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VEConfig "Internal error occurred" when setting up assistant.

Hi All

I get the error "Internal error occurred! Please contact Victron Energy" when I am setting up an assistant in VEConfig. I am able to do firmware updates and all other settings but not the assistants. This happens whether I am using a mk3 or through VRM remote VEConfigure.

Also each time I open VEConfigurator3 it updates the assistants.

The issue started when I had updated the first inverter to 489, after the update it had to update the mk3 and VEConfig. Since then I am unable to load assistants on any inverter. Same happens with inverters on 490 and older versions as well.

I have uninstalled, redownloaded and reinstalled VE Configuration tools but still have the same issue...

Hope someone can help.


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VE Config III User Defined Battery Type Problem

Sadly this App does not have settings for Victron Lead Carbon Batteries.

System is Easysolar 24/1600/40, 4xVictron 12V 106Ah lead carbon, BMV712, Victron Battery Balancer. PC is running Win 10.

Problem has been present since installation, over 12 months ago.

I've been entering values manually in the app based on the datasheet (guessing the temp compensation :-( ) manually, but decided to create a user defined battery type.

So as per the help, I created a new definition. According to the help it is supposed to take the manually input parameters and create a new named definition. Battery type setting remains 'No corresponding default'. But the new type appears in the list.

So far so good.

Selecting the new type causes a pile of errors come up (almost too fast to read), and all the manually input settings are lost. My system is 24V, Absorption/float voltage are set to 24V, not the 28.2 I entered, temp compensation is lost etc. One error I could read was that absorption must be higher than float, which it was already.

I've tried this a few times, same behaviour every time. DVCC was set off, setting it on did not affect this problem.

Including the app hanging frequently.

Can someone can point me to what I'm doing wrong


1 - Lead carbon should be there already.

2 - User defined types not working.

3 - App hangs fetching data from the system. (seems to clear by clicking the X in fetch window. At this point Win Task manager is showing 0CPU for the app.

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VE Configure Warning!

Just connected to my Easysolar with the mk3 interface.

Was offered a software update for configure and accepted. Installed. Connected again and it wanted to update the MK3 as well. Accepted.

VE Configure retrieves the readings as expected. But will go no further. Locked on general tab. Does not respond to keyboard, mouse. Had to use Win10 task manager to close the program

Suggest you do not update!

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VE. Configure "External current sensor connected"

When entering the VE. Configure the multiplus II on the first sheet there is a field called "External current sensor connected" which does not say anything in the help and I do not know when it is activated and when not, nor do I know if it refers to an external meter type EM-112 or the transformer connected to the "current sensor" port of the multiplus, any information about this field?

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Venus GX (Cerbo) configuration - import/Upload to multiple system production line!

We have a contract to build a large number of off-grid systems (all Victron products) rolling out well in excess of 100 systems over the next few months. The systems are identical. We use VE.Config to set up the Multis but the Cerbo setup has to be done manually via a T50. It's slow and tedious with various parameters/settings needing input into each system. Is there a way or could there be a way to upload a Venus OS config to the Cerbo to speed up the process? (how about an OS.Config/OS.Config Remote via VRM App!). @mvader (Victron Energy)

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Latest VE.Configure failure/bug??? when using Remote VEConfigure.

When attempting to use Remote VE.Configure (90.04.228), at the point when we update/load Assistants we get the following message: "Internal Error Occurred - Please Contact Victron Energy"

We're unable to use the program. Would the previous version be available to download anywhere? We have 30 sites to update remotely so would appreciate any advice/help - thanks

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MP2 VE Configure Erdungsrelais ist ausgegraut

Hallo an Alle,

bei mir ist im VE Config 3 der Punkt Erdungsrelais ausgegraut. Wieso ist das so?

Danke und gute Nacht

Helmut :-)

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Victron Phoenix Multiplus 12/3000/120 Setup.

Victron Energy Phoenix Multiplus 12V/3000VA/120A, V.E. Bus Multi Controller, Victron Battery Monitor.

I would be grateful for advice regarding setup because according to Victron

All DIP switches are OFF position; does this indicate system has been configured using V.E. Bus ?

