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Commisioning charge of SOPzS with Multiplus

Hi all.

I am about to do the first charge on the battery bank and confused between the multiplus documentation and the batteries (SOPzS 2v 605Ah in 24V).

I understand I should use forced absorption mode. But the Multi manual, the absorption time can be up to 8h

But from the battery manual , for commissioning, I understand I need to set min 24h absorption time.

Have I gotten it all wrong?





Minas Papageorgiou asked
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Multiplus-II configure for LiFePo when using Lynx Smart BMS?


I have installed 2x200Ah Victron Lithium Smart batteries via Lynx Smart BMS and Lynx Distributor to Multiplus-II 12/3000/120-32. I have tested the inverter function but not yet the charging due to below question(s). Additional info: There is no GX/Cerbo in my system and I intend to just use the Victron Connect IOS app.

Now to my question:

The manual for Multiplus-II states in chapter 2.3 a lot of specifics for lead acid/gel batteries and also in chapter 5 informs that the charging function is preconfigured for AGM/Gel batteries.

Chapter “2.3.2 Li-ion batteries” then only states: “Victron LiFePO4 Smart batteries: Use the VE.Bus BMS”…

—> can you please explain

a) if the Lynx Smart BMS (is this a VE.Bus BMS??) will control the charging coming via “Multiplus on shore power” automatically and correctly for the Lithium Smart batteries and there is NO need for a change of the Multiplus’ charger configuration


b) if the configuration of the Multiplus needs to be changed (using PC and MK3-USB connector)?

In addition, I hope/expect the Lynx Smart BMS, as it receives the battery temperature info, will stop charging when batteries reach 5C!? please confirm this assumption as well if possible.

Thx for reply

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Unable to connect with Multiplus via MK3 USB


I am installing a system using Multiplus charger/inverter. I need to configure the Multi. Hence communication between PC (Lenovo Win10) and Multi is required.

I have installed the VE configure III and I have a MK3 USB interface.

When I let the VE Config auto detect nothing happens i.e. the programme is doing a search and eventually times out.

When I try manual connection to e.g. Com3 an error message apperas saying "Cannot open Com3" - it does not help to change Com port no.

I have removed and re-installed the MK3 driver. In device manager I am able to locate the virtual serial port i.e. that part seems to work fine.

I have also tried to use the VE Bus Quick Configure software - and the error is the same

Any good suggestions?

p.s. I have tried on a different Multi and the error message is still the same. I have not tried a different PC yet - not so easy due to remote location

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What is required for configuring and monitoring an Easyplus?

I have a RPI with Venus software running and a MPPT and a Smartshunt connected by VE.Direct over USB. Can I configure and monitor the Easyplus with a Victron Interface MK3-USB, or is it better to migrate the RPI Venus to a CerboGX. And can I configure the Easyplus via the CerboGX or do I need both?

The MK3-USB is much cheaper than to migrate to the CerboGX but the advantage is that I can hook up my tankmeters direct.

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victron quattro 24/8000 Relay program

Hallo. I have a victron quattro 24/8000 with a victron cerbo gx connecete to the system. is it possible to program one of the relays to pull ON when switching to generator (AC1) and stay on? i can not find an option in VE. Config 3. That would be a good thing in the Marine world.

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Is ther a better use of solar power in an offgrid system

I am struggling with the correct settings of my solar offgrid system.

System setup:-Multiplus II 48/3000/35, Smartsolar 150/35, Color Control GX (DVCC enabled - charge current limit at 35A, STS, SCS and SVS enabled), BMV-720, 6x320W solar panels, 48V/7000Wh Li-ion battery.

Float is set to 54V and Absorptium is 56,8V (standard settings for Li-ion). When battery is charging, then solar is used for direct consumption an the rest is used for charging. But when the battery is fully charged, MPPT goes in to Float state and the solar current is 0 and all consumption comes from the battry. The next morning a new cycle is started (Bulk-Absorptium-Float). During the summer the solar power is higher than my consumption so it is not a problem, but during autumn/winter it will be.

Is this normal or what can I do to maximise use of the solar panels?



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What does "Max AC current 100% of INom" stand for in the VE configure?


what does "Max AC current 100% of INom" stand for in the VE configure?


Missing information in the help system.

Maybe someone has detailed information on this.

Sunny regards


Thomas asked

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How to configure Blue Solar MPPT when connected to Venus?

