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MultiPlus not showing up in Victron Connect

Finally got the MultiPlus 2k Compact wired up to AC power and charging my two SOK 206 ah batteries @ 67amps. Yay!

Previously I had the MultiPlus powered up from the batteries for programming... first I set up the VE.bus Smart Dongle, updated the firmware, joined it to the same network as the Smart Shunt and 100/50 SCC. Then unplugged it from the Smart Dongle, and hooked it up to the laptop via the Mk3 USB adapter, and adjusted some parameters there and reset/rebooted the MultiPlus. Unplugged the USB adapter, and plugged the cable from the Smart Dongle back in.

The problem is that now that everything is powered up... I'm only seeing the shunt, 100/50 and the dongle - not the MultiPlus.

I thought that was the point of having the dongle, to be able to 'see' and control the MultiPlus? I realize that adjusting the settings requires the Mk3, but shouldn't I be able to 'see' it and do limited controls (turn on/off, set max AC current, etc,) via BT?

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more output power needed for off-grid system with a multiplus

Hello, I am a leader of a boy scouts group in Belgium and last year I got the chance to build a portable solar energy unit which will be used for our summer camps to power fridges, lights and charge electronics.

This unit consists of solar panels, a smartsolar MPPT, a lead-gel battery bank and a victron multiplus 48/1200/13-16 inverter. I also added a raspberry pi running the venus os software to amulate a GX device. This raspberry pi is connected to the MPPT and the Multiplus using a and ve.bus cable.

The setup works great, but there is a problem of having only limited output power and peak power (1000W and 2000Wp) because of the relatively small multiplus choice. This caused the inverter to sometimes turn off when too much power was drawn from it, for example when turning on multiple fridges at once. To remedy this, we are looking to upgrade the output side of our setup by adding an additional inverter. What I currently see as possibilities and their limitations:

- Adding another multiplus 48/1200/13-16 in parallel. This would be the cheapest option and would double the output power and peak power. However, as these small multiplus devices have only 1 ve.bus port, I would be unable to daisy chain both inverters together and to the raspberry pi, so I don't think this would be an option unless if I step away from the GX functionality.

-Adding a Phoenix inverter to the battery bank: As this would lead to a totally separate operation from the multiplus, this would lead to 2 separate AC output: one high power from the Phoenix and one lower power from the original Multiplus. This is quite confusing for people not familiar with power electronics who will be operating the mobile energy unit in the future. It also makes the original Multiplus quite redundant as the phoenix inverter will probably be capable of running the whole all the loads. This would make the Multiplus into an overqualified battery charger, only used to charge the batteries before we leave for the camp using the grid. This would also be more expensive than the other option.

-Not sure about this one, but I read about cascading inverters and I am wondering if I could cascade two multipluses together without linking them with a ve.bus cable. The first multiplus would take power from the battery bank and supply it to the second multiplus. The second multiplus would however have to be configured to not charge the batteries and only discharge them, because otherwise it would create a loop of charging and discharging the same battery bank. I'm also wondering if the output power of the second multiplus is limited to 1000W continuous, or if this 1000W is only the power it can draw from the batteries and, once supplied with input power, the total power it can deliver increases by the input power amount.

As you can see, all of these options have their downsides and I would like to know the thoughts of some people more familiar with Victron products on them, as well as maybe some other suggestions?

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Multiplus wont turn on when using VictronConnect and bluetooth dongle

I have a 12V/3000W/120A Multiplus connected to a VE.Bus Smart dongle. I also have a BMV-712 and a 150/100 MPPT charge controller. I can interact with all of them via the Bluetooth app and have used them for several months without any problems. Recently, I returned to the location and when I went to turn on the Multiplus using the bluetooth app, it would crash when I selected any function (On/Inverter only/Charger only). Sometimes when I held the app 'button' it wouldn't crash as fast. It did this repeatedly. I was able to disconnect the Ethernet cable to the dongle, then use the manual switch on the front of the Multi, to turn it on, then plug the cable back in. When I switched off the Multi using bluetooth, the same problem repeated.

