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Dual Victron inverter (15kW Quattro & 5 kW Multiplus) for on an off grid system with four BYD 15.4 LVL batteries, same battery bank, separate AC out

Dear Experts

I am trying to build an off grid system for Broadcast Critical infrastructure. The issue with standard installation approach is that it requires inverters to be daisy chain (like Master & Slave). In an event of Master inverter failure the AC output of slave inverter would also stop. I have experimented connecting 5 kW Multiplus through the USB port on cerbo GX via MK3 but that approach disconnects the Multiplus inverter from BYD BMS. So in case of battery internal fault Multiplus won't shutdown. Can you please suggest a way in which both inverters could operate independently with BYD LFP batteries without compromising the integrity of the overall system. The reason I want to operate inverters independently so that there is diverse power supply for the FM transmitters.

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Single line diagram review - EasySolar 5kVA / Pylontech BESS

Hello all,

I've been in solar for a good number of years but I am new to Victron and I love their gear already :-)

The attached SLD is for a 3.24kWp/28kWh off grid system with 7kVA genset.

I have used the EasySolar 5kVA model (MPPT 150/100)

The power system will be located in a shed which is 20m away from dwelling #3 and 35m away from dwelling #5. There will be MSB in the shed with feeders going to each dwelling.

The generator is Honda EU70 32A (petrol gene/inverter) with ATS. I also want to connect it with a bypass option.

Would appreciate any comments on my design. I am mainly looking for comments on the interface with the 28kWh Pylontech BESS, the transition from the EasySolar to the MSB and compatibility of the connections between the gene and the inverter and MSB.

Many thanks



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Please critique my proposed setup. Large schematic ahead... Cerbo GX, Touch 70, Smart Battery Protect 220, Lynx BMS, Lynx Distributor x 2, Quattro, Orion-Tr x 4, Smart100/50 x 5, Lithium 330ah x 3,

I used this schematic for inspiration:

Here is the PDF 2008 Leopard 40 SV COSMOS Electrical & Solar Upgrade 2021 (1).pdf

Boat is a 12m sailing catamaran with two engines. One alternator per engine. Ripping out current system of LG NeonR 360wp x 4 PV, 900ah Firefly Oasis AGM, Xantrex RV2012GS Inverter/Charger.

I have intentionally wired the alternators on circuits without a On/Off switch. Alternators wired directly to the starter batteries. Starter motors are wired through On/Off switches.

Lynx BMS shows ATC wire going to ignition. How do I handle for two engine setup? Is this needed? Do I wire to one or both?

Can I double stack MRBF on a single battery post?

Please critique the setup and tell me your thoughts. Is there a better way, simpler way, cheaper way, easier to install way?

I currently have a BMV-712 installed with temp sensor. It appears this function gets replaced by the Lynx BMS. I also have a spare BMV-712 new in the box. I was thinking about hooking them up to each engine start battery. My DC panel has a rotary switch and old analog voltage gauge for the start batteries. I plan to leave this installed as well. So the BMV-712's would be redundant. This is my first electrical drawing. Used which we use for website stuff already.


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Can someone help me finalize my system layout?


I bought an 1600w off-grid kit built on Victron components. I was told after I bought it that it was designed for an RV installation or cabin. And is designed to be set up for 24v. The company does not have any experience connecting to boat systems. Parts that came with the kit - 2 lynx distribution blocks, 1 MPPT 150/70, cerbo gx, lynx smart dongle, 2 multiplus 24/3000/70-50, 2 orion dc-dc, and a lot of fuses and circuit breakers.

I am using 4 LG 425w panels and 4 200a 12v dakota lithium batteries.

I assume I can remove all the original charging and inverter parts. And wire the shore power directly to the multiplus, then the ac and dc outputs would go to the boats ac and dc distribution blocks...?

I dont know if using it at 24v with 2 multiplus units is overkill. Or just set it up as 12v and use 1 multiplus. Any help would be appreciated

Knot Tide Down

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Proper System Dimensioning

This question maybe sounds completly foolish, but the more I read about the system dimensioning, the more I got confused. So I would like to ask this, probably simple, question.

What does the 5000 of the Quattro or Multiplus II actually mean?
I get that its 5000 VA, which breaks down to about 4000W (-20% from VA). But what does it actually refer to?

