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Multi RS Solar uses Grid instead of PylonTech and Solar panel

Hello Everyone,

in my father's house I have installed the Multi RS solar on PylonTech barltteries. thanks to other users in the forum I have managed it to make it running. if there is consumption on the deducted AC output, unfortunately the system prefers to switch directly to the grid and ignores the full batteries. only if ACin is switched off and the system is disconnected from the grid, it switches to the batteries.

I can imagine that this mode makes sense in mobile homes or in a boat. In my parents house it makes no sense this way and I have to put down the fire manually each time I want to use the batteries.

is there a setting that I haven't seen in the software? can someone please give me a hint?

thanks again to the community!



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MultiPlus II - loadshedding - misuse generator option


I live in South Africa and we have a huge problem with loadshedding, so I installated a MultiPlus II 5000, MPPT RS450, Cerbo GX and 3 Pylon US3000C.

Now I noticed when we have loadshedding during the day that my MPPT during the grid failure doesn't supply any power to the system.
The manual states that this is not implemented in ESS but you can misuse the generator option, unfortunately I can't find any info about how to do this.


Best regards,


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Grid feeding Problem

Hi to everybody willing to help me!

I have a Problem:

My setup:
Multiplus II
two Chargecontrollers connectetd VE Direct to a
Cerbo GX
EM24 Meter.

When I switch on the Grid power and the Multiplus starts feeding into the Grid, everything breaks down.
The Energy is flowing in every direction, back and forth from the battery and the MPII is jumping Power up and down. (If I am only drawing power from the grid everything is fine)

Also the LEDs on the chargecontrollers are blinking and it is switchin nonstop between Bulk and float mode.

If I disconnect one chargecontroller from the CerboGx everything is suddenly fine!
(Although the chargecontroller ist still delivering power and it is fed to the grid)

Where should I start looking? Everythink is updated and works great if
A) The grid is connected and the feed grid is disabeld
B) VE Direct cabel is not connected to the larger Chargecontroller.

Thank you!

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Feed-back vs Feed-in: Terminology defined, please assist.

Hello all.

Often I seem to find these two terms seemingly used to mean the same thing, though I do get confused as my brain cascades over questions around "Source, contents and container", as in "if it's coming from the grid then surely it must be fed in-to the battery/installation" and yet 'feed-in' seems to suggest feeding in-to the grid, which should be 'feed-back'.

Is there a standard?

Am I overthinking it? Probably.

It's just that we're not talking about sandwiches, where the mustard goes under the ham, or onto the ham, but the ham must be in the sandwich. Or is it like being "born out into the world"?



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Pv-Anlage mit Victron Multiplus und Speicher inkl Überschusseinspeisung


Ich bin gerade bei der Planung einer kleiner PV-Anlage für mein EFH.

Einen Elektriker für den Anschluss und die Anmeldung ist da und die Lust/Zeit/Geld und der Gedanke endlich etwas Energie Sauber zu Produzieren auch :)

Zu meiner Frage:

Ich hatte vor einen Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 mit einer 3,2kwp Anlage zu verbinden. Als MPPT habe ich mir den SmartSolar MPPT 250/70-MC4 ausgesucht passend zum Aufbau.

Als Speicher nutze ich erstmal einen Pylontech Us2000C.

Das ganze läuft dann mit Cerbo GX und kleinem Display im Hausflur.

1. Habe es jetzt so verstanden, dass es möglich ist die 70% Reglung anzuwenden mit Hilfe einer Einstellung?

2. Ich möchte das Vorrangig der Strom der Anlage in den Speicher geht und das wiederum eingespeist wird im Haus wenn Lasten entstehen. Klar ist mir das ich durch den Pylontech limitiert bin was die Entladeleistung geht solange ich nicht mehr davon ins System einbaue. Sollte aber der Speicher voll sein soll der Victron einfach den "Überschuss" ganz normal mit der 70% Reglung einspeisen. Die Vergütung nehme ich gerne mit und der Ökostrom verpufft im nichts.

Stehe ich da vorm Baum oder verstehe ich was falsch?

Der Victron wird wie alle anderen Verbraucher mit dem AC OUT an die Verteilung gehängt. Ist die Einspeisung ins Hausnetz also immer auf 70% gedrosselt oder nur wenn er keine Lasten erkennt? (Lasten sind ja immer da, siehe Kühlschrank etc.)

Ich freue mich schon auf eure Ratschläge. Falls noch was fehlt ergänze ich gerne.

(Warum der Multiplus hier gewählt wird ist einfach das ich die Anlage so gerne testen würde und verstehen möchte, dass ich sie in 2 Jahren auch in meinem Waldhaus (Ohne Netzausbau also reine Insel) montieren kann)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Chris

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Multiplus-II grid protections and feed-in control in 3-phase configuration

Hello guys,

I am from Czech Republic and planning to use 3x MultiPlus-II 48/3000 in 3-phase configuration and DC coupled system with PV array (2 strings, 2 MPPTs) and Pylontech batteries.

Of course I will set grid code to "Europe (EN50549-1:2019)" and there are several options for over/undervoltage and over/underfrequency protections, conditions for normal connect and reconnect after trip, controlling power according to frequency and voltage and also option for use Aux 1 input as feed-in disable signal. Setting of all protection is clear for me but our electric distributor have several requirements for connecting "micro-generators" (PVE with P < 10 kW) to the grid, so I have two questions about grid code functionalities especially in 3-phase mode:

  1. If the condition for activating grid protection on one Multi is met and therefore AC input of Multi must be disconnected from the grid, is then automatically disconnected all Multis from the grid?
  2. I want to use disable feed-in using Aux 1, because our distributor must be able to reduce power feeding to grid (for these micro-generator only two states: 100% and 0% feed-in). My question is how disable feed-in function is realized in practise on Multis and whether I must used Aux 1 on all Multis (for example with 3-pole relay, each pole for each Aux 1) or if is sufficient to use Aux 1 only on one Multi (probably on phase L1) and feed-in will be automatically disabled in general for all Multis?