I was able to turn on and off the Multi using bluetooth previously without issues. Is there a setting I should be checking in the Multi's setup? I have a MK3-USB.

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MultiPlus Compact firmware - Non assistant or Assistant?


I have just helped a friend to configure a MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80-30. Target was to change settings to use it with LiFePo4 batteries with VE configure software with the Victron MK3 - USB Interface. Configuration was applied as expected.

Then we tried the Victron Connect app on PC, and it tried to connect to the MultiPlus over MK3 USB interface. After a while it stated that the firmware was outdated, and needed to be upgraded to 2xx or above. So we started to see if there where any options to upgrade the firmware on the older MultiPlus.

Found the current version 1908129 and after reading up on the firmware documentation. Then I found out that I can select from 2 versions of firmware:

Non assistant firmware: 1908159

Assistant firmware: 1908209

What are the differences of Assistant and Non assistant, and are both compatible with the MultiPlus? I assume that only the assistant version will work with the Victron Connect software?


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CerboGX and VE.Bus BMS with single multiplus VE.Bus port

Hi there.

I've a system with a 12/800/35 multiplus and Cerbo GX. I want to install the VE.Bus BMS and lithium. In this system, wired as below, how do I connect two devices (AC detector and Cerbo GX) to the single VE.Bus port on the multiplus? Can I use an RJ45 splitter?


TLDR, in the diagram above, where/how to connect a Cerbo GX?

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Warranty Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-16 230V VE.Bus - failure, installer / seller will not respond.

Is it of use writing to Victron B.V in The Netherlands directly re failure of a Victron Multiplus less than 2 years old. Seller refusing to even acknowledge any form of request for return or help. Seller also initially configured the unit for installation, and then a month ago supposedly corrected a fault code, following that within 12 hours of plugging into shore power unit overheated and failed. Have also tried to contact Victron UK with no response. This has been going on for 6 weeks now.

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VE.Bus System [261] - Low battery: Warning but does not find the reason


I switched over to ESS today and get flooded with Low Battery alarm even when I have charged it to 100% this afternoon.

Main components:

  • Smartlithium 160AH - Fw v1.06
  • BMV-712 - Fw v4.08
  • SmartSolar MPPT 150/35 - Fw v1.59
  • Multiplus Compact 12/800/35 - Fw 489
  • Venus GX - Fw v2.80~24




Based on another post to lower the DC low input but it is already low enough. Below teh configuration file.



So no idea where I can still check it or what can be the issue.

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AES search mode mode not starting in low watt settings, why?

Hi guys,

When I configure my new Multiplus 12/1600/70 with AES Search Mode enabled to start saving below 12W and stop saving above 44W - the lowest permitted values by Victron Connect (see the screenshot below), the AES actually never starts, despite Victron Connect showing consumption under 10W. When I increase start to about 22W it will properly switch to AES mode, but I would like to go as low as possible. There is nothing connected to AC OUT at this moment.


What could be the explanation for this?



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Multiplus 12/1600/70 negative AC Out power consumption

Hi guys,

one more puzzling question about my new Multiplus 12/1600/70.

if you look closely at the Victron Connect screenshot below, the AC out is drawing -4W, that is minus four wats. This is without any AC load. If I turn on the coffee maker, the Victron Connect correctly reports around 1000W, that is plus thousand watts.

But sitting idle, there is minus 4 watts.

that sounds like nonsense, right? Firmware 485. Possibly related to my other question here


Any idea what is going on? How could this even happen?



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Resetting a multiplus completely to factory defaults

I bought a secondhand Multiplus 24/1200 some months ago off ebay and had it shipped out to Spain. It has been working fine on PV, however I now want to run it linked to a genset to charge the batteries. Unbeknown to me, the Multiplus was previously set to UK grid in the grid options by the previous user so I cannot reset it to None for genset using VEConfigure without the installer password which I do not have.

The original distributor is a UK company that sells to other UK companies - I am neither a company nor UK based, so I don't expect any help from them (although I have submitted a support request).

