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Earthing a Victron 500VA inverter

I have just purchased a Victron 500VA inverter and in the instruction manual, it states that the device must be earthed. Could someone who understands the product explain why please?

My application is as follows:

I have a small (2 m X 2m) wooden walled concrete floor remote building in the U.K. with no a.c. mains power. It houses some equipment related to astronomy -

a telescope mount requiring 18V DC supplied by a switch mode PSU

A camera requiring 12v DC supplied by a switch mode PSU

Some microcontroller related control hardware 5V DC - supplied by a switch mode PSU

a 300W , 240V dehumidifier for sucking the moisture out....

Because there's no a.c. mains, I've set up two 12v lead acid batteries in parallel and I charge these via solar panels and an MPPT controller.

The Victron 500VA inverter will be used to provide mains power from the 12V batteries and the SMPS mentioned above are powered by this.

Thanks very much for an explanation of why the Victron must be earthed.

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400 A Energy meter to Cerbo GX


Is there a way to connect high power three phase energy meter to cerbo GX ?

I have a power transfer system of 90 kW, with a PV backup system of 16 kW, and i need to measure energy transfer from Grid, PV and the power transfer system.

Some posts talked about the EM24DINAV53DISX energy meter, but i cant find if it support the transferred power.

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Zeitschaltuhr am Lastausgang

Hallo liebes Team,

Ich habe online einen Laderegler Victron MPPT 75/15 gekauft.

Nun bin ich am erstellen einer Inselanlage mit 2 x 100 Watt SP in Reihe, Victron MPPT 75/15, Batterie-Spannung 24 V, 2 x 12 V Batterien in Reihe.

Am Lastausgang hab ich eine Zeitschaltuhr mit Betriebsspannung 12V/24V. Wenn die Uhr versucht den Schalter zu schließen, zu hören an einem mehrfachen klacken, schaltet sich aber der Lastausgang am Laderegler aus? Manchmal nach ein paar Sekunden oder nach bis zu zwei Minuten und wiederholten versuchen funktioniert es dann. Es sieht aus als würde der Laderegler den Lastausgang einschalten und wenn die Schaltuhr den Stromkreis versucht zu schließen wieder ausschaltet.

Beim Schließen des Stromkreises fahren zwei RaspberryPi hoch und ein Lan-Switch wird eingeschaltet, hängt alles hinter einem Abwärtswandler 12V 24V zu 5V 15A 75W. Strom fließt dann ca. 0.5 – 0.7 A. Ich hab’s jetzt auch ohne Last versucht, ist dasselbe. Zeitschaltuhr direkt an der Batterie funktioniert, also kein Fehler bei der Uhr oder der Verkabelung…

Hab Angst, dass das System sich irgendwann gar nicht einschaltet, oder dass etwas kaputt geht…??

Hab die Last im Moment direkt an der Batterie, aber da verliere ich ja verschiedene Funktionen...

Vielen Dank!

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Way to get two 110v outputs from single inverter/converter from battery power?


I am trying to run a Level 2 car charger off my battery bank; I am currently running a Level 1 off my battery bank using the MultiPlus Compact 24v|2000VA|50A which works fine.


I was looking at the Victron Energy Quattro line of Inverter/Converters; I noticed that Victron makes an Inverter/Converter that can output 208+ as long as both the L1 & L2 are plugged in.

When the battery is the only supply voltage it then chops the voltage down to 110-120v. After reviewing this diagram ( and talking to Nothern Arizona Wind & Sun it sounds like I would have to buy an autotransformer in addition to the Quattro.


- Does this sound like the right approach?

- Does Victron have a device that outputs two phases of 110-115v to form 220v or not?

Thank you for any help!

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Visio stencils for Victron products

Hi all, does any body know if Victron have made stencils for Visio for their Victron Products?

Or if any body else made it and made it free to use.

It makes lite so much easier when making my schematics.


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Help defining specs charger/inverter and battery protect CAMPERVAN

Hi all! :-)

I am a young an enthousiast girl buzy with a camperitzation of a van (not sure how far I will get but I'll try!) and I saw and read a lot of information, but I have some doubts about which criteria to follow when choosing Victron equipment. Hopefully someone can help me! My apologies upfront if I'm asking stupid questions :(

My system will have:

- 2x320W solar panels

- 2x170 Ah 12 V batteries (link 1 or link 2, to be decided) --> are these ok for the application?

