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Multiplus Error 3

Eine neue Installation mit 3x Multiplus 2, cerbo und MPPT als 3Phasensystem zeigt immer den Error 3.

Ein Multi kam mit einer alten Firmware und wurde mit dem „Flash-Programm“ gleichgezogen.

Alle 3 Multis im Verbund über MK3 usb adapter und Victron Configureation tool zu einem 3Phasennetz verschalten.

Netzwerkabel nun beim Cerbo eingesteckt und über VRM Portal alles upgedatet.

Error 3 steht leider immer an.

Netzwerkabel mit Netzwerktester getestet, OK

Endwiederstände gesteckt und gemessen 120 Ohm, OK

AC In und Batteriespannung liegen an, mehrfach gemessen.

Nochmal alles neu konfiguriert, jeden Multi für sich, firmeware neu aufgespielt mit mk3 neu zu einem 3Phasensystem verschalten mit dem „Quick config tool“.

Immer wieder derselbe error.




gangl79 asked

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how do i use ve configure with a mac?

i am trying to connect to a multiplus to use ve config tools using a mac(not windows) i have downloaded wine bottler and have the software installed and it seems to run fine but when i try to connect using auto detect it cannot connect? any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers, stuart

stuart asked
Manda answered ·

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Can anyone help? ESS still not working.

I have had my Victron Multiplus 2 GX 5kVa unit for a week now of which it has only worked correctly for 2 days out of 7. When it did work correctly, it was perfect. ESS at its best but after 2 days I identified I needed to make a change to the settings in the config file. When i went to do so, the option to download the config file was missing form the VRM portal. Reading the forum and Victron self help guides, it appeared I needed a firmware update. I followed the instructions for the update to the point as best I could assuming all was well only to find out ESS had stopped working after I had finished the update. I have tried everything!. I have re-uploaded the config fil from EV Configure 3 several times, I have checked the settings in the remote console, I have previous posted on the Victron Community forum trying to resolve this issue which has given me other things to try but still no luck getting the inverter to invert automatically.


I have been directed to load my 'rvms' file into the VE Bus Configurator but I have no RVMS file and no one seems able to tell me where to find the file.

The company I purchased the unit from don't have a clue, they only know how to sell products so they are a waste of time. There is no apparent information on the Victron website on how to resole this specific issue.

List of relevant setting / info from within VRM Remote Portal

  • Multiplus-II 48/5000 / 70-50 / Switch / On
  • Product ID 2623 Firmware Version 496
  • VRM instance 275
  • VE Bus version 2623496
  • Mk2 version 1170212
  • Setting / Firmware / Firmware Version v2.85
  • Setting / Remote Console / Enable on VRM / 'On'
  • Setting / System setup / AC Input 1 / 'Grid'
  • Setting / VRM online portal / VRM two-way communication / 'ON'
  • Setting / ESS . Mode / Optimized (with batterylife)



List of relevant setting / info from within VE Configure 3 (Then uploaded via VRM)

  • General / External Current Sensor - tick
  • General / Enable Battery monitor - tick
  • General / shore input limit / 50A
  • General / Overruled by remote - unticked
  • Inverter / output voltage - 230v
  • Inverter / shutdown on SOC - tick + SOC shutdown 20%, low restart 50%
  • Charger / Enable charger - tick
  • VS / Do not use VS - tick
  • Assistants / ESS



Link to video showing settings used in the above

Again, any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. I thought the firmware update had failed as ESS stopped working after the firmware update but with the advice recieved and the information available on the Victron website, it now appears to be something different. Is there is inverter limiter hidden somewhere in a setting. Comments and suggestions please. I'd be happy to share my screen with some one via Teams or Zoom.

Jason - UK asked
Rob Duthie commented ·

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Assistants Directory


has anything changed here? It used to be in

C:\ProgramData\VE Configure tools\Assistants

but now it looks like it is gone? :(

Thank you

canarias asked
canarias answered ·

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Remote VEConfigure not enabled

I have two way communication enabled on my pi (running VenusOS V2.85). All working correctly with remote console and even remote firmware update but i dont have the option for VEConfigure. Any ideas?

chrisryan43 asked
nickdb answered ·

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Ignore AC and DVCC

I have recently installed solar panels on my motoryacht. I am now looking for the most economical use of the solar panels, also in order to reduce the cost of shore power. The electrical system has mainly Victron components, except the panels and battery: Quattro 8000/200, Venus GX, MPPT 100/30, 720 Ah tubular plate batteries and 2 x LG Neon R 370 Wp panels, latest firmwares.

I have studied all the manuals and looked for answers on the community site. Although I see similar setups, I still do not have the ultimate answer on how to use the panels the most economical, either by using Ignore AC, DVCC, lower float voltage or a combination of these.

