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Making Lynx Power In All Positive Bus?

On my new-to-me boat, the 3 x AGM’s House bank has multiple charging and load connections made directly onto the batteries’ positive terminals: there is no Positive bus at the House bank at all. There is at least a big Negative bus so all grounds other than a single connection to this Negative bus are kept off the batteries.

I would like to relocate almost all of the positive connections, charge and load, off the batteries. Could I modify the Lynx Power In so that its two bus-bars are both Positive, by putting a copper bar between what are normally the positive and negative ‘tabs’ at the left end of the Power In? I would then connect up to x8 positive charge and load cables to the M8 bolts and connect the House bank via a short, appropriately-sized cable to the copper bar joining the tabs (with a disconnect switch between bank and Power In).

Is there a problem with this approach? Seems like a neat and space-saving solution. All fusing would remain, as now, elsewhere (but close by).

Thanks in advance for comments.

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An awesome idea.

As long as it is labelled or colour coded correctly I dont see an issue. And maybe a dot of the old grease for corrosion.

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