Does it mean that the AC-out can only provide 4000W output? Even when the grid is connected or the battery can sustain discharge of, lets say 8000W? Or does it mean it can only take in 4000W provided from a PV inverter which is AC-coupled to it? Maybe both?

Sorry for the dumb question....

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Product Selection

I would like to add 600 watts of solar and completely upgrade the charging system on a 45' sailboat , We currently have 3 12V AGM battery banks on board (210 AH for the bow thruster, 420 AH for the house, 105 AH for the engine ) We would like to build in the option to for a drop in upgrade to LiFePo4 for the house bank in the future

I am looking for an AC charger and solar controller that are able synchronize charging with each other and also a Wakespeed Ws500 regulator coupled to a 160 amp alternator .

Would I be correct in assuming that that I could use a Smart Solar 150/70 VE.Can MPPT controller and a Skylla 12/70 (3) charger to achieve this ?

I will also be adding a BMV-712 And an ARGOfet battery isolator to the system

assuming this is the correct setup would I need any other parts to make it all work together ?

Thanks for the help

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Advice for bush trailer DC charge system

I am planning to upgrade my dual battery charging system in my trailer, using a Orion, MPPT, IP65 AC DC and the BMV712 smart shunt units. However I am not sure if my setup as in the attachment is correct and I will appreciate any comments on this setup please.

Charging system for dual battery setup.pdf

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Can a Multiplus 24/5000 run a 2.2kW SCUBA compressor?

Hi all.

I'm currently designing a system for my sail boat that I would like to run a Bauer Junior II dive compressor (2.2kW) from a Multiplus 24/5000. My research so far has indicated that people typically spec a 8-9kW generator to handle the start up current of the compressor. In my case, I won't have any generator.

My research has dug up anecdotal evidence of a 5kW inverter (unknown brand) starting a Junior II with a smart softstart from Hyper Engineering. I'm hoping that Victron inverters, given their capability to do 200% for 30 cycles should be able to start the compressor without issue, however I'd like to be a little more certain before dropping the $$$.

Does anyone know of this being done successfully?

Could the MP 5k still start it, even if the ambient temperatures are a bit higher (40ºC)?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



@Botnic How is yours going?

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Pylontech and Victron (New Build) : Help Needed

Hello Everyone,

I have just joined this community so please bear with me.

I recently had a battery installed removed from my property as it did not do what i expected off the shelf. It was manufactured by a company called GivEnergy and it was a very poor product with many development issues.

Now i have decided to go out this myself.

I am looking at utilising either the Multiplus or Quattro Units along with Pylontech Batteries and wondered if you had any advice, comments or examples of system design/schematics.

The system is to integrate with an already install SolarEdge 6000 HD Inverter for my PV.

I am looking for storage capacity of approximately 21kw, so utilising the Pylontech 3000 Series batttery. The biggest request i have for the system is having a large discharge power as I have a Air Source Heat Pump which can take up to 5kw for Water Heating.

My idea was to use the Quattro 8000 Unit having the batteries wired in a stack of 8 with a ring circuit back to a DC Distribution. The batteries are to be controlled using a GX Device.

My question really revolves, any lessons learned? Does anyone have any advice on the Quattro and GX Devices.

Am i doing the right thing with this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Gestion de deux pack de batteries LFP de marque différente

Bonjour à tous.

je n'ai pas trouvé la réponse à ma question. si c'est que j'ai mal chercher effacez mon message.

j'ai un multiplus II 48v 5000 avec un pack de 6 batteries

Pylontech US2000C 48 Volts 2,4 6 Kw/h dim:442x410x89 6000 cycles

un color control avec connexion au réseau et du photovoltaïque sur le toit.

on me propose d'autres batteries des DLG E-BOX-48100R qui ressemblent comme deux goutes d'eau aux Pylontech et qui sont LFP aussi.

me question est la suivante.

est il possible de gérer deux pack different avec le Victron ou même en ajoutant du matériel ?

merci par avance de votre aide.


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Best way of integrating a battery switch with a lynx bus

Since Victron refuses to release the visio shapes (on the wrong grounds in my eyes - it has NOT hurt other like Cisco) I cannot provide a sketch which would have explained this better so I will have to try in words instead.