I fully understand how Ignore AC in VEConfigure works and have now set it up according to below screenshot:


I have been to the yacht today and have tested it with several loads. When using heavy load, the Quattro will deliver the power instead of drawing it from the battery, so it does not unnecessarily drain too much, which would take forever for the panels to charge back into the battery. There is a certain amount of equipment that draws about average 200 W, so in a day I will loose 4.8 kW. On sunny days the panels will charge with about 4.8-5.1 kW. So on cloudy days and near winter time the batteries will slowly deplete and when voltage reaches 23.5 V, the Quattro will kick in and charge (with max 100 A) up to when bulk is finished (85 % SOC). I might change that in wintertime to when absorption is finished, as the batteries need to be fully charged every once in a while. So far so good.

The manual of the MPPT states that the DVCC function will result in the MPPT being an active controller in the system. "For systems with lead batteries, DVCC offers features such as a
configurable system wide charge current limit, where the GX device actively limits the
inverter/charger in case the solar chargers are already charging at full power". I have tried the DVCC feature (without Ignore AC) with a setting of 100 A for max charging and shared voltage, current and temperature sense.
I have observed the behaviour of MPPT and Quattro for a long time and my impression is that the MPPT does not always do what it should. I can see the Quattro charging with high amps and the panels with relatively low. When I switch off the shore power, the panels immediately jump to a much higher charge, so the panels are under DVCC not used with maximum capacity. I would also expect that when batteries are full and loads are low, while panels can produce more than the load, that the Quattro might stop charging all together.

An expert advised to lower the float voltage of the Quattro with 1 V, After lowering that setting to 26.6 V, I saw this morning at around 08.00 hrs that the Quattro stopped charging. Not completely sure why?

I have gathered my thoughts and I think I have to options: 1) use Ignore AC and 2) use DVCC. With option 1, it will deplete the battery more and I think the panels are used most economical, but I need to make sure the batteries are getting a full charge every once in a while. With option 2, the batteries are kept a full charge (100 %)., but I have the impression the panels are not used to the max and the Quattro will only stop charging when the voltage of the batteries is higher than the 26.6 V. Which brings me to the question do I also need to lower the absorption voltage in order for the Quattro to stop charging when in absorption fase in order to get the max charge out of the panels? I find lowering these setting in contradiction to the DVCC manual: "Limit charge current. This is a user-configurable maximum charge current setting. It works across the whole system. MPPT Solar Chargers are automatically prioritized over the mains/generator".

By the way: I use the AC out 2 of the Quattro for heavy users, with the intention that when I loose shore power (while sailing [do you actually sail, drive or operate a motor yacht?]), it automatically switches of the heavy consumers and I will not unnecessarily deplete the batteries. With Ignore AC while still in the harbour, I loose the heavy consumers as the Quattro needs AC on either AC In 1 (generator) or AC In 2 (shore power). I probably have to rewire the heavy consumers to AC In 1.

My questions:

1) Why does the Quattro stop charging when lowering float voltage when panels are charging?

2) Do I need to lower the float voltage in order for the Quattro to stop charging while enabled DVCC?

3) Why is DVCC not using maximum available charge from the solar panels?

4) Do I also need to lower the absorption voltage while DVCC enabled so the Quattro stops charging in absorption fase to maximum use the charge of the panels

5) Can I, or should I, use DVCC in combination with Ignore AC?

Any comment, suggestions, answers are welcome.

I have also published about the installation of the electrical system and the solar panels on my weblog (in Dutch, but has Google translate button): .

jurjenhoekstra asked
erichabg answered ·

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Programming Multiplus to auto switch between battery battery and shore power.

Can the Multiplus 24/3000 120v be programmed to automatically switch between battery power and shore power at a specific daily time schedule? For instance, switching from battery power during the day to shore power at night.

sbruno asked
richoff answered ·

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Macbook, parallels MK3 USB driver not available

I have a new 2021 M1 Macbook, running Windows 11 on Parallels.

I need to add a PV inverter assistant to a three phase Multiplus system.

The MK3 USB connected seemlessly with Victron Connect in Apple but no matter what I have tried I cannot get the MK3 USB to be recognised - "Driver is unavailable" by Windows or Ve configure tools.

I have have read numerous community posts and searched Victron information manuals, reinstalled the configure tools, rebooted, updated, set the USB drive, tried through VE Configure 3, tried numerous ports, tried through apple terminal, tried through windows many times and no luck.

The VE config says use the "found new hardware" assistant to specify the location but I can't find such an assitant any where.

How do I get the driver and MK3USB recognised ?????

greg0448 asked
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3 phase system with 2 multiplus II in parallel on each phase

I've installed 6 multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 (2 on each phase) with 6 pylontech batteries 48V 200Ah each + 4 MPPT smartsolar 250/100 VE.CAN + cerbo GX . The system is working fine when AC input is available. The system shut down with err17 ( phase master missing ) when the grid is off and pass to inverting mode. It doesn’t happen when the generator Is off (the generator is current by the relay inside the cerbo). I’ve changed all the communication cables between the inverter and cerbo and still the same issue.

Please Help!

apmer asked
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Multiplus-II Load Shedding on AC-Out-2


Similar to this question / answer, I am wondering if there is a way to program the multiplus II to disable / load shed AC-Out-2 in the event that the multiplus is entering an overload condition, while on battery power.

