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VE Configure 3 grid code selection password

I was able to setup grid code standard to Europe without password with VE Configure 3 on a "remote" file, but now if i want to disable it and set it to "none" it always ask me for a password, that is a bug right?

how to disable it again without the password? i cannot allow feedin, but i was playing first with ess and there was a must to have gride code specified...

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ESS - Keep Batteries Charged in United States?


I am in the US using Multiplus-II + CerboGX in a RV setup with batteries, solar, and shore power. I would like to use shore power to power loads, charge the battery. When I have solar, I would like to use solar first and reduce my shore power load, but NOT feed any excess power to the grid.

This aligns with "Connect to mains, no Feedback" in Self-consumption Hub-1. But the materials say that is deprecated in favor of ESS. This aligns with "Keep Batteries charged" in ESS. However, I can't install ESS without selecting a grid code... and there is no Grid code in for the USA.

Solar priority seems like a common configuration with other solar/inverter systems, how do I do this with Victron?

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VRM grid lost alarm will not clear

I labelled my Quattro AC input 1 as ‘shore power’, then set up an alarm rule on my CCGX where all input labels (not available, grid, generator, shore power) were enabled.

When I disconnected my shore power, the CCGX and VRM gave me ‘grid lost’ alarms. I acknowledged the alarm on the CCGX and reconnected shore power but it took a reset to clear the CCGX, and I can’t clear it on the VRM.

I’ve tried deleting the rule and setting up a new one, re-labelling my input as ‘grid’ to see if that’ll clear it - no luck.

Any advice appreciated - would like to clear from the VRM.

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Time delay grid sync

I am needing to add a time delay for a MPii to sync and accept grid power. The scenario is that some gated estates in South Africa require 15-20min delay before inverters are allowed to sync to the grid after a grid failure to stagger and limit power draw on the infrastructure.

I know this is possible and there are a couple of other threads out there but the instructions are not very clear on how to setup the assistants and in what order. We also use ESS and South Africa Grid code.


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How does a Quattro decide whether the auxiliary output should be disabled?

Hi there!

Apologies beforehand if this question has been answered before but I couldn't find anything particular.

Our system is sporadically disconnecting our auxiliary AC-out-2 output and we can't really figure out why.

As I understood the AC-out-2 line will only be disconnected should the system be running on battery only (ie, when the grid is found to be unavailable).

However, as far as we can see the system is still sporadically dropping the auxiliary load even though the grid seems to be in tact. In fact, the Quattros are even charging the battery from grid with no apparent problems.

Are there any other reasons why the Quattros would be dropping the auxiliary load apart from grid input issues?

As reference, our system is comprised of:

  • Gateway - Color Control GX
  • VE.Bus - 3x Quattro 48/15000/200-2x100
  • Battery monitor - Generic Can-bus BMS battery (Freedomwon 40/28)
  • Solar charger - SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2
  • Solar charger - SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2

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multiplus 2 shutdown in absorption with high charge rate to battery groups

Hi All, Very new to this tech so please excuse my explanation.

I have been tasked with looking at a Victron Multiplus 2 installation it has 3 inverters (multiplus 2 48-5000) configured as Master and 2 slaves on my works site that has 14 pylontech us2000 lithium batteries coupled to it in 3 groups with a pylontech LV-Hub used for the battery management if i understand it properly.

from my limited understanding all appears to be communicating and status lights suggest the system is healthy but i have 2 problems on the system.

The first is a constant re-occuring Grid loss alarm which i seemed to have masked by switching off the grid loss monitoring in the colour monitoring gx panel but this has only prevented me seing the alarm on the display.

The fault appears to be linked to the batteries charge state as i see 95% battery charge level reported on the GX panel and the inverters switch over to absorbtion and i then see the charge rate of 56.8 volts at 0.4A being sent to the batteries where it will remain for a random ammount of time until you see a sudden increase in charge rate to the batteries where the charge rate increase to around 1500W before the whole system shuts down.

