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VE.BUS Connection - Venus GX and VE.Bus BMS

The VE.BUS BMS manual has a warning stating; "A Digital Multi Control panel must be connected to the VE.Bus BMS. Do not connect a Digital Multi Control panel directly to a Multi or Quattro (signals from the control panel may be in conflict with signals from the VE.Bus BMS)."

I am using a Venus GX connected to "remote panel" port of my VE.Bus BMS. This setup works but I would prefer to connect the Venus GX directly to one of the two VE.Bus ports in my MultiPlus so that the Remote Panel port is accessible for connecting to my MAC which running Victron Connect.

While the warning (highlighted above) doesn't mention Venus GX, I was hesitating to connect the Venus GX directly to the MultiPlus.

Can anyone with a similar system using the VE.Bus BMS share how they have wired the VE.Bus connection for the Venus GX?


abegweit asked

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MultiPlus-II GX Zigbee Meter

Can the MultiPlus-II GX range accept meter input via Zigbee, like the other GX devices can?

If so, is about 15m range and 3 walls going to be an obstacle for the wireless comms?

I’m trying to figure out what to buy to get the setup I need. The MultiPlus-II will be in my shed next to the Smartsolar charge controller, PV panels, and batteries. The meter is in the middle of the house and I can’t easily run a new cable from it, so I want a wireless-capable meter. I’m guessing the ET-112 will be the best choice here. The CT clamp must be connected directly to the MultiPlus if used, so that’s not an option. Or can a standalone GX device accept input from a CT clamp?

I already have an Aeotec ZWave CT clamp meter feeding data into Home Assistant, but I don’t think I could use that unless I run the Venus OS on raspberry pi and do something bespoke - would prefer not to go that route.

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Ajout ESS sur autoconso existante


je souhaite faire évoluer une installation PV 2.2kWc + micro-onduleur en mode autoconsommation pour lui adjoindre du stockage.

Je suis parti sur un MULTIPLUS 48V/3kVA avec un atelier 48V/100Ah (évolutif par la suite) + 1 ET112 coté réseau, en mode "PV in parallel " comme schématisé en p.10 de la doc "Brochure-Energy-Storage-EN_web.pdf".

L'idée est que le MULTIPLUS vienne en // de la sortie des micro-onduleurs solaires, sans que la totalité de la consommation de la maison ne le traverse : impossible d'installer le MULTI et le stockage à l'endroit où arrive le réseau, pas la place. L'ensemble de stockage sera déporté dans le garage et la liaison avec l'ET112 devra surement se faire en ZigBee vu la distance entre mon TGBT/arrivée ENEDIS et le MULTI/batteries.

Quelques questions :

- Existe t'il une fiche avec schéma de raccordement unifilaire plus détaillé que les schéma de principe ?

- Je comprend que la fonction de découplage (respect VFR/VDE) est bien assuré dans cette configuration par le MULTI, est ce correct ?

- Existe t'il une configuration type du MULTIPLUS correspondant à ce cas d'application ?

Merci pour votre aide.

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Cerbo gx with an old phoenix multiplus


I have an older approx 2003 phoenix multiplus on my boat and have recently fitted a solar system with a victron MPPT and smart BMV.

I’m thinking about fitting a cerbo gx ( I’ve got one on my home system and like how it works)

Will it be comparable with my older multiplus?

So I can connect all 3 together through the cerbo.

I do have a router onboard so it will connect to that and I can remotely monitor it.

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Generator Charging Multiplus with Lithium

Hello All

We have a Multiplus 48/3000/35 whereby we have recently changed from AGM Battery to Lithium. We charge most of the time via MPPT 150/70 regulator and it is great - but sometimes in the winter we need to run the generator input to the Multiplus to top up the batteries. Now that we have connected the Lithium and when we run on Generator it seems to be slow charging and never goes to absorption or bulk charging of any type. It basically just charges around float voltage 52V the whole time. I can post the settings I am using if it helps or if someone knows which setting will affect this then that is helpful? - any suggestions welcome on how to ensure better charging when using generator are very welcome

jez asked
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"Passthrough" on a multiplus

Hello everyone,

my site is composed of these elements:

nr. 1 Multiplus 3000/48
nr. Smartsolar 250/85 & 3.2kW of solar panels
nr. 1 Cerbo + Display
nr. 1 Smartshunt
nr. VE.BUS BMS + nr. 4 Lithium 12,8V / 100Ah battery system from Victron
nr. 1 Energy Meter ET112

So here's the problem:

I activated the ESS Assistant but the panels are not working (I did not limit the power), meaning that there are about 180V but no Amperé flowing. Battery is about 97% (50V) and the inverter I see is in "passthrough" mode.
Home is now consuming about 100W.
The inverter has AC IN set as italian grid connected and all the parameters in VE.Config are fine.

Any idea how to fix this?



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Measurement frequency / MPII


i just look for a way to lower the measurement delay und increase the measurement frequency. (Measurement of AC Input / Output and DC) Are there any options for? In direct comparisation with other systems (in my case e3dc), the delay and frequency are for me very bad. Currently i fetch the data with MQTT over venus os. Are there better ways?

Greetings, han

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DVCC, Multiplus and MPPT


There have been similar posts but not really answered my concerns. I have 2 x MPPT, BMV712 and Originally IP43 charger, these were all connected using VE.Smart Networking.

I have 2 x MPPTs as I use one for the integral Solar Panels and the second allows me to add additional portable solar panels when static for a period of time (e.g. a show). Using VE.Start Networking it allows the MPPTs to synchronously charge batteries from both.

I have a GX device fitted now and my understanding is that you can't use both VE.Smart Networking and GX devices, which is fine in principal, why would you, also now have Multiplus installed.

