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Voltage spikes with MPPT near absorbtion. DC to DC also having issues at absorbtion.

In my van I have a 100W solar panel feeding a Victron MPPT 75/15 which feeds a 100A SOK lithium battery. Also wired to the same battery I have a Victron 12/12 30A DC DC isolated charge controller, not grounded to chasis, just wired + and - to my car battery.

I don't seem to ever have problems when the battery is lower and it's in bulk charge. Sometimes when the battery is near or in absorption stage, usually in full sun, and oftentimes right after starting up my engine which kicks on the charge controller I will hear my inverter beep every few seconds over and over and it will say HI, meaning high voltage. This also sometimes happens with the engine off in full sun. The Victron app will log spikes up around 17-18 volts. In the app it will show watts bouncing from the low digits to over 50W along with the beeps. If I turn my MPPT off the voltage spikes stop. This is always in full sun with no clouds.

3 screenshots of the same instance, zooming in




another couple of instances




The other issue I notice is that when my DC DC charger hits absorption the AMPs feeding my battery constantly fluctuate dramatically. This corresponds with my engine revving up and down at idle. If I turn the DC DC charger off the revving stops.

Could it be that I have both a bad MPPT charger and a bad DC to DC charger? the DC DC charger was purchased as being already opened box but the MPPT was new. I'm suspecting maybe it could have something to do with my SOK battery since I'm having issues with both charge controllers, but I'm hoping someone with more expertise could chime in and enlighten me. I have settings for both set to the standard lithium settings. Thanks for reading!

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CL 12/200 Hook up

I have Smart BMS CL 12/200 and directions aren't clear about connections to the System+ side.

I have a few questions so please answer all of them if you can to alleviate my confusion.

Current System:

CL 12/200

Smart LifePo 200ampH

Dometic RTX 12V DC Air Conditioner.

Looking to add an inverter(not a MultiPlus) and shore power charger and smart Shunt.

Can I run the Air Conditioner and all the other DC devices, such as a DC fuse Block, Inverter, shore power Charger, off the System+ side and hook nothing to the Batt+ except the Smart Shunt and LifePo battery?

Or do I run a Battery buss off the LifePo Battery and run all the DC devices from that?

Some diagrams show an MPPT charger hooking up to the battery as well but can that go to the System+ since it is a charger?

The manual says you can hook up a charger to the system+ but "it will have no charge algorithms applied internally." What does that mean exactly?

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Multiplus Powerassist Limit question

I was wondering if there is a way to limit how much power the powerassist feature adds to the shore power coming in? I've seen that there is a setting that allows you to limit at what shore power input the powerassist kicks on but not how much power will be added.

I have the 24/3000/70 and have not setup my solar system on my rv yet so haven't been able to look for the setting itself.

The reason why I need to know is that I have to run triplex wire 30 feet from shore power to multiplus and 30 feet from multiplus to my ac distribution panel. If I can limit the powerassist+shorepower to never go above 30A then I can run 10awg triplex for both wire runs. If not I have to get 6awg triplex to run from multiplus to ac distribution and it is considerably more expensive wire.

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Why are most Victron devices not UL or ETL listed?

I emailed USA-CANADA Victron sales to ask for UL listings for the Multiplus-II, Autotransformer, Smartsolar RS, Lynx system and Cerbo GX. The answer I got back was, and I quote

"I don’t have good news on this for you I’m afraid. None of the equipment listed below is UL certified. We are of course looking into that, but there is no definitive timeline for this. [...] We understand the need for sure. It will certainly come, but not in the short term I’m afraid. "

Why not? UL listing, where I live in Colorado, is a must. State electrical inspectors do not accept non-UL/ETL listed devices.

Seems Victron can expand their sales significantly if they aggressively work on UL/ETL listings. In the end, I expect it to be "just" money, their equipment is solid and some of it has passed the UL testing already, but unfortunately none of the components I need.

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Repair centre west Africa

is there a repair Center in west Africa ? my Victron quatro 8000/48 had a short circuit and the Line in and Neutral not conducting electricity and have a burn marks

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“ CONNECTING” MPPT CONTROL solar for airstream

I have a 2020 Bambi with solar, the panel control reads “connecting” and I’m no where near the dealership I bought it at and they wouldn’t see me for 5 months anyway.

Any ideas how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!

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Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 Outputs

I'm hoping that someone knows, definitively, how this Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 output charger (available as 1 and 3 output versions) handles the specific needs of each of the 3 outputs? Are they handled independently? For example each of the connected batteries are depleted to different extents, perhaps #1 only requires maintenance/float whereas #2 requires charging from a 30% state. I wouldn't be so concerned except that the VictronConnect app only shows single charging information (as though this was a single output instead of 3). It's a little difficult to envision a scenario when all 3 outputs should be handled as single..? Unfortunately Victron does NOT address this issue in ANY of their documentation. Also, is each output capable of 30A output (so for example the 3 outputs performs exactly the same as the 1 output version if only 1 output is being used)? Someone mentioned to me that they "thought" that the 3 output version was only capable of 10A per output channel, max, or perhaps 15A per output in the case where only 2 outputs were used.?