What are my options for doing a complete factory reset to the default of None in the grid settings? I have already tried flashing the latest firmware with VEFlash (I have a MK2), but that did not change the grid setting back to None.

I would rather not ditch this used Victron device just because I cannot make it work as intended as a secondhand buyer.

On another note, why cannot understand why a password is need to reset to factory defaults if a grid option has been selected - that defeats the purpose of a factory reset option!

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Multiplus connect up to 3 VE.Bus devices

Hi all,

I have a few questions about using the VE.Bus Smart dongle.

I have the following devices:

- MultiPlus 24/5000/120-100

- VE.Bus Smart dongle

- Victron Digital Multi Control 200/200A

- Cerbo GX

(The last 2 devices I basically got for free in a deal at my local store which is why I'm questioning if I can combine them both.)

Currently the MultiPlus is connected to the Cerbo an the Digital multi control so both VE. Bus ports are used. My questions are:

1) Can I connect the Smart dongle to the Multiplus as well using a splitter?

2) Or can I connect the Smart dongle directly into the Cerbo?

3) Is there any benefit of using the Smart dongle and how can I check if it is being used? I disconnected the digital multi control and connected the smart dongle and honestly I'm just not sure what it does apart from me beging able to see the battery temperature (which I can already do using the (non Victron) BMS I use.

Any reply is appreciated. Many thanks.

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2 x MP2 mit RJ45 VeBus Problem

Hallo an Alle,

ich habe ein seltsames Problem, sobald ich meine beiden MP2 mit dem RJ45 verbinde, schalten sie aus und diverse LEDs fangen an zu blinken. Was mache ich falsch? Nur an AC1 in liegt Netzstrom an.

Danke und viele Grüße

Helmut :-)

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Multiplus II AC1 in relay will not close to allow grid power in

Hi, when connecting to the grid I can see from Victron Connect that the AC1 in relay/gate is open and will not allow grid power in. Is there a setting in Victron connect to cure this?

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Charging power not balanced between 3-phase Multipluses


Three Multiplus 5000 form a three phase system. When running the generator we observe that basically only L3 is doing the charging. But I expect to see the charging current somehow evenly distributed between the phases.

We are running CCGX 2.66 and VE.Bus 482.

DVCC is on with current limit of 200A.

The same config settings were sent to all Multipluses.

Any idea how to solve this? I appreciate any hint. Thank you


Kind regards

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Force multi to charge, although AC input control is activated

Hi there,

In my campervan, I use a Multiplus Compact 2K, and a Buckboost connected to a Cerbo.

Normally I have set the AC input control in the multi on, that it will only load the lithium, when SOC goes < 60%. And it should stop after "end of absorption". So far so good.

Is it possible, to force the multi to charge anyway (no matter what SOC) in special situations, e.g. if I want to start to a camping tour with full battery?

another question: The multi get's its SOC for AC input control over the cerbo (VE.Bus)?, but the SOC for "switch off - condition" must be calculated internal?

Why is it not possible to configure the multi completely over the cerbo? It's a little cumbersome to use MK3/usb interface for the multi ;-)

Thanks for your help!

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Cerbo GX touchscreen won't turn on Multiplus via RJ45 cable

My Cerbo GX touchscreen will not turn on the Multiplus via the RJ45 cable after I turn it off from the Cerbo Gx touch screen. It seems to lose the connection. With the multiplus in the inverter mode, If I manually disconnect the RJ45 cable and connect again, then I regain the connection and able to operate the Multiplus. Once I make that connection, I am able to operator the Multiplus from the Cerbox GX touchscreen and as long as I don't turn off the Multiplus from the Cerbo GX, it stays connected but once I turn off the Multiplus with the Cerbo GX, I lose the connection and can not turn back on the Multiplus unless I unplug the RJ45 cable from the Cerbo and re-connect. Any ideas on how to fix. I have re-booted my system several times, I have the most current firmware.

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Can you paralell two MultiPlus, one charging from grid, the other from generator?

Hi everyone,

Hopefully the title explains it all, but if not...