- 1x Relay RL-180/200 12 V to connect to the alternator

- 1x SmartSolar charge controller 100/30 (because max current both panels is 21 A)

But I am not able to define what are the specs that I need for the:

- Multiplus inverter/charger from Victron:

First question is, do I want a module that does alltogether or shall I buy separate components? Second question: which is the power that I need for the charger and inverter side?

My consumers in 230 V are:


Total A/day = 23,73; Total W/day = 5458

My consumers in 12 V are:


Total A/day = 102,88; Total W/day = 1234,6

Third question is: I want to install an outer power take off to connect to the camping 230 V socket and charge/use the 230V consumers with the electricity of the camping mains. If I would connect the vehicle to the camping socket, will the multiplus inverter/charger charge the batteries and allow me to use my 230 V consumers at the same time? I want to avoid the situation of connecting to the camping grid, batteries not full and using 230 V consumers and not having enough power, since with a 10 A socket from the camping, I can only consume 2300 W (3680 W max with 16 A). Like: I plug to the camping socket and I plug my hairdryer, does the inverter charge at the same time the auxiliary batteries? If so, with a 12/1600/70 model and a 1000 W hair dryer, I could not connect many more things since the inverter can deliver max 1300 W!

Is the 12/1600/70 indicating the max charging current of the battery? What is the maximum charging current of the batteries? 170 A?

Also not able to define which:

- battery smart protect: fourth question: which of these 65A/100A/220A ? or another?

Sorry for my lengthy email, but I am new in this field. Every help is very appreaciated!

Many thanks in advance,


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GX 140 Tank Problem Seeing Voltage Option


We've got a problem with the tank senders not showing up on the Cerbo Touch Screen

We use voltage tank senders by supplied MSC Boat Products. We have checked the voltage to and from the senders and all is good. However on the Cerbo Touch Screen we are not getting the option in the 'Setup' menu that shows 'Sensor Type' Voltage as per the instruction manual - we've had to set it as Custom as no Voltage option is shown. On the device list it is also showing as disconnected but clicking on the device sub menu it is showing as connected.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Orion TR12/12-18 NOT isolating the start battery


I have the Orion TR 12/12-18 DC-DC isolated charger fitted between my (euro 6) start battery and my leisure battery but have flattened the start battery twice now when parked up with the fridge running off my leisure battery so have a couple of questions:-

1, Isn't this charger supposed isolate the start battery from the load (leisure battery) when the vehicle is not running, the way a split charge relay does?

2, Even though it's an isolated version, can it share the vehicle body negative or do I need to run a cable between the battery - terminals and charger?

3, Is there a link for a list of faults and fixes somewhere to save people asking similar questions?

4, When setting it up, what is the ideal voltage output the pot should be set, I think it's pre-set to 12.3v which seems low?

Thanks in advance.


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AC-Anschluss und Fragen zum Multiplus 12/800


ich habe ein paar Fragen zum AC-Anschluss des Multiplus 12/800 im Wohnmobil.

Hier mein Schaltplan für den MultiPlus:


1. In den Schaltplänen auf der Victron Seite sind vor und nach dem MultiPlus FI/LS Einheiten. Ist das notwendig?

2. Soll das MultiPlus-Gehäuse an Minus oder an Fahrzeugkarosserie geerdet werden? Oder ist das egal?

3. Wie wird die PE-Schiene aus dem Sicherungskasten geerdet?

4. Ist es notwendig dass die Verpolung (bspw. Von falsch angeschlossener CEE-Steckdose am Campingplatz) abgesichert wird?

Viele Grüße


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MPPT readout discrepancies

I got two panels total 220w connected to a Victron Smartsolar 100/20 MPPT. Why is the MPPT showing “ solar 60W ,V42.7, Current 1.4A” battery “V14.19,current 4.18A, Absorption” , but my multimeter reading at the PV connecting point indicates V42.8, 5.45 A? My batteries are full. Is the victron MPPT functioning correctly? Thanks!

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Victron multiplus 800VA en 12V

bonjour , je possède un système solaire sur mon fourgon aménagé .Avec un panneau de 375W + un régulateur victron 100/30A + une batterie gel 165Ah .je voudrais acheter un victron multiplus pour charger et convertir ,je ne sais pas lequel choisir par apport à mon installation ? Merci d'avance Cordialement

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Ess Netzeinspeisung bei welchen Geräten?