The master drive has no lit LED's at this point and both Slaves show overload and low battery flashing at the same time.

would i be right in thinking this is linked to the Charge voltage being applied to the packs at 56.3 volts it seems very high for a 48volt lithium store.

all the installation was done prior to me getting involved but i do have access to the Ve bus-USb adaptor and some software that I've downloaded from the website so any advice would be gratefully received.

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Re Multigrid2 & Multiplus2 parallel mode ?

One inverter is Ver # 2625 and the newer one is Ver # 2629

Both are 230v 48/3000watt Mulitplus2 type units.

The 2625 was a Mulitgrid 2 before they changed the name to Multiplus2

What is the difference? can they be paralled or not?

I know you have to have the same first 4 numbers to be compatable to be used in parallel modes


Rob D


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Solution: Three Phase Quattro System does not accept Generator on AC2 in while AC1 grid is present

I write this not as a question but as as a guide how to handle a three phase rotataion problem which occured at our three phase quattro system in Africa:

The system is based on 6 Quattros configured as "big three phase UPS", a large battery bank and a backup Diesel generator.

Normal Operation:

Occasionally the grid on AC1 IN fails, the systems switches over to the battery bank and as last action, a backup Diesel generator on AC2 IN is automatically started in case the grid failure is too long and the batteries are getting empty.

What happened?

Suddenly, the grid showed correct voltages on all three phases on AC1 inputs (!) but the inverters did not accept the input power and switched to inverter mode and kept draining the batteries.

Upon reaching the defined low level value in the GX the backup Diesel generator was correctly started but the Quattros did not measure any input voltages from the generator and thus did continue to drain the batteries until they were empty and all shutdown.


Upon disconnecting the grid by opening the circuit breakers, the AC1 IN voltages went down to 0V and after restart of the whole system the Diesel generator was correctly detected on AC2 IN and system went up again.

Root Cause

After investing the case the following root cause was found: The grid operator has changed two phases by mistake during maintenance (=opposite three phase turn direction).

This leads to the situation that the Quattros "see" all three correct input voltages on all three phases on AC1 IN but all currents remain at zero because input not usable. System remains in inverter mode. At the same time, a started generator input power on AC2 is not detected by the Quattros because reasonable voltages from the grid on AC1 IN are present (but not usable!)

How to identify such a case:

If all three input voltages are present and in a reasonable range check first the voltages between all three phases. It must be in the 400V range, otherwise you don't have a correct three phase grid input.
If the voltages between all phases are correct then it is likely the wrong rotation direction not matching to your three phase system programming! --> Exchange two phases!

Emergeny Workaround

In order to enable the Quattro to use an alternative three phase power source like a Diesel generator on the other AC input while such a special grid rotation error exists, cut off the unaccepted power input source then restart the whole system and it will accept power on the alternative source.

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Grid Support and Inverter Freq.Shifting


I have two problems on a 3-phase Victron Multiplus 5000/48/70-100 with battery pack (lead acid 24 x 2V / 1150 Ah each) operated as an island. Three SMA inverters and two Victron MPPT 150/60.

One is the gird supply: when the batteries are low (now visible due to less power production and more demand with a heat pump for heating the house)

The other is the freq.shifting for the inverters (SMA)

The grid supply assist doesn't work at all. The assistants are programmed (general flag and generator start-stop) but for some strange reason the grid doesn't start when batteries are low. I've upgraded the multiplus (all of them) to the latest firmware 487 and reprogrammed the system from blank. The same problem ...

The freq.shifting is even stranger, when the PV inverter Support assistant is programmed, the Multiplus continuously switches the inverters off and on (50 to 53 Hz). It starts working AFTER a heavy load (higher then the combined inverted power) ... after that it works normal

Both problems are a pain because or the batteries can be overcharged or the batteries can be completely discharged. Now I have to manually interfere all the time.

I've uploaded three VSC files (added the extension PDF otherwise I could not upload the files) for the multi's maybe someone can take a look and see if I'm doing something wrong.

SMA 1 = 3kw inverter = 3500 wP panels

SMA 2 = 3kw inverter = 3250 wP panels

SMA 3 = 3kw inverter = 3370 wP panels

Any help is appreciated !!!



