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Downloaded installation data has changed, help needed.

I used to download weekly data from all my installations from VRM. In previous weeks, the downloaded sheet would have information on Generator run hours and average run hours for that whole week. However, recently the sheets no longer have the columns filled out. Now when I download, the sheet has no data on gen run hours or average run hours. Any help I can get on this would be appreciated.





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VE.Direct cable minimum bend radius?

I'm having a hard time finding a minimum bend radius listed for the cables in any documentation. The installation I'm working on uses some 2x2 inch (51mm) wire trough and some 2x1 inch. The cables are all too long for the raceway runs (using shortest possible lengths) so I'd like to coil up the excess inside that trough, but am concerned about damaging it. Does anyone know the limit or have experience with either successful tight coils or with damaging them by coiling too tightly?



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UK ESS Self-install MCS certification


I am looking to install my own ESS - Multiplus II with Pylontech US3000C batteries, solar on MPPTs on the DC side. I am happy to do all the design and install work myself, however I would ideally like to find someone who is MCS certified to sign it all off afterwards and give me a shiny certificate.

Does anyone know of anyone that would be willing to do this kind of thing in the South East of the UK?

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BMS has shut down the inverter due to low voltage - With generator connected nothing happens???

I have a Multiplus 5kW 24V connected to Victron LiFePO4 25.6/200Ah Smart batteries with a Victron VE. Bus Battery Management System. The Multiplus has the VE Bus BMS Assistant loaded. The AC detector has also been installed. The battery voltage went low and shut off the inverter and when the generator was started and 230V AC put to the inverter nothing happened. How do I get the system to start up when the generator is ON????

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Please can you quality check on proposed build for my motorhome

Hi Everyone, i am about to expand my Victron installation and need some advice if i have understood how everything hangs together.

I currently have:

  • Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 100V 30 amp

  • 2 of smart shunt, one on the leisure battery, one on the vehicle battery.

I want to use a Cerbo GX as the centre of the motorhome monitoring.

This will have

  • the above three devices.

  • 3x resistive water tank sensors

  • 3 x thermometers (inside, outside and fridge)

  • Digital input when any of the external doors are opened (get from curtesy light)

  • Digital input when the vehicle is turned on

  • Digital input when the smoke alarm sounds

  • GPS dongle

  • LPG tank sensor level

  • Victron ac energy sensor monitoring 240volt in amps.(the little black dongle)

  • 7inch screen

  • Remote access (covered by mobile router)

What i want:

  • Nice screen showing the status of all the above

  • Remote Alerting (txt message, push alert) to my mobile when any of the doors open

  • Remote Alerting when the tanks are low

  • Remote alerting really on any of the above really.

Appreciate the above is a big kit list and i will build this on the bench first before the install.

Can you see if i have missed anything? It is an expensive piece of work for me and I don’t want to miss anything.

This will be a self install and i will not be going through a distributor.



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Orion TR smart charger bypass

Hi community,

A question in regards to installing an Orion in my van.

Based on the schematics from the van, there are components which rely on starter battery input while the engine is not running. To make this work, I'm planning to make the installation as described in the simple schema below (fuses,... are left out by purpose).

As you can see there is a bypass relay which will connect the orion IN and OUT while the engine isn't running. The relay and Orion will be triggered by the D+ signal when this becomes high and breaking the 'short circuit' and start the Orion when the engine is running.

Will the IN and OUT circuit shortage be of any problem for the Orion when the engine isn't running?


Another potential solution would be to place a SPDT relay between the Orion OUT and the EBL in the schema below. When the engine isn't running, the starter battery will be directly connected to the EBL. When the engine is running, the Orion and the EBL will be connected.

Can this solution work, due to the fact that while the engine is OFF, the Orion will not 'see' the leisure battery until the relay is switched by the D+ high signal.


Another question. When I start the Orion based on the H trigger, will it start immediately or is there a delay?

Thanks in advance!

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Changing the Administrator of a VRM installation


I am trying to add a new installation on the VRM portal. It is the Victron Ethernet Remote.

After entering the IMEI device and pressing the "Request Access" button, the following message is displayed:


How can I find out who is the administrator of the device and his email and add myself to the administrators?

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Recommended settings for BMV712 Smart for LFP / Lithium?

What are recommended BMV 712 settings for my 2x 200Ah LiFePo batteries? I’m not clear on Charged Voltage, Tail Current, etc. Thank you!

markbuilt asked
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Quattro in passthru, & shows critical load connected

Hi all, I thought I'd help out a neighbour who has exactly the same system as me, except he had old lead acid batteries.
He bought some new Pylontechs and wanted them fitted. I did this, then copied all settings from my system to his, including adding ESS.
His system had never been set up correctly from the start and had never worked well.