Hallo, ich suche ein Victron Wechselrichter mit Netzeinspeisung / Überschusseinspeisung / ESS.

Gibt es Geräte mit 800-1000Watt?

Der Victron multiplus II 12/3000 kann das ja, ist aber für meine 640w Solaranlage bisschen überdimensioniert.

Der WR sollte natürlich auch einen Bus für das Cebro gx haben.

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Boat with twin 30 amp plugs

Would a Multiplus 12v/3000 work on a boat with twin 30 amp plugs? Or will a Multiplus II work for both 30 amp legs? I want to supply both legs of my AC panel when not plugged into shore power or running my generator and I only have room for one inverter/charger. Also, anyone have a schematic for installation?......Thanks

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MultiPlus Compact - second battery connection - charge function?


I have a Multiple Compact 800 24v with the secondary output connected to start battery to trickle charge when parked up.

Question - does the 800 only power the second battery output when AC is connected or does it also take power from the primary connection (leisure batteries) to cross charge the secondary battery when the AC is off?

Reason for asking is that it seems to work the second way as I see current flowing to the secondary connection even with AC off!



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How to set inverter and charger current with mk2 bus

Hello, i want to set the Victron Multiplus 24/1600/50 inverter or charger current with the mk3 usb interface. i read the VE.MK2 protocoll but it is not clear for me how to do.

i tryed to create a 'S' command, but it do not work.

if i switch the inverter with the switch on the inverter to inverter mode it starts to invert full power.

i do not know why?

i tryed the command

07 FF 53 02 03 05 01 01 9B -> answer is OK

but nothing happens.



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Is there a way to turn off charging via the VictronConnect app? I'm using the Victron Smart Blue IP67 charger.

I am using a 40A Solar Charge Controller and wonder why one would have a battery charger connected all the time? If I am charging my batteries via solar, doesn't the charger defeat the purpose?

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Victron Smart IP67 12/25 charger

I just bought the Victron Smart IP67 12v 25A charger and was wondering why does the charger need to be connected all the time when using a solar charge controller? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of using solar if I have to have this plugged in all the time?

mol2506 asked
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Help with Victron Multi Plus Firmware Settings using 3.2 V prismatic batteries


I’m a solar rookie and I’m almost ready to fire up my first system on my RV conversion project (fingers crossed).

I’m running 1260 watts of solar (six 210 watt panels), a 24 volt battery bank consisting of 16 LiFePo4 CATL 3.2 V 271 ah cells, Victron 150/60 MPPT, Victron 24/3000/70-50 Multi Plus, Orion 24/12 DC/DC converter, Electrodacus SBMS0 mainly to keep the cells balanced.

I have not hooked up the batteries yet or performed the initial Multi Plus firmware update and related firmware setting changes.

I came across a video that showed the Multi Plus firmware settings.

I reviewed the Victron Multi Plus Service Manual document and it does not provide the specific information related to each option that I expected would be necessary and important in order to make sure each setting is setup correctly for safe and successful functioning. Many of the settings I couldn't even come up with a reasonable guess as what to enter.

If anyone has ever setup a similar Victron Multi Plus and LiFePo4 prismatic battery system would you be kind enough to provide the Multi Plus settings which are working successfully for your system?

I know there are a lot of setup sections and I apologize for this HUGE ask, but since Victron components and these CATL, EVE, Lichen prismatic type batteries are so popular, I”m sure many others will also benefit from this information too.

Multi Plus Firmware:

General Tab Setting Options:

System Frequency

AC1 Input Current LImit

Current Limit Overruled by Remote

AC2 Input Current Limit

Overruled by Remote

Dynamic Current Monitor

Battery Capacity

State of Charge When Bulk Finished

Charge Efficiency

Grid Tab Setting Options:

Accept wide input frequency range

UPS Function

AC Low Voltage Disconnect

AC Low Voltage Connect

AC High Voltage Connect

AC High Voltage Disconnect

Country/Grid code standard

Inverter Tab Setting Options:

Inverter Output Voltage

Ground Relay

DC Input Low Shutdown

DC Input Low Restart

DC input low pre-alarm

Low SOC shut-down


Start AES when load lower than

Stop AES when load higher than

AES type

Power Assist

Assist current boost factor

CHARGER tab settings options:

Enable Charger

Charge Current

Absorption Voltage

Float Voltage

Repeated absorption time

Absorption time

Charge Curve

Lithium Batteries

Storage Mode

Use equalization

Weak AC Input

Stop after excessive bulk

AC INPUT CONTROL tab settings options:

Conditional AC input connection

AC Input connection based on load

Connect when load is higher than

Delay before connection

Disconnect when load is lower than

Delay before disconnect

Battery Conditions:

Connect when SOC drops below

Connect when battery voltage drops below

Delay before connection

Disconnect AC input on

Disconnect when voltage is higher than

Delay before disconnection

Thanks, Greg

gregh asked

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Cell Imbalance

Hi, I’ve recently purchased two 200ah victron smart batteries. The cell status says “imbalance “ should I be worried?
Cells 1,3 & 4 read 3.33 and cell 2 reads 3.30.


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Victron MPPT 150/100 VE.CAN

Hallo ich hab ein Problem mit mein laderegler 150/100 VE.CAN er jagt die Volt zahlen sehr hoch und denn unterbricht der Ladevorgang… und das ständig… was ist das? Ist das ein Software Problem ? Hab schon ein Neuen gekauft und bei dem ist das gleiche… und bei einen anderen Victron laderegler funktionieren die Panels einwandfrei !!! Bitte um Hilfe ?….:(

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Victron Orión isolated 24/24-12

I just connected a victron Orión 24v/24v-12 and once I turn off the engine after couple of minutes the hole off grid system shut down ( solar controller inverter and 24vto12v transformer ) is it possible that something goes wrong because I didn’t connect to earth the negative in the lithium batteries??

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Kaufentscheidung: Multiplus 12v-3000 oder Multiplus II 12v -3000

Kann mir jemand die Entscheidung abnehmen ;-)

Wo sind die Unterschiede bei den beiden Geräten? Lohnt es sich überhaupt noch den Multiplus zu kaufen, da er ja schon ein paar Jahre auf dem Markt ist? Laut Datenblatt tun sich die beiden Geräte nicht viel, der Multiplus II wäre günstiger. Das Gerät soll in einem Kastenwagen eingebaut werden. Die Stromquellen sind Landstrom, Solar und Batterie.

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Victron MultiPlus C 12/1600/70-16 no longer works / Victron MultiPlus C 12/1600/70-16 funktioniert nicht mehr

Hello Forum,

I have a problem with my Victron MultiPlus C 12/1600/70-16 and cannot find a solution in the manual.

Until now my solar system was running without any problems but suddenly the Victron MultiPlus stopped working.

It is simply off and when I try to switch it on, the red alarm diode flashes a few times and then it is again without function (off).

I have already disconnected it from the battery for 1 hour, removed the AC in and out cables and checked the fuse on the battery cable.

Hopefully you can help me.




Hallo Forum,

ich habe ein Problem mit meinem Victron MultiPlus C 12/1600/70-16 und kann im Handbuch keine Lösung dazu finden.

Bisher lief meine Solaranlage ohne Probleme aber plötzlich stellte der Victron MultiPlus seinen Dienst ein.

Er ist einfach aus und wenn ich ihn versuche einzuschalten blinkt ein paar mal die rotr Alarmdiode und dann ist er wieder ohne Funktion (aus).

Ich habe ihn bereits für 1 h von der Batterie getrennt, die AC in und out Kabel entfernt und die Sicherung am Batteriekabel geprüft.

Hoffentlich könnt ihr mir helfen.



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MPPT 75 / 10 connection issues USB

My MPPT 75 / 10 will not show up on my device list when plugged in to my computer. This problem started occurring 3 days after initial connection.

Landon LeBlanc asked

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Phoenix Battery Charger

Is a Phoenix 12/50 Battery Charger, Serial No HQ1813QLRGR compatible with a LifePro4 Lithium Battery

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De positie van Victron

Goedemiddag forumleden,

(Wanneer ik dit hier niet mag posten, zou dit bericht dat weer kunnen worden verwijderd?)

Ik ben Patrick van der Wal, 23 jaar oud en momenteel studeer in Ondernemerschap & Retailmanagement aan de Hanze Hogeschool in Groningen. Voor een tweedejaars project hebben wij de opdracht gekregen om de externe omgeving van een bedrijf naar keuze in kaart te brengen. De blauwe kastjes in onze zeilboot vielen mij altijd al op en van het een kwam het ander. Een onderdeel van dit onderzoek is dat ik het customer relevancy model moet invullen waarmee ik voor mijn opdracht het bedrijf zou kunnen positioneren binnen de markt.

