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Multiplus Inverter/Charger + Remote Control Panel + CCGX

I have a MultiPlus 12/3000 Inverter Charger that I would like to control with a remote control panel. This would be connected via a VE.Bus connection. I'd also like to monitor the Inverter/charger with my CCGX display.

Can both the remote panel and the CCGX be connected at the same time and not cause conflicts? I prefer to simply turn the inverter/charger on/off with the remote panel's toggle, rather than search through the CCGX screens.

Secondly, the remote control is located between the inverter/charger and the CCGX. Can I run a cable from the inverter/charger, to the remote control, and then with a RJ-45 splitter run a second cable to the CCGX?

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Battery current reading reverse of DC system current with REC-BMS


I have a REC-BMS communicating with a Cerbo GX over the can bus. (side note, for anyone else trying this I had to ignore the manual and use the VE bus rather than the can bus, and to set the speed to 250k instead of 500k)

The BMS has a shunt resistor and there's only one place the current is measured. The data is sent over the VE bus to the cerbo gx. While discharging, the battery current says it's charging and is the exact opposite of the DC system current. DC system current is the correct sign.

I just updated the firmware on the Cerbo GX to V2.94 and the issue persists.

Any thoughts?


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VE.Bus BMS v2 not powering up

I have problem with powering up VE.Bus BMS v2. I guess there should be some kind of LED status powering up, but there is nothing.

Battery is connected with communication cables.

Cerbo GX is powering through GX-Power terminal only when AUX in is also connected, but from same DC source. From what I understand BMS uses battery + or AUX in which ever voltage is higher. So this is already indication that there is something strange happening.

Remote L H is bridged.

Same behavior whether BUS devices are connected or not. I think there should be some kind of error LED indication if there would be communication error.

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Does anyone know how to detect Victron bms v2 in dvcc?


My ve.bus paths I’ve tried are;



All firmware meets or exceeds minimum requirements.

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MultiGrid 3000 - VE.Bus Error 11 (step 6)


I have an ESS 3-phase installation with 6 MultiGrid 48/3000/35-50 (two on each phase).

The system runs fine except this famous relay test.

I tried almost everything to troubleshoot this error, but before I try to contact my vendor(s) for the Multis, maybe someone here has an idea.

First of all, the error happens with or without load at the Multis. Without load means that there is nothing connected to the ACout of the Multis.

If I disconnect the Grid from the Multis (ACin), the Multis disconnect Active(in) and Neutral(in).

Measuring now the impedance between Neutral(in) and Neutral(out) shows > 5M Ohm, which looks correct for me.

Measuring Neutral(in) against PE(GND) shows 0 Ohm, Neutral(out) against PE shows > 10M Ohm.

If I disconnect the PE (GND) from the Multis the relay test passes without error and everything runs smooth.

I got my first 3 Multis about a year ago, the others are from October last year (1) and from two weeks ago (2).

For the error details see the attached pictures.

It would be very helpful to know what is tested during 'step 6'.

Any help is very appreciated.



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ve.bus bms v2 and DVCC

I've upgraded to the new BMS v2.
I upgraded from the old BMS v1 because I want to utilize DVCC.

However when I enter the DVCC settings on my Venus GX, my choices for the controlling BMS are still automatic selection or no BMS control.
I was expecting to see the new V2 BMS popup as an option.

My question is 'What is the expected behavior for this setting with the new BMS v2?'


I've reset the ve.bus and redetected the ve.bus with no effect.

Victron Connect shows me that the Multiplus charging is being controlled by a BMS.
So there is some communication happening.


I have Victron smart lithium batteries (v1.31).

I have a multiplus 12/3000/120 (v502), remote panel, bms V2 (v113) and a Venus GX (v3.00~29) connected to the ve.bus.

I've updated the firmware on all of those devices.

I also have x4 MPPT smart controllers connected to the venus GX via ve.can (v3.13). Those firmware were also updated. I was also expecting their networking operation to be BMS controlled, but they still say standalone, bms controlled = no.


I'm just wondering if anyone else is doing this and what could I expect the behaviour to be?

Or, am I missing something?

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Blue Power Panel 2 - Quattro shutdown on connection


We had this issue some time ago and never resolved it. A problem on site yesterday has prompted me to revisit this.

We have a 3 phase system with 3x 5kw Quattros. 48v system. Lead Acid approx 5 / 6 yrs old.

Backup power for essential services.

Blue power panel was connected to the last Quattro in the chain - and also into a Battery monitor for generator control.

All was fine on original install, but at some point, connecting the BPP to the VEbus chain caused the Quattros to shut off. When not connected they would work as normal.

The BPP was replaced, but the replacement also caused the same issue.

Any ideas ?



Chris asked
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ve.Bus BMS v2 cell under voltage issues

Hi Everyone!

I recently switched out my ve.Bus BMS v1 to a v2 to gain the ability to change the Multiplus' mode via Cerbo.

