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Multiplus Inverter fault code

Hi everyone

I have a pair of Multiplus 24/5000's and am experiencing a failure when the mains is under medium load, or when my generator (acting as "shore supply") is charging over about 10A.

The system trips out and slave shows LED codes for Error17 - Suggesting its master has failed. The slave displays exactly the correct codes for Error 17.

The master is flashing both bulk and float LEDs but not mains on or inverter on. It's in an error state with no mains output. I cant find this particular LED combination failure code anywhere.

System is extremely stable and reliable when shore current limit is set to 10A and under light/medium mains demand.

It seems like when a higher charge is attempted or higher mains demand exists, something trips.

From memory, the fans automatically kick in under load or at high rates of charge but they arent even getting to that point. Switching off and back on restores power and everything appears normal again.

Does anyone know where to find a full list of LED codes? (master is flashing both bulk and float LEDs but not mains on or inverter on. )

Any assistance greatly appreciated


East Sussex


john-archer asked

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Ve bus error code 13


My gfs multiplus 3000 seems to be putting up Ve bus code 13 but I can’t find what that is anywhere. She needs it fixed for work asap so I am hoping it is fixable but it is what it is. The float, absorption, and bulk all flash on and the turn off and the inverter button flashes opposite.

nbuch asked

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Multiplus Shuts down

Invoice_INV063594_1636656656182.pdfVictronConnect-report.logI have a issue with the PMP123021102 Multiplus 12/300/120-50 120v VE Bus. My device has just shut off completely and goes dead. I have to toggle the power and then all works correctly again. Is t here a way to do a history over a period over a 72 hour period or longer to view logs. I have attached the service log that I am am export and is attached. Can you see anything in this log file?

dsaller11 asked
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External AC sensor for MultiPlus 12/2000/80-50 120V VE.Bus

I have a MultiPlus 12/2000/80-50 120V on my boat but have wired the hot water heater and a plug for a space heater separately so they don't go through the multiplus. Since it does not have a non-inverted pass through like the 3000 does, it doesn't know about the draw fr9m those units and I have to manually set the current limiter to adjust for them when I expect to pull over 30 amps from shore power.

Is there an external sensor that this Multiplus could be configured with to override the internal one so that it would all work 'properly'? It's my understanding that the external sensors referenced for some if the multiplus II units is not compatible?

Philippe Lindheimer asked
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Hi, my multiplus 48/3000/35-50, is showing an VE BUS error code of 8/11 on a mimimum VE BUS firmware version 454. Owners of units before serial serial number HQ1731A61ZR are instructed not to attempt upgrades and to contact a qualified Victron trained expert. Are any community members aware of any qualified victron trained engeneers able to undertake the work for myself in North Wales.

superburner asked

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Issue with overcharging (2 x 12v 200ah lithium)

Greetings friends

I live on a houseboat and I’be just had a multiplus 24v 5000va 120 amp installed with 2 lithium Batteries. preparing to install solar this year so the batteries can be used in assist mode when I pull more than the 16amps of shore power.

the Issue I’m having is when the unit goes in to assist mode to deal with the overhead it then goes back into charge mode and seems to be overcharging the batteries so much so that the multiplus restarts. I want to check if I set the max charge to something like 95% will this fix the issue?



miloajr asked

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Cerbo GX can turn off Multiplus but can't turn it back on

I have a customer using a Cerbo GX to control their Multiplus, and since I don't personally have much experience with the Cerbo I'm at a bit of a loss as to what the fix might be.

The Multiplus rocker switch is switched on, it shows up in the Cerbo just fine and settings can be adjusted, but when turned off via the Cerbo (with rocker switch still switched on) it disappears from the Cerbo. Once that happens, the rocker switch will no longer turn it on or off until the RJ45 cable is removed.

RJ45 is in the correct port on both ends. Firmware on the Cerbo may have been updated, firmware on Multiplus has most likely not been updated. My best guess is it's a firmware conflict and updating the Multiplus may resolve it, but I'd love confirmation or alternatives/tests before he buys the MK3-USB. I don't have firmware versions handy but can get them if they will be informative.

Thank you for your time, John.

John asked

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Issues with Multiplus and Digital Multi Control

I am running a system that includes a 330ah LiFePo4 Smart Battery and the Multiplus 12|3000|120.

I've been trying to hook up the VE. Bus BMS along with the DMC 200/200A GX and have been running into the same issue every time. I manually configured the multiplus to run according to my battery specs using the mk3 module, managed to get the inverter to light up and accept charge.