I'm looking for a good design that contains a Power in module first, followed by the shunt VE can module. After that there should be a battery switch and the chain then ends with one or more distributors.

suggestion to the product team: A Lynx power switch would be a nice extension to the product range

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System shutdown and restart

My system shuts down when the sun is shining brightly but not when it’s cloudy. It always restarts straightaway. What could be the cause of that?

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Boat battery management system design

Hi Victron community. We have a 43 foot boat that we are rewiring. First step was to install 480kW woth or solar panels and a Victron 100/50 Smartsolar MPPT. We currently have twin banks of 2 x 200AH Lead Acid batteries (12V) and a single 120AH battery that is used as the cranking battery for the genset.

We like the look of the cerbo GX Touch 50 combo as the core of the management system, and the Centaur 12/60 (3) looks like a great charger option. We are having extra alternators added to the new Volvo Penta D6 engines to help increase our electric output.

We ideally want to make the genset redundent and so are looking at the Phoenix 12/1600 Smart Inverter. The main question we have is whether we need Smartshunts on one/two or all three battery banks to ensure we can see flow in/out of all banks and devices. I assume we would not need this if the Centaur was "smart" and it would be great if there was a SmartCentaur, but none of the other chargers seem to be able to handle 3 battery banks. Is this all sensible assumptions?

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Lithium SuperPack drop-in replacement feasibility

Hi, I've been reading though all the posted questions but can't find a clear answer.

I'm considering replacing the current AGM house bank on my boat with SuperPack batteries, and I'm trying to understand what it would involve.

Below an attempt to visualize my current setup:


I understand that I'll have to replace the shore charger for a Lithium one, but beyond that, is there anything else I would have to replace/modify, or will the SmartPacks be a simple "drop-in" replacement?

My main doubt is:

Since the BMS is integrated, what will happen if the batteries are fully charged and the engine/alternator is running? Is there a risk the BMS will trigger the over-charge protection and disconnect all the loads (e.g. loosing plotter and instruments when approaching an anchorage/marina)

Any other suggestion/input is highly appreciated, like: does the Argo Fet still make sense with the SuperPack, or should I replace it with an Orion-Tr DC-DC charger? Do I need a separate external BMS to protect the batteries from overcharging?

Thank you!

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"Balkonkraftwerk" inkl. Speicher mit MultiPlus 48/500/6 möglich?


ich würde mir gerne ein so genanntes Balkonkraftwerk anschaffen. Im prinzip geht es nur darum, die PV nicht aufwendig beim EVU anmelden zu müssen. Wenn ich eine Leistung von weniger als 600W am Wechselrichter habe, dann bewege ich mich Gesetzeskonform und habe ein vereinfachtes Anmeldeverfahren, was ich als Privatperson selber machen kann.

Daher meine Frage: Kann ich mit dem MultiPlus 48/500/6 oder mit dem MultiPlus 48/800/9 eine Anlage inkl. Speicher aufbauen, die die Einspeisung ins öffentliche Netz verhindert? Also so wie beim Multiplus II in den Datenblättern dargestellt als "Topologie parallel zum Netz mit MPPT Solar-Lade-Regler". Auch mit Stromsensor und GX-Modul.

Ich wäre sehr dankbar für eine kleine Antwort, weil ich mir eine solche Anlage sehr gerne anschaffen würde.

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PVSyst Victron OND files

Hi all, seems there's is no such info available (OND files) to upload Victron products data base to PVSyst. It turns that there is a lot of demand on those products but is not possible to run simulations with out data.

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Looking for engineering support

Hello, I have built a three phase 60Kw system with approximately 300 panels, four wind turbines. The system is based on 6 Victron quattros. This is a three phase system with two quattros in parallel per phase. 300KwH of batteries.

The system works well, but I would like to work with a real electrical engineer (aka not me) to document the schematic, move the DC system to a busbar system, implement a couple of automations, make sure all the system safety and managment are in place and ultimately make the system such that it can be built out in a container and shipped to specific sites.

Do you have any recommendations of individuals or companies who could help me ?

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7Kw system design help

I need help designing my system. How many MPPT do I need to use for a 6KW Pv system 48 V. The panels (18) are 360W each with 47.70V (Voc), Isc 9.56 Amps. Please upload a schematic or wiring diagram if you have one.