My Laptop has a LAN Cable connection; will a Lan Cable be sufficient to communicate with Multiplus or will I require additional interface?

Regards and Thanks


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Getting error: "You can upload only a single .rvsc or .rvms file"

Dear Victron community,

Since this week I get an error when trying to upload a file via the VRM environment. I have done this many times before and did not get this error.

I have read this posting with the same error, but I always already downloaded the files from the VRM to my computer first. (and yes, watched the video) Then I adjust the rvms file via the VE Bus configurator in the VE Configure 3 for each of the 3 phases. Close the program/save the changes. And then use that RVMS file for upload again. However I now get this error a couple of times:


What can I do to solve this as it worked before?

Side notes: both the VE bus config and config 3 are up to date.

In VE config 3 there were updates for the ESS assistant. I have tried to upload the file with and without that ESS updates. (for all three phases)

Thank you for your help.

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Three phase Quattro 10K 208V/120V system does not use the full capabilities of a generator

Three phase Quattro 10K 208V/120V system does not use the full capabilities of a 100KW three phase generator.

We have SIX (6) Quattro configured with 9 SmartSolar MPPT and a large 1400Ah battery with REC-BMS. The system is configured to use Gird in AC-IN-2 and Generator in AC-IN-1. We also have ESS configured.

In the VE Configure 3 software the AC1 and AC2 inputs are configured to its maximum of 100A. Each Quattro has a 100A breaker going into a 3 phase load center, and the Generator feeds this load center with up to 277A per phase.

Having 2 Quattros per phase should allow me to feed in from the generator 95A per Quattro. But the system is doing a max of 100A total, I thought that the VE Configure 3 tool was configuring each individual Quattro and not the whole system.

How can I get my system to use the most out of the generator?


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Can I change the Quattro AC OUT 2 Time delay?

Is it possible to change the delay which it takes for AC out 2 to go live?

I have contactors which are being driven by AC OUT 2, but when the grid or generator input is live (after a mains failure or return) it takes around 2 and a half minutes for AC2 to go live, and hence close the contactors... Is there any way to change this to 30 seconds for instance?

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How to turn on search mode?

I would like to put my 12/3000/120 Multiplus inverter charger into search mode. The handbook says this can be done using free software and a computer, but it also states that 'Settings may only be changed by a qualified electrical engineer' and warns that the program is not designed to be used by owners/users. This sounds a bit scary, like I risk really messing things up if I try and do it myself. Can anyone advise?

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Differences VictronConnect and VEconfigure3

I am configuring a Multiplus II.

VEconfigure3 allows me to load assistants when virtual switches are not used.
It is clearly stated in a popup note from VEconfigure3 that enabling the virtual switches and therefore the AC input control disables the assistants and vice-versa.

VictronConnect does not have a section for configuring assistants and allows to configure AC input control, even after loading the ESS assistant with VEconfigure3.

It seems that the two programs are currently not consistent?
It seems that VEconfigure3 should be used for the Multiplus configuration with assistants?

Some more background:
I wanted to configure under Linux.
VEconfigure3 is available only under Windows, while VictronConnect has a build for Linux.
Anyway, there seems to be some problem with VictronConnect under Linux. With Manjaro Linux installed on a newer Hardware, VictronConnect detects the Multiplus connected over the USB-MK3 interface. With the same version of Manjaro Linux installed on an older laptop, VictronConnect does not detect the Multiplus connected over the USB-MK3 interface. There is no problem with the detection of the Multiplus under Windows though (it is a dual boot system).

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Battery Monitor Multiplus II/48_10000


Just a basic question, because Pylontech batteries use their own BMS through the CCGX system to control charge parameters does that mean that the ENABLE BATTERY MONITOR settings tab when in VE Config can be left blank (IE) unticked? The system has an AC coupled Fronius Primo, system is offgrid using the Inverter Assistant installed for the frequency shifting..


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VE.CAN BMS connection and VE.CAN MPPT charge controller error #68 LV-HUB ESS


Currently perform an installation with 3 SmartSolar charge controllers 250-85 MPPT with VE.Direct and VE.CAN ports, in order to get the best efficiency and synchronization they are connected in a chain as indicated in the following image.