I've read through the manuals and some online articles looking for specific clarification on this, but the information on Multiplus/VEWhatever is very fragmented and poorly organized, and the search function here isn't much better. I'd like a definitive answer before we outlay such a premium price.

We're looking at buying one Multiplus (24v 3000VA) for now, due to budget limitations, to serve as our inverter and the primary 'bad weather' charge source from our generator. But when grid connection becomes available at the property in the next few years, we'd like to add a second Multiplus to the same battery bank, outputs in parallel (single phase) just to boost general inverter capacity, but also to enable grid-charging/passthrough via one Multiplus, while keeping generator charging/passthrough on the other. Ideally, so that we can charge the batteries and/or pass through power to loads from either generator, or grid, or both, depending on circumstances. No plans/interest in feedback to grid.

Is this possible? If so, do we NEED a GX device to manage this?


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two multiplus one battery

hi all

i have two multiplus 48v inverters, one 5000 and one 3000

can i have them running from the same battery and cerbo?

ive been told on facebook, i can not link the outputs as they have to be same size and firmware, just checking that is correct

many thanks

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What to use to configure PMP123021102 ? VE.Bus Smart dongle?

Hi guys!

Newby question, I will be installing a PMP123021102 and will want to be able to configure all the options. I also ordered a Victron Energy VE.Bus Smart dongle thinking that would do it.

Am I correct? Or is the Victron Energy VE.Bus Smart dongle the wrong thing to buy? If so, what should I buy? I have time to change the order if someone can get back to me quickly.

Much thanks!


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Pylontech stacks in parallel installed with LV-Hub incorrectly reporting charge / discharge current & limit

System - Single phase - 2x 5kw Multis in parallel.
2x stacks of 5 Pylon US2000 in parallel with LV-Hub
Cerbo GX
It would appear that the LV-Hub doesnt correctly report the correct available charge / discharge current to the GX.

The GX is showing 125A. (which follows the 5x25A mentioned in this doc:

It should report 250A ?

The LV-Hub, also does not correctly report the operating charge / discharge current the the batteries into the system. (Noticed this as we also have a BMV in the system)



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Multiplus no load watts

I’ve been running tests and keeping an eye on my power usage and wondering why the system seemed to use so much at rest with no loads. With everything turned off, all loads breakers off except the Multiplus, the BMV is saying 29 watts being used. The spec sheet says the Multiplus should use 20 watts with no load. Is this normal? Does anyone else see this high of an “at rest” usage? Multiplus 3000 va

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Camper electric; combining Multiplus Mppt and Orion smart DC-DC

Campervan electrics

I am currently rebuilding a Fiat Ducato van into a campervan. For the electrical system we want to use a 230v fridge, a roof fan, Led lights and some smaller accesoires such as usb chargers etc.

A rough estimate of powerusage:


Hours p/d


Ah @12v

Fridge 230v




















Laptop/bikechargers etc.











909,6 Wh

75 Ah

Adding losses, I estimate a bit less than 100Ah/day.


  • Multiplus 800VA
  • Orion DC/DC smart 18A or 30A
  • Mppt 75/15 with +- 200Wp solar


The intended use of the camper van is to travel around, stay a day or to and then move again. so alternator charging and solar should be most of the charging required. Going with a multiplus is a nice to have, as adding a charger later would require a lot of components if I buy a separate inverter.

I am still looking into what I can afford,100Ah lithium sounds great, but 220Ah AGM is also reasonable for our uses. Due to a smart alternator a DC/DC charger seems needed anyways, so all should be easily set up for both chemistries. We’d prefer using a 12v system, as this is commonly used.

Do you have any remarks on this schematic?

(Apart from the not displayed safety on the 230v AC, and the non-calculated wire gauge.)


My question;

Can I combine the Multiplus, orion smart and mppt without a shunt or GX device or is this not advisable? As far as I can tell this is mostly for monitoring?

The multi and orion won't interfere with the ignition switch used, so it is mainly the communication between the MPPT and other chargers that could be problematic?

