV (solar power modules).

This is good at summer time, but in the winter, the PV energy is to low to load the batteries. With my configuration, the batteries would be unloaded permanently to the SOC of 50% and then be loaded to about 100% from the shorepower. This procedure would be repeated every day and wouldn´t be the best for the batteries.

My idea is to optimize the configuration of the VS, that the switch depends on how the PV delivers energy (for example more than 100W) to load the batteries, or if the PV isn´t able to load the batteries enough and the shorepower is needed to do this.

Is it possible in the ve.config to configure this?

Thanks for help!



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virtual switch (vs): Is it possible to switch it manually?

I use the VS to ignore the AC-input (shorepower) or not. If I´m on holiday and see, that the SOC of my batteries is too low, it would be fine, if I could activate the VS remotely, so that the shorepower can load my batteries. I don´t want to wait sometimes, that the system will switch the VS depending on my configured conditions for switching.

Thanks for help!



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MultiGrid 24/3000/70-50 firmware v497 issue

Hi there,

With the latest firware version, I'm having an issue when uploading a different VEconfigure profile. I was able to change the profile without a system outage. With the latest firmware (and the version before it which I used for a week or so), when I change profiles the power is off for a few seconds. This creates an issue with getting everything rebooted and connected again. Is there something I can do to stop this from happening or do I just need to revert back to an older firmware.

I bit of of backend info if you care for it or you're wondering why I need to change profiles:

I'm running a 1380AH 24 V flooded lead acid battery bank. I need to equilize every 20 days ideally. To meet the battery manufactures specification or an equalisation charge I need to change the charge voltages from the regular absorption voltage. So I can it so the multigrid think its in bulk or absorp, but the voltage is set to equilise. I haven't figured out another way to do this without changing profiles every 20 days; the built in equalize feature of the multigrid doesn't work with the requirements of our system.



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Remote configuration without VEConfigure

I would like to change the configuration of multiplus remotely without using VEConenect. The idea is that a code under some conditions trigger the new configuration file load, without human intervention.

My configuration includes Cerbo GX.

Can I do that?



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Remote VEConfigure Upload - Quattro #6 DDC Program Error

I have a system of 3 Quattro 15k configured in 3Phase, a CCGX, BMV-700 and AC-out coupled PV on-grid inverters.

Yesterday I wanted to change charger settings in VEConfig of each Quattro so I downloaded the VE.Bus using Remote VEConfigure and changed the settings on each of the Quattros within the VE.Bus remote file. Of course it required a VESoftware tools update and within the VEConfigure, ESS assistant update. I updated successfully.

Interestingly, after the update, ESS assistant settings were not the same in each of the Quattros; the Master had all the settings, but the Slaves had fewer setting pages. (Anyone knows if normal? why?)

After setting changes, I closed+saved the VEconfigure and VEBus tools, and went on to upload the updated file via Remote VEConfigure. First trial returned an error, second as well, and the third trial just crashed and froze on one stage of the upload. After a checkup on site, the system was shut down, with a beeping sound, flashing LEDs and Quattro #6 DDC Program Error alarm on CCGX (attached photos).

My problems:

  1. I checked on site CCGX and VRM portal, the connection seems up and running online, however I cannot connect to the CCGX nor the device Remote VEConfigure, and Victron Connect app, it shows the system "offline".
  2. I have to solve this solely remotely, online, since I don't have specialized personnel on site with the necessary tools
  3. Error 6 DDC seems a problem in the assistant and needs a VE.Bus firmware update. How can I do this remotely online when my connection seems to have a problem?

Urgent support is needed with thanks.

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) can you please jump in for suggestions


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victron quattro 24/8000 Relay program

Hallo. I have a victron quattro 24/8000 with a victron cerbo gx connecete to the system. is it possible to program one of the relays to pull ON when switching to generator (AC1) and stay on? i can not find an option in VE. Config 3. That would be a good thing in the Marine world.

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Problem connecting VEconfigure3 to Multiplus Compact

Have a Multiplus Compact that I am trying to set up Weak AC on. I am using Windows 11 on a MacBook Pro M1 via Parallels, VEconfigure 3 and a Victron Interface MK2 USB. I have VE loaded and it opens successfully. I am unable to select a com port either manually or using Auto-Detect. I have followed the directions for the connection sequence. I have downloaded the USB drivers.

Anyone have any suggestions on where to go with this? Thanks

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Can anyone help? ESS still not working.

