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Lynx Distributor short on the board?

Hello, I'm am wiring up my Lynx distributor but I believe I have a short on the Distributor board.

With nothing connected to the Distributor except the negative battery wire, when I put my multimeter + on the positive side of the battery and the multimeter - on the positive side of the distributor that is connected to the board (no fuse) I get 13vdc.


When I remove the wire that I assume is the negative wire to power the board (even though the manual says it needs to be powered through the rj10 cable) I no longer get 13vdc on that post.


Furthermore with the 2 distributors connected together, and the second distributor still having that negative wire that connects to the board, the second distributor shows the 13vdc and the 1st one does not. If I connect the 2 boards together with the rj10 cable, they both show the 13vdc.


Do I have 2 bad distributors? Is this a new model that does not need to be powered by the rj10? What do those wires do?

Thanks in advance!

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