Thank you

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Installation diagram

Another question. I see often guys post a picture which is obviously software generated of the layout of their system. I had a look around the software but could not find such a picture? Where does one get it?

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New System, do I have everything?

Having had Victron components in may last system, We went pretty much all Victron in the new system. I am just looking for some insight as to if I am missing anything. This has all gone in to our 2021 Grand Design 2800BH, that replaced the 2018 that was destroyed in a rollover last summer. I have purchased;

- 12V Multiplus 3000

-Victron Lynx Distributor

-Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 (for the 4 275W31V panels)

-Victron Color Control GX

-Victron SmartShunt 500A/50mV

-Victron ASS000100000, temperature sensor (which as I understand works with the Smartshunt)

-To be paired with a Lithium 320Ah 12V

So aside from the 2 marine style kill switches and fuses, Am I missing things, such as the VE.Direct cable? I was lead to understand I could control things from CCGX. An further insight would help.



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Big open ended question about a new design.

Sorry if this is too open ended for this forum.

Looking for help designing a new victron system for a boat.


4200 wats of Solar

Wind generator

Diesel generator

(2) 30amp dock lines from shore power.


Lithium-ion Batteries (Most cost effective reliable manufacture recommendation welcome)


Expect global travel. Would like to consider a power converter to convert what ever shore power is available (120 50/60, 220 50/60) to standard 12v marine system. Would of course need a charging system. I have seen several different displays out there for a system like this. Any recommendation for that is appreciated as well.

I am still learning so any resource or suggested design is welcome and greatly appreciated.

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disparity between DC energy and AC energy in a ESS three phase system, after firmware update






just finished to update the firmware for 3 units Multiplus 5 kW, including assistants by the company who sell entire system:

- 3 x Multiplus 5 kW

- 1 X Fronius Symo 10,3 kW

- Color GX

- 2 x BYD Pro 10 kW each

- Bmw 700

- 36 solar panel, each 300 w/peak

- ESS three phase system, AC coupling

during update, activities was going well, but after it was finished, we clear observe some discrepancy between energy in AC out and energy from DC part, as in the attached pictures.

please note that there is an measurement independent from Victron system.



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Help needed vetting initial design ideas for van electrical system
Newbie here, designing a van system.

I would like help vetting the big picture design. Once the big picture is solid, I will move onto current, distances, wire size, fuses, etc. I would really appreciate your comments, criticism, and suggestions on this big picture design.

The idea is to initially start with something without a lot of solar or a large battery bank. But design/build it so that solar and batteries can be doubled. Inverter, wires, and fuses, for example, would all be sized for this later use. A few years down the road, I will know a lot more about my system and my needs.

Random factoids:
  • This is a passenger van, which will only be 'half converted', so I would like to keep the system smaller, particularly initially.
  • My 2020 Transit has a LOT of alternator power available (details in diagram).
  • Would prefer to keep my roof rack for things other than solar, for now anyway.
  • Do not want built-in propane. Will take propane/butane camp cookstove for longer trips.
  • Initially, will only use inverter cooktop/microwave occasionally - quick stop when pulling over on a road trip over, horrid weather, hot water/soup/heat up leftovers/etc. Am willing to not use when house batteries low, or when I know I will be off-grid for longer. In a few years, I will know more about whether this restriction is one I want to keep.
  • Traditionally, I don't tend to stay in one place for long, and with all that alternator power available, it is not obvious that I need a huge bank. Having said that, with all the kids we have now, this may change. Time will tell.
  • For the next few years, this van will only be for weekend camping trips, and road trips. A few years down the road, when kids older, it will be used more off-grid.
  • Would add an audible alarm, hooked up to inverter/charger, to warn when too much draw. I'm not the only one using this van, and others may not remember "the rules". Initial phase would probably have one and only one easily accessible AC outlet from (battery side of) inverter, to preclude running more than one heavy hitter at the same time.
  • All Victron, except for solar panels, and possibly batteries. I've been super impressed with the help and knowledge available in this community, and I like the fact that they play well together and have great monitoring. I'm willing to pay up front for something safe and reliable that I will not have to replace/fix later.
To keep this uncluttered, a lot of my thinking is 'encoded' in the diagram below. For example, at first I thought that with 2x 175w panels, I should be fine with an MPPT 100/30, which is supposed to be able to handle 400w. But once I started looking into online discussions about solar panels and cold morning startups, I came to understand that, as usual, it is not as simple as it seemed at first. Even with just 2x 175w panels, I might need the 100/50. I haven't bottomed out on that yet.

