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VE.Bus System [276] Low battery: Alarm - drive me crazy

Hello guys,

I can't get a handle on the low battery alarm.

I have checked log files and settings and can not find any error. The alarms just don't make sense to me.

Even when the battery is not charging or discharging, I get this alarm. SoC also makes no difference, charging or discharging does not matter.

Firmware update of the MP2 from 497 to 501 has no influence on the error, as well as update of the Cerbo to the current Beta FW also not.

All contact resistors look good, I checked these with a thermal imaging camera. Nothing conspicuous to see.

My setup:

1x MP2 5000 in ESS mode (FW501)

1x Cerbo GX

1x 15kWh Gobel battery LifePo4 via CAN

Battery connected with 70mm², NH fuse disconnector and the Lynx Power in










Screenshot 2023-02-02 134053.jpg

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Multiplus Inverter fault code

Hi everyone

I have a pair of Multiplus 24/5000's and am experiencing a failure when the mains is under medium load, or when my generator (acting as "shore supply") is charging over about 10A.

The system trips out and slave shows LED codes for Error17 - Suggesting its master has failed. The slave displays exactly the correct codes for Error 17.

The master is flashing both bulk and float LEDs but not mains on or inverter on. It's in an error state with no mains output. I cant find this particular LED combination failure code anywhere.

System is extremely stable and reliable when shore current limit is set to 10A and under light/medium mains demand.

It seems like when a higher charge is attempted or higher mains demand exists, something trips.

From memory, the fans automatically kick in under load or at high rates of charge but they arent even getting to that point. Switching off and back on restores power and everything appears normal again.

Does anyone know where to find a full list of LED codes? (master is flashing both bulk and float LEDs but not mains on or inverter on. )

Any assistance greatly appreciated


East Sussex


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Max absorption time for GEL batteries


I using a 500Ah 48v VRLA battery bank(20x Ultracell UCG 100-12 100Ah) with multiplus II 48/5000 inverter, Smart Solar Mppt 150/70Tr + Smart Solar Mppt 150/100 and i want to know what is the max absortion time and I can't find this information. Please help me.

i attached the battery specs. Thank you!

PDF Ultracell Ucg 100-12

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Ve bus error code 13


My gfs multiplus 3000 seems to be putting up Ve bus code 13 but I can’t find what that is anywhere. She needs it fixed for work asap so I am hoping it is fixable but it is what it is. The float, absorption, and bulk all flash on and the turn off and the inverter button flashes opposite.

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MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16 not charging.


Have upgrade on my system with SmartShunt and MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16.

MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16 not charging battery ,what im doing wrong?





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Multiplus Shuts down

Invoice_INV063594_1636656656182.pdfVictronConnect-report.logI have a issue with the PMP123021102 Multiplus 12/300/120-50 120v VE Bus. My device has just shut off completely and goes dead. I have to toggle the power and then all works correctly again. Is t here a way to do a history over a period over a 72 hour period or longer to view logs. I have attached the service log that I am am export and is attached. Can you see anything in this log file?

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Installed VE.Bus Smart Dongle but Multiplus does not show up

I have a Raspberry PI setup that runs Venus OS and connects to my Ruuvi sensors and MPPT charge controllers (via Bluetooth and, respectively). I have a MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V that I want to connect to the system so I bought a Victron VE.Bus Smart Dongle.

I just ran a standard UTP RJ45 from my engine room where the MultiPlus is located and connected the ethernet cable to the Dongle and the Dongle to the battery bank directly. The Victron Connect app on my phone allowed me to add the device to the network as a Smart Dongle but the Inverter doesn't show up in the system. VRM online doesn't show any devices. Venus.local doesn't show the device.

One other note: Firmware was updated from 1.07 (I think) to 1.13. I am transmitting battery voltage and temperature.

I was under the impression that I would use the Smart Dongle to see and control the inverter. Please let me know what I need to do to make that happen. Thank you.

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Control Multiplus directly via VE.Bus/MK3 - no Venus/Cerbo

All, since now about 1/2 year i am plagued with a 3 phase installation (3x Multiplus 48/5000 and Venus, Pylontech Batteries) which quite often goes in a "havoc" mode where the Inverters start to go haywire, invert into the grid without observing their setpoints. Although it is very clear this happens in the Inverters (i monitor the Ve.Bus and can see that the setpoints given by Venus are correct), i am a bit desparate, obviously. So one possible solution to circumvent the error might be to control the Inverters direct.
Victron seems to not give support on this, so i ask here - does anyone have experience with this ?

I have the Pylontech CAN protocol sorted out and hacked, so i have all in need from the battery side, and i use an energy meter connected via Ethernet - the only missing link is to use the Mk3 to correctly deal with the Multiplus Inverters. I think i know about what to do, and i get all active data from the VE.Bus by just listening to it - but if there is someone out there with experience, please let me know.

