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VE.Configure - Problem updating ESS assistant to latest with 501 inverter firmware

Hi All,

Decided to update VE.Bus firmware today from 2623497 to 2623501. This is a MultiPlus II, 48V/5000VA. Firmware update went fine (via latest VE.Flash).

VE.Confiure (which is the latest version) indicates that the assistants that were previously running need to be updated (specifically the ESS assistant). When doing the "update assistants from internet", VE.Configure says that the new ESS assistant needs firmware greater than 2623451, and cannot be updated (when 2623501 is obviously greater than 2623451).

Uploaded the previously running assistant to the MultiPlus, and it still works fine, so that is a good thing.

Possibly I should have updated the assistants while still running 497, instead of trying to update them after 501 was installed. Any answers for this, or is it a VE.Configure bug ? Btw. I have done this many times in the past with no problems.

Thanks, Steve.

suttridge asked

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Parallel Multiplus configuration oddities

I have encountered a couple of odd unexpected issues during configuration of my two Multiplus' in parallel. System as described in earlier post.

I started by running VictronConnect and used that to update both inverters firmware to 5.01.

I then used VE.BUS System Configurator as per the Victron professional video to configure the inverters as a parallel pair, then used it to launch VEConfigure for each inverter. Two issues were encountered:

1) As per the Victron video I configured the first inverter and saved the configuration. I then tried to load this configuration and use it to setup the second inverter. This failed due to an issue setting the grid-id and it asked me for a grid password to continue. I guess this is either a bug or at least a special case if the grid code has never been set? I therefore backed out and manually duplicated the configuration on the second inverter.

2) During ESS wizard setup on the second, it failed to ask me to set the aspects such as restart offset or dynamic cut off values. I have run through duplicating the configuration for both inverters a couple of times now and both times it failed to ask me for these values on the second inverter. This seems odd - did I miss a step or setting or something, or is this normal for a parallel system?

ESS summaries for each inverter are posted below - odd large difference in the "size" of assistants too?:

Appreciate if someone can shed some light on the second issue in particular.

Thanks, Paul.



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Loud hum when mains connected - configuration issue?

Dear community,

we are currently trying to reduce the noise level of our Quattro-II 5000, as it is located close to our living area, and producing a more-or-less constant and loud 50Hz hum (the fan is less of a problem). We will install soundproofing mats and dowels, as has been recommended on this forum.

By coincidence, I just met solar professionals, who told me, that the noise is likely the result of a configuration problem. I am doubtful of that, as the hum was there from day one - also, posts on this forum seem to suggest that the humming is pretty normal for this device. But still - are there settings in VE.Config or the Cerbo GX, that could lead to a reduction of the humming?

In fact, sometimes the humming disappears for a half a minute or longer, so generally it is possible for the device to work silently - then again gets louder gradually.

When I switch off mains, and run on batteries, the noise level is much lower, almost silent.

Loads on the other hand do not seem to make a difference - the humming is there even when all loads are disconnected, it is also there when idle (not charging or charger switch off in VE.Config).

One thought was that it could be due to a low quality of the AC IN (we are based in Ukraine, so who knows), but settings such as Weak AC On, PowerAssist Off, UPS Off did not have an effect on the noise.

Otherwise, the Quattro-II is controlled by the Pylontech BMS (state "External control", the Quattro-II mostly lights BULK or ABSORPTION, but according to the chart it sits idly on "External control", battery at 100%, not charging).

Thank you for suggestions

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Using Multiplus SOC-low-shutdown with BMV SOC value

Hi all,

If I update my Multi to the newest firmware I could use the new feature "SOC-low-shutdown".
In past I used to take the BMV-relais for that, but now I am wondering if this would also be possible with a software solution.

In VEConfig I have to enable the battery monitor of the multi to use this feature. So the question now is:

Can I use the Multi's SOC-low-shutdown feature by using a venus device which overwrites the VE.Bus SOC with the one from a BMV (or BMS)?

Normally I would just try it, but there is no reason for an update if this won't work :)

Thank you!

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Multiplus 2 48/3000 GX Lifepo4 Battery values


I got 2 5kwh lifepo4 batteries and at the moment I am struggeling with translation of values names inside of batteries manual and victron value names.

Those values are inside of the battery manual:

1. Overvoltage disconnect voltage -----57.6V

2. Charging limit voltage ----58.4V

3. Overvoltage reconnect voltage -----53.5V

4. Balanced charging voltage -----56V

5. Increase the charging voltage

6. Float charging voltage -----54.0V

7. Boost reconnects charging voltage

8. Low voltage reconnect voltage -----48V

9. Low voltage warning Reconnect the voltage -----48V

10. Low voltage warning voltage -----45V

11. Low voltage disconnect voltage -----43.2V

12. Discharge limit voltage -----40V

Can you help me which values I should enter in VEconfigure with ESS to which victron field?

Thanks in advance.

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how do i use ve configure with a mac?

i am trying to connect to a multiplus to use ve config tools using a mac(not windows) i have downloaded wine bottler and have the software installed and it seems to run fine but when i try to connect using auto detect it cannot connect? any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers, stuart

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Configure two Multiplus-II as one Quattro-II to use generator backup function


Can two Multiplus-II 's be configured as one Quattro-II, so I can use the ACin1 generator input and ACin2 for grid input, during the winter?

