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question about MK2/MK3 protocol for setting AcPowerSetPoint / ESS 'Grid Setpoint'

Hi, i am programming some simple functions on top of the MK3 USB interface. I have read the 'Interfacing with VE Bus MK2 protocol' pdf from the site and i have most of the thinks working. My goal is to implement the AcPowerSetPoint via the MK3 interface.

Does anyone know that the correct MK2/MK3 protocol variable is for setting and getting the AcPowerSetPoint? (aka Grid Setpoint)

When i look at 'RAM variables' from the MK2 protocol pdf, i see ID 's 14,15 and 16 and that could be what i am looking for. Unfortunately these ID's don't seem to give the right values.

(Does anyone know the difference between ID 14 and 15? The text is the exactly same for both ID's but they return a different value..)



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Victron Comms with a Fronius Tauro?

Can Victron communicate and control with the Fronius Tauro as it can with Primos, Symos and Ecos?

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USB Programming tools

I have a BMV-501, and Pheonix Multiplus compact installed.

In addition to 'VE Configure software', what components do I need to configure these devices using a Windows 10 PC?

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Multiplus 2 GX Communication problem


I have several installations in which i used a Victron Multiplus 2 GX and I had some problems in most of these installations, i think the problems that I am facing are related to the communication with the built in GX device.

These are some of the problems that I faced:

1- The screen turned off in 2 installations,

2- The Connection with the GX device embedded in the inverter is not good, no data is transferred to the VRM, noting that all the connection cables are new, it works only after rebooting the remote console, but after some time, the problem returns,

3- The icon of the PV solar charger disappeared and then appeared after rebooting the remote console, but after a few minutes it disappeared, the system saw that there was no PV so the batteries were discharging, Also noting that the connection cables (VE direct in our case) between the chargers and the inverter are new as well,

4- The GX reboots randomly, and in the VRM the inverter appears OFF, the client thought that there was no electricity in the house while is was ON.

Hoping to get some help regarding this topic

Thanking you

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VE.Direct HEX protocol for the Phoenix Smart IP43

Hi. This question has been asked before with no response.

If anyone can point me to any further information on this product I would really appreciate it.



@mvader (Victron Energy)

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

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BMS-Can ports running the VE.Can / NMEA2000 Protocol minus addressing? ?

From the following research






Since there is no BMS-Can protocol listed in [1] and the cable for VE.Can are used on the BMS-Can ports (CAN_L, CAN_H, V-, V+) on pins (8,7,3,6) where Vdiff (V+ - V-) is 9 to 32 V [2] and there are restriction on what can and can't be used on BMS-Can Port [3] because there are not using the address scheme in the BMS-Can port [4]. I would infer the BMS-Can port are using the VE.Can / NMEA2000 Protocol but ignoring the addressing priority built into the protocol.

I am not sure if that makes sense, but the concept of the "BMS-Can Port" is just to allow a single BMS battery to be control from the port even though it is a Daisy protocol that could be plugged into a VE.Can port like the Rec-BMS was " plug into the VE-CAN port on the CERBO rather than the BMS-CAN port and set CAN-1 settings to VE.CAN & CAN-bus BMS (250 kbit/s)" [5]

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250 Kbits/s battery on Multiplus II-GX ?


We are installing lithium batteries with their own BMS working at 250 kbits/s using EasySolar-II GX and Multiplus-II GX units. It seems the Multiplus-II GX units do not have the 250 kbit/s baud rate option, as do all the other GX units.


Is there a way to get the Multiplus-II-GX to work at 250 kbit/s? Changing firmware perhaps?

The batteries have been tested with a Color Control GX and work fine. But it is not working with the Multiplus-II GX.

Any help is appreciated. We have 450 units of those standing by...


Jordi Faxedas

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How to contact the Community Manager & Site Admin

What is the best way to get in contact with the Community Manager for site administration issues (accounts, emails, file attachments, etc)?

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Multiplus-II 12|3000 + Cerbo GX + Firefly multiplex system can they communicate via CAN-bus?