Multi 1.vsc.pdf

Multi 2.vsc.pdf

Multi 3.vsc.pdf

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Grid Code

Guten Tag

Ich bin am konfigurieren meines MULTIPLUS 2. Welchen GRID CODE brauche ich für die SCHWEIZ?

Freundliche Grüsse

Jürg Ledergerber

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Grid feeding with MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32

What does the following from the Multiplus II manual really mean? The MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32 not having the option to feed the grid? The data sheet seems very similar, I'm having a hard time confirming if the 12v version is different in this aspect.

 ESS – Energy Storage Systems: feeding energy back into the grid (not applicable to the MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32)
When the MultiPlus-II is used in a configuration in which it will feed back energy into the grid it is required to enable grid code compliance by selecting the appropriate grid code country setting with the VEConfigure tool.
Once set, a password will be required to disable grid code compliance or change grid code related parameters.

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summery grid in hystorical data


My generator is not summing the amount of data in the hystorical data grid In. Can I change the grid in to generator?

kind regards,


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Only discharge battery when grid power is above certain threshold

Starting this year, our peak usage will be monitored and taxed. In the summer, PV can recharge the batteries fully and there is no issue. However, in the winter, the batteries do not get fully charged and I would like to configure them so they are only used when peak usage is detected.

What I would like to do is to have the battery only discharge when power usage is above a certain threshold, let's say 2000 Watts.

By manipulating the AcPowerSetPoint (grid setpoint) via MQTT I can create something close to what I want.

I set the grid setpoint at 2000 watts and the battery will only discharge if usage is over 2000 watts. However, this also means that if the usage is less than 2000 watts, it will charge the battery. This is not what I want.

I can continuously monitor the usage and adapt the grid setpoint, but if that process fails, it could mean the battery fully charges, which is not supposed to happen and could be costly.

Is this my best option or are there other ways of implementing this?

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Multiplus II does not refill?
So this is a brand new installation at home, mounting twelve 450W panels, with a Multiplus II 48/5000 inverter, 2 Victron MPPT (150/60-250/85) and 2 lithium batteries (51,2 volts, 61 Ah), color control. Conected to the grid as backup (or at least that was desired). I am a bit concerned about its perfomance as I am an absolut ignorant about this matters and it seems a bit weird to me:

The panels start to fill the batteries every morning, and around noon they are charged . From then, the "method" changes, and the amount of charge they will receive is always lower than the energy consumed in the house. I.E.: (Sun shining, 11:50 AM, Canary Islands), B attery level 82%, AC Loads: 230W, PV Charger: 214W!!! , then I switch the vacuum cleaner: AC Loads 1827W PV Charger 1153W!!!. Why did the PV charger did not get 230W at 10:50 if there was sun quite enough???

So there is enough insolation to refill the batteries or at least preventing their drain, but this does not happen. They continue slowly draining even when the sun is bright and strong, and when it goes in the evening, they have 15-20% less than they should do. So every early morning the system gets power from the grid earlier than desired.


My question: is this normal behavior of the Multiplus II?. Please answer as if you were talking to your 7 years son. Thanks a lot.

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Grid Code Password

Hi All, I need to change the Grid code on My Multi-plus To "None" As I now intend to use it with a generator as well as other AC Source ,I am unable to contact the original supplier of the Multi-plus. Can any supplier supply the password ? I am at a loss here.

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3Phasen MultiPlus 2 trotzdem Netz Bezug?!

Moin Moin,

Ich hab da mal eine Frage an euch.

Ich habe einen 3Phasen Verbund mit 3 MultiPlus 2 3000 Wechselrichtern.

Funktioniert wunderbar.

Jedoch habe ich ein Problem, wenn z.b die Waschmaschine auf Phase 1 den WR vollständig belastet, und auf Phase 2&3 nichts ist beginnt das System dennoch 200-300Watt aus dem Netz auf Phase 1 Zuziehen obwohl das locker über 2&3 ausgeglichen werden könnte damit der Zähler stehen bleib. Das passiert aber einfach nicht. Woran könnte es Liegen.