I have had my Victron Multiplus 2 GX 5kVa unit for a week now of which it has only worked correctly for 2 days out of 7. When it did work correctly, it was perfect. ESS at its best but after 2 days I identified I needed to make a change to the settings in the config file. When i went to do so, the option to download the config file was missing form the VRM portal. Reading the forum and Victron self help guides, it appeared I needed a firmware update. I followed the instructions for the update to the point as best I could assuming all was well only to find out ESS had stopped working after I had finished the update. I have tried everything!. I have re-uploaded the config fil from EV Configure 3 several times, I have checked the settings in the remote console, I have previous posted on the Victron Community forum trying to resolve this issue which has given me other things to try but still no luck getting the inverter to invert automatically.


I have been directed to load my 'rvms' file into the VE Bus Configurator but I have no RVMS file and no one seems able to tell me where to find the file.

The company I purchased the unit from don't have a clue, they only know how to sell products so they are a waste of time. There is no apparent information on the Victron website on how to resole this specific issue.

List of relevant setting / info from within VRM Remote Portal

  • Multiplus-II 48/5000 / 70-50 / Switch / On
  • Product ID 2623 Firmware Version 496
  • VRM instance 275
  • VE Bus version 2623496
  • Mk2 version 1170212
  • Setting / Firmware / Firmware Version v2.85
  • Setting / Remote Console / Enable on VRM / 'On'
  • Setting / System setup / AC Input 1 / 'Grid'
  • Setting / VRM online portal / VRM two-way communication / 'ON'
  • Setting / ESS . Mode / Optimized (with batterylife)



List of relevant setting / info from within VE Configure 3 (Then uploaded via VRM)

  • General / External Current Sensor - tick
  • General / Enable Battery monitor - tick
  • General / shore input limit / 50A
  • General / Overruled by remote - unticked
  • Inverter / output voltage - 230v
  • Inverter / shutdown on SOC - tick + SOC shutdown 20%, low restart 50%
  • Charger / Enable charger - tick
  • VS / Do not use VS - tick
  • Assistants / ESS



Link to video showing settings used in the above

Again, any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. I thought the firmware update had failed as ESS stopped working after the firmware update but with the advice recieved and the information available on the Victron website, it now appears to be something different. Is there is inverter limiter hidden somewhere in a setting. Comments and suggestions please. I'd be happy to share my screen with some one via Teams or Zoom.

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"Not in phase" message on VEConfigure Monitor

Dear Community,

We are having trouble with our virtual switch "Ignore AC Option" in our 3 phase system. We just recognized a text dipslaying "not in phase" as it can be seen on the attached image regarding de VEConfigure Monitor. Any idea what does this mean?

Thank you.



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veconfigure quelle tension de deconnection indiquer ?

bonjour j'ai deux batteries plomb carbone de 12v victron 160 ah

je souhaite couper l'onduleur quand les batteries sont relativement dechargées et le ralumer quand elles sont charger

j'ai un smartshunt sur les deux batteries qui me donne une tension médiane

quelles valeurs de tension dois je configurer dans veconfigure pour couper et alumer mon convertisseur 1600va Multiplus ?

philippe-gonin asked
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3 Phasen Multiplus Inselanlage mit einer Wallbox verbinden


das installierte System ist "off-grid" ohne Netzanschluss auf AC-In. 14,4 kwH Pylontech Akku und noch 1 Multiplus II 48/5000.

Nun werden zwei weitere Multiplus II 48/5000 installiert und es ist beabsichtigt eine Wallbox zu betreiben.

Im Config könnte ich jeden Wechselrichter einer anliegenden Phase am AC-In (Phase L1, L2, L3) zuweisen.

Leider stolpere ich darüber, dass es scheinbar für einen Inselbetrieb dazu keine Hinweise finde. Die meisten Verbraucher können je nach Last auf die Wechselrichter aufgeteilt werden. Dann verdrahtet man halt einzeln alle Leiter und Neutralleiter einzeln. Aber das geht nicht bei einem Verbraucher wie einer Wallbox, sie 3 Phasen am Eingang haben will.

Fragen: Wo kann im Config die Phasenverschiebung (Grad) für den einzelnen Wechselrichter configuriert werden? Und wie kann mit den Victron Geräten im Verteilerkasten gelöst werden, dass 3 Phasen Verbraucher nur einen Nullleiter haben und nicht 3 Nullleiter bei 3 Wechselrichter?

Vielen Dank.

Für Tipps oder Hinweise auf Stellen in den Manuals bin ich sehr dankbar. Victron hat klasse, zuverlässige Geräte und an sich sehr umfassende Wissensdatenbanken. Die Frage ist immer wo man fündig wird.

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