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Cable specified in manuals

Hello peolple, in the victron manuals, it specifies that the installation must be done with flexible multifilament cable.
Each of the filaments must have a diameter less than 0.4 mm (0.016 inches) or a section less than 0.125 mm² (AWG26).
For example, a 25 mm² cable must have at least 196 strands (class 5 strand or higher according to VDE 0295, IEC 60228 and BS6360 standards). An AWG2 gauge wire should have at least a 259/26 strand (259 strands of AWG26). Example of a suitable cable: triple-approved class 5 cable (complies with three standards: the American (UL), the Canadian (CSA) and the British (BS)).

Where can I find this type of cable? In all the places I have asked, they do not know what type of cable it is (and I have asked in all kinds of places...reference electrical stores...on multiple internet pages. ..etc)


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Doubts electrical installation

Hello, I am configuring the electrical installation of my camper and I would like someone to help me see if I am missing any device so that everything works well.
What I plan to put is:
- orion 12-30 DC/DC converter (to control habitation battery charge from the alternator)
- controller: smart solar MPPT 100/30
- inverter/charger: multiplus 12/1200/50

What else do you recommend that I should mount?

Thank you very much for the help.

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Suppliers and installers. Berkshire

So I'm really interested in Victron as a solution, the products are well reviewed, versatile and the support forums are great. But... finding a decent installer near me, why is that so hard? There seem very few in the country, and the ones I do find seem to lean more towards supply only, or commercial.

I have a loft extension planned for spring, and due to long lead times, I want to find an installer I can start working with now.

I'm looking for:

  • REC Alpha pure series (x13)
  • Tigo optimisers
  • Victron inverter (model TBC)
  • Pilton Tech 10k/w batteries
  • Solar iBoost
  • Associated ancillaries

Advice or suggestions welcomed.


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Can the multi RS solar handle a 4600Wp solar panel system?

I have 4600 Wp of solar panels (divided in two strings). Can this be connected to a multi RS solar? If not, what is the best setup to accomplish this, knowing that I also want to connect a battery?

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Installation guidance cerbo gx - pylontech lv-hub - 3 groups of us3000c via CAN Bus


Is there anyone who out can guide me through the Installation cerbo gx - pylontech lv-hub - 3 groups of us3000c via CAN Bus?

At present, I have one of the three battery groups communicating to Cerbo via VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable, works fine.

Which are the right cables to link the battery groups with the LV-HUB, and where can I buy the right cables? Really from Pylontech? I found a Video that Shows that pin 1...3 are required and their trouble came from the cables...Pylontech didn't answer. The manuals of lv-hub and battery are contradicting...
Can I take the type A cable to link LV-HUB to Cerbo?

How about the DIP settings of Batteries and LV-HUB?

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Avis sur futur installation


Je vais bientôt installer des PV en sans revente avec stockage.

J'ai inséré en pj le schémas unifilaire de mon installation avec les dimensionnements et références.

J'assemblerai les coffrets de protections moi même avec du Legrand.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?

Avez-vous des remarques ?

Merci pour vos retours.


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Calibre des fusibles pour lynx distributor

Bonjour à tous,

dans le cadre de ma future installation composée d'un Multiplus II 48V10000 et d'un RS450/200, je souhaite connaître le calibre des fusibles à employer pour respecter les normes de sécurité.

Je vais relier mon parc de 8 batteries Pylontech (US2000) au premier Lynx par un jeu de 4 paires de câbles Pylontech en 25 mm2. Quel devra être le calibre de ces 4 fusibles 125 ou 250 ?

Deuxième question ; est-il utile ou même recommandé de placer des fusibles sur le lynx qui reçoit les câbles en provenance du Multiplus et du RS450 ? Si oui, quel(s) calibre(s) également ?

Dernière question ; j'envisage de poser un sectionneur bipolaire 400 A 48V entre les deux lynx et raccorder l’ensemble par des câbles en 90 mm2. Est-ce cohérent et aux normes ?

Merci par avance pour vos réponses.


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Dealer recommendations please.

Can anyone recommend a Victron retailer in either the Netherlands or France? Thanks.

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Phoenix mp43 30 1+1 output voltage too high

I bought and installed a Phoenix 12 30 1+1 (120v ac). the normal setting the absortion voltage is 14.57v (confirmed on bt to this unit and my solar controller as well as by voltmeter) is this normal? It is high for my batteries. I have manually rolled the voltage back.

It is worth noting that the trickle chrager is not this high.

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UK Bristol Victron ESS MCS installers


Is there anyone on here that knows (or is) able to do residential UK Bristol Victron ESS (PV+batt) MCS-certified installations?

From the map search it seems most are off-grid or not MCS- certified.


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Torque specs for AC connectors Multiplus-II 10000

While the manual mentions the torque specs for the battery connectors (12 Nm) and the ground busbar (1.6 Nm), there's no specific mention for AC-in/-out. Is it the same as on the ground busbar? And is 1.6 Nm really the correct torque for these M6 bolts?

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Final install is it right or missing something?






Solar questions

My system was installed on Friday. It looks like it's done right. But I have a few questions about kill switches for safety. They only put a Breaker between the Solar panels and the Solar charger/controler all the YT videos I've watched over the last year everyone said a Fuse and DC switch rated over the max output of the panels should be used. Also should I have a switch between the Batteries and the lynx distributor? Or between the Lynx and the Inverter so I have a way to kill the DC from the 2 Huge Lifepo batteries. Anything else that might be missing? See photos. The System is A Multi plus II 12v 3000w,. Lynx distributor, 500a smart shunt, Cerbo GX 50. 2 Battle Born Game changers 270AH each. And 4 Rich solar 200 Watt panels.

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3-Phase 45kVA Quattro Marine Solution Multiple BMS Configuration for Large Setups
  • I am designing a 3-phase 45kVA marine system with 3 parallel 48V/15kVA Quattro's.
  • The DC energy storage will be 218kWh at 48V (~4500Ah) while using LFP Batteries.
  • My challenge is that I can't decide how the BMS will took place because of the 5 parallel limitation of Victron BMSes. (Data communication limit)

This is a Victron setup in Romania for a furniture factory using 20 pieces of 25,6V/200Ah Victron LFPs for backup energy storage. But I don't see any BMS in the setup, it probably will be managed via existing SCADA.

So, the €/kWh cost for LFP is slightly higher in Victron LFPs but this is not the concern. MG Energy LFP280 with a single Master LV will be the most feasible. But, I can only use Victron solutions at the moment.

My question is that how the 5+ pieces of LFP batteries can be managed my Victron BMSes?

Maybe I can parallel multiple VE.Bus BMS V2 together for parallel operation but I don't know how to parallel control Quattro's with multiple BMS setup. Maybe this can be programmed in GX device for such configuration.

Practical suggestions much appreciated, thank you.

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Victron Support for Amazon Purchase

I am installing a new Multiplus-II 12V 3000VA 2x120Vac in a Grand Design 303RLS 5th Wheel with a 300Ah LiPO4 battery. I purchased the Multiplus-II from Amazon so I am looking for a contact in Victron who can be my support - as Amazon obviously does not offer Victron technical support. Also any good recommendations for someone starting in on this install and operations.

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How do I install the Smartshunt with parallel batteries?


What is the correct way to install the smartshunt on my battery bank ?!

I have 2 battery (12v) in parallell, and 2 VE Blue Smart 75/15 charges (synchronize charging)



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