Im Cerbo ist 3Phasen Kompensation aktiv.

Ich bin etwas ratlos.

Viele Grüße


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Multiplus 2 switch off battery supply voltage


if I disconnect the 48VDC supply voltage (Pylontech battery stack) to the Victron MP II, will it immediately turn off when there is still a connection to AC IN / Grid 230VAC? I want to disconnect my battery stack to top balance it - at the moment my setup passes main parts of my installation on L1 through AC Out 1 of MP II. I can switch it back to grid supply (through a emergency power switch) but I do no want to swich my consumer devices off.

Thanks in advance

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Quattro stopped taking in power from AC-in1 (grid)

Hello everyone,

We have a 3-phase system with 3x Quattro 8 kVA. There is city power (grid) connected to AC-in 1. Grid is quite unstable. The system has been working fine for over a year, taking energy form the grid in pass-through and to charge the batteries when there is no sun.

It has suddenly stopped taking power from the grid. There has not been any system or configuration change as far as we we concerned. I can see there is voltage input at AC-in1 VRM, but this is not being used. There is no related alarm from when the problem started (6 Oct). We tried restarting the system but has not helped (see attached pics)

Luena_Alarm Log 1 Oct-8 Oct.JPGLuena_VRM Log 2 Oct-12 Oct.jpg

Any idea why would this happen? Could be an internal fuse has blown up? Or may be a change in the grid side?

Any help is appreciated, thanks


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Multiplus II with no grid feed


I want to use 2x Multiplus II 5 kw in my solar system and I am not sure about grid connection. I want it work this way:

1) If batteries are more than 20% use power from batteries.

2) If batteries are lower than 20% use energy from grid (just to power appliances, not to charge batteries)

3) If batteries are 100%, turn off MPPT or lower MPPT out power to match just my appliances demand.

4) Most important, never feed anything back to grid, because it's violating rules of our grid provider.

Can Multiplus II work this way or I need different device?

PS.: All other devices in setup will be also Victron (MPPT, Cerbero...)

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Multiplus 2 mit EM 24 - 485 Regelverhalten Inverter extrem schlecht.

Hallo, ich habe seit 2 Wochen einen Multiplus 2 und habe seit Anfang an Probleme mit meiner Grit Funktion.

Ich hatte erst ein EM 24 Ethernet, was nur Problem gemacht hat.

Dieses wurde nach Rat von Nutzern gegen einen EM24 485 getauscht.

Teilweise am Tag funktioniert das System echt gut im ESS betrieb, aber wenn die Lasten ( Strom ) grösser funktioniert die Inverter Funktion sehr mangelhaft.

Habe mal ein Video hochgeladen um es zu verdeutlichen.

Das System ist ein raspberry 3B - mit 2A Netzgerät.

Firmware sind alle Aktuell.

ESS ist eingerichtet ohne irgendwelche extras.

Ladegerät ist im Multiplus 2 deaktiviert.

Angeschlossen ist nur AC1 IN - auf L1 des EM24

EM24 ist auf H eingestellt

Verkabelung habe ich heute neu gemacht - alles IO auch die Schirmung.

DCC ist an, ohne extra Einstellungen.

MPPT´´s sind zwei vorhanden.....

Wie kann ich ausschliessen das der Multiplus 2 einen Fehler / Defekt hat???




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High grid voltage and throttling with Multiplus II in Australia

During peak solar times around the middle of the day, my MultiPlus II sometimes will disconnect from the grid in times of high voltage (as required), because it does not throttle back the power being exported (soon enough).

Powercor say my grid voltage is within specification, yet I find it usually is not possible to export 5kW to the grid without exceeding high voltage limits. (Maybe they keep the grid voltages high on purpose!)

To me, the problem lies with throttling back PV sources.....and I question whether it is the Grid code, V1-V4 values for Volt-Watt response curve that trigger the throttling?


My settings (pictured) do not match those that my distributor (Powercor) recommend, where they say V3=253 and V4=259.