Our 5 Blue Solar MPPTs are connected to a Venus GX by VE Direct cables. To configure them I need to physically disconnect VE Direct cables from the Venus (not at all easy on a boat) and temporarily connect to a PC/Android running VE Configure app.

Am I missing something? There must be an easier way!??

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Victron SmartSolar(150/35) + SmartShunt(500) for FullRiver DC400-6(AGM)


I am reaching out because I really need help configuring the Victron SmartSolar 150/35 and the SmartShunt 500A for my 48V AGM-battery (8 x Fullriver DC400-6).

Since I live in Norway and charging is very limited in the period from November - February this is tricky!

I have a potential for (theoretical) 33,6A solar charge with my six 325W panels (3s2p), but in the mentioned period I rarely see much current (aprox. 4-6A). So if I follow recommendations with 3-4% of C20 (415Ah) for my batteries I will have a problem with SOC calculations in the shunt. As I have understood the shunt will estimate a 100% SOC when 3 conditions are met: Charged voltage, tail current and charged detection time.

In my case the voltage for charging will be high enough to achieve "charged voltage" every day (because of my 6 panels), but the current will in periods be as low or even lower than the tail current setting if 3-4% (C20) is used. I'm afraid this will result in a very inaccurate SOC calculation..

For the Smartshunt I need help configuring the following settings:
- Charged voltage? Here I have seen that 0,8V below float is recommended, while others recommend 0,8V below absorption for Solar - what is correct?

- Discharge floor? For AGM I believe this value should be no lower than 50% based on what I have read - correct?

- Tail current? In my head I would have to set tail to 0,8% - 1% or even lower and adjust this to about 2% or slightly higher as charging gets better from mid February - sounds resonable?

- Charged detection time? For the charged detection time I have read that 8-10 min would give a better calculation than the default 3 min for solar charging with low current - correct?

- Peukert exponent? Here I have no idea what to configure, all my reading suggests different options so please help me.

- Charge efficiency factor? The only thing that is certain is that the standard 95% must be way too high for my system, and maybe 70-80% would be more correct?

- Current threshold? I have no clue what this means and need help

- Time-to-go averaging period? I have no clue what this means and need help

For the Smartsolar I need help with these settings:
- Temperature compensation? my batteries says -4mV per cell, and eight
6V batteries in series would then be -96mV according to my calculations - correct?

- Re-bulk voltage offset? Here I have no idea what to set and need help

- Maximum absorption time? My batteries should not be in absorption for
more than 8 hours, so maybe the default 6 hours is ok?

- Tail current? Here again I have no idea what to set because of the
varying charging conditions. My Fullriver batteries only have info of
the state when absorption changes to float: I = 0.012 - 0.02 x C20.

If I understand this correct the tail current will taper down from 8,3A
(0,02x415) to 4,98A (0,012x415). My main concern for this is that I
rarely see 8A charging in the darkest period of the year.. The default
value set on the SmartSolar is 1,0A, will it be OK to leave it at
default and max the absorption out to the battery max rating at 8 hours?
I will let the SmartSolar use "Adaptive mode" for Absorption.

I am really sorry to bother you guys with all my questions, but I know the knowledge is in this community and I haven't been able to get any reasonable answers from the "experts".

I would highly appreciate it if anyone could help me.

Thanks in advance!

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configuration with dip switches, Multiplus setting charging voltages?

Can I change charging voltage using the dip switches on Multiplus 24/3000? Thanks

raymusiclover asked
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How is Consumption calculated on the VRM Dashboard

Is the consumption shown on the dashboard the total consumption or does it exclude those circuit breakers not backed-up?

carlom asked
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Migrate settings from CCGX to Cerbo GX


I have to replace a Color Control GX due to it being overloaded (slow, rebooting, high load averages) after expanding my system. Have already purchased a Cerbo GX.

Is there a reasonably easy way to transfer settings from the old device to a new one, or will I have to do this screen by screen? I am hoping that it may be as easy as SSH in / copy a few config files and directories to and from SD card / reboot?



henk-1 asked
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Import Venus GX configuration

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to import a pre-made configuration on a Venus GX device ? To save time at production level.

A question was asked a year ago, and it was, according to @mvader (Victron Energy) on the list (Link), but I can't find anything on my GX that would do the job.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards,

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FIAMM 12FGL150 and SmartSolar 75/15 Configuration

Hi there,

Sorry for the n00b question.

I bought a new FIAMM 12FGL150 12V 150A battery connected to a SmartSolar 75/15 and a 100W panel. I configured the battery preset to AGM Spiral Cell and nothing else, should I manual configure something else to let SmartSolar work better with my battery?

