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Power Control en configuration à distance

Bonsoir a tous

je souhaiterais activer la fonction Power Control sur Mon MP2 , mais je suis en configuration a distance avec veconfig et un cerbo GX.

comment puis-je faire pour activer et paramétrer le Power Control ?

lex33 asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Cannot upload a Configuration file through Remote VE

I am attempting to make changes to my MultiPlus through Remote VE Config. I can download the file and it open in VE Config 3 on my windows PC. After changing the settings I close the file per the instructions.


When I close the file I get the following message:


When I click yes I get:


I have also tried to save the file and upload


But get the same error message.

jdawson asked
Matthias Lange - DE commented ·

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Phoenix 24/5000 firmware upgraded to v502, now unable to connect via veConfig/MK3...

Hi All,

I got a third inverter (Phoenix 24/5000), so I updated all the Phoenix 24/5000 inverters to firmware v502 and need to get them working in parallel mode again. Neither veConfig, nor VE.Bus Quick Configure can connect via the MK3/USB dongle anymore. So, I am stuck with three units that only work stand-alone :(

In the VRM portal, all looks good:


Is there any other software/firmware needed now? Any suggestions will be very welcome.

raymond asked
raymond answered ·

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Multiplus reboots after remote VE config

Good day,

I have a Multiplus ii 48/5000 230V, with a Cerbo GX and a 5Kw LFP battery running ESS.

I have recently upgraded the Multiplus firmware from V497 to V502 in an attempt to hope this will fix Eskom brown out issues when the grid is failiing.

After the update I've reconfigured the Multiplus using remote VEConfigure, and noted the multiplus reboots itself when the config file is uploaded, dropping everything on AC1.

This did not happen on the previous firmware version V497 and would update without any reboots.

Any advice on why this would happen?

werner567 asked
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Victron Multiplus II 3000/48V enable L2 when inverting

Is there possibility to enable L2 while inverting? I've read documentation and it states that L2 line is only enabled when onshore power is present.

I apologize, I am newbie. I have large bank and I want utilize both L1 and L2.

I assume there must be a configuration setting in VEConfig app.


tom-brzeski asked
Mike Dorsett answered ·

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What does "Max AC current 100% of INom" stand for in the VE configure?


what does "Max AC current 100% of INom" stand for in the VE configure?


Missing information in the help system.

Maybe someone has detailed information on this.

Sunny regards


Thomas asked
therealkasumi commented ·

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how do i use ve configure with a mac?

i am trying to connect to a multiplus to use ve config tools using a mac(not windows) i have downloaded wine bottler and have the software installed and it seems to run fine but when i try to connect using auto detect it cannot connect? any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers, stuart

stuart asked
celts88 commented ·

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VE.Bus Error: Error 7 - EasySolar II GX

My system consists of a EasySolar-II-GX-24/3000/70 with a LiFePO4 Smart 25,6V 200Ah and a VE.Bus BMS V2.

After powering up, I get error message "VE.Bus System [275] - VE.Bus Error: VE.Bus Error 7"

Q1. In article VE.bus firmware I read assistants should not be necessary anymore. The article is already from 2015 and I bought the EasySolar last year. So how to solve this error?

Q2. I want to setup the system as ESS, so do I need to use the Windows VEConfigure software of can I do it differently?

Q3. In the VEConfigure video a VE-USB M3 interface. But the EasySolar-II-GX already has a USB port. Is that a different port and not usable for upgrading the firmware?

Bert Hennephof asked
cross-entropy commented ·

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Charging Voltage and Current Settings - Mixed Batteries

I have a Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100 Inverter; two SmartSolar MPPT RS 450|100 Charge Controllers and Cerbo GX which I was using with a Wakatek 48V 300AH LFP battery pack which does not have any communication cable. I have DVCC enabled with max charge voltage 55.8V / max charge current 75A per Wakatek supplier requirement. For each charge controller, VictronConnect was also used to set absorption voltage / float voltage /max charge current at 55.8V/55.5V/75A. VEConfigure was also used to make the same settings on the Quattro. Worked fine.