I had to battle a bit because his installer had passworded some things, and was now out of contact/gone bust.


I thought I'd done everything - except updating the firmware of one of his two MPPT controllers as I didn't have the USB cable with me. The other is a Smart unit so I could update it via a bluetooth connection.

However, all is not working properly. The dashboard has a warning at the top "System overview - no grid meter alarm: Warning".
the block diagram has a Critical Loads box and is showing his house drawing from that, while the AC Loads box shows no power being drawn. (The house is connected to AC o/p1, nothing is connected to o/p2).
And the PC charger is doing nothing, despite it being a sunny day.

I'd appreciate any help you can offer!



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Torque specs for AC connectors Multiplus-II 10000

While the manual mentions the torque specs for the battery connectors (12 Nm) and the ground busbar (1.6 Nm), there's no specific mention for AC-in/-out. Is it the same as on the ground busbar? And is 1.6 Nm really the correct torque for these M6 bolts?

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Problem with DC-DC charger installation

I have installed an Orion isolated DC-DC charger 12v-12v 18A. I wired the positive (black) and negative (white) wires from the 7-pin to the input side of the charger. Then I wired the output side to the battery via the positive and negative busbars. See attached diagram. The truck has 10 ga wire with a 30A fuse to the 7- pin. With the trailer connected to the 7 pin but not attached to the truck hitch, the charger is working and putting about 17 A into the batteries. However the trailer running lights and turn signals are not working.

I presume that is because the white (negative) 7 pin wire is now connected to the input side of the charger and I have interrupted the circuit for the trailer running lights. (Perhaps I should have gotten a non-isolated charger...)
But now what? I don't want to rely on the hitch to create a negative contact between trailer and the truck. Can I connect both the negative input and output sides of the isolated charger to the negative bus and also reattach the white (negative) 7 pin wire to the negative busbar?

Charger wiring diagram.pdf

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Can we get VE Direct cables with the right angle in either direction

I need right angle VE Direct cables that bend away from the VE Can RJ45 connectors because my Cerbo GX needs to be routed in a tight spot below my Bilge switch. Wouldn’t it be better to give the customer a choice which way the angled connector goes?

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Can someone recommend a technician/installer in hampshire/dorset south region UK

Losing the will to live with my inverter charger, I solved the AC disconnected issue, turns out it was a dodgy hook up panel on the site i'm on. However now my Multiplus is stuck in bulk/absorption mode with no float despite settings, this happened after updating to latest firmware v.500.

It seems I solve one problem gets and another pops up, really not impressed with Victron and the complete lack of technicians/installers. On the UK map its a bloke in Devon (South Western coast and a company in Fareham across the whole south of the UK!

I live in Bournemouth and theres nothing literally 40 to 50 miles on any point of the compass.

Given the ubiquity of victron products on the net i expected like Truma, Dometic, Webasto etc i'd put in my post code and find half a dozen tech's within 20 to 30 miles of where i live not one at either end of the coast of my country!

Theres an embarassing lack of support in the UK looking at the map on Victrons site given you cant not see victron products when you type the word 'van' into google......................................



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41' Boat Upgrade...Need Advise

My wife and I took the plunge and bought a 1984 Roughwater Trawler for live-aboard (Semi-retirement). It needs a major upgrade when it comes to the electrical side of things that's for sure. So far I have made a list of the upgrades I'd like to make.

MultiPlus II 12/3000

Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A (360W) Isolated DC-DC charger

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150|70

Lynx Distributor

Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor

Smart Battery Protect 100A

Galvanic Isolator VDI-32

Cerbo GX

GX Touch 50

6x 200W Solar Panels

3x 200Ah AGM Batteries

Now the List that i'm going by currently is from 3000w INVERTER | 400-600Ah | 400 TO 1200W SOLAR-CAMPER by website. I have noticed some wiring diagrams with a battery Isolator and some without when it comes to the Home battery and starter battery. With me using the Isolated Orion do I need to get the battery isolator as well or no?

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VE Bus smart Dongle doesn't show up in V-Connect App

This question was asked by nekktt in Dec 14 2020 at 5:15 AM and never answered. I am having the same issue. My VE.bus smart dongle connects via Bluetooth. I followed the recommended connection sequence. The blinking blue light on the VE bus turns solid blue once connected. The Victron Connect app scans, but always returns with no devices found. I have restarted the BT connection. I have restarted the V-Connect app. No changes.

VE.bus smart dongle is connected to a Multi-plus 2000 via RJ-45, which also does not show up in the app. At this point, the V-Connect app is useless, as is the smart dongle. This is supposed to be the easy part.

Suggestions? Thanks....

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