Thanks for your help


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Color Control GX (CCGX) Won't Turn On

I can't get CCGX to turn on. Help!


1: CCGX is powered from the positive and negative bus bars (confirmed power to end of cable). Red on top and black on bottom.

2: CCGX connected to Multiplus via UTP cable.

3: No power (i.e. CCGX screen is blank).

Remedy steps tried:

1. Unplugged power from CCGX and verified with multimeter.

2. Unplugged UTP cable from both CCGX and Multiplus, then plugged back into both.

3. Reset CCGX (Buttons E + A + B)

Note: CCGX has firmware version 2.04 out of the box. I have not updated.

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Phoenix Multi 12/1600/70 with 15xxxxx firmware


I have a Phoenix Multi 12/1600/70 which has 15xxxxx firmware (1501116.HEX). I know it is old, but it appears to be working well (I don't really want to replace it!) However, I would like to connect to it with ve.config, or any other application which might allow me to configure it and/or see its parameters. I have looked at the various manuals and whitepapers, but remain a little confused!

I would very much appreciate it if someone would answer the following questions:

1. Which RS485/RS232 interface would work? I believe it should be the Mk.2.2b, but I would like to make sure before I purchase one.

2. Which software should I use? I believe ve.configure Version 1 (although I can't seem to find Version 1 for download). Where can I find a download of ve.configure Version 1, or is there any other software which would connect?

3. Which remote panel would work with it?

4. Presently, there is no temperature sensor connected. Presumably, the temperature sensor currently sold for Phoenix chargers, which connects to the -ve pole of the battery, would be the one to go for, but is this correct?

Thanks in anticipation.



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Help with Victron 702 Settings Both RV charge controller and Solar used

I recently installed a solar panel on my RV, the Victron was installed last year and seemed to be working fine. Now with the solar it seems the settings are all messed up.

My solar charger has a boost voltage of 14.6 V and my RV Charge controller has an absorption of 13.6.

My batteries are 2x6v 235Ah batteries, I am just trying to figure out what are the best settings when both are used.

I have seen people say set the voltage to 14.1v and the tail current to 4% and set the charge time Higher like 15 min+. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

how does setting the voltage higher then the rv charge controller affect the BMW when the solar is not on but only the charge controller is used?

Thanks everyone

davidk2020 asked

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EasySolar MPPT and Multiplus configuration

Dear community, good night

I wanted to know if the MPPT and Multiplus Inverters incuded in an EasySolar bundle can be configurated remotely via the VRM + Color Control GX.

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,


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Message erreur


Voilà j'ai un écran de contrôle mppt qui a un message d'erreur fetching history. Après plusieurs recherche je n'ai trouvé aucune solution mise à part le déconnecter du régulateur mais cela ne dure qu'un temps.

Merci de vos réponses

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BMV 712 - adding a 2nd battery to single battery system

i have a BMV 712 that has been monitoring a 12v 200amp hour battery for the last year - working great. Yesterday i installed a 2nd battery to the system (2 12v in parallel for 400ah). I noticed after firing up the system that over night, the state of charge said 100%. I changed the number of amp hours in the setup for the BMV. Do i have to do anything else?

blentz asked
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How do I make software changes to my 48/3000/35 Easysolar to accept Ryobi RGN2500B?

I have read Multiplus Genrator FAQ and cannot access 'Disable UPS mode', 'Enable Dynamic Current limiting' or 'Weak AC' through Color Controller to make software changes to accept my 2000W 8.33A generator. It is not recognised at all despite setting Input 1 to generator. I assumed Easysolar came with easy BT or WIFI interface. Do I have to purchase additional hardware to make such changes?

I am running offgrid 240V in New Zealand. I have updated software to latest version by Ethernet through USB connection to my mobile data on Tablet. Since update I have been unable to access internet. My system has been registered on VRM. I don't have access to local Victron support so are configuring myself.

I got a 600Mbps: 5GHz 433Mbps, 2.4GHz 150Mbps that supports 802.11 ac standard wifi dongle but this has not been recognized by system. I have USB connected my phone and have been unable to access any internet or VE Configure settings.

southost asked
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How do I open the RVSC file to check battery settings with my config?

I have a Quattro 48/10000/140-2x100, a SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/100 rev2 . with 2 x 3.5kw Kilowatt Sirius Capacitor Module.

I want to download the configurations and confirm that they are correct.