Victron clearly indicates that the two communication cables VE.DIRECT and VE.CAN cannot be connected to the CCGX.


Information: When connecting the controllers in cascade and connecting it to the CCGX, the charge controller does not appear on the display, the configuration of the CCGX is changed as indicated in the manual and the charge controller does not appear, but the VE.CAN of the CCGX and connect the VE.DIRECT cable appears right away.

The following image is the communication that the MPPT must have in cascade to the CCGX, according to the user manual.



Also to this is added that the installation has Pylontech US3000 Lithium batteries. Victron recommends using "type B cable" to communicate with the battery bank in the CCGX through the CAN port. The 500kbit / s communication is used and it works correctly, but how can both devices work on the CAN communication port with the lithium battery and the VE.CAN MPPT charge controller (daisy-chained) if they both work at different speeds of communication?

There is also the error # 68 "misconfigured network"

This installation has the ESS system loaded as indicated by the Victron configuration:


A battery controller was connected to this HUB-LV installation to increase the battery bank, it mainly had 8 batteries and now the battery bank is 16, we divided the bank 4 batteries to connect the HUB-LV, but the status LED it constantly palpates red, we do not know the problem, since it was connected in the same way as indicated in the following diagram. Will the battery controller firmware update be missing?

All drivers are updated and configured the same

Charge controller version: v3.05

Bootloader: v1.07

The inverter of this system is a 15kVA inverter

Greetings, looking forward to contributing together.

User Manual Charge Controller 250-85 VE.CAN : MPPT solar charger manual (

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batt Capacity added - ESS reconfigure needed


I have a question about the ESS config.

At this moment I have 2 Victrons multiplus-2. They are managed bij Victron cerbo.

The battery is based on BYD Premium LVS 4.0.

For the configuration, I follow the Victron BYD documentation (

When I started with this setup, I had only one battery unit. So, the batt capacity was set 78Ah within the ESS config.

Later on, I added a batt module to increase the capacity. But I didn’t update the ESS config with VEConfig utility.

The Cerbo reports that 2 batt modules are installed. And the total capacity is correct.

Is it really necessary to change de ESS config? This gives a downtime.

The batt is charged with MTTP that also managed by Cerbo.


Config ESS -> one batt module


current config with 2 batt modules


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VEconfigure Range check error

Using VEconfigure and the MK3 attempting to connect to Multiplus 3000 I occasionally see a "Range check error" window appear and the connection attempt fails. What is "Range check error"?


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how do i use ve configure with a mac?

i am trying to connect to a multiplus to use ve config tools using a mac(not windows) i have downloaded wine bottler and have the software installed and it seems to run fine but when i try to connect using auto detect it cannot connect? any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers, stuart

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Setting depth of discharge to only use 40%

Depth of discharge for a Multiplus ll GX 5kva

We have recently installed a Victron system but we would like the system only to use 40% of the battery capacity and to charge it using the grid, there are 2 X 4.8kwh pylontectech lithium batteries installed with 8 X 540W JA Solar panels with a 150/85 Mppt.2021-07-07 at 15.21.02.jpeg

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How to view Ripple in a Quattro using VEConfigure 3

Hello, As the title says, how do I use VEConfigure 3 to view ripple. Whenever I connect to the Quattro over VEConfigure 3 the load is turned off.

This is taken from Victron Unlimited:



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Help with Victron Configure Charger Settings

Multiplus C

currently going thru my config of the Multiplus Compact (24/1600).

I already adjusted some settings with help from a distributor, but I'm not happy as there are some unclear values, which I'd be happy to understand.

I plan to charge my LiFePo4 when connected to shore. That can be one day, or 1-2 weeks.

My idea is I don't need to charge to the extreme, as I am on 230V anyway in the charging situation.

Thus, my charging voltage settings are quite low.

LiFePo4 Balancing starts at 27.2 (3.4) end ends at 28.8V (3.6)

My Multiplus Compact float is currently set to 26.4 and absorption to 27.6V.

In The Victron Configure Software, there are some details I don't understand:

Talking about these points:

Charger Settings

4) Lithium.