Now I have just added two parallel Felicitysolar 48V 200AH battery packs model numer LPBF48200-N in parallel to the existing Wakatek 48V 300AH battery pack. The installer has changed the DVCC settings to max charge voltage 55.8V / max charge current 136A. Based on my current solar panels capacity (6.55KW of CanadianSolar panels) I can't generate more than about 136A. (I will soon add another 3.3KW of solar panels). But the Felicitysolar battery pack datasheet calls for 57.6V absorption and 57.6V float settings.

My questions:

1. Are these settings correct / optimal?

2. Does the charge controller setting in VictronConnect for max charge current apply to each charge controller or to the batteries on the DC busbar? For example, if each of the two charge controllers is set at max charge current of 75A, does that represent a max charge current of 150A to the batteries or still a max charge current of 75A to the batteries on the busbar? Just want to be sure.

3. Is it okay to continue to operate the Wakatek battery pack along with the Felicitysolar battery packs?

rotevery asked
snoobler answered ·

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Programming Multiplus to auto switch between battery battery and shore power.

Can the Multiplus 24/3000 120v be programmed to automatically switch between battery power and shore power at a specific daily time schedule? For instance, switching from battery power during the day to shore power at night.

sbruno asked
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Why wont my unit show as blue when i click on L1/AC1 tile?

I have 2 24/5000 Quattros in parallel on boat . I am trying to split them out so I can set up one from shore power as a charge only and the other to invert for ac loads. I have done this before without prob but now when I try to reconfigure the slave unit as a charge only with VEconfig app I have problem. I am able to connect but when I click on the L1/AC1 tile the unit comes up as gray vice blue and when I right click on the gray unit to see the drop down there is no option for VEconfigure multi. I have been thru the tutorial. and tried switching cables but no luck . I have now set it back to Master-Slave set up and the cable works fine and master-slave units both come up as Blue when I click the tiles. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

guym asked
Alexandra answered ·

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Can i download Remote VeConfigure files and duplicate them for other installs?


So if i have installed a complete working system with a Multi2 48/5000 (with ESS assistant) Cerbo Gx and Pylontech batteries, and i would want to build the exact same system setup could i just download the Remote VeConfigure files and simple copy them to the new Multi2 and Cerbo GX?

Maybe this is a stupid question and i know that connecting the MK3 to the Multi2 isn't that much work but i was just wondering if this would be possible..


mrsteve asked
Jons Collasius answered ·

1 Answer

Virtual switch versus assistants

Hello everyone,

I've a question while using VEconfigure and configuring a Multi plus.

Why virtual switch and assistants.can't be used at the same time?

Technical restriction ? Software limitation ? what's the reason ?

Thank toy for our answers.

tronegeden asked
Jons Collasius edited ·

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How do I reset a MultiPlus to factory default settings?

Brand new Multi. Was changing some settings (as per my dealer's recommendation) with VEConfig. The laptop I was using died partway through transmitting the changes back to the Multi, and now the Multi gives error light only.

I'm charging my laptop offsite right now. When I get back (with a 100% charged laptop!), I will try VEConfig again, but in anticipation of difficulties, I'd like to find out if there is a way to get the Multi back to factory settings. Unfortunately I do not have a saved copy of my settings from VEConfig.

Thanks for any suggestions!

frost asked
dcsonka answered ·

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Puzzled: What's the right way to setup a MultiPlus-II on ESS?

According to the ESS design and installation manual, in order to set up Multiplus-II for ESS, I have to use VEConfigure. Which I thought it has been replaced my VictronConnect. But you can't use VictronConnect to configure the grid country code. So I guess I will have to use VEConfigure then, right?

So, what are the settings that CANNOT be adjusted through VictronConnect or through a GX device or even through the VRM? Because all recent tutorials or training material focus on GX and VictronConnect and then occasionally shoot a VEConfigure screenshot, which is getting into my nerves.

Thanx for any insights.

thanar asked
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