The download is a RVSC file which I cannot open with the VE connect app or software on my PC.

How do I get the configs into a format that I can share them with Kilowatt to confirm the setting are optimal?

spikedlr asked
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1 Answer

Is it posible to connect on parallel a Phoenix multiplus 24/3000/70 and a multiplus 24/3000/70?

Is it posible to connect on parallel a Phoenix multiplus 24/3000/70 and a multiplus 24/3000/70?

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7kW Solarinstallation coupled to grid without feeding to it but charging an 40kWh lithium battery


I have bought myself 7200Wp of solar panels. 24 x 300wp facing a bit of south. Incline on the roof at 50degrees.

I also have an 40kWh lithium battery. 50V min 60V max. Max charge and discharge power is 9kW. Max discharge of 18kW for 2hours. The battery will be expand every year until the first place is filled and then I have 100kWh. There is already started on making place for an second battery of another 100kWh. But that is a bit dreamy.

Now the goal is that I put the entire house offgrid, but have the grid as backup and pull in when the battery is flat. I may not feed back to the grid. In summer I think, depending on how much electric distance we drive, we can make it 4 months completely offgrid. In Winter the house will be almost offgrid and the cars will be charging most of the time at night from the grid. Offpeak time electricity is 12% cheaper.

We have a plug in hybrid. Charging is 10kWh in 3 hours or 11kWh in 8 hours. +200kWh a month. And a full EV. Charging every day 10-15KWh in 3-5 hours. +300kWh a month. Sometimes we need fast charging in between runs and then I want to be able to charge 3 phase 16A =11kW, this may be grid charging. The car can handle up to 22kW 3 phase 32A but my grid connection is only 3 phase 25A.

So the configuration needs to be a 3fase configuration with a power output of + 15KW.

What gear do I need?

Thanks in advance



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Offline updater for assistants in VE configure 3

I need to run VEconfigure 3 on a laptop that cannot connect to the internet. Is it possible to download the standard assistants from somewhere and then copy them onto this laptop rather then download them directly in the app?

techno74 asked
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2 Answers

Two inverters, same device instance

Hello! I have been using a Phoenix Inverter connected to Color Control GX. It has device instance 257. I got a new Multiplus, and it also have device instance 257. How do I go about solving this?

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Configure Quattro 48/10000 from VRLA to LiFe Battery

Hi All,

Please help.

Config question on Quattro 48/10000 off grid system:

  1. Battery has just been changed from VRLA AGM to LiFe PowerPlus Energy
  2. Do I need to log into inverter through VEConfig 3 and change from VRLA to Lithium voltage parameters, this considering I have already completed the following config changes via Victron Connect:
  3. System has BlueSolar MPPT 150/85tr with VE.Direct bluetooth dongle (have adjusted config to suit Lithium voltage parameters)
  4. System has BVM - (have adjusted config to suit Lithium voltage parameters

With the above in mind, do we need to change battery config internal to inverter also? If so can this only be achieved with a MK2 or MK3 USB - or are the voltage changes we have made in Victron Connect applied to the inverter automatically?

Any advice greatly appreciated!!

tonyjogs asked
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PowerAssist is not engaging, and overloading generator

I have a 3 X Multiplus 5k 48V configured as 3 phase system and 7KW of solar panels and 480 amp hour batteries. I have connected a 6.5 KVA 3 phase generator.

On Veconfig general page

configured 7.5 Amp input current limit per phase and enabled current limiterPower assist.

On invertor page

Enabled Power assist and assistant boost factor 2.0

When The generator is charging and output load is low the current limit controls the maximum generator load well to about 4kW

But when output load starts to increase close to the maximum generation load the PowerAssist does not kick in to assist with invertor load from batteries, instead the generator load starts to increase to above 5KW eventually trips generator breaker.

Can some one help me to identify why PowerAssist does not help when aditional power is required.

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How do I clear an overload alarm from a GX device?

Good day.

When accessing the connected Color Control unit, we found that the inverter had been overloaded.

We were aware of the first instance, when it occurred inadvertently, but it has since happened on several subsequent occasions!

It MIGHT have been due to somewhat overcast conditions(?), but the battery bank was fully charged, and we assumed that the very short usage of whatever equipment, would/could be supported by the battery bank?

However, this is of lesser importance.

The Color Control indicates that "history", in this case the overload occurances, must be cleared on the "unit" itself?? We could not find any way to clear the overload history on the Color Control, NOR on the BMV700?

How should this be done on either of the units?

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