Thanks in advance!


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AC-Anschluss und Fragen zum Multiplus 12/800


ich habe ein paar Fragen zum AC-Anschluss des Multiplus 12/800 im Wohnmobil.

Hier mein Schaltplan für den MultiPlus:


1. In den Schaltplänen auf der Victron Seite sind vor und nach dem MultiPlus FI/LS Einheiten. Ist das notwendig?

2. Soll das MultiPlus-Gehäuse an Minus oder an Fahrzeugkarosserie geerdet werden? Oder ist das egal?

3. Wie wird die PE-Schiene aus dem Sicherungskasten geerdet?

4. Ist es notwendig dass die Verpolung (bspw. Von falsch angeschlossener CEE-Steckdose am Campingplatz) abgesichert wird?

Viele Grüße


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Any known issues with firmware 430 on a Multiplus 5kW ?

Two 5kw Multis operating in parrallel - single phase system.

Bench configured and all was well. However, while loading the system up in anger on site, some strange things happen. Master goes into overload and the slave bugs out.

It was looking like they were working together as you woudl expect - i.e. mirroring each other.


When generator is operating - the Multis seem to load it up to around 300w then they trip again on overload.

Cabling is as near as damnit same lengths.

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Multiplus Sound and output Glitch

Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 FW 486

With inductive loads (microwave, dehumidifier) the Multiplus makes odd noises – as in the attached movie.

On checking the AC waveform, correlated to the sound there is a very large glitch in the output. That glitch is 127V peak to peak!

I have run these loads with my other inverters (Xantrex ProWatt SW 2000 and another Hardware-Store Pure Sine Inverter) and there is no glitch present. The loads work just fine. (All inverters are connected to the same bus-bar, which is connected to a 2000 Ah battery bank. The DC side is very clean.)

In trying to sort out this situation with my local dealer, we tried two other Multiplus units. The second unit produced the glitch when the loads were started up, but then seemed to “calm down” and the sound and the glitch went away and everything worked fine.

The third unit that was tried was similar to the first, but still produced the sound and the glitch. So there are definitely differences between units. This also shows that it’s not the loads that are the problem, it’s how the Multiplus deals with them. If the loads were chopping the AC in some manner, that would show up with the other inverters, and would have shown up with the second Multiplus that was tried.

Why do I care? Well, the sound is very irritating (and from the forums, it seems others are upset by the various sounds the unit makes.) Also, one of the main selling points of a pure sine inverter is that “sensitive electronic devices” won’t be damaged by distorted output waveforms. I certainly don’t want to have other devices running at the same time as something inductive.

Since there does not seem to be a technical contract at Victron that can help with this, I’m a little lost as to the next step. Comments?

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Mutiplus VE.Bus FW 4.86

Dear community, good afternoon

Just did FW update for my Multi from 4.56 to 4.86 (latest).

Now my Multi is rejecting AC input 1. It sees the voltage but won´t do anything.

Looking into the changelog for V4.56 says:

"Bug fix. Some models exhibit occasionally rejection of the grid"

I would like to make a roll back. but can´t find older FW in the proffesional site.

Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

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Why is the Multiplus so outdated?


I've lurked a bit on this forum and gathered useful information here, but have not found the answer to this question.

I first bought the Smartsolar 100/30 and was quickly impressed with its performance, value for money and easy accessible setup and configuration over bluetooth. I then decided on, but have yet to buy, the Smart BatteryProtect and BatterySense, both which communicates with the user, and other Victron products via bluetooth.

Now I just received my Multiplus, and although I knew it didn't have bluetooth setup, I was not prepared for how cumbersome it is to use! While the Victron Connect app is one of the most usable and enjoyable apps on my phone, and it shows a real effort has gone into designing it (taking usability and the user's needs into account), the VE Configure is a design leftover from the 90's. It is old, outdated and not very usable.

Has there been a generational change in the Victron staff, with new competence creating all the Smart products, taking the user's needs into account, and this change has not reached the Multiplus-department? Some old manager thinking "this is how we do it here"? Or is it to save on cost?