It seems, when I check this option, I don't have possibilities to adjust the absorption/float voltages, it's greyed out?

I'd like to use Lithium settings, but still adjust voltage values, for me the values are too high, my battery manufacturer suggests to set it lower.

So currently I've unchecked Lithium and adjusted manually.

Not sure if the resulting charge curve is good for LiFEPo4. In my understanding, especially after the absorption is done, it shouldn't hold the voltage any more to protect the LiFePo4 cells from overloading.

So would a "fixed curve" make sense, or what?

5) Storage Mode

How much will the voltage be reduced below float value? I find no values or percentage given in the manual. is there a storage mode for the Multiplus C at all?

11)Battery Type

My battery is a self built 2p8s LiFePo4 220Ah 24V,

So should anything specific be set here at all?

Again: the voltages which are preset for the Lithium mode are too high.

12) Absorption Time

I don t get it. Why will it be limited? Is it the time it stays on full voltage after that voltage has been reached?

Or is it the Time it charges with the Absorption Value, and after this time it goes to Float, even if battery is not full?

If so, where do I set the time it stays on full voltage after it is reached?

Currently set to 1h

13) Repeated absorption interval

I don't get this neither. Why is the loading dependent on an interval, and not on the "Full" status of the LiFePo4 pack?

e.g., the MPPT Smartsolar will load the LifePo4 till it reached the voltage , and eventually swith to float.

So how is this interval setting understood, related to the default loading whenever the battery is not in float or storage mode?

Currently set to 7d

14) Max Absorption Time.

I don't understand. Can u explain?

Currently set to 1h

Explanation to any of these setting values is highly appreciated !


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Wired / on-site VEConfigure via Cerbo GX without MK3-USB

I am using MultiPlus-II controlled by Cerbo GX. I would like to try the "Dynamic current limiter" and "Weak AC" settings as my generator does not produce very stable voltage (it fluctuates sharply in the 220–230V range). These settings do not seem to be available via the GX LAN Remote Console so I would like to leverage VEConfigure on-site (I do not want to use any remote tools).

I have checked the requirements for wired connection:

It appears that I need an MK3-USB dongle.

  1. Cerbo GX and MultiPlus-II have two VE.Bus sockets each. They are connected together using one, so there is one left on each side. Should I plug the dongle into the GX or into the inverter directly?

  2. Cannot the GX USB ports be used instead, without an MK3-USB dongle? Does not Cerbo GX work as a dongle itself?

Thanks in advance!

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Victonconnect breaking VEConfigure 3?

It appears that after I connect to a device with Victronconnect, I can no longer reach it using VEConfigure. I just bench tested with a multi and it worked fine with VEConfigure 3, then I connected to it with Victronconnect and now when I tried with VEConfigure or VE.Bus System Configure, I just get the endless dots, then the 'help with connections' message. But I can't reach the multiplus anymore.

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VE Config -PV power info with 2 arrays

Hi there,

Am I right in saying that the settings in this screen will effect how the BMS systems controls the charging of the batteries?



At the moment i have a Fronius 8.2-1 installed with 2 arrays (east and west facing). Each array is 6000w, so it is within the 150% PV over-sizing of the Fronius specifications. The system is setup to do zero feed in to the grid.

The plan is to add a Multiplus ii 48/8000 or 10 000 unit (when they are available in South Africa) to the system with a 16kwh Blue Nova battery. (plus Cerbo GX and what else is needed)

The installed PV inverter power will be 8200w (unit rating)

My question one is this:

What should i make the total installed PV panel power? 6000W or 12 000W

There is no setting or option in these settings that caters for twin array systems (that i could see)

The only time during the year that this system might be able to produce 12kwh is in the middle of Summer at midday, the rest of the time it should be much lower.

Question 2:

Once i do this installation, should (can) I limit the production power of the Fronius to eg. 8200W?