After a few other minor changes to my system, I decided to test things out by running a small heater (1200W) off the Multiplus 12/3000/120 and connecting/disconnecting shore power. The Multiplus inverts/passthru's to the heater no problem on shore power.

When I disconnect shore, within ten seconds the "Cell>2.8V" light on the BMS v2 dims, the Battery protect loads and Multiplus are disconnected, then the light goes back to its normal state.

Video of BMS v2 light:

Smaller loads operate fine when inverting. The 2nd largest load I put on it was an Ecoflow AC pulling around 400W.

I switched back to my BMS v1 and it seems to be operating fine without issue at any load. Battery voltage at the Shunt and metered at my Multiplus are normal.

I also tried powering my Cerbo directly off the BMS v2's GX-Power port hoping it would stay powered long enough to give an alert or anything useful to troubleshoot, but it powered off at the same time the rest of the loads did.

My batteries are two 90Ah non-smart LiPo4 Victron batteries.

All firmwares are up to date.

Any suggestions?

Before trying another BMS v2 do you think its worth rebalancing the cells? Both batteries have been wired in parallel for a few years. This is the guide I would use:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I am still in a dilemma on what to do, after a firmware update from v159 to v502, my MULTIPLUS is a permanent fault state with the message “Overload L1 Ve Bus System”. I still need your help guys. Should I roll back to previous firmware v159?

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Cerbo putting Multiplus 12/3000/120 in on/off loop.


I recently upgraded from v1 of the ve.bus BMS to v2 to gain the ability to change the MultiPlus' mode via the Cerbo's touch display. While testing everything worked great. I was able to change the MultiPlus 3000 between on/off/charger/inverter and it stayed in that mode.

Since I had the cabinet open I redid some wiring for a couple of days and now my Cerbo is putting the MultiPlus in a constant loop. Doesn't matter what mode I tell the Cerbo to put the MultiPlus in. No major changes were made. Just some cable shortening and adding some ethernet for the new BMS v2 -> Cerbo connection.

As soon as I removed the RJ45 on the Cerbo coming from the BMS v2, the MultiPlus behaves normally. The BMS remains connected to the MultiPlus with no issues.

It seems that the Cerbo is causing this behavior.

Anyone have any ideas? I've tried DVCC on/off with a BMS restart after.

Updates have been done on all devices and my MultiPlus has the 27xxxx series microprocessor that supports mode changes via GX device.

Thank you!

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VeConfig and CCGX setup aettings after Firmware Update


Screenshot 2023-05-01 133648.png Screenshot 2023-05-01 133810.pngI have just updated my MultiPlus firmware from v158 to v502, after update my system have gone into permanent overload and Fault and also AC Input is still displaying disconnected after the update

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MP2 Update failed - cannot find VE.BUS

After installed the whole ESS System I wanted to update my MP2 48/5000/70 to the newest Firmware. It startet fine but lost connection. Tried IT again and said "no VE. DIRECT" device found and made a warning Light "Boot-loader" :-/ error Code 745 "cannot find VE.Bus System"

I updated it via Cerbo GX, no BMS, no Inverter or other things connected. Cerbo got voltage from 48v battery Pack. I dont have MK3-usb.

Do you have any idea how to Set it back to dealer config... Is there a way to update without ve.bus

Othet LAN cables tested

Thanks & bes regards


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Multiplus II Overload on L1 While connected to 50a Shore power

Only problem I see in the logs is that the Battery drops, sometimes below 13V and the current drops to a negative sometimes as low as -279A. I updated to the latest firmware about 4 weeks ago and everything was fine until about 7 days ago. I've gotten about 10 overload warnings a few High DC Ripple Warnings and a few Low Battery Warnings. I'm running 4 206ah SOK batteries with a Victron Shunt. Any help would be appreciated.

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Connecting Bluetooth MPPT to non-Bluetooth MPPT by VE.bus...

If I connect the VE.bus of a Bluetooth MPPT to non-Bluetooth MPPT will the non-Bluetooth MPPT data be available by Bluetooth??

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Quattro not switching on

We have recently installed following system

1. 3 x Quattro 48/8000

2. 5 x Smartsolar MPPT 250/100

3. OPZV batteries (2V 1000Ah)

5. Cerbo GX and GX Touch

We have configured the quattros for three phase operation . After testing everything successfully, we have turned off all devices and turned them on again. However this time none of the quattros switched on. They were all silent.

They started running as soon as I have removed the ve-bus cable , which connects the master with the cerbo gx. After they started running, I have put back the cable again. All was fine and visible on the screen of gx touch.

What was blocking the quattros from switching on ? What is the effect of the ve-bus cable on this situation ? What do you suggest ? Removing and putting back the ve-bus cable from gerbo seems to reset some things....

Many Thanks for suggestions, solutions,

Best Regards

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