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Cannot find Muti


Has anyone ever come across this before?(see attached picture)

I have two Multiplus 2 48/5000 in parallel and when trying to setup a ve.bus system in quick configure or system configurator I get this error message.

Both Multi's have the same firmware version.


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Intermittent VE Bus state OFF, no warnings. Lost power 30seconds

Any gurus out there have any ideas on this problem?

8kW Quattro, 7 x Pylontech Force 1, 2 x Blue Solar chargers commissioned this week. System ticks away quite nicely then randomly the inverter appears to switch off very briefly. Owner complains of losing power for around 30 seconds. Happened twice yesterday and twice the day before. Can see the event in advanced logging (VE Bus state briefly off) but no warnings generated. Rest of system unaffected. Doesn’t seem to correspond to anything unusual… no large loads at the time, etc. We’ve had storms the last day or two, not sure if this would be a factor. Anyone have any ideas??

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Best 48v BMS

Hi everyone,

I am expecting a shipment of 16x280Ah prismatic LiFePO4 cells. It is my first experience with non-lead acid batteries. I understand that I need a BMS, but there is incredible selection and profound difference in cost between models. I currently have a Cerbo GX which I understand has two data busses, a CAN bus and a proprietary VE.bus. This paragraph is the entire sum of my BMS knowledge, +/-.

I want to find a BMS that integrates maximally with the Cerbo. I'm happy to pay for quality. I don't necessarily need it to be a "supported" solution by Victron, as long as it integrates well. In another group on DIY Powerwalls, Batrium seems to be the most popular name in BMS. Is anyone running a similar system to what I've described, with a Batrium BMS?

What other options do I have? I'm also impressed with REC-BMS, but it's very pricey. A couple other ones I've glanced at are 123Smart BMS, Tiny BMS, Chargery BMS and DIY BMS. Also Daly?

The two most important things to me are 1) safety and 2) integration with my Victron products. This will be a 16s, 48v (although it's not a strict design requirement) LiFePO4 battery with low-moderate current requirements (probably something like a 3000 watt inverter). Thanks for any input!

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VE_Bus charge power. System balance.

Warum ist Quellen - Senken = VE_Bus charge power? Wohin fließt diese Leistung?

Why is the Sources - Sinks = VE Bus charge power. Where is this power flowing?


System Scheme (screenshot from a different time):


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VE Bus charge power and Battery Power

My Quattro reports both 'VE Bus charge power' and 'Battery power'. However, their values differ significantly. What exactly is reported under 'VE Bus charge power'? How is it different from 'Battery power'?

P.S. My system comprises of PV panels, MPPT charger, Battery unit, a PV inverter, household load (including charging station), and grid connection. I tried to perform a power balance of my system and it succeeds to a great extent when I consider 'VE Bus charge power' instead of 'Battery power' and 'PV_AC_L1' instead of 'PV_DC_couple_power'.

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Unexplained voltage drop on VE.Bus - MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-50


MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-50 (Firmware 497) powered by shore-power AC as the only energy source. There is a constant AC load about 1.3KW, absolutely no load on DC bus, two battery banks are completely OFF (battery switches are in OFF position and disconnected from VE.Bus). Which means that the MultiPlus-II is the only DC source on VE.Bus.

What can cause the voltage drops as per above screenshot? I only noticed it because from time to time it drops below configured "DC input low shut-down" of 12.4V triggering Low Battery Alarm.

How to approach and troubleshoot this?

Thank you!

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2 Different voltage Multiplus II (120v & 230v) on the same Cerbo GX system

I have a Victron installation on my boat and in traveling the world I find that I have a need for mixed AC voltage for various things onboard as well as charging from marinas in different countries.

Is there a way to see both Multiplus II inverters via my Cerbo GX at the same time in some fashion?

My system is:

Cerbo GX and Touch 70

REC Active BMS for LifePO4 Battery

2 SmartSolar VE Can 150/70

2 SmartSolar VE Can 150/85

BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor

Multiplus-II 12/3000/120-50 (120V AC OUTPUT)

Multiplus-II 12/3000/120-32 (230V AC OUTPUT)


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Viewing Victron smart battery info via cerbo gx with no inverter?