Thank you very much for your answers.

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Victron ESS + ET112 = slow response


Recently I've installed ET112 grid meter on my system (which was using CT sensor previously) and I've noticed that the Multi is very slow on response to load. Currently my system looks like this:


The grid set point is set to -10W. The multi needs a good 15-18 seconds to stabilize after large load kicks in and another approx 15s to stabilize after load drops off. Check the video from VenusGX (the load is switched on at about 16s of the clip and switched of at 43s of the clip):

Is that how it should be? The difference in the load is just about 1.4kW, why is it taking so long to handle that?

Previously I was using CT Sensor extended with Cat5e cable to over 25m long, the system looked like this:


The response to load was pretty much instant. I've recorder video using the same load as on the previous one (load switched on at about 10s and switched off at 23s of the video):

The system need seconds to stabilize

Also you can see a clear difference on the Grid use graph from VRM portal:



As you can see, with CT sensor the system is very close to grid set point, with ET112 grid meter it is way off and hardly ever stay close to set point. The situation is even worst during cloudy day when PV power is fluctuating (you cen see it on my other youtube video).

Is it normal behavior? It looks like Multi can handle this load easily, the problem seems to be in the feedback from the grid meter (or algorithm when ET112 is in use). Is there anything I can do to improve this reaction time??? Please advice.

Kind Regards

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Clarity on AC pass-through on AC1 OUT

Am I understanding correctly the grid AC passes through the Multi AC1 OUT when the inverter is in charging mode ONLY?

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G98 / G99 Compliance

Any information on when more kit will be certified G98 G99 compliant? We may have customers for Quattros but they need to be certified.

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Question lors de la perte réseau

Bonjour, j'ai une question. j'ai un multiplus II avec du photovoltaïque connecté sur ac out 1 et des batteries pylontech. il y a fréquemment des coupures très rapides sur le réseaux EDF. on note une légère fluctuation de tension dans la maison mais à part l'onduleur du iMac personne ne voit rien sauf que les onduleurs du photovoltaïque se coupent (ne produisent plus ) puis redémarrent au bout de quelques instants.

je précise c'est une installation en ESS.

est ce normal ou dois je modifier des réglages avec ve configure 3?

merci par avance


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New ESS setup for Easy Solar 2

Could someone please answer the following. I am currently setting up the above and have taken the following steps

Installed Easy Solar 2 48/5000

Wired AC In from main consumer unit on 32Amp MCB via a 63Amp double pole isolator using 4mm cable

Connected victron current sensor to mains side of above isolator (not sure if it should be placed before consumer unit????)

Wired AC 1 back to main consumer on 50Amp MCB via a 63Amp double pole isolator using 6mm cable

Connected network cable to the internet

Created login via VRM portal

Updated all components to latest firmware

I am wanting to load the ESS assistant so that I don't feed back to the grid as there is currently no financial incentive to do so.

I have 10 X Canadian Solar 455w panels in place ready to connect to the MPPT

I have 2 X Pylontech US5000 that arrive next month that eventually want to be able to fill them up with excess solar.

My question is, what is the best way of setting the system up so that I can use the current solar without feeding back to the grid whilst my batteries arrive in 6 weeks time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Can the Multiplus II do this?

Hello, I'm looking into purchasing a Multiplus II 48v 5000 watt and would like to know if it can be configured to do the following:

*Charge (Pylontech 4x3.5kwh) batteries at night on cheap (Octopus Go UK) night time tariff.

*Discharge during day when electricity is expensive.

*Pull from grid if A/C loads exceed the inverter's 5000 watt capacity.

We have a grid tied Easysolar GX II in our office that functions in a similar way, but it has solar PV attached. However, when there is no sun it functions in the way described above. Excessive loads above battery capacity are topped up from grid power.

That unit is also able to function as a UPS when we have a powercut.

Any information would be very much appreciated!


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ESS Feed-in Limiting causes MPPT to be erratic. Is it Normal?

Multiplus II 12/3000/120-50 2X-120V

SmartSolar Charger 150/35 (4 100W panels in series)

SmartSolar Charger 100/20 (Single 250W panel)

BMV 712

400Ah LifePO4 Batteries (X2 200AH in parallel)



ESS Feed-in Limiting causes MPPT to be erratic.

Battery charging MPPT's are pretty smooth and maxed out.

As soon as the battery is full, Feed-in is active and the MPPT's become erratic.

Is it normal? Maybe the inverter trying to calculate proper sync values?


Here is another example with limiting turned on


Example with limiting turned off


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Mot de passe sur multiplus 2 48/5000(grid)

Bonjour j' ai fais une erreur en paramétrant mon multiplus II 48/5000 j ai mi France dans grid alors que je n aurai rien du mettre , maintenant je veux remettre sur none mais on me demande un mot de passe , est que quelqu'un aurai ce mot de passe pour remettre les paramètres par défaut le revendeur me dit qu il y a pas de mot de passe (myshopsolaire) comment je dois faire ? Merci

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MultiPlus combine PV power and AC power


I'd like to set up BlueSolar MPPT, MultiPlus and Cerbo GX in such a way, that batteries are used only as an UPS backup and AC load is combined from AC input and excess PV power.

Basically reducing the consumption from the grid, when/if enough PV power is available.

No feed back to grid.

Optionally some %, like 20, of power stored in batteries would be allowed to be used to supply AC loads (together with PV and grid).

Is this possible? Thanks.

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