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MPPT 75/15 and Cerbo GX

I would like to add my SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 charger to the Cerbo GX. I see no socket on the MMPT 75/15. The literature for the MPPT 75/15 charger indicates it can communicate with the Cerbo GX. How would this be done?

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Quattro + Huawei KTL

Hello everyone.

I have installed a Huawei SUN2000-100KTL-M1 with a Smart Power Sensor for zero export.

I would like to know if I can use a Quattro 8KVA (3Parallel) in conjunction with the SUN2000 so that the surplus can be stored and used with the batteries؟

- What additional devices do I need when installing?

Thank you

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How to contact the Community Manager & Site Admin

What is the best way to get in contact with the Community Manager for site administration issues (accounts, emails, file attachments, etc)?

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Voulant m'équiper de;

1 Multiplus2 48/5000 GX

1 rs 450/100

8 Pylontech us2000c ( 2*4) avec un lynx distributeur

1 groupe électrogène(sdmo) 6kva AVR avec boîtier ATS

J'aurais voulus connaître les câbles nécessaire à la communications entre eux ( pas la puissance) car j'avoue qu'entre vediredt/bus, vecan/vebus, vebus/ suis perdu.


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What is MPPT state 245?

I'm occasionally getting MPPT state 245. I can't find it defined anywhere in the doco. Does anyone know?

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Communication ports on battery


Hi there, these are the communication ports available on my 150ah LiFePO4 batteries (I have 2). Is it possible to connect the batteries to my 450/100 victron MPPT or my Phoenix 5kw inverter or will I need a cerbo GX?

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LiTech Power LiFePo4

Dear All,

Currently I am busy with setting up an Victron ESS system based on a multiplus II and Cerbo CX module. I want to add to this system a third party battery set. Does anyone has experience with the Litech power LiFePo4 48V 100Ah Powerwall Energy Storage system (LPPW48V100AH16S1PF001) ( ??

see also the following link: LiTech Power LiFePo4 48V PowerWall Energy Storage System - LiTech Power Co.,Ltd

I was wondering if someone has experience with these battery's or maybe already is using these? Particularly if the communication between the Litech BMS with the victron system is functioning fine.

I want to connect three of these 48V/100Ah in parallel.

Many thanks in advance for replying,


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Phoenix Smart Charger restarts continuously without battery


I use the smart charger to charge different batteries, to achieve this i code a program to manage the charger via VE.Direct HEX protocol.

When im not detecting current or the cahrger charger or status is in Storage mode i deactivate the charger via SoftSwitch.

The issue is when the Smart Charger is OFF via SoftSwitch or via Remote wire and doesnt have a battery plugged, the Smart Charger restarts itself continuously, i can observ this in the leds on the charger that blink all at once and in the VE.Direct comms i see an unresponsive behaviour, the HEX protocol commands doesnt get responded and text messages doesnt show in about 5 seconds.

I see other post with similar issue

Any idea of what happens?

Maybe the charger doesnt work well without a battery permanently conected?

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Daten angeschlossener Geräte am Cerbo GX auslesen

Ich möchte die Daten, die alle angeschlossenen Victron-Geräte (1 x Quattro, 1 x Skylla sowie diverse MPPT) über Ihre unterschiedlichen Datenverbindungen (VE.Bus, USB, VE.Can) an den Cerbo GX senden, auslesen um die Daten in einer Bedienoberfläche gemeinsam mit anderen Daten, z.B. von der Batteriebank oder den Generatoren, anzuzeigen.
z.B. ein Icon für den Quattro, und dazu die aktuelle Spannung am Eingang und die aktuelle Stromentnahme aus dem Netz.
All diese Daten werden in der originalen Victron-GX Oberfläche ja angezeigt.

Kann ich diese direkt auslesen, um sie in einer anderen Oberflächen-Programmierung zu verarbeiten?
Geht das über ModbusTCP? Oder gibt es da noch alternative Möglichkeiten?

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Cerbo GX ESS Mode 2 Intermittent Code 2 "Connection Error"

I have a Multiplus-II, SmartSolar MPPT, with a Cerbo GX for the brains. I've written an ESS mode 2 control program that runs on a dedicated Raspberry Pi. The program queries the Cerbo on a one-minute cycle using Modbus TCP, sleeping between queries, and gets an intermittent code 2 (Connection Error) communicating with the Cerbo several times over the course of a 24-hour day.

The error has shown up at all times of day and generally lasts for 10 minutes or less. I know the Raspberry Pi is still online because that's how I access it during the error. I know the Cerbo is still online because I can see it on the router. I suspect the Cerbo is not locked up or rebooting because it still feeds data to the VRM portal while the code 2 is going on. My program has code to retry querying the Cerbo up to four times over the course of 12.5 minutes -- all the retry loop does is reissue the "read register" request, it doesn't close or open the connection.

Any ideas? All firmware is current as of this date.

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MPPT 450/100 display as "NOT CONNECTED"

Hi everyone. New Victron user here :)

I have :

  • an MPPT 450/100 connected using VE.Can to a Cerbo GX (terminator connector used on each one)
  • a Multiplus-II 48/8000/110-100 connected using VE.Bus to the Cerbo GX
  • Pylontech batteries connected to Cerbo-GX using the good Victron cable to the Cerbo-GX
  • DVCC is on ( charge informations are provided by the Pylontech BMS)

I have a strange behavior with the MPPT not showing as PV Charger on the VRM online and marked as "NOT CONNECTED" on Device List.

More strange, when I connect to the MPPT solar, or when I reboot it, it appears in both device list and VRM, but only for approximatively 30 seconds and then it desappers again.

I monitored the device list and sometimes, the MPPT is showing up by his own, but only for a few seconds.

Note that the device itself is working well.

I have tried using another cable, but the behavior's still the same.

Has someone experienced the same problem ?

Maybe it is "off" at night with no PV production ?

Thanks for your help or advice :)

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VE.Direct HEX protocol for the Phoenix Smart IP43

Hi. This question has been asked before with no response.

If anyone can point me to any further information on this product I would really appreciate it.



@mvader (Victron Energy)

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

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question about MK2/MK3 protocol for setting AcPowerSetPoint / ESS 'Grid Setpoint'

Hi, i am programming some simple functions on top of the MK3 USB interface. I have read the 'Interfacing with VE Bus MK2 protocol' pdf from the site and i have most of the thinks working. My goal is to implement the AcPowerSetPoint via the MK3 interface.

Does anyone know that the correct MK2/MK3 protocol variable is for setting and getting the AcPowerSetPoint? (aka Grid Setpoint)

When i look at 'RAM variables' from the MK2 protocol pdf, i see ID 's 14,15 and 16 and that could be what i am looking for. Unfortunately these ID's don't seem to give the right values.

(Does anyone know the difference between ID 14 and 15? The text is the exactly same for both ID's but they return a different value..)



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Victron Comms with a Fronius Tauro?

Can Victron communicate and control with the Fronius Tauro as it can with Primos, Symos and Ecos?

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USB Programming tools

I have a BMV-501, and Pheonix Multiplus compact installed.

In addition to 'VE Configure software', what components do I need to configure these devices using a Windows 10 PC?

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