The bluetooth functionality is built in to products that costs 50-70 euros, so in a Multiplus that costs several thousand euros, the cost of the bluetooth hardware would be negligible. The same with the software, there are clearly someone able to design great functionality and apps within their organisation(s), that already has done so for several of their products, and adapting this or writing new software is not a great cost when you have the competency in-house and they already know the systems, the products and are doing a great job.

With the multiplus, one has to buy additional hardware to even set it up for first time use, since the configuration of the dip-switches is severely limited. So yeah, Victron will sell more of the old-fashioned computer interfaces. And if one buys those, one is met with an interface (VE Configure) that cannot have cost the company more than a pair of clogs in development over the last 15 years.

So while the cheaper Victron products give me a joy of ownership through their well designed interfaces, in addition to their performance, the Multiplus gives me a headache. I considered buying a cheaper chinese inverter/charger that had a display and buttons, with which I could configure all I wanted to. My experience with the smaller Victron products convinced me to go for the Multiplus, but I am currently regretting it.

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Is it not possible to setup 3 Multiplus II 3phase via CerboGX and VRM without MK3-interface?

I tried with VE.bus system configurator and VRM-remote but could only connect to one Multiplus II-VE.bus. It ended allways when searching for the 3 Multiplus via COMport search.

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Multiplus charging following BMS low cell voltage with CCGX powered by BMS load disconnect pin

Hi I'm using a 3kVA Multiplus with an inverter generator attached to AC input, smart lithium batteries, BMS, MPPT 100/50 and the BMV712. I would like to tie everything into the CCGX.

The CCGX manual suggests powering the CCGX from the load disconnect pin of the BMS.

Assuming I do that, and the BMS senses a low cell voltage, the CCGX will be disabled and the inverter will be disabled.

From the CCGX manual I understand the deadlock that can arise in this case

My question is, when low cell voltage is triggered by the BMS with a CCGX connected to the Multiplus over VE.Bus, if AC is applied to the AC input of the multiplus, will the VE.Bus AC detection module connected to the Multiplus enable the Multiplus to charge the batteries?

This is the section in the manual I am referring to:

When the CCGX is used in an installation with a VE.Bus BMS, connect the Power in V+ on the CCGX to the terminal labelled 'Load disconnect' on the VE.Bus BMS. Connect both negative leads to the negative stub of a common Battery.

A Cautionary word about Powering from the AC-out terminal of a VE.Bus Inverter, Multi or Quattro:

If you power the CCGX from an AC adaptor connected to the AC-out port of any VE.Bus product (Inverter, Multi or Quattro), then a deadlock will occur after the VE.Bus products are powered-down for any reason (after any operational fault or during a black start). The VE.Bus devices will not boot-up until the CCGX has power ...but the CCGX will not boot-up until it has power. This deadlock can be rectified by briefly unplugging the CCGX VE.Bus cable at which point you will observe the VE.Bus products will immediately begin to boot-up.

Thank you

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MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120 Temperature Sense error and Battery Temperature alarm

I have an ongoing problem with what seems to be erroneous High Temperature alarms on the Multiplus 12/3000/120-50.

The unit details:

MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V

Firmware version 475

Last connection 5 minutes ago

Product id 2702

VE.Bus connection VE.Bus

Hardware configuration Single unit

VRM instance 0

Things I've done to troubleshoot:

-- checked all terminal connections... everything is tight.

-- manually measured surface temperature of multiplus, which ranges between 20C and 30C.

-- upgraded firmware to latest version

-- temp alarm doesn't seem to have a pattern for which it gets tripped. When the alarm goes off, there doesn't seem to be excessive load on the system.

-- I observed that the fan on the unit does not come on and I thought it was a faulty fan. I added a large load to the system by turning on the AC unit when inverting and the fan promptly came on. So, I'm thinking the fan is working as it should.

-- the unit is installed in a bench seating area, which is enclosed. I thought ventilation was a problem, so I added 4 cooling fans and external ventilation, still received alarms.

Any ideas on what else to check?


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