I don't know what will happen if the loads in the house are low and it is a really good production day for the PV. Will all the extra power be pushed into my battery or can you restrict the amount of charge current from the PV to the battery in these conditions. (PV will be connected to the AC-1 output of the Multiplus)

Thank you,


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Reset multi to factory or modified settings

I have had an issue with the SOC algorithm and voltage readings. After research on this forum I determined that it was a problem with the voltage measurement difference between the smart solar and multi. I got my SOC back up to 100% by increasing the absorption voltage to 59v from 57.6v. I didn't want to leave it this high so set about reducing the absorption voltage in the multi remotely (I do not have computer access where my solar is). So far, I have reduced the voltage down to 54v and the multi is still not recognising when the smart solar switches from bulk to absorption. I reduced the voltage again and now the multi will not start up, flashing low battery and then overload in quick succession and then switching off. Nothing else has changed in the set up which was working well for a month, SOC aside. I am assuming I have lowered the absorption and float charge voltage too low and it has interfered with another setting. Can I access the multi remotely with veconfigure even when it is off or do I need to buy a Mk3 to configure it directly? I'd prefer to avoid the $100 cost if possible...

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Setting up assistants in VE Configure


I have installed a grid-connected PV system (but not feeding back in to the grid), with battery storage and ESS, for a mix of back-up and self-consumption.

I am using multiple instances of the Programmable Relay Assistant to control water heating via the MultiPlus' secondary programmable relay K1, by:

  • turning it on when insolation rises to a certain level (measured via a small PV panel's output current feeding a Schmidt trigger, which in turn drives a MultiPlus Aux input) AND AC load below a certain level AND SOC above a certain level, and
  • turning it off when any one of the three parameters reverses to a lower / higher value (i.e. with hysteresis).

One particular question is about AND / OR logic - it appears to me that:

  1. when more than one condition is set in the one assistant, then it uses AND logic, and
  2. to implement OR logic, it is necessary to use multiple instances, each with one condition.

Can anyone confirm from experience or product info', that these are correct?

I understand that the order the Assistants are listed in, in VE Configure, affects how they operate, and that those lower in the list 'override' those higher in the list. I found that my system works approximately as I want when the 'switch on' Assistant is at the top of the list. If I move it to the bottom of the list however, then the K1 relay appears to remain on permanently, irrespective of inputs, and I don't know why that should be.

I'd be grateful for any more specific / exact information about how the ordering of the Assistants functions.

When I tested control using either one of the Aux 1 input or AC load (one at a time only), they behaved perfectly, including with the delay times. However, when I combined the two in one 'turn-on' Assistant, it then appeared to ignore the delay times, and switch on instantly when both conditions were met. Any ideas about what might have caused that?

Finally, with all three inputs combined in one 'turn-on' assistant, with 'AC load lower than 1250W', I had it switching on when AC load was still around 2500W, so either it is not actually AND-ing the inputs, or the parameter is not working correctly.

Does anyone have information about exactly what the 'AC load' parameter reads?

Thanks in advance!

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VEConfigure Compatible with What?

I've got a cerboGX, Multiplus 48/5000/70, and SmartSolar 250/100

Can I configure my system via the software, VE Configure? (The first page of the manual makes it sound like the program is only compatible with certain Phoenix inverters and nothing else). If so, what accessory cable do I need to connect to my laptop if I want to do everything without internet access or bluetooth?

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can i configure my old dual Pheonix Multiplus 24/3000/70 inverter charger to charge Lithium Battery

Hi Newbie to this and forums in general.

I have an old generation Phoenix Multiplus 24/3000/70 dual or daisy chained charger inverter system on our boat. We have used it with 10x250AH lead acid batteries configured for 24VDC. I want to change these for lithium and want to know if i can get the inverter charger programmed to charge the lithium batteries. I am also looking at purchasing an electrodacus SMS0 in support of it if that helps in answering the question?



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How to configure, control, and monitor Victron equipment?

Is this a reasonable graphic showing how to configure, control, and monitor Victron equipment?

Victron Configuration, Control, Monitoring Logic.pdf

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Settings for Fusion Batteries?

I've got a 24V set of Fusion Traction for a my offgrid house in WA

7PzB525H Lead Acid 2v

I understand its a 27V float

What about Absorption, max Time, Equalization

My understanding is these batteries require no top up even though the cap comes off??

Am trying to get a hold of Fusion directly, but there is no answer and the email doesn't work

Are they still operating

Many thanks

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