I would like to replace my current Magnum MS-2000 inverter with the Victron Multiplus II, adding the Cerbo GX for Bluetooth and LAN monitoring… upgrading to LiFEPO4 batteries and a Victron MPPT solar charge controller and solar panels as well. I think I can get all of the Victron components to communicate with each other, and via Bluetooth and LAN to an iPhone via app - but would like to talk to the Firefly multiplex system as well. The Magnum inverter has a RJ45? CAN bus connection that passes information to the Firefly and onto a display within my RV. The data passed includes: shoreline Voltage and frequency - line 1 and line 2. Inverter on/off, battery charge level, battery voltage, chassis and coach, auto generator start on low volts or high temp (temp may come from other sensors).

what information I have gathered so far indicates that the Magnum inverter and the Firefly are communicating via CAN-bus.

I am a real amateur at this CAN bus and VE-bus stuff, but willing to learn. help!

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Easy solar 5000 wired interface for configuring and monitoring

Is it possible with one wired interface to be able to monitor and configure both MPPT and inverter with

  1. EasySolar 48/5000/70 MPPT 150/100 Color Control
  2. EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100 GX

If so which is the interface to do so for the above two units?


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Carlo Gavazzi energy metter protocol

I am an IT developer, I have an energy meter in my system and I want to emulate Carlo Gavazzi's energy meter protocol to talk to a multiplus II, is there a communication protocol specification?

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How to stop VictronConnect search for COM ports - Phoenix Inverter Smart?

When software VictronConnect start on Windows, its looking for connected Victron HW connected by VE.Direct to USB interface cable. It will search for some COM port conmnection. OK. Application will find the Inverter, connect it, works as expected. But I have alreaqqdy some other COM port occupied by other HW, especially security devices. In the case application test othert COM ports for possible Victron device, my security device evaluate this test as possible fault of communication and start false allarm. It is done only when application start and I start my connected inverter - so not big issue then. But it means, that it will happen every time the computer will Restart. Just for Inverter it is annoing (no historic data, no VRM connection), OK. But in case I upgrade system for BMV-712 for example, than I have to find the way how NOT let VictronConnect test particular COM ports as mandatory.

Does exist some solution to STOP VictronConnect applicatioon COM port search? Or another way maybee just block particular COM port to be connected by such application?

Thanks for ideas!

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Wer hat es geschafft, eine Victron Installation (MultiPlus, Solarregler …) mit einem KABE Smart D System zu koppeln?

Halle zusammen,

ich fahre ein Kabe Travel Master Royal I760lgb Modelljahr 2020. Die Bedienungsanleitung zum Fahrzeug findet sich hier: KABE verbaut keinen klassischen Elektroblock sondern setzt auf eine digitale „smarte“ Steuerung, die sich KABE Smart D (ähnlich dem Cerbo GX mit Display) nennt. Das System basiert auf einer BUS Architektur. da ich nunmehr eine Solaranlage, nebst MultiPlus und Liontron Lithium Batterien in meinem Fahrzeug habe, würde ich die Victron Komponenten gern an das KABE System anschließen um alles von einer Stelle aus „messen, regeln und steuern„ zu können.

Da ich bisher keine Informationen gefunden habe, um die Victron Installation mit meinem KABE Smart D zu verbinden und auch niemanden kenn, der weiß wie’s geht, frage ich hier die Community.

Icb würde mich freuen, wenn sich Jemand meldet, der eine solche VICTRON <=> KABE Smart D Anbindung realisiert hat und mir entsprechende Informationen zur Verfügung stellt.

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Where is the detailed excel Modbus-TCP register list?

The GX Modbus-TCP Manual ( keeps talking about an excel spread sheet, but I can't find it. The above manual also has a link for white papers that would include the spread sheet (, but it's not there either.

The GX Modbus-TCP Manual includes the following example: "The Modbus-TCP reply will contain 2302. Divide it by 10, as specified in cell E3, and then you have the voltage: 230.2 Volts AC."

Does anyone know where I can find this excel spread sheet? TIA...

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