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I have now had 3 CERBO GX units.

I) Brand new out the box CERBO GX (series that had apparent 48VDC issues)
No issues with VE-CAN, BMS-CAN or VE-BUS. Also HDMi worked flawlessly on a std HDMi screen.
I changed the screen to an older LCD with VGA input and an HDMi to VGA converter. The moment the
HDMI to VGA converter was plugged in the HDMi port blew. I wrote this down to a faulty VGA to HDMi
converter. Send it back, not stock, Victron took over two months to repair / replace, supplier supplied
a new unit (in fairness he did say he wasn't sure if it was okay or not and to test).

II) Installed unit received as mentioned in point I), left out HDMi. Plugged in order:
- USB 1 (LEFT) power monitor
- USB 2 (Middle) power monitor
- VE-CAN (MPPT), Terminator
- BMS-CAN (Battery comms), Terminator
Before I could even plug in the power connector the battery BMS made a tick sound and everything
turned off, BMS dead. Plugged in Cerbo power and cerbo is also dead. Had to send it for repairs,
still waiting for it to be returned.

III) Received a brand new Cerbo GX as a replacement for the very first unit that had the HDMi issue,
took 2 months.
Plugged in order:
- USB 1 (Left) power monitor
- USB 2 (Middle) Power monitor
- Ve-CAN (MPPT), Terminator
- BMS-CAN TERMINATOR (left out Victron Type A cable)
Everything ran perfectly, tested VRM portal and all 100%.
- Plugged in BMS-CAN Cable, within 15 seconds battery BMS shuts down. Same problem as before
BMS damaged, tracks burnt on BMS PCB. So had BMS replaced again. At this point it is obvious that
Pylontech's Force LV1 BMS is absolute rubbish, clearly that's why they discontinued it. Replaced the
BMS but this time NO COMMS. And it worked great.
- Tried the HDMi port and it was completely dead with native HDMi and VGA adapter, no display. Just
left the screen out, no big issue. Note that the VGA adapter had been replaced an is working 100%

Still the same Cerbo GX as point III) still no BMS-CAN. Worked 100%, installed a new Multiplus ii 48/8000 had that up and running on VE-BUS. Logged perfectly. So today I started reading up on the "modify" side and noted that one can get past the blank HDMi screen by SSH and changing some parameters. So I connect the very same HDMi cable (screen is not even turned on yet) and the unit goes shhh dwah! and that's it, another Cerbo GX in the garbage. Note that at this point no modifications had been done yet.

All the above mentioned Cerbo GX units fall within the 48VDC issue models.
In my 23 years in data cabling, CCTV and Solar installs I have never, up to now, blown a port on a CAN, RS485, RS232 or network. Not even without incorrect cable pinouts.
I refuse to believe that all these failures are coincidental or "user error"

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How to make an arduino comunicate over

hello, i want to program an arduino in a way that it appears as a solar charge controller in the VRM. I want to measure the voltage and current on my own build charger and monitor it on the VRM. How can i sent data over the port. i read the Victron documentation but i am lost.

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Communication ports on battery


Hi there, these are the communication ports available on my 150ah LiFePO4 batteries (I have 2). Is it possible to connect the batteries to my 450/100 victron MPPT or my Phoenix 5kw inverter or will I need a cerbo GX?

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Protocole victron et bms seplos

Problem de multiplus qui arrête pas la charge ou le bms il. Laye c’est tout

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Can a Multiplus II work with a old type mppt 150/85 charge controller without a Cerbo GX?

Good day,

I have bought a multiplusII 24v/5000va inverter and a old bluesolar 150/85 mppt charge controller.

I want to know can it work without a Cerbo GX? It looks like i cant pick up the mppt in the device list so i dont think that the inverter is communicating with the mppt.

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Buck-Boost converter CAN-Bus communication

I couldn't find any information in the manual of Buck-Boost Converter for configuring CAN-Bus communications. Where can I find this information, please?



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VE.Direct Hex protocol for RS Smart 48/6000

I have an RS smart 48/6000 (, I want to communicate via the port with a homemade card (AtXmega).
I saw the protocol docs (VE.Direct-BlueSolar-HEX-protocol and VE.Direct-HEX-Protocol-Phoenix-Inverter) but couldn't find the protocol for RS Smart solar...?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

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Kisae BIC122080 CAN BUS communication with Cerbo GX

Hello! In my camper trailer, I have a Kisae BIC122080 Inverter/Charger that has a CAN BUS port on it (4 pin ATX I believe, manual doesn't specify). I have a Cerbo GX that I would like to connect to the Inverter/Charger if possible. Ideally this would show up similar to the native Victron inverter/chargers being able to show power input from shore power, AC loads powered by the inverter, and charging details for what is going to my battery bank. Does anyone have any idea if this is possible? I believe I would need to create a custom adapter cable to go from the 4 pin ATX CAN BUS connector to the RJ45 CAN BUS connector. I guess my main question is just around the feasibility of the two devices communicating and the Cerbo GX's ability to visualize and integrate the operational data of the Kisae unit. Let me know if there is any other information I can provide! Thanks kindly for reading.

