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MultiPlus 12/3000 shutting off prematurely


Does anybody know if the Multiplus uses the Vsense wire data for both charging and discharging?

The setup is as follows: Multiplus 12/3000 , Smartshunt, 3x100Ah Perfektium Lithium batteries.

Low voltage cut off set at 11.8V.

So the scenario is this. We are drawing about 2500W(210A ish) in this test from the Multi. When we do not have the Vsense connected the Multiplus works until it reads the 11.8V on its terminals and shuts off. The battery voltage shows 12.3V during the draw, so about 0.6V voltage loss on this power draw. This appears to be okay, but the batteries are still at 50-60% SOC when the load disconnects (the battery voltage level rises to 12.8 - 12.9V), so we would like to draw more. When we connect the Vsense and do the same power draw, the Multiplus recognises the actual battery voltage and shows it in the VC (12.3V) but it will still shut off and not allow to draw the batteries further.

Is this the norm? That the Multi will always use the voltage on its terminals for the cutoff point and not use the Vsense readings? We would like for it to use the Vsense reading 12.3V and continue to draw the battery for some time.

Obviously this amount of draw is not constantly applied and with lower power the voltage drop is not so excessive. But we should be able to draw this power even with lower SOC state.

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