In my case, I have a DC-coupled MPPT charger which does throttle back, albeit a little late....

Also I have an AC-coupled Fronius inverter which I was told before commissioning that it would be controlled via frequency shifting. This I believe cannot happen whilst connected to the grid and instead can only happen through a Modbus TCP connection. Throttling will work using Modbus, but again too late!

--> What settings will allow throttling to occur sooner?

Furthermore, when using Modbus the GX device shows the Fronius connection as (sunspec) and the Fronius status as "Running(Throttled),
versus not using Modbus it shows the Fronius connection as (solarapi) and the status as "Running".

When using Node-RED to retrieve data, sunspec & solarapi behave differently - with solarapi giving better information for Status and Error codes.

--> Can we use Modbus for throttling, and also use the solarapi connection?

Any help appreciated!

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MultiPlus II ESS: Grid parallel vs. Grid in Serial Mode


What are the Pro and Contra for each other mode?

So that i know right now is, on Parallel-Mode you need the Meeter.

If i got an 48V/3000VA and the requested Power is more then 2400W, what happend in the in-serial-Mode then?

What is happening in both mode if the Grid fails?

If i wanna use my Battery and PV-System with MPPT at first and if the Battery is on setted lowest SOC, so the PV-System should recharge the Batteries and the grid is now goes thru.



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Grid Code Selection - Any difference between None, Other or a Country grid with disabled LOM?

Got issues with a pair of 5k Multis (single phase setup) and a 6KVA genny (Mecalite alternator) off grid

on off on off on off - pass through - charging - power assist etc.etc.


Charge rate is way below the shore power limit. (its like it doesnt have time to ramp up) - Or starts off about what would be expected - then quickly drops off.


Batterys charge current limit is unchanged at 125A (Pylons) - No other sources of generation at the time.

Dynamic Curent limiter is enabled - UPS is Disabled

Accept wide Range - enabled

Power Assist standard 2.0 Boost factor

Generator frequency tends to be up around 52HZ - but is a bit all over the place.

I am of a mind to fit a 250w heater to the output of the generator to help stabilise the voltage and frequency prior to the Multis connecting.

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Multiplus-II grid protections and feed-in control in 3-phase configuration

Hello guys,

I am from Czech Republic and planning to use 3x MultiPlus-II 48/3000 in 3-phase configuration and DC coupled system with PV array (2 strings, 2 MPPTs) and Pylontech batteries.

Of course I will set grid code to "Europe (EN50549-1:2019)" and there are several options for over/undervoltage and over/underfrequency protections, conditions for normal connect and reconnect after trip, controlling power according to frequency and voltage and also option for use Aux 1 input as feed-in disable signal. Setting of all protection is clear for me but our electric distributor have several requirements for connecting "micro-generators" (PVE with P < 10 kW) to the grid, so I have two questions about grid code functionalities especially in 3-phase mode:

  1. If the condition for activating grid protection on one Multi is met and therefore AC input of Multi must be disconnected from the grid, is then automatically disconnected all Multis from the grid?
  2. I want to use disable feed-in using Aux 1, because our distributor must be able to reduce power feeding to grid (for these micro-generator only two states: 100% and 0% feed-in). My question is how disable feed-in function is realized in practise on Multis and whether I must used Aux 1 on all Multis (for example with 3-pole relay, each pole for each Aux 1) or if is sufficient to use Aux 1 only on one Multi (probably on phase L1) and feed-in will be automatically disabled in general for all Multis?

Thank you very much for your answers.

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Custom Grid configuration for ESS

Hi, I'm buy a Solar System that have a Multiplus Compact 2000VA inversor/charger and in a future i want create a ESS system with a MPPT Solar Charger and the VenusOS on my raspberry Pi. The problem is that i go to documentation and say that i need to set a Grid Code from my country, but I'm from Cuba and your doesnt have any relation with my country (i suggest to you because is a great oportunity for your solar system products).
So how I can set a custom variables of Grid Configuration that i can get from my Electricity Company (whe only have one) and use into multiplus to setup the ESS system?