I would very much appreciate

  1. A review of the possible "final" system - is it well balanced? Is there anything that stands out as unwise, unnecessary, or missing?
  2. Opinions on this "initial" system approach... is this silly / crazy / wise / doable, but...? Any time caveats here? For example, you can go one or two years before buying second battery, but no longer, to avoid mixing battery ages.

Thanks much!!


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Design pour un CC avec EBL existant

Salut les gens

Je suis de retour et en français cette fois, plus simple pour moi aussi !

J'ai apporté des modifications quant à la première conception postée sur forum anglais, y compris avec le matériel existant.

L'équipement existant, encadré en vert en bas à droite, est physiquement situé à l'intérieur du véhicule. Les lignes vertes partent de l'EBL119. L'EBL119 est une unité électrique d'origine et intégrée dans le véhicule. Elle est utilisée pour la distribution du courant 12V / 220V et pour la gestion d'une seule batterie de service cabine AGM ainsi que d'une batterie de démarrage. L'EBL119 n'accepte que du 12V / 220V. Je n'ai pas encore déterminé la section des câbles, mais cela dépendra aussi des longueurs, à voir sur place.

Dans mon précédent post sur forum anglais, on m'avait conseillé de passer du 12V au 24V pour tout le système. Mais au vu de l'EBL119 présent et que je veux garder pour la gestion de tous les éléments internes, frigo, éclairage, alimentation externe... je vais rester au banc 12V.

Mon objectif :

- Retirer les éléments encadrés par une ligne verte en pointillés ainsi que les lignes en pointillés verts: batterie de service et ligne directe 220V vers la distribution des prises.

- Laisser l'EBL119 en place mais en installant un interrupteur à 3 positions pour la distribution du 220V dans les 5 prises existantes du véhicule: 0- pas d'entrée de courant, 1- alimentation 220V par le convertisseur, 2- alimentation 220V de la connexion externe au véhicule.

- Recharge des batteries Lithium avec un Buck-Boost grâce à l'alternateur / Euro-6.

Reste à résoudre:

- Recharge du banc de batteries Lithium 12V par l'alimentation externe 220V de l'EBL119 ou directement par une alimentation séparée à un chargeur? Je ne connais pas encore le meilleur. Peut être avec un convertisseur / chargeur au lieu du seul convertisseur.

Ou pluôt, rester en 12V avec les batteries, comme ça, pas de souci avec l'EBL119 ( comme sur mon design joint ). Ou quand même mettre tout en 24V ( selon les commentaires apportés depuis le forum anglais ) ne sais plus par où commencer ou plutôt finir...

Cela vous parle-t-il et suis-je sur la bonne voie?

Merci beaucoup pour vos fabuleux commentaires sur ce projet.


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Your evaluation before installation

Hi Folks

Before installing my system in my motorhome, I wanted to submit to your experiences on this installation.

The green part is the support panel. The cables pass through the rounds to pass to the rear. This forms like a door with a hinge to facilitate assembly and to carry out subsequent additions of elements. The dimensions of all elements are exact dimensions in mm. The thin cables are in 2.5mm2 or VE.Direct or USB, the medium ones in 16mm2, the batteries in 35mm2. The battery fuses are 175 ANL. The red lines are + or Line or Phase, the black lines are - or Neutral.

No cables cross and the support panel is 80 cm x 60 cm, made of fireproof wood. Did I miss something in this assembly diagram?

I thank you in advance.


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System Monitoring and Diverting loads

Hi - forum newbie here,

I'm looking at upgrading my off grid set up and welcome comments on the proposed works.

I'm keen to take advantage of the solar generation when my battery bank is charged (see No 7 below) and am still looking for solutions. This is one of the main things I'm struggling with so if anyone can help that'd be fantastic.

Having a way to monitor the whole system would also be great. Currently no comms leads run between any of the Victron kit. Maybe there's a monitoring solution built in to the multiplusII - which I haven't found time to fully research yet. So any pointers on how these devices should be talking to each other is also gratefully received.

And the other main thing I'm struggling to find is a resistive element solution that can be wall mounted for my ballast load - which would replace my elecky convection heaters (see No 6 below).

