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No LED on Lynx shunt and distributor yet power is going through to system

My system has been working fine until five days ago (according to VRM) I have power to the system, with everything functioning except the lynx shunt and lynx distribution led are no longer on and the shunt cannot be seen on cerbo gx or vrm. Any ideas?

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Quattro connection to lynx distributor

I Have bought three quattro 48/15000. The manual advises that I need 2 x 95mm cables to connect to the battery busbar. I have two lynx distributors but each fuse space only allows for the connection of one cable not two. How do I connect the quattros to the busbar, whilst maintaining the recommended 2 x 95mm cables?

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Help with battery switchs for motorhome?

I am in the process of designing the system for my motorhome looking for help to configure the system disconnects. The main components:

  • 4- 440W solar panels > 4 DC breakers/disconnects > 4 MPPT 100|30 > Lynx Power In
  • 8- 100Ah Lion UT-1300 > 2 - Lynx Power In
  • MultiPlus II 12 