Hi, I have a dedicated electronics bank consisting of (2) 200ah smart lifepo4 batteries, two smart Orion dc/dc chargers, ve.bus bms, smart shunt and smart protect. I recently added a Cerbo GX.

The smartshunt connected fine to the cerbo but I can’t seem to get the cerbo to see the bms. Since I often need to monitor remotely I am hoping there is a way to see similar info to what I can see via Bluetooth when local.

Any advice on how to best connect the ve.bus bms to the cerbo and/or how to see more than just basic shunt info remotely?

Thanks much.

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Adding a second charger to a lithium system (system drawing included)

Hi Herewith the drawing of the system on our boat. Please advice how we can add the multiplus as a second charger, charger only to this system, with protection (charge disconnect) for the lithium batteries.

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Advance dashbord cannot see a shunt used to monitor wind connected via ve.bus/usb

I added a splitter USB so now I have a shunt connect as DC meter for wind via ve.bus-usb since by ve.bus ports however in advance I cannot see that to select widget for the data dashboard I can see other devices shunt, mppt, usb-gps but not this device. can someone help

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Phase rotation Issue

We have a three phase system with 3 Quattros 8000. The Inverters/chargers accept the AC supply normally and go to charger mode but there is an alarm of Phase rotation warning raised on CCGX and VRM

"VE.Bus System - Phase rotation: Warning "

Since the system accepts ACin and charges the batteries normally as well as passing this input to loads why we get this alarm on the system. Can this happen? Any ideas?

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Ethernet Panel Mount Adapter

Hi there,

I am busy designing a steel wall panel for a Victron system. I want to better manage cables and therefore I want to run them behind the panel and only have a short piece coming out from the equipment. For the VE Bus and VE can cables - could I use these RJ45 adapters to take the cables to the back of the panel in a neat manner? I also plan to parallel 3 Multiplus II's - and want to use the same methodology to connect them together.




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Can Multiplus II GX be mixed with Multiplus II without GX? in 3 phase system?

I assembled a three-phase system with:

Two Multiplus II 48/5000 / 70-50

One Multiplus II GX 48/5000 / 70-50

I don't know why, after the configuration for 3 phases, I have VE.Bus error 3 all the time. I checked the cables dozens of times. I updated the firmware to version 2623498 on all inverters. Also the internal Cerbo in this one inverter has been updated. I disconnected everything except the battery. Despite this, the system still won't work. I suspect you can't mix the regular Multiplus II and the built-in GX.

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New 3Phasesystem Multiplus 2, Error 3 (English)

A new installation with Multiplus 2, cerbo and MPPT getting always error 3

One of the multis came with an older firmeware, so I updated it with the “Flash-Programm”, after I connected all 3 multis with the udp cable and mk3 usb adapter to the laptop and configured the 3 phase system and did all the settings in the configuration tool.

Connected the 3 multis to the cerbo and did the update off all firmeware over the VRM Portal successfully, so for me means the bus is ok.

The endtermination are plugged in and they also have 120 Ohm. Checked the UDP cable with a networktester, also ok.

AC input and Batterie input also OK.

Connectet 4 old carbatteries in Serie for testing , the BYD is not delivered yet.

I also startet again from beginning, flash the software new to all multis with the “flash-tool” and configure again, but always the same.

Hope someone can help me.





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Cerbo GX with 4 ve direct connections?


I have a job existing with 3 MPPTs connected with a Cerbo GX and need to add in a shunt.

Reading the online manual for the Cerbo GX it only supports 3 devices due to cpu power limitaions, but my supplier said a 4th one running off the usb to ve direct will work.

The lynx shunt is too exspensive and not practical here. Should I get the depricated vbc shunt or go for the 4th to usb connection?

"The listed maximum on the `Performance` section in above table is the total connected VE.Direct devices such as MPPT Solar Charge controllers. Total means all directly connected devices plus the devices connected over USB. The limit is mostly bound by CPU processing power. Note that there is also a limit to the other type of devices of which often multiple are connected: PV Inverters. Up to three or four three phase inverters can typically be monitored on a CCGX. Higher power CPU devices can monitor more. "

Or am I interpreting this note incorrectly?

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