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Making Lynx Power In All Positive Bus?

On my new-to-me boat, the 3 x AGM’s House bank has multiple charging and load connections made directly onto the batteries’ positive terminals: there is no Positive bus at the House bank at all. There is at least a big Negative bus so all grounds other than a single connection to this Negative bus are kept off the batteries.

I would like to relocate almost all of the positive connections, charge and load, off the batteries. Could I modify the Lynx Power In so that its two bus-bars are both Positive, by putting a copper bar between what are normally the positive and negative ‘tabs’ at the left end of the Power In? I would then connect up to x8 positive charge and load cables to the M8 bolts and connect the House bank via a short, appropriately-sized cable to the copper bar joining the tabs (with a disconnect switch between bank and Power In).

Is there a problem with this approach? Seems like a neat and space-saving solution. All fusing would remain, as now, elsewhere (but close by).

Thanks in advance for comments.

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Lynx Distributor - small red wires

When making connections in the Lynx Distributor, there are 2 small wires already present: one on the negative bus bar where the ground connection is meant to go, and one on the second slot of the positive bus bar. The product manual indicates to leave these small red wires in place, and more specifically to install the Mega fuse on top of the one on the positive bus bar.

I would like to double check this, as doing so means that all the current needs to go *through* the small connectors of these wires in order to reach the bus bar (or from the bus bar in the case of the positive connection). It seems it would be preferable to lift these wires, and put them back on top of, respectively, the ground and positive connections.

I searched the forums without being able to find information on this, but I suspect I'm far from being the only person with this question. Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply if you are able to do so.

yaudet asked

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Are Fuses or Breakers Necessary Between Battery and Lynx Distributor?

In my set-up the 4/0AWG wires that connect the batteries to the [Battery Bank] Lynx Distributor do not feature fuses. There are fuses internal to the Lynx Distributor, but the wires are effectively unprotected until they reach the Lynx Distributor.

Of course, I’ll keep those runs as short as possible (less than two feet long per wire/conductor) but it still seems weird to me to have a wire run unprotected.

Should I have an MRBF, or similar, fuse directly on the battery terminals?

Should I be using a different fuse or circuit breaker to protect the wires between the batteries and the Lynx Distributor, or is the system safe as it's currently designed?

The wiring schematic in the Lynx Smart BMS doesn't show any fuses in that location.

The example schematic on the Victron Support site doesn't show any fuses here (https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/MultiPlus-II-3KW-230VAC-12VDC-600Ah-Li-Lynx-Smart-BMS-&-distributors-Cerbo-GX-touch-generator-MPPT-Orion-Tr-Smarts.pdf).

On the other hand, this post (https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/108271/mega-fuse-arcing-dangers-lynx-distributor-li-batte.html) on the community makes me think I will need protection, if what that discussion says about Lithium batteries arcing past MEGA fuses is correct.

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grounding and Lynx Power In

Hi, I see in Lynx Power In and Lynx Distributor manual that the negative bus bar has to be grounded.

My doubts are:

1 - does the ground can be the same grounding used for chasis devices (inverter, solar charger, etc)?

2 - What should be the section of the ground cable?

it will be a 5KW Inverter with 3 x 3kw Pylontech Lithum batteries with a SmartSolar 250/70


Josep morancho asked

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can i use any solar controller with victron lynx distributor

can i use any solar controller with victron lynx distributor
or more accuratlly can i use a "Renogy 40A Rover Li MPPT Solar Charge Controller" or multiple ?

and is the lynx distributor compatible with "kings 12v slimline AGM deep cycle battery's " or kings lithium 12v battery's

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