My ideal situation is this:

  • Multiplus II operating in inverting mode (no AC-IN connected)
  • Critical loads on AC-Out-1 (Air conditioner, fans, lights, etc)
  • Non critical loads (water heater, cooktop) on AC-Out-2
  • If AC-Out-1 + AC-Out-2 triggers an overload on the multiplus, instead of going into a fault condition and cutting of all output power, AC-Out-2 is disconnected and AC-Out-1 continues functioning (assuming it's below the overload threshold).

Is this a possible configuration? The alternative would be to configure the relays to "disconnect AC-Out-2 when load higher than X watts (maybe 2200w) for X seconds (maybe 5 seconds). The problem with this is that it doesn't account for inverter temps and actual max continuous load. I could set more conservative values (disconnect at 1800w), but then I'm potentially load shedding in an event when I don't need to.


yld asked
Alexandra edited ·

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Help to understand what happened.... Parrallel Quattro

Need to understand from what happened.... and maybe learn from my errors ?

Currently installing and setting a parrallel system and got a blow.

2x quattro 48/5000 in parrallel

8 kw if panels on 2 X 150/70

4X UP5000 pylontech


have installed all. NO AC IN connected. NO AC out connected

did the settings following Victron's instructions with Ve bus quick config. all went well up to getting confirmation the system was well configured in parrallel.

did the settings on each inv separately via VeConfig direct access from Ve bus quick.

No assistants. No ESS.

Just basic VS with "disable charger" and ignore AC settings.....

all inv same week. same latest firmware.

all components with latest firmware.

all batteries at 100%

after settings , removed MK3 and connected cerbo . all looked good.

no ac in . no ac out connected yet.

Note. after all settings, I noticed that Master inverter had a steady "inv" green light, and slave had the green inv light alternating with the green "mains ON" light. I was trying to find out whether this was correct when I heard a loud spark and all went on alarm and Off including the batteries. Got a burnt smell !

Bat low voltage alarm ! (full )

High discharge current

I have no idea what went wrong and would be grateful for some ideas.


Herve RV Nizard asked
Matthias Lange - DE commented ·

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Cannot connect old Multiplus (19 59 139) with VeConfigure

I have an old MultiPlus (firmware version 139 in VRM, product id 1959) and I would like to configure it with VEConfigure. In the past, I could successfully connect, but I cannot any more.

I connect with MK3-USB, and it didn't work, so I tried again with MK2-USB with the same errors (except that when I connect with the MK2, the Multiplus stops when I plug it in, but that's normal).

I tried with VEConfigure 3 (the latest, version v90.04.230) and I get the following error:


Auto option mechanism not supported
for software version: 1959139
Use VeConfigure (version 9003119 or later) instead of this program.
(There is a small chance that this message shows up when a communication error occurs. In that case one should retry instead of using VeConfigure)

Do you want to retry?

With old version v90.03.120 (with datfile v20050703 placed next to the veconfigure.exe executable) I get:


Software version: 1959139 is not supported!

Why is that ?

How can I connect? In the past, I could connect to the MultiPlus and it worked.

Is there somewhere I can download old versions of VeConfigure that should work ?

mildred asked
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Grid code for Brazil?

Currently using Victron Quattro 48V / 10kVA / 140 Amps

ruan-flaneto asked
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Multiplus II error when selecting country grid code

I have a Multiplus II 48/3000/35 running software version 2629456. I recently installed a MPPT 150/60 with a Venus GX device. I would like to setup self-consumption without sending back to the grid but in order to load the Assistant you need to specify the country grid code. I stay in South Africa but the South Africa NRS 097-2-1-2017 grid code results the Multiplus to give a error when connecting the grid power with "Inverter on light" flashing, "float light" on and "Bulk light" flashing. This did not happen with No grid code selected. What am I doing wrong?

ettienne asked
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VE Config failing to upload settings

Somehow over the past week, my system lost the last settings, defaulting to un-ticking the weak AC button, and a few other annoying changes, resulting in charge from my generator not being accepted.

I tried and tried to get VE Config to upload the corrected settings file, both through the Victron Connect browser, and the workaround way by closing VE Config and hoping it would upload the changes.

For the first day I was getting the error message that writing the changes failed.

Once or twice I managed to get past this error, but the only thing VE Config would do was to disappear, without making any changes.

After trying unsuccessfully to get my old Windows machine to recognise the MK2 USB dongle, (it used to work, probably obsolete now, due to me going for the latest firmware and updates.) I gave up on this method.

The 3rd method - I converted my mac to run windows, downloaded the Victron software, and managed to get through to my installation.

After re-downloading the VE Config file, making the changes, I closed VE Config and said OK to upload the changes. While it was writing the init file or something like that, the system reset, taking out the power and the internet.

The power didn't come on by itself as usual, so I had to manually reboot my Easy Solar system, and it is now showing low battery warning (lithium batteries at 11%) and VE Bus Error warning.

I've now got my router running off the generator direct, but I can't connect with Victron Connect online.

I've worked on computers (repair/building/programming) quite extensively for about 30 years, and the Victron software and user interface are the most frustrating I've encountered yet.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve my problem?

Many thanks.

stokie77 asked
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