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Welche Sicherungen werden für den Lynx Distributor benötigt


aktuell ist ein Multiplus II 48V/5000 mit 4 x Pylontech US2000C im Einsatz (der Multiplus liegt parallel zu einem alten SMA SunnyBoy PV-Inverter mit max 3kw).

Nun soll das System um einen MPPT Laderegler erweitert werden (weitere 4 Solar-Panels mit je 400W werden installiert).

Als Laderegler wird ein Victron MPPT 150/45 installiert.

Um nun die Systeme zu verbinden, soll zusätzlich ein Victron Lynx Distributor installiert werden.

Meine Frage wäre nun:

Welche Sicherungen sollten in dieser Konstellation im Lynx verbaut werden. Am Lynx werden angeschlossen:

- Victron Multiplus II 48V 5000

- Pylontech Batterie-Rack (4xUS2000C) mit in Summe 4 x 9,6 Kwh

- Victron MPPT 145/50

Aktuell angedacht bzw. mit empfohlen wäre (jeweils als Mega-Fuse 70V):

- 60A für den MPPT

- 100A für die Pylontech

- 200A für den Multiplus II

Ist das so passend? Die vom Multiplus scheint mir etwas zu groß zu sein, oder?

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Lithium and Lynx Smart BMS - Strange V behaviour

Hi All

New system -

  • 4x Smart Lithium 330Ah
  • Paralleled to Lynx Distributor
  • Connected to Lynx Smart BMS
  • With Lynx Distributor on loads side of BMS
  • Multiplus II connected to Distributor
  • Cerbo GX and Touch 70 powered off Smart BMS Aux
  • No other loads or charging sources attached
  • Brand new system - being commissioned

Batteries fully charged and balanced - multiple times. When the batteries are charging and discharging - I am seeing a strange behaviour in the voltage - which I wouldn't expect.

Discharging -

I would expect the V to drop quickly between 100% to 95% SOC and then remain fairly constant under a stable load until about 30% SOC - and then drop off quickly. I have only taken the batteries down to 50% SOC - but I am seeing the V drop, when under constant load to early -

  • with a constant load of about 5A the V sits at about 13.29v until 68% SOC
  • at 68% SOC the V starts to drop
  • it stops dropping at about 62% SOC and the settles at 13.13v
  • its then stays at this same V all the way to 50% SOC (I have not gone deeper yet)

Charging -

I see the opposite happening - the V rises quick between 62% and 68% SOC.


My previous system (3x 200Ah Lithium and VE.Bus BMS) - never had this behaviour.

Am I worrying about nothing ?

Thanks all, Tim.

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Position of ground wire on Lynx Distributer.

Is there a good reason not to move the green ground wire from the centre of the distributer as shown on this circuit diagram down to the other side of the smart BMS where I’ve drawn a green arrow?

My Distributer is very congested with connections, and it would make my life a lot easier…


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Using a jumper in the Lynx Distributor

Because the Lynx requires Mega fuses and Mega fuses usually begin at 80 or 100 amps, Can I use a jumper in place of the mega fuse and then run the two +/- wires from the Lynx to a 40amp midi fuse or 40a resettable breaker and continue the wires onto the the 30 amp load?

I have an open set of posts on my Lynx and I hope this setup will work instead of having to add + and negative busbars outside my Lynx. Thank you.

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Question sur Lynx

Bonjour à tous,

J'aimerais votre avis sur la mise en oeuvre de modules Lynx.

Mes Pylontech seront raccordées via 2 jeux de câbles pour répartir le courant.

Schéma 1

J'ai mis un sectionneur / groupe de batteries. Peut-on en mettre un seul de 400A (en pointillés) après les batteries, en entrée du Lynx power ?

J'hésite car deux simplifieraient la maintenance; qu'en pensez-vous (retour d'expérience et norme) ?

Schéma 2

Ici les batteries attaquent directement les fusibles d'un Lynx Distributor pour monitorer les fusibles. Du coup j'ai mis un Lynx Power après le shunt, pour raccorder onduleur et mppt.


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About BYD Battery LYNX Connections

We set up a system in Turkey, we used lynx distributors instead of money in the system, we only connected them as shown in the picture, but we cannot get voltage from the batteries and the charge does not discharge.