When I connect the VE. Bus BMS Mains Detector, the "Low Battery" LED lights up on the face of the inverter (though the battery is fully charged). I Then connect the DMC, the LEDs flash, switch to "Low battery," then the inverter shuts off.

I've tried connecting the DMC with the inverter off. I've turned the system off, waited and tried again and nothing works.

I've even spoken to my local Victron ambassador, and he isn't certain as to what could be causing the issue. Other than possibly a faulty Mains Detector.

If anyone has had the same issue, or has any input, it would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance

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Adjusting Ac input settings without ESS

I have a CerboGX connected to a Multiplus in my travel trailer. Here is my problem. I have implemented ignoring AC to prioritize PV/batteries over AC in my system. However, I would like to be able to tell the batteries to charge or accept all AC without having to connect my Cerbo GX to a computer. For example, a storm is coming and I want to keep the batteries charged. It seems this is possible with ESS. Is it possible without ESS. The only reason I haven't used ESS is there is not a grid code for the United States, and I was warned that the system could leak power back if I implement ESS.

corvus asked

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Multiplus - 24/5000/120 triggering equalization


We are desperately trying to trigger equalization. We wait for charge cycle (diesel genrator) to reach FLOAT, then we try the ‘impossible cheat code’ by flicking the on/off/charger only switch back and forth. If you get anything wrong (what we’re getting wrong, we have no idea), then generator gets turned off, we’ve missed our window, and we have to waiti until the next charge cycle. This process has cost us 6 whole evenings of wasted time. Is there a user friendly, 100% effective alternative?

jhw asked
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Multiplus compact system and smart bms cl 12/199


I have a Victron smart battery 200 amp with a multiplus compact 12/1600, shunt, mppt all going through a Cerbo GX to touchscreen in my motorhome (RV) I am looking at adding the smart bms cl 12/100 to get charging whilst driving. Do I need to remove the “assistance “ from the multiplus? Also will this smart bms cope with my smart alternator as this is a 2021 vehicle? There isn’t currently any schematics that show a full multiplus with Cerbo system and this new bms cl 12/100. Help please?

big-ste asked

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VE.BUS DC/Battery Temp value different (halve) to GX/BMS values

I have an ESS running, based on 3ph Multiplus-II/5000, Cerbox GX and Pylontech Batteries with internal BMS.

Everything is running smooth, however the Intverter/VE.BUS reading for the DC/Battery Temperature is reporting different to the values from BMS, i.e. 10degC on VE.BUS where GX/BMS reports 20deg.

Looking at the readings over time, these seem to be halve the value as the ones from the BMS which are matching OK according to environmental temps.

Firmware version of the MP2 is 498.

Is this some kind of bug or a config problem?

hominidae asked

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Multiplus says AC input disconnected

Hello All

So after 4 months at sea we arrived in Ushuaia, argentian and i went to plug in the shore power and the Multiplus shows AC input - disconnected.

I have power at the shore power cable, through the ELCI> Victron iso transformer> and on the input posts of the multiplus. So essentially it is not seeing the power.

The voltage is reading 205V, 50HZ at the multiplus.

settings in the MP for AC low disconnect at 180 and low connect at 187


Iso transformer

Multiplus 230/500 100-120 Firmware 497 ( VRM says current version is 498 , but using VE connect it says 497 is current)

Digital multi control

Cerbo GX Firmware 2.92

GX touch

Lynx smart BMS

I keep trying to update the firmware to 498 m but for some reason Victorn connect doesnt see it

Im super confused. everything looks good.

Ive tried unplugging on the VE BUS cables so nothing is plugged into the Multiplus and still i cant get it to going charger mode, either in 'On" or "charge only"

I am now getting # 15 Ve bus error randomly

i am also getting the low battery alarm randomly , the batteries are at 26.3

all the firmware looks up. to date.

Any thoughts.



gringosailingexpeditions asked
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Multipluss 3000 ve bus panel and other volt readings?

Is the multipluss bus monitor the proper readings?

Using mk3-usb dongle to unit and computer.

My panel and volt meter reads proper.

Problem is that my manual that came with lufepo4 says 13.2 is 70%.

Bus monitor from multipluss says lifepo4 battery is 100%.

I have conflicting info. Any ideas?

joeyrsmith asked

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Voltage differences - Multi VBUS - MPPT & Pylon BMS

Seeing some confusing differences - Not making much sense, in the expected way.

Suspect the way Pylon BMS calcs / presents its voltage is the the issue.


Dual Multi 3kw - SmartSolar (E/W) - BlueSolar (S)- 4x Pylon US2000 - 2kw AC PV Inverter (E/W)

Answers on a postcard : /

Chris asked

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