I've included a sketch of my existing and proposed layout to help with the context. The rational behind these changes is to upgrade some of the 9 year old components, to switch from a flooded lead acid to LiFEPO4 battery bank, add heating to the small outbuilding (approx 40 sq m) as part of the renovation works, optimise how things are configured and be able to monitoring the system.

Proposed Upgrade Info

  1. Upgrade inverter to a Victron Multiplus II
  2. Upgrade battery bank to a 48v 16s 2p prismatic battery solution using 280Ah cells, add a BMS - possibly from overkillSolar, new enclosure with low temp heating solution. Batts will probably be imported from China via AliExpress or Alibaba.
  3. Install a new change over unit to create an additional route for the ballast load from the existing hydro. This would divert the ballast to heat water for under floor heating in an outbuilding that's slowly being renovated. I've an M&E engineer who'll build this for me.
  4. Install a new 250l unvented tank. Possibly something from Gledhill.
  5. Install a new pico hydro scheme that’s designed to run in our wet Welsh winters to generate hot water. Probably using an off the shelf solution like PowerSprout, AmpHydro or StreamEngine
  6. Upgrade resistive ballast elements to a wall mounted solution. Still looking and struggling to identify components that could work.
  7. Identify a solution to harness energy from the solar PV when the batts are fully charged and also have a way to monitor the entire system.

If anyone spots any errors, has suggestions or can offer any input, all comments are encouraged and welcome.

Thanks in advance


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System design help (Marine)

Hi, At present I only have a Victron Smartsolar MPPT 75/10 solar controller. I want to add a battery monitor and display. I am considering the Cerbo GX, the GX touch display and a 500A smart shunt. Are these items all compatible with the 75/10? I also want to future proof the system as much as possible to add Victron charger/ inverter etc at a later date. Any advice appreciated.

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Victron 100/50 + Inverter Wiring Setup Help?

Hey guys, this is the very simple setup I intend to run in the coming weeks - can you please help me with the following:


1. Should I have a circuit breaker (as depicted)? And/or, any other protective devices in the diagram - and if so, what type/rating?

2. The system will be contained within a car for 85% of the time, I assume I should Ground the Inverter and MPPT to the vehicle (wherever I can find good contact). Though, the other 15%, it will be completely standalone at a campsite without being grounded...which I assume is the case for many setups?

3. The Panels come with some 12 Gauge, I assume that's fine to run there on? 4. ...anything wrong with the setup, improvements, suggestions?

Many thanks in advance - I really appreciate it (particularly @seb71 for getting me on the path :) ).

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Hoping for opinions on full Victron RV system plan

Dear all,

as I am new with all Victron components and quite francly electrics in general, I would really appreciate some opinions on my system plan. I have already put a lot of effort into this and read lots of articles and info but in the end every system is individual in itself and I am by far no expert yet.

I am planning to install all this into a bus that I am currently converting into an RV in Germany. I'm saying that to make clear that there is no current "house electricity" in the bus except cables throughout the walls to all appliances and outputs. For all 12V wiring I ran positive AND negative wires, so I guess the Orion DCDC converter might be an unneeded add-on in my case.

I don't really have many specific questions anymore. I was more hoping for someone with experience in Victron equipment to approve/or help improve my plan.

The only specific questions I am left with concerns the 4A trickle charge output of the Multiplus. Is it okay to just hook this up to my start battery positiv or do I need to be concerned about overcharging this battery once full?

I thank everyone who might get involved and look forward to any input you all might have.




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Can I connect 2 victron systems together?

Thru upgrades of some components, I am left with enough parts for 2 PV systems.

- MPPT 150/60, 12 x 285W panels
- Quattro 48/5000
- Pylontech batteries
- Cerbo

- MPPT 150/60, 4 x 450W panels
- Multiplus 48/3000
- BMZ batteries
- need another Cerbo?

The question is: how to connect these 2 systems? One option would be to use System2 AC Out to connect to System1 AC In-1. System1 AC In-2 would be connected to the grid. System2 would not be connected to the grid (or should it?).

This is the best I can think of on my own, but I'm sure there are better options. My goal is the best possible energy management. System1 panels are primarily active in the morning, whereas System2 panels are active in the afternoon.

Can you please comment? Thank you...


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