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Which Victron charger/inverter all in one or seperate?

I have 4 6v T-125 Trojan Deep Cycle batteries wired in series to create 2 x 12v 240ah banks plus one HD 12v cranking battery on my boat. I am changing the battery charger and also adding a 3kw inverter. Has anyone any suggestions as to which Victron product/s to look at. The shore power that we will be using is 16a 240v in the UK, I am thinking that the Victron MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32 230V is the way forward??

Thanks :-)

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Victron Phoenix Inverter AC-coupled


Is to possible to connect Victron Phoenix 24/5000 output parallels to grid? If grid fails I wanna use it to power loads from batteries. Or should I go with Multiplus?

Thanks for your help. :)

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Weshalb ist der Wirkungsgrad meiner Anlage zu niedrig?

Der tatsächliche Wirkungsgrad meiner Anlage (Laderegler 2x450/100, 3xQuattro2, 25kWh Speichervolumen und 9,72 kWP) liegt im netzunabhängigen Betrieb bei unter 70%!

Selbst wenn ich ca. 1,5 kWh Eigenverbrauch der Anlage, der offensichtlich nicht beim Verbrauch erfasst wird, täglich hinzurechne, steigt der Wirkungsgrad nur auf ca. 83% und ist damit recht weit von den rechnerischen 91%, die diese Anlage, berechnet nach den Angaben aller Einzelkomponenten, haben müsste, entfernt.

Hat jemand eine Erklärung dafür?

Victron verweist ans Forum.

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Victron Ladebooster 18A fiept

Hallo zusammen, in meinem VW T6 Bulli ist eine Lithiumbatterie von Liontron 100Ah verbaut. Es wurde eine Victron Orion 12-12 18A verbaut, der die Lithiumbatterie auflädt sobald die Zündung eingeschaltet wird. Jedoch fiept das Gerät sehr laut für einige Sekunden, mal fiept es nicht, mal für 5-10 Sekunden. Das passiert auch bei der Start-Stopp Automatik. Kennt das Phänomen jemand ? Ich habe den Ladebooster bereits gegen ein neues Gerät getauscht. Gleiches Verhalten. Ein Bekannter von mir sagte mir dass ich für meinen Bulli (Dometic Kühlschrank, Küchenzeile, wohnraum beleuchtung) lieber einen Ladebooster mit 30A nehmen sollte. Denkt ihr das könnte der Grund für das Fiepen sein ?

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BMS Voltage does not match Smartshunt, shore power disconnect alarm, cerbo reboots

Lets talk Victron. Is it me or is the system not as Good as every one clames it go be? I have the lot and spent quit a lot of money on it.

As point no. 1. My lifepo4 batterys have bms built in. And how ever i set My smartshunt i just can't seem to get the charge percentage to line up. My smartshunt says 100% when the built in bms can be all between 70 to a 100.

Nr 2. How ever I set My multiplus for shore intake it always sends me an alarm that may shore power is missing all thow haven't had shore power fore quite some while.

Nr 3. My cerbus Gx just restarts when ever it feels like it. It is just annoying.

So.... Is it the system or some thing else?

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victron multiplus 12/3000/120

Could use a little help.

I have a Victron/Multiplus charger/inverter 12/3000/120 with the BMV-712 monitor and four Battleborn lifepo4 batteries installed in an RV.

The individual / company is no longer around that did the install, so asking them for help is non-existent. Originally as I remember, the unit would maintain the batteries at or near 100% while being in the on or inverter mode and plugged into shore power.

As time went by I noticed this was not happening anymore, the battery SOC was dropping to what extent I'm not sure. So, after several days of leaving it alone, I checked it again and the battery SOC dropped to 80%, I then just put it in charge mode for now.

What happened? did something change as in settings? If so, how do I correct it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Solar Laderegler Mppt 75/15 geht der mit einem 370W Solar Panel


Funktioniert der Victron Solar Laderegler Mppt 75/15 mit einem solar Modul der 370 Watt hat um eine Liontron 12V LiFePo4 Batterie aufzuladen?

Es handelt siech um diesen Solar Panel:

Ich benutze die Anlage als Direkt einspeisung und wenn ich meine Batterie aufladen will umstecken auf Victron Solar Laderegler Mppt 75/15! und wenn die Batterie voll ist wieder umstecken auf den Inverter der Anlage um direkt einzuspeisen.

Danke im Voraus

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Adjustments to charging 12/12 30 dcdc

Hi I was recommended to ask a question regarding the charging of my gel battery on this forum. I have a gel 110ah under seat battery in my VW T6, which has a smart alternator. I have the 12/12/30 set to auto charge and on the pre-set for gel 1.

So what i noticed is the battery only charges when the alternator kicks in to top up the main van battery, this kicks in once the volts drop below 12.5v and then charges for about 5 seconds, at which time the Victron kicks in and charges my auxiliary battery, then the alternator drops out and stops charging and the Victron ceases. Is there a way to make the Victron charge even if the alternator is not charging the main battery in Auto mode. Or do i have to connect an ignition wire to get this behaviour to happen. advice would be great. thanks



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