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Premium Lithium Batteries With Victron


Has anyone integrated Premium Lithium ( Brand) Batteries into a Victron system?

Jack asked

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Victron 100/50 question.

I am pretty new to all this and I am planning two pairs of 3 x 12v 100w solar panels in series and then connecting them in parallel so a 3s2p solar array.

Am I correct in thinking that my Victron 100/50 solar controller will be able to handle this setup? I've estimated it should be around 72.9v at 10.4a going into the charge controller maxing out at 600w.

My solar panels are these:

Maximum Power at STC: 100W
Cell Efficiency: 22%
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 20.4V
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 24.3V
Optimum Operating Current (Imp): 4.91A
Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 5.21A
Operating Temperature: -40°F to 176°F
Maximum Series Fuse Rating: 15A
Maximum System Voltage: 600V DC (UL)

I will be using 2 x LiFePo4 12v 100ah batteries in parallel.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

scotty79 asked
pdc10 answered ·

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Best products for high altitude 3400M/11,100ft

Can we discuss the best off grid products for a high altitude set up?

I would like to start with a small 3k watt system that is expandable as needs increase.

crafty asked

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Solar Charge settings for 14.4V LI-ion Battery

The battery specs I have are: 14.4V, 16500mAh, 237.6Wh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

The 110V charger that came with the battery has a 16.7V, 4.0A 66W output.

Could I charge this battery with a 100/10 charge controller?

Thanks in advance!

coachconclave asked
kevgermany commented ·

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PIN Convertisseur 24v 2000W

Bonjour. j'ai l'intention de faire l'acquisition d'un convertisseur victron 24v 2000w et sur internet il y a 2 références: PIN 242200000 ou PIN 242201000. Quelle est la différence?

Hello. I intend to purchase a victron 24v 2000w converter and on the internet there are 2 references: PIN 242200000 or PIN 242201000. What is the difference?


Pippo De La Pyramide asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Victron Inverters no longer approved for GB DNO grid connection?

Are Victron Inverters no longer approved for DNO grid connection in GB? All the previous G98/G99 approvals on are now showing Non-compliant for new installations. Im specifically looking to get DNO approval for the Multiplus ii 48/5000 but its no longer approved for GB. It is for NI

kryten asked
johnone commented ·

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Temperaturesensor for Victron GlobalLink 520

I like to add an temperaturesensor to my Victron GlobalLink 520. But what kind of sensor can I use?

asanok asked
william300 answered ·

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Right size for busbar and battery cable

It is less to find for Multiplus 10000 and I ask me what is the right sizing for three Multiplus 10000 and 14 Pylontech US3000? Can I use the Victron Power-In with the 240mm² busbar? What is the right size for battery cable? 2 x 50mm²? The fusing should be 200A or 250A?

vici asked
Alexandra answered ·

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Global 520 antenna

My 520 doesn’t connect in the US. Is there an antenna that is recommended?

msnell8857 asked
Lasse commented ·

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I need a new board

I have a 48V-800VA Victron Inverter, the board got burnt. I want to know if I can get the board only without the transformer to purchase from Victron Energy. Please help

cosmos-williams asked
Paul B answered ·

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Victron 2,000 kw Inverter EMF Output

Hi – I am getting a van converted and it was suggested to fit a Victron 2,000 kw Inverter so that we can use appliances when we are not connected to a campsite hookup. I am sensitive to EMF’s so have to be careful when using things like mobile phones and WiFi and therefore check the EMF output of any electrical devices that I will be near. Does this inverter generate an EMF output, and if so can you advise whether this is only when it is being used? Thanks.

estherc asked
Paul B answered ·

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Victron + Fronius ESS with Fronius Energy/Load Management

Hello to all the Community,

Just a small introduction, I am new to this community, and quite new in storage systems area, so my apologies for maybe a basic question and maybe unapropriate terminologies, feel free to correct me...

So here is the point :

I am planning on designing a grid connected ESS with zero feed-in as per the schematic below :


The Fronius inverters can do what Fronius calls "Energy management", ie can drive loads (up to four , what I call Managed load in the draing above) depending on solar energy production and parameters set on the Fronius Data Manager board.

So my question is : Is it still possible to do Energy Management by using the Fronius Datamanager outputs to drive the managed loads, when the Fronius is used in conjunction with the Victron system EXACTLY as per my setup above?

Thanks for your help....

tranzorb asked
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Victron Multiplus 2

Good day

I have the Victron Multiplus 2 - 48V/5KW and a 48V/5KW lithium battery.

I want to add 10 Jinko 470W panels on the roof.I want to connect the panels in 2 strings with a combiner box then to the mppt.

Can i connect the mppt directly on the battery and will it charge it correctly and will the excess power go the inverter and not use the grid?

Is there other components I need from Victron to charge my battery and use the excess power in my house without using the grid and to monitor the system?

I am new to Victron equipment and theres allot.

Hope someone can help thanks.

jacob12 asked
Alexandra answered ·

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Voltage spikes with MPPT near absorbtion. DC to DC also having issues at absorbtion.

In my van I have a 100W solar panel feeding a Victron MPPT 75/15 which feeds a 100A SOK lithium battery. Also wired to the same battery I have a Victron 12/12 30A DC DC isolated charge controller, not grounded to chasis, just wired + and - to my car battery.

I don't seem to ever have problems when the battery is lower and it's in bulk charge. Sometimes when the battery is near or in absorption stage, usually in full sun, and oftentimes right after starting up my engine which kicks on the charge controller I will hear my inverter beep every few seconds over and over and it will say HI, meaning high voltage. This also sometimes happens with the engine off in full sun. The Victron app will log spikes up around 17-18 volts. In the app it will show watts bouncing from the low digits to over 50W along with the beeps. If I turn my MPPT off the voltage spikes stop. This is always in full sun with no clouds.

3 screenshots of the same instance, zooming in




another couple of instances




The other issue I notice is that when my DC DC charger hits absorption the AMPs feeding my battery constantly fluctuate dramatically. This corresponds with my engine revving up and down at idle. If I turn the DC DC charger off the revving stops.

Could it be that I have both a bad MPPT charger and a bad DC to DC charger? the DC DC charger was purchased as being already opened box but the MPPT was new. I'm suspecting maybe it could have something to do with my SOK battery since I'm having issues with both charge controllers, but I'm hoping someone with more expertise could chime in and enlighten me. I have settings for both set to the standard lithium settings. Thanks for reading!

adam-dobbs asked
jjbond commented ·

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Victron Cerbo GX to monitor 2 smartshunts and a charge controller with BT adapter?

Hello, so I been looking at the Cerbo GX to be able to monitor my back up systems remotely, I have 2 smart shunts with BT and a charge controller older model (with BT adapter) I like to know if I can use those 3 items with the Cerbo GX at the same time, and would like to remove the BT adapter from the charge controller if is possible, (maybe by replacing with a victron cable) to connect the 3 devices to the Serbo GX. I see different connectors on the Serbo but not sure if I can have 2 or 3 devices connected by BT or if I will need to purchase additional cables to be able to do this. The 2 shunts are in different systems, but the charge controller is in one of the systems with the second smart shunt. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.

friaras asked
wkirby answered ·

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