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Victron Inverters no longer approved for GB DNO grid connection?

Are Victron Inverters no longer approved for DNO grid connection in GB? All the previous G98/G99 approvals on are now showing Non-compliant for new installations. Im specifically looking to get DNO approval for the Multiplus ii 48/5000 but its no longer approved for GB. It is for NI

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Balancing non Victron brand LifePo4 batteries

I have 4 lifepo4 400Ah cells ( As I noticed Victron BMS only monitor the total 12v Voltage and not balancing individual cells) Is there any Victron product for balancing 4 non Victron brand cells individually ?

megadrone asked
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Victron Cerbo gx fuse

I purchased a used cerbo gx and the fuse is blown. The fuse says 3.15 amp. Can i wire in a 3amp fuse of any kind? Or can i just purchase a new power cable with the inline fuse for the cerbo gx?

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Victron EV charging Station Update Fehler 733

Hallo zusammen,

  • Ich schaffe es nicht meine neue EV charging Station(evcs) zu updaten. Es kommt immer der Fehler 733! Das VRM erkennt die evcs und zeigt auch an das ein Update zu Verfügung steht. Aber sobald ich das Update starte kommt dieser Fehler.
  • Kann mir jemand helfen?? Gruß Martin



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Running 2 Different Batteries

I currently have a 100ah older battery and a 120ah new battery, and I and wanting to connect a Victron 100/30 to the system to control the charge to both batteries. I have also using 2 x 160w solar panels.

Will his work?

carlhester asked
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Mixing flexible solar panel with roof mounted

I know this question has been asked and answered a few times but I am still not sure.

I have a flexible 200-watt solar panel I would like to add to my fixed setup when camping in the shade, my question is, can I add the quick connection right to my Lynx distributor or do I need to add a second MPPT? I am building a new toy hauler out of my 22 ft cargo hauler and I am just about done except for a few connections.

What I have installed so far, this is my fist go at this.

Victron Multiplus 12/3000 120/50

Victron MPPT 100/50

Victron LYNX distributor

2x 200 watt Rich solar panels (two more 200 watt on order)

1x 200 AH LifePo4 (second on order)


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Why are most Victron devices not UL or ETL listed?

I emailed USA-CANADA Victron sales to ask for UL listings for the Multiplus-II, Autotransformer, Smartsolar RS, Lynx system and Cerbo GX. The answer I got back was, and I quote

"I don’t have good news on this for you I’m afraid. None of the equipment listed below is UL certified. We are of course looking into that, but there is no definitive timeline for this. [...] We understand the need for sure. It will certainly come, but not in the short term I’m afraid. "

Why not? UL listing, where I live in Colorado, is a must. State electrical inspectors do not accept non-UL/ETL listed devices.

Seems Victron can expand their sales significantly if they aggressively work on UL/ETL listings. In the end, I expect it to be "just" money, their equipment is solid and some of it has passed the UL testing already, but unfortunately none of the components I need.

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Visio stencils for Victron products

Hi all, does any body know if Victron have made stencils for Visio for their Victron Products?

Or if any body else made it and made it free to use.

It makes lite so much easier when making my schematics.


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Cerbo GX and multiple relay control

It seems to me that the Cerbo should be able to control the relay's of all the attached Victron devices. In my whole system, I must have 5 unused relays that could controlled and managed from a central device and ruleset. You could do a lot between the data available in the system and a complete integration of all those relays. For example, currently to start an onan genset we need a couple extra timer relays, or a genset control unit. But we have all the data and relay functionality we need in even a small system.

Battery below 20%, trigger Genstart sequence

1. Cerbo, close relay 1 for 10 seconds (prime genset)

2. Cerbo, command Multiplus to close relay for 10 seconds (start genset)

3. Cerbo, does multiplus detect input voltage? If no, repeat 2x.

4. Cerbo, battery 95%, close relay 1 for 3 seconds (stop Genset)

This is a very simplistic operation, but a good example of something the system should be able to do. Integrate other devices like the relay on the solar controller and dc/dc converter and all the other devices in the system, and you could do some wild stuff. Especially with a little program that would let you write and upload rulesets.

Anyone have a hack that will allow me to do this?

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How to connect the temperature sensor

Hello all,

I have the branded temperature sensor from victron. I am currently figuring out how to connect it to my battery bank. I currently have 4 batteries in series. I have the victron 702 monitor.

Now, in the manual, I see that I am support to replace the two probes with the temperature sensor. I do that and place the temperature sensor on the most positive terminal. When I do this, I lose my voltage calculation and the midpoint and I do not get a temperature sensor reading.

So I am coming to hte community here. What is the best way to connect the temperature sensor to a bank of 4 batteries?

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Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 Outputs

I'm hoping that someone knows, definitively, how this Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 output charger (available as 1 and 3 output versions) handles the specific needs of each of the 3 outputs? Are they handled independently? For example each of the connected batteries are depleted to different extents, perhaps #1 only requires maintenance/float whereas #2 requires charging from a 30% state. I wouldn't be so concerned except that the VictronConnect app only shows single charging information (as though this was a single output instead of 3). It's a little difficult to envision a scenario when all 3 outputs should be handled as single..? Unfortunately Victron does NOT address this issue in ANY of their documentation. Also, is each output capable of 30A output (so for example the 3 outputs performs exactly the same as the 1 output version if only 1 output is being used)? Someone mentioned to me that they "thought" that the 3 output version was only capable of 10A per output channel, max, or perhaps 15A per output in the case where only 2 outputs were used.?

grayjp5 asked
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When was the small chipset changed for the new large chipset ?

I need a multiplus 24V/2000VA unit to work in paralel with an existing one who has the "new" procesor (code beginning with 26). They offered me an apparently identical unit with the serial number beginning with HQ1649. I understand this unit was manufactured end of 2016. The units manufactured end of 2016 already had the "new" processor ?

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correct mcb ac out 1 and 2 for multiplus 48 5000 70

Can anyone give me the correct size of mcb for ac1 out and ac2 out and how its worked out. Thanks in advance

jimhon asked
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Change Multiplus 48 3000 35 for 48 5000 70

Thinking of upgrading my multiplus 48 3000 35 for a multiplus 48 5000 70. To get better charging and discharging would there be any other benefits?

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Victron PWM Light connectivity during engine start

I'm curious if my PWM Light bluesolar 12v charge controller is okay to stay connected with an autostart feature on the 32kva genset. Or should I keep the generator off until disconnecting the two solar panels before using the battery to start? Normally this setup is for a battery for camping, but the generator batteries usually are dead before I need the generator and tired of having to jumpstart from a vehicle.

I'm currently using the PWM on H (manual) setting, but if there is a recommendation of a different setting for my setup would appreciate hearing. Thank you

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