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BYD Battery High Voltage Alarm

High Voltage Warning in OFF GRID SYSTEM;

BYD Batteries 3x LVL 4.0 connected to Multiplus 2 with Fronius Primo 4.0 AC coupled and MPPT150/35 DC coupled.

I talked to Guy Stewart about this problem at the recent All Energy in Melbourne. He advised to make some changes in the DVCC settings. Enable “Limit managed battery charge voltage” and set the max. charge voltage to 55V. Watch it for a week or so and if the alarm does not occur change it back to OFF.

Had it set for almost 2 weeks. No alarm. Turned it back OFF and a day later the high voltage alarm occurred again.

I just changed it again.

Does anybody in the community has experienced the same Problem?

Does anybody has another remedy?

Many thanks in advance.

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Pylontech with MPPT and Phoenix Inverter possible?

I would like to install some solar panels on the roof of my garage. They collect power throuhout the day, and I can charge my electric car during the night. In case the stationary battery is empty it switches to grid power. Charge power will be 2kW only.

Please see this plan for details:

Is it better to use a Multiplus here? Can I limit the charge power to 1 A and switch to grid also if the battery runs low?

According to the comments on this page a pure Phoenix inverter is not working here?


Thank you very much for your comments!

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Is it possible to use Pylontech batteries with mppt + venus + phoenix inverter for an offgrid application?

Is it possible to use Pylontech batteries with mppt + venusGX + phoenix inverter for an offgrid application?

Do I need to use a multiplus instead?

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Using ESS off grid without a generator but with Solar PV

Hi All,

I've seen the ESS manual where it says not to use offgrid/intentional islanding but not sure I fully understand why. My use case is :

  • ESS system with Quattro (sized to handle all house loads), batteries sized to run house loads for >24 hours.
  • On a cheap rate tariff (6 hours overnight) - plenty of time to fully charge batteries - uses ESS scheduled charging.
  • System also has Solar PV and I have an automation to estimate to what SoC batteries need to be charged overnight so that they shouldn't reach 100% during the following day. Uses ESS settings to control overnight charging level.
  • No generator
  • I want to run on-grid for the scheduled charge window, then off-grid during the day until the next scheduled charging window. Thus I can guarantee that when the inverter is running it is not connected to the grid (and absolutely guarantee that there is zero feed-in to the Grid).

I could just physically cut the AC1 IN via the isolator but I don't want to get up at silly-o-clock! From what I read elsewhere this might be possible using a flag and generator options but comments mostly seem to say don't since it it's not a supported combination with ESS.

Appreciate any comments/thoughts?


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Anyone uses SMA SB 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 AC-coupled OFFGRID ?


I'm wondering if the small SMA inverters supports the "OFF-Grid 50" country code. Unfortunately SMA support doesn't answer. I know SB 3.0 and above do, but the smaller ones are not listed. Does anyone know and uses one in an offgrid installation with multiplus/quattro/phoenix? How does it perform?

The "problem" with Fronius is that is has a relatively high nominal voltage and efficiency at lower workload/voltages is pretty bad. Although Fronius has a wider frequency bandwith I would prefer an SB 2.5 since my daily load is only between 250-1000W at most of the times.

Thank you very much!



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ESS failover - unexpected behaviour from multiple brief (instantaneous?) power failures?

HI All,

Last week my ESS system was installed (Quattro, Cerbo GX and batteries).

We often have short/instantaneous grid failures, and within the first week, during a storm, we had three such failures in about an hour in the middle of the night.

The first Grid failure also tripped my main Consumer unit RCD (30MA) which caused other complications (and an alarm which woke us a couple of hours later when a backup battery failed). Note that this historically would also occasionally occur pre ESS (with these sorts of power failures) but i had hoped that the ESS failover would have avoided the problem so not sure whether the ESS failover contributed or not.

I have not examined log files before but have noticed a few strange entries. The ESS was in a scheduled charge window (started at 23.31) so 'active' at the time of the grid failures. There are a couple of instances in the log where for no apparent reason this goes 'not active', the VE Bus state goes into 'passthro' , alarm relays appear to be triggered and some data fields are blank. There are also several minutes of log missing around the third power failure. Note that ethernet connectivity would have been lost after the first grid failure when the CU tripped.

Note:The Quattro is set to 230Vac (UK standard), but my house is the first feed from a substation/transformer and has a fairly steady 245Vac (this makes the failover times in the log obvious from the voltage) but also raises the question as to whether I should set this higher (240Vac?) to avoid such voltage drops to the house supply on fail over?

In the attached log file I have added comments/questions to the first column . Would appreciate knowing if this represents expected behaviour or whether there is a problem that should be reported please?

Screenshot of one instance of some errors:


Full log of events:


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Offgrid Solar System

Hello everyone, Please help me to select suitable Vectron products to fully off-grid solar solutions to achieve the following requirement. Peak power consumption 16kW. daily energy consumption is 145kWh. Day time -40kWh and night time 105kWh. waiting for your help.

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Using excess PV power after batteries are fully charged

Hi there,

I am looking for different options and solutions (I prefer smart solutions) to use excess PV power to mine crypto or to charge my EV (when the storage batteries are fully charged).