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Thickness of Lynx Distributer green GND cable.

In this circuit diagram, what gauge cable does the green wire marked “GND” from the Linx distributer need to be relative to the various other cables?

Also, why?


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Lynx Smart BMS 500 - Remote On/Off - No Load


Can anyone clarify the highlighted comment attached?

" When the battery current is low enough the contactor will open so that the DC system is disconnected from the batteries"

I have tried to carry out a few initial tests, but get varying results. When no load is present (on the outgoing contactor terminals) and the Rem On/Off is opened, the safety contactor opens immediately (as expected). If I generate a load (e.g. a Quattro inverting with 2-3kW), the contactor can take anywhere between 5 and 20 seconds to open. Presumably the BMS 500 isn't intelligent enough to command external loads (such as a Quattro/Multi) via VE.Can -> Cerbo -> VE.Bus, so how will the shunt determine what is an acceptable current level to open?


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Lynx Distributor - all red lights for fuses with yellow power light

Hi there,

I am having some issues with my Lynx Distributor. All the fuses are marked as red and the power button is marked as orange, however my electrical equipment is still being powered. I thought initially, based on the manual that it was due to lack of power going to the positive bus bar, but like I said, everything is working fine and the battery is at the correct voltage. I even replaced one of the fuses, just in case, and that too is now red.

Is this a rare problem? I can't seem to see anything online about it. Just want to see my little green light again :)

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I need a 5th connection on the Victron lynx distributor

There are only 4 dc circuit connections on the lynx distributor. I need a 5th connection. How to I add the 5th? Can i connect to the 5th set of bolt connectors at the end of the lynx and use an external fuse or breaker? Or do I double up on one of the 4 connections?

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Automatic Bilge Pump

I have a Lynx Smart BMS and distributer with LifePo4 and I’m wondering where the best place to connect the bilge pump is.

Before the Smart BMS to guarantee it always works?

Worried that it can then run the battery dead.

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Are Fuses or Breakers Necessary Between Battery and Lynx Distributor?

In my set-up the 4/0AWG wires that connect the batteries to the [Battery Bank] Lynx Distributor do not feature fuses. There are fuses internal to the Lynx Distributor, but the wires are effectively unprotected until they reach the Lynx Distributor.

Of course, I’ll keep those runs as short as possible (less than two feet long per wire/conductor) but it still seems weird to me to have a wire run unprotected.

Should I have an MRBF, or similar, fuse directly on the battery terminals?

Should I be using a different fuse or circuit breaker to protect the wires between the batteries and the Lynx Distributor, or is the system safe as it's currently designed?

The wiring schematic in the Lynx Smart BMS doesn't show any fuses in that location.

The example schematic on the Victron Support site doesn't show any fuses here (

On the other hand, this post ( on the community makes me think I will need protection, if what that discussion says about Lithium batteries arcing past MEGA fuses is correct.

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grounding and Lynx Power In

Hi, I see in Lynx Power In and Lynx Distributor manual that the negative bus bar has to be grounded.

My doubts are:

1 - does the ground can be the same grounding used for chasis devices (inverter, solar charger, etc)?

2 - What should be the section of the ground cable?

it will be a 5KW Inverter with 3 x 3kw Pylontech Lithum batteries with a SmartSolar 250/70


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Insulated exposed busbar ends on Lynx Smart BMS

I don’t require a Lynx Power in, so I am attaching the connections from the Battery directly to the busbar ends on the Lynx Smart BMS At the other end from the Lynx Distributer.

Has anyone found an elegant solution to insulate the connections from accidental short?

Can’t come up with a better solution than winding with electrical tape at the moment, and that is hardly elegant.

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Main battery switch before Lynx distribution system?

I notice in the various Victron produced circuit diagrams for the Lynx system, they never put a main system switch before the Lynx distribution system/Lynx Smart BMS, however most actual people building seem to fit a physical switch between the battery and the Lynx.

Is there a reason why I should fit a physical switch?

I’m assuming people don’t like relying on the software controlled contactor In the Lynx Smart BMS?

Is this just aversion to change, or is there a good reason such as a regulatory requirment?


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