Also i offer my knowledge and insights if someone has similar issues, wants to eavedrop on the VE.Bus or needs help receiving Pylontech's CAN data (in parallel to a Venus for example).


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External AC sensor for MultiPlus 12/2000/80-50 120V VE.Bus

I have a MultiPlus 12/2000/80-50 120V on my boat but have wired the hot water heater and a plug for a space heater separately so they don't go through the multiplus. Since it does not have a non-inverted pass through like the 3000 does, it doesn't know about the draw fr9m those units and I have to manually set the current limiter to adjust for them when I expect to pull over 30 amps from shore power.

Is there an external sensor that this Multiplus could be configured with to override the internal one so that it would all work 'properly'? It's my understanding that the external sensors referenced for some if the multiplus II units is not compatible?

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Hi, my multiplus 48/3000/35-50, is showing an VE BUS error code of 8/11 on a mimimum VE BUS firmware version 454. Owners of units before serial serial number HQ1731A61ZR are instructed not to attempt upgrades and to contact a qualified Victron trained expert. Are any community members aware of any qualified victron trained engeneers able to undertake the work for myself in North Wales.

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Multiplus on 1910159 firmware with Cerbo GX: No real time data

I have a 230v MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 running firmware 1910159 (latest Non assistant). Upon connection with a Cerbo GX (firmware v3.00~14) via VE.Bus I have noticed the Cerbo recognizes the Multiplus but is unable to retrieve data from the Inverter in real time. It only works manually - if I press the "Press to redetect" button in Remote Console it does refresh the values.

I was wondering if any of the following would improve this:

1) Updating the firmware on the Multiplus to 1910209 (latest Assistant Firmware).

2) Connecting the Multiplus to the Cerbo via USB using the MK2 adaptor.

Would appreciate any feedback.

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V.E. Bus vs V.E. Can & NMEA 2000

Trying to connect a Multiplus to a NMEA2000 network. I see two products and don't understand the difference between them. One is the V.E. Bus to NMEA 2000 interface and the other is the V.E. CAN to NMEA2000 adapter cable. They each have an RJ45 on one end and a micro-c connector on the other. The adapter cable appears to be just that--a cable with different connectors on each end and provisions for connecting to power. The interface device has a 'black box' in the middle.

I have a few questions:

-will either one work for what I'm trying to do?

-what are the differences between the two?

-is there a difference between V.E. Bus and V.E. Can? Confusing terminology IMO.


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Issue with overcharging (2 x 12v 200ah lithium)

Greetings friends

I live on a houseboat and I’be just had a multiplus 24v 5000va 120 amp installed with 2 lithium Batteries. preparing to install solar this year so the batteries can be used in assist mode when I pull more than the 16amps of shore power.

the Issue I’m having is when the unit goes in to assist mode to deal with the overhead it then goes back into charge mode and seems to be overcharging the batteries so much so that the multiplus restarts. I want to check if I set the max charge to something like 95% will this fix the issue?



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Cannot connect Mk3 USB interface to Phoenix Multiplus

Hi. Have a 12/3000/120 Multiplus and need to configure following fitting new batteries. Am using VE Configure via Mk3 USB. Mk3 is detected OK but then message displayed Connect cable and switch on device. Unit is powered and connected by patch lead (straight through). So unable to access Multiplus. Old firmware so not suitable for VE Connect. 1808146.HEX. Tried two laptops now running out of ideas. Thanks.

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Multiplus 12/3000, Active AC input disconnected

Hello community,

I am relatively new to the Victron world and have a problem with my Multiplus 12/3000/120-16 that is puzzling me.

I am upgrading my ships electric system to lithium and moving to "Victron blue" for the most of the system. I managed to purchase a second hand but nearly new Multiplus with a certificate that it was checked to work properly by a Victron listed dealer.

After swopping out my old charger for the Multiplus still with the old lead acid bank I had a working first start in "Charger only" mode. The Multiplus charged the battery and went in to float after a while. All good I left it for a day only to return finding that the Multiplus stopped working and my battery was at a low 10.3V as the DC system on board was still on. AC was working fine.

I checked using the connected Cerbo GX finding that the AC input was not recognised/accepted and the "Active AC input" listed as "disconnected". When in "inverter" mode, the system detects AC input at around 240V, 51 Hz. There is an isolation transformer between shore and ship net (Philippi TTR 2500). The inverter also worked putting out a near perfect 230V 50 Hz. Still, shore power was on and not detected/forwarded. Starting the Multiplus in "Charger only" mode will have the "Mains on" LED flash a few times, a few clicking noises and that nothing anyone. The "state" of the Multiplus then often lists as "fault" in the Cerbo but without any error codes.

I have seen people reporting similar issues before suggesting a firmware update. I upgraded the firmware to 500 for product ID 2609. The update did not resolve the issue unfortunately.

I would appreciate tips, pointers or otherwise that may get me a working Multi again.

Best regards,


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