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Adding a 3kVa multiplus as a dedicated charger to an existing 5kVa 2 phase system

An existing hybrid system with 2 x 5kVA Multiplus is having grid issues so we are looking at installing a separate Multiplus 3kVa connected to a generator in the charger only mode to charge the battery bank (40kWh LiFe4Po) manually (i.e. switch on the generator when low SoC and no grid). How is this connected to the GX device (Cerbo) in order to monitor?

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Is there a way to display Schneider MPPT, Outback MPPT and Morningstar MPPT data on VRM?

I have a client who has an Outback system with 2 x 3kVA Inverters and 1 x 60A Outback, 1 x 60A Schneider and a 45A Morningstar. I want to take out the 2 outback inverters and give him a 10kVA Quattro with Colour Control and BMV. How would i be able to monitor the charge controllers on VRM? Or is it even possible?

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No temperature data in serial output?

Hey - I've got a LUA script on a piece of hardware that monitors my SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 and BatterySense.

I swear when I tested it a while ago (previous firmware) I was getting temperature data.

Currently running FW 1.61 and have no temperature (raw serial dump with time stamp) :

023-01-19T08:06:38.088 - SER#1234567890
2023-01-19T08:06:38.093 - V12110
2023-01-19T08:06:38.098 - I-30
2023-01-19T08:06:38.100 - VPV10
2023-01-19T08:06:38.104 - PPV0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.108 - CS0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.112 - MPPT0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.122 - OR0x00000001
2023-01-19T08:06:38.127 - ERR0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.129 - LOADON
2023-01-19T08:06:38.134 - IL0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.138 - H19598
2023-01-19T08:06:38.142 - H200
2023-01-19T08:06:39.075 - H210
2023-01-19T08:06:39.077 - H220
2023-01-19T08:06:39.080 - H230
2023-01-19T08:06:39.084 - HSDS138
2023-01-19T08:06:39.088 - Checksum
2023-01-19T08:06:39.093 - PID0xA060
2023-01-19T08:06:39.097 - FW161

I can see the temperature in Victron Connect.

Anyone able to confirm if this used to work / what happened in v1.61?


EDIT - I re-read the VE.Direct Protocol PDF and see that temperature data isn't one of the fields output on the MPPT units. Can this be a feature request please? Seems an odd field not to have.

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Victron Comms with a Fronius Tauro?

Can Victron communicate and control with the Fronius Tauro as it can with Primos, Symos and Ecos?

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250|100-Tr VE.Can MPPT to computer - cables needed?

Hi, as the title suggests, I'm looking to see what cable is used to connect a 250|100 VE.Can smart solar controller to a computer to monitor and control the device. As I understand it this can be done with a VE.Direct cable, and possibly the VE.Can port. So in this case you'd use the VE.Direct--> USB dongle, but I'm not sure how else you could monitor through VE.Can protocol - would that just be standard RJ45 ethernet cable from charge controller --> computer?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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Victron Pi recent regular loss of communication

I’ve had my system running in a camper for about 2 years. Since the new year I’ve been getting regular loss of communication alarms, whilst parked on my driveway.

In the past the 4G modem (TP link archer mr-600) has been the culprit, but the of thing is the router is still online. In fact the only consistent way of fixing the issue is to reboot the router.

It’s throwing me a bit because the router is still online and showing the Victron pi connected to it.

The router firmware is up to date.

The Victron Pi was running 2.85-large, I’ve just updated this to 2.89, which is the newest available within the unit.

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How to stop VictronConnect search for COM ports - Phoenix Inverter Smart?

When software VictronConnect start on Windows, its looking for connected Victron HW connected by VE.Direct to USB interface cable. It will search for some COM port conmnection. OK. Application will find the Inverter, connect it, works as expected. But I have alreaqqdy some other COM port occupied by other HW, especially security devices. In the case application test othert COM ports for possible Victron device, my security device evaluate this test as possible fault of communication and start false allarm. It is done only when application start and I start my connected inverter - so not big issue then. But it means, that it will happen every time the computer will Restart. Just for Inverter it is annoing (no historic data, no VRM connection), OK. But in case I upgrade system for BMV-712 for example, than I have to find the way how NOT let VictronConnect test particular COM ports as mandatory.

Does exist some solution to STOP VictronConnect applicatioon COM port search? Or another way maybee just block particular COM port to be connected by such application?

Thanks for ideas!

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