Nu is mijn concrete vraag aan de 'fans' van Victron, wat vinden jullie belangrijk punten bij de volgende elementen: toegankelijkheid (bijvoorbeeld altijd en overal kopen/fysieke winkels), beleving (aanbieden van interessante content/ contact met de community (zoals dit forum)), prijs (laagste prijs garantie/gepersonaliseerd/ locatie afhakelijk?), product (breedte en diepte van assortiment, uitgebreide infromatie, vergelijk optie?) en service (spaarprogramma, persoonlijke service, live chatten met experts garantie?). En op welke punten vinden jullie dat Victron echt uitblinkt? Om het te vertalen naar een praktijkvoorbeeld: Jumbo supermarkt blinkt bijvoorbeeld uit in de laagste prijs voor A-merken gekoppeld aan een zeer uitgebreid assortiment.

Nogmaals: wanneer dit niet mag, schroom dan niet op dit bericht weer te verwijderen! Anders ben ik zeer benieuwd naar jullie meningen en helpen jullie mij verder met het behalen van mijn EC's. En misschien heeft Victron ook nog iets aan mijn uitkomsten haha!

Fijn weekend en alvast zeer bedankt

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Problems connecting with bluetooth

Bonjour. J'ai un victron mppt75/50 et je n'arrive plus a me connecter au dongle. La led erreur au moment de la connexion (qui n'aboutit jamais) puis redevient fixe. Il semble que le problème soit arrivé après l'installation de l'avant dernière mise a jour. Je voudrais réinstaller une version antérieure de victron connect pour voir si le problème viens de là. Savez vous où je pourrais la trouver? Merci

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Victron and Redarc

Hi Guys,
I have a Redarc BC/DC charger with MPPT built into and solar panel that charges my AGM battery, i have the Victron 500A smart shunt to monitor all the loads. Will Victron ve direct Bluetooth module connected to the shunt detect my solar input?

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Model selection needed - Also Input Voltage 120V versus 230V. Help please.

In my RV, I currently have 12V battery and 120V "shorepower". My generator is Onan 10KV "Quiet Diesel", configured to output 120V.
The inverter for this system is junk. It does not "power share" and it's constantly breaking down.
I am also considering a new airconditioning system that requires 240V (US Standard).

So, there are a couple of background situations.
1) I can easily reconfigure my generator to 240V output (240V on two 120V output "legs"). My shore power cord and transfer switch are already configured to handle 240V but the actual feed into my current inverter-charger is single-leg 120V.
2) I will need to install new 240V wiring to the new airconditioning system from a new 240/230V interter charger. No problem.
3) I have approx. 700 Amp/hr of battery capacity (AGM, 12V). This battery bank would be easily reconfigured to 24V by recabling pairs in series. Again, no problem.

My technical issue : Frequently, I find that I'm limited to 120V input on the road. This can be 15Amp/120v (ordinary household current outlet) or 30Amp/120V ("TT" RV connector). I have 240V service at my home shop/garage and many RV parks have 240V outlets, but not all.
So, a basic question, Does Victron make an RV-suitable unit with about 4KW, 240V output that will accept either 120V or 240V shorepower/generator input? If so, which Victron model will do this?

Assuming the answer is no, what's the best arrangement?
Using a 120V - 240V transformer with a 240V inverter charger (with 240V input from the generator) and running a normal 240V house system from there? With load-balanced split legs for house 120V circuits and 240V to the airconditioning system.
Or use a 120V inverter charger, continue to use 120V from the shore power and generator, with a 120V - 240V transformer fed from the inverter-charger output to power the airconditioner system?
(All the above considers the battery bank configured for 24V). Which Victron model inverter would be best?

Thank you. I look forward to converting to Victron for my RV power needs.

Bruce in North Carolina, USA

bruce-bear asked
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MPPT sizing qustion
I just want to be sure about the correct Victron MMPT solar controller to choose. I will have 4 solar panels at 320W and 33.7V Imp wired in series. [Full specs below.] I believe I need to go with the 250/100 MPPT because I would have 40.1V Short Circuit Current (40.1V x 4 = 160.4V). I did use the Victron MPPT Calculator, but I just want to verify. Thanks.

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