My question really is, with the VE.Smart Networking disabled and the GX device set for DVCC, I have noticed on more than one occasion a disparity between devices, one MPPT showing on GX console as being in absorption, the other being in float or the Multiplus being in storage/bulk/absorption.

My assumption, incorrectly is that all these devices will be synchronised and charge stages managed by the GX device, they should all be in one or other stages but in unison, charge rates managed based on SOC, temperature etc by the GX device. Especially all devices are actively charging which can often be a scenario

thoughts please


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Multiplus Compact 12/1600VA doesn't work with ve.bus smart dongle

I bought a Multiplus Compact 12V/1600VA and the matching ve.bus smart dongle in October 2021. Unfortunately, the Multiplus that is connected to the dongle with a CAT6 cable is still not recognised in the Victron Connect app on my iPhone.

Temperature and voltage are displayed.

I don't have a Cerbo and have waited longer than 30 seconds. MP is switched on, of course.

I have tried both connections in the MP and also a different cable. I have also had switches 1 on and 2 off on the switch board.

Now the reason could be that the firmware on the MP is too low, but since the device is from 10/21, it should also fit.

What else could be the cause?

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VE.Bus, MultiPlus and Cerbo Combination

Hey there folks! Just wondering if there's been any change with this. I'm planning my first deployment with Victron LiFeP0s - already installed are: Cerbo, smart-shunt 500, BlueSolar100/30 and MutiPlus 12/3000/120. We love the system, but are planning to add 4x 200ah VE lithium batteries and a BMS. We also have a 250A(12v) alternator.... I definitely want to retain the ability to remote on/off/inverter switch with the Cerbo. What's our best bet? Given what I read here, it sounds like a smallBMS, hardwired to smart battery protects and charge disconnects? I like that the VE.Bus BMS reports to VRM/Cerbo (no other VE BMS's do, apparently?), but do not want to lose the control capabilities.....

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VE Bus 276 - low battery alarm when turning on Multiplus II

Some background on my system: I have a 1995 Casita RV with the following power system:

1780 watt Canadian Solar bifacial solar array powering the following Victron components:

4x 12 volt LiFePo4 smart batteries,

1x Lynx Smart BMS,

2x Lynx Distributors,

1x Multiplus II 12V/3000 watt Inverter,

2x Bluesolar 150/70 Charge Controllers,

1x Cerbo GX/Cerbo Touch 50.

Now that I have my system online and charging (thank you Stefanie for the expert advice on the jumper wire :-)

Here's the new issue: The DC side of things works as it should, however, when I turn on the Multiplus II the system tosses out the following error:

VE Bus system (276) - low battery: alarm.

However, the battery bank is not anywhere near low - in fact, it is fully charged (see photos below).

I have tried clearing the alarm and re-initializing the inverter - and I continue to receive the same alarm...

Does anyone have any ideas on what may be going on with my system and how I should proceed to get the AC side of the system online and operational?




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Multiplus clicking

Hello everybody.
I own a Multiplus 3000 12V.

It works very well but, when used to supply a 220 V microwave owen it makes strange clicks.

These clicks just happen with microwave owens (I have tested with three different ones), not with any other appliance even with greater absorption.

Could someone tell me if is that normal or not?

lbolis asked
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Victron multiplus ii and mppt


I have just purchased 250v 100a MPPT charge controller and multiplus II 5000v 48a

And a raspi running venus os.

Is it possible to use ve.can to multiplus ii and then multiplus to pi.

Or do both need to go to the pi?

Ie Mppt ve direct to pi and multiplus ii ve bus to pi



matt1309 asked
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Low Voltage Alert on new system

Good afternoon,

*Upfront Disclosure I am by no means even a novice at electrical systems and have been doing this by watching/reading countless videos/blogs. Please pardon my ignorance.*

I've been running into an issue lately with my system stating low voltage when the SOC is at 100%.

This entire system is brand new and has only been running for 10 days.


(3) EG4-LifePower4 Lithium Battery | 24V 200AH in Parallel using 2AWG (35mm) wire. (The Manufacturer, Signature Solar, stated 6AWG (16mm) is recommended and 2AWG(35mm) is ample.)

+ Positive from Battery runs 2AWG(35mm) to 400amp ANL > Master On/Off > Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12/24 220 > (2) Lynx Distributors > (2) Victron 24/3000 Inverters.

- Negative from Battery runs 2AWG(35mm) to Victron Smart Shunt 500 > (2) Lynx Distributors > (2) Victron 24/3000 Inverters.

The system is controlled by a Victron Cerbo GX and Touch.

From what I've read, my 2AWG(35mm) wiring may not be sufficient for the Victron Inverters to work properly and this may be the cause of my problems. From what I've read, I need to up this to 4/0 (95mm)

That being said, the battery terminals are my issue. They are protected by a + symbol plastic shield. I was just barely able to get the 2AWG lugs to work. The 4/0 (95mm) lugs will not fit and removing these covers will void my battery warranty.

Any suggestions on what to do?

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Isolation Transformed sounds like bad dubstep when using my heat gun

I have a 3600 watt isolation tranformer that makes the strangest sounds when using my dewalt heatgun ~1500watts. I've had no issues with othe, higher loads, such as a heater and dehumidifier running on high ~2.2 KW total.

Adding to this, I just got the multiplus 3000/120/50 set up last night and it was able to handle the above loads fine as well when inverting, but not the heat gun. The ac power draw went up to 1200W then the multi started making similar sounds as the isolation tranformer and the power was cut to about 400 watts, then the dc lights started flickering (ripple?).

I'm ready to just get a new heat gun and call it good, but wanted to know your thoughts on what's causing this.

Video of the isolation transformer with no error putting on a concert. It is as loud as the video makes it seem.

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