At the moment I use two Multiplus-II 's in a "2-phase 120" ESS system with one Cerbo, with a battery system (3x US5000 Pylontech). That way both Multi's can fully feed back to the grid in the summer when there is a lot of solar energy and the battery is 100% charged. This works great.

In the winter I want to use a 230Vac generator to charge my battery via one AC input while the other AC input stays on the grid of the system. Can I configure the system as one Quattro-II in the winter?


So I then have a "Summer" and a "Winter" setup.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks ,Theo

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Victron Phoenix inverter 24/1200 with Ve.Direct to Generic Venus Device how to change lower Voltage cut off.

Dear All ,

As far as I understand there is a way to change the inverter lower cut-off values for battery voltage.

when I installed the Inverter I didn't change any of the default settings ( I think, I couldn't get the software to work on my pc ), and now I have an issue with the Inverter not working under 24V when the battery bank gets drained under 24V

The main question is, IF I can change the setting for the lower cut off value from my raspberry pi running the official Generic Venus Device image and uploading data to the vrm of Victron.

and this preferably to be done remotely since I can't physically get to it.

Thank you in advance

The harvester.

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VE Configure multiplus avec des batteries SuperPack Victron


Je souhaiterai connaitre quelle type de batterie je dois sélectionner dans VE configure au niveau de l'onglet "chargeur" pour des batteries Victron SuperPack Lithium 12,8 v 100 Ah.

Faut-il sélectionner "Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries" ou bien "Victron Smart Lithium batteries, i.c.w. with VE.Bus BMS" ?

Merci pour votre aide sur le sujet.

Bien cordialement.

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Configuring a Three Phase

We have connected a three phase 5KVA multiplus-II system.

the inverters are updated, now we want to configure them, we doing so without wiring the AC in but with the 480V battery wired up.

when we switch on the first one its ok but when the second one is switched on it starts beeping and the "absorption LED" lights up same with the third inverter, and we get error code 3.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

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Macbook, parallels MK3 USB driver not available

I have a new 2021 M1 Macbook, running Windows 11 on Parallels.

I need to add a PV inverter assistant to a three phase Multiplus system.

The MK3 USB connected seemlessly with Victron Connect in Apple but no matter what I have tried I cannot get the MK3 USB to be recognised - "Driver is unavailable" by Windows or Ve configure tools.

I have have read numerous community posts and searched Victron information manuals, reinstalled the configure tools, rebooted, updated, set the USB drive, tried through VE Configure 3, tried numerous ports, tried through apple terminal, tried through windows many times and no luck.

The VE config says use the "found new hardware" assistant to specify the location but I can't find such an assitant any where.

How do I get the driver and MK3USB recognised ?????

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Is it normal for multiplus-II to Beep in the Absorption stage

Is it normal for a 3 phase multiplus-II (specifically the second and third) device to start giving a beeping sound while charging in the absorption stage with only the DC IN acting as the input and that the sound stops during the float stage?


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1 Answer

Beeping Multiplus-II (Three phase)

Can someone assist me please.

i have a 3phase connected, they all have been updated to the latest software. I'm using a Freedom Won 480V battery and the ACIN is not connected. However when i switch them on the the following happens:

First inverter- it switches on indicates inverter on, float, low battery, absorption and bulk LED switches on

Second inverter- it indicates the inverter is on and absorption LED then after a couple seconds it starts to beep

Third Inverter- it does the same as the second inverter

If anyone can any assistance and guidance would be recommended.


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Flooded lead acid battery bank rose to 44c while charging. VE Config not saving temp compensation.

Yikes! That's hot. Is this something I should worry about? The room the batteries are in also houses our generator (extremely well ventilated building an forced commercial fan air circulation on at all times while the generator is running). So when we charge, the room heats up because of the heat from the generator running.

Is this kind of a temp nothing to worry about?

I have a 24v bank of twelve Rolls fla's: 6v 235ah batteries wired in 3 sets of 4 in series and then those 3 sets wired in parallel to make a bank of 24v 705ah. I have tried to change the temperature compensation in the VE Configure to be the -48mv/deg that the batteries require but VE Config will not allow the change to be saved for some reason. Not sure what I'm doing wrong!

I was able to change it in Victron Connect bluetooth app though... is that enough?

Thanks Community


This was the temp in the room as the charge began:


This is what the room temp rose to:


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Configuring Multiplus II for 48v LiFePo4 Home

Hello all,

My configuration, 2 months old:

4.4kWp PV modules

Multiplus II 48V 3000VA

Smartsolar MPPT 450/100

16xLifepo4 3.2V 280 Ah (only 15 connected now as one pole needs maintenance)

Minerals BMS + Active Equalizer

No Cerbo / Venus

Using the grid only as a backup when the batteries are empty, and not feeding energy to it.

My supplier doesn't have the knowledge to configure correctly the Multiplus in order to set the right priorities for the house loads:

1 From DC storage / solar production

2 When batteries are below 44.3V (15S), switch to grid Passthrough

3 When batteries get charged again above 46V, switch back to DC.

Here is the Ve Config 3 File: conf_15s

We tried with the Virtual Switch, but seems to me that this DC input low shut-down parameter is interfering with it. Making some tests, opening the DC breaker, the Multi doesn't switch towards the grid, and only shutdowns...


Thank you very much in advance,


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