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High grid voltage disconnect with Multiplus II in AU, why?

Lets be clear, I understand that power generators should not feed in energy if the grid voltage is already high, hence the regulations around handling high voltages. Hence the locked-in grid parameters.

I have recently has "grid lost" for short periods in the middle of the day when high voltages were sustained. Circuits upstream of the inverter were not affected by a power loss - that made it was clear that the MP2 disconnected itself from the grid. The MP2 went into "Inverting" mode.

The question is "why disconnect from the grid?". Why does the MP2 not simply go into "pass-thru" mode or a "zero-export" mode? To me this seems much more sensible. It achieves the desired outcome of removing the generator from the grid while not drawing down on batteries needlessly.

Is there any way to change this behavior in response to high (10 min moving average) voltages? (yes, ideally, fix the voltage issues but ...)

thank you,


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MultiPlus combine PV power and AC power


I'd like to set up BlueSolar MPPT, MultiPlus and Cerbo GX in such a way, that batteries are used only as an UPS backup and AC load is combined from AC input and excess PV power.

Basically reducing the consumption from the grid, when/if enough PV power is available.

No feed back to grid.

Optionally some %, like 20, of power stored in batteries would be allowed to be used to supply AC loads (together with PV and grid).

Is this possible? Thanks.

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ET112 as shore power meter, wrong values ​​in MultiPlus

Hello, i have an installation in which an ET112 measures the shore power. The 230V for the AES refrigerator and the AC input from the MultiPlus are taken in parallel behind it.

It is strange that the load of the refrigerator is displayed in the AC-Out tile of the MultisPlus.

So more precisely. For example when

  • ET 112: 222 W.
  • Fridge: 189W
  • AC-In: 33W
  • AC-Out: 16W

Then that would be mathematically correct. However, the following is displayed:

  • ET 112: 222 W.
  • Fridge: 189W
  • AC-In: 207W
  • AC-Out: 178W

I hope the pictures say more than my explanation

  • vic1.jpg -> fridge off
  • vic2.jpg -> fridge on
  • vic3.jpg -> detailed view of the MultiPlus at the refrigerator







normally AC-OUT L1 should actually be displayed in the green tile (AC Loads).

Which settings would be correct here?

Thanks very much!

(PS. excuse my bad English.)

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Multiplus II missing UPS feature?!

I've purchased a MultiPlus II GX because I've read about the UPS feature everywhere and it sounded like the ideal part for my application.

I've the standard setup with AC coupled PV and critical loads on the AC OUT 1 side, no dedicated meter on the input, Pylontech battery. The critical loads right now only draw about 4W in case that matters.


Out of the box, I can activate "UPS Feature" in the VEConfigure. Once mains is lost, critical loads are supplied from battery and even solar charging works. So far so good.

Problem 1: As soon as I enter a grid code (e.g. for Germany), the UPS feature disappears as a checkbox.

Question: Does that mean that the UPS feature only works when operating in non-compliant mode? If so, why is nobody talking about this anywhere? Why does the documentation seem to be completely silent about this? I understand that grid code is only needed for feeding back but the ESS assistant requires to set a grid code.

Problem 2: As soon as I activate the ESS assistant (with grid code set to "other non-compliant" and "UPS feature" checked), it simply does not perform any UPS function. It seems ESS deactivates UPS.

This seems to contradict what I've read in many postings but simply, things do not seem to work as described. What's going on? See last answer!

How can I set up a MultiPlus II with ESS and UPS feature for critical loads?

It feels like I've followed all the steps but it simply does not work.

Problem 3: How do I activate ESS mode 2 or 3?

Problem 4: I can read lots of values via Modbus TCP. When I try to write register 22 (active input current limit), the write is acknowledged with SUCCESS but the value simply discarded and it jumps back to the 25A set via the VEConfigure. Why?

Problem 5: Via VEConfigure, I can enable/disable the charger. How can this be done via Modbus/TCP or any other network?

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Multiplus Grid Outage Alert

Currently I have no way of knowing when I lose grid power and start inverting.What is the simplest way to wire in an alarm?


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