The inverters and systems that I'm looking for for my off-grid system are Victron Multiplus-II or Quattros.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Offgrid Location, Cerbo GX wifi doesn't reach dwelling.

I've included JPG & PDF diagramme of this configuration.

Offline System — Only 4G on Android.

We’d like to view voltage, charge, & current statistics in the dwelling on the Android.

VictronConnect sees Cerbo GX from dwelling when connected to AP1.

Bluetooth and Cerbo GX Wifi do not reach dwelling.

We can walk to the Cerbo GX, hot-spot in and see everything VRM.

Wifi bridge (AP1) won’t ‘include’ Internet hot-spot from Android or allow us to use hot-spot to establish AP1 network.

Don’t want to pay for extra satellite or 4G just to view battery charge and generation details at night or when weather is bad.

We have a networking guy, and the connection currently is proof-of-concept robust for wifi bridge; we can ping the Cerbo GX from the dwelling on a Linux terminal; we can change the configuration. Thought that someone could tell us which app we need to use to see our generation and battery charge connected directly to Cerbo GX without Internet. We can adjust the AP1 network to suit the client app and/or give us tips on configuring the Cerbo GX for this configuration.

It seems the apps only want to pick up this data via VRM over the Internet.



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Adding a 2nd battery to offgrid setup

At the moment I have a 24v x 600 a/h lead acid battery bank hooked up to a 24/3000 easysolar.

Its a solar offgrid, stand alone system.

No generator back up.

I have plenty of power and after 2 years of no power issues am considering adding a 2nd battery bank.

Only because I want to. I have a honey warming system that Id like to run from the 2nd battery bank.

Do I need the same battery size and style as the other?

Could I go for a smaller Nicad or Gel?

How should it be wired in?

Many thanks

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BlueSolar HUGE Drop in VBUS battery voltage on morning startup

2x Multi 3kw - 4x Pylon US2000 - Bluesolar and SmartSolar MPPTs - Off grid system.

This morning, from the logs, around PV wakeup time, the VBUS battery voltage dropped to 36.42v from a nominal 47v - SOC was good at 40%

BMS voltage was reporting good however, at around 48.5v

Minimal AC loads. cica 140w - which was consistant overnight.

VBUS voltage suddenly dropped then caused inverter to cut out as you would expect.

After a reset and time to recover - system appears to be working as expected.

What could cause the drop in VBUS battery ? - seems to align with the BlueSolarStartup which is a south facing array.

Possible signs of an early failiure ? or DC PV string issue ?

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Why does the grid set point let power in and out in an ESS system?

Hi all, I have an ESS system (Quattro, 20kwh batteries, Solar PV) and am trying to understand Grid setpoint and the quite large instantaneous fluctuations around it.

e.g when set to 20W, i'm seeing a range of 150W draw from grid to 100W feed in to grid (presumably driven by the variations in load and PV generation). I don't understand why these variations are so large.

Ideally I would like my grid setpoint to be 0 with little variation. If i set up in 'off-grid' mode then there would, by definition, be no draw or feed in from the grid (with the same loads and PV generation) so it is possible.

Does running off grid introduce inefficiencies in the system that the grid setpoint addresses/helps address when connected to grid?

Thanks, Colin

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Easysolar 48/3000 will this provide power when grid fails

Hi, about to make a purchase, but just wondering if this will provide power on the even of a grid failure ( purchasing batteries as well)

Or do I need to buy anything else ?

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I have 2 Quattro 5k Inverters want to share the load between inverters on a 240v circuit?

As the question asks, I have 2 Quattro inverters (5000w) that each take a phase to produce 240v. My only big consumer of power is a well pump that consumes 2100 watts (8 amps) when running. I know I could easily connect the pump on a 2-pole breaker on one phase, but I was curious about connecting the pump with a hot on each side (L1 & L2) So both inverters can share the load instead of one inverter taking the load whenever the pump starts.

Interested to hear what others have done With similar setups?

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Can I use excess power to heat water off grid?

I'm turning a truck into a campervan/housetruck, and since I have the roof space I would like to use excess solar to run a small hot water system. I have 12x200W (40V@5A) panels, and I'm thinking 24V to match the truck. The loads will total less than 3000VA because I'm willing to use one cooking appliance at a time (I have been doing this already as a test). I'd rather ask dumb questions of online forums than people trying to make a living selling solar setups, so here I am :)

I think I want something like this: either MPPT 150/100 (3s4p, 120V strings) or MPPT 250/100 (6s2p, 240V strings) feeding a Multiplus 24/3000/70 with a Color Control GX and BMV-702 battery monitor. In Australia a Sentry 24V/150AH is $4000 ($1.05/Wh, charge at 60A) while the Victron 24/200 is $6695 ($1.35/wh, charge at 100A) and I'm not keen on spending the extra $3000 if I don't have to. I don't need the extra storage, just the extra charge current acceptance.

Hot water can be either 240V AC or 24V DC, element changes are easy. And the thermostat will cut power when the tank is hot enough.

The question is how I get the power diversion to work. I'm told it can be done but I have been wandering round the Victron website feeling lost. Please advise.

Second question: if I want to limit charge current to 60A, can I use a MultiPlus 24/3000/70 rather than needing a 24/5000/100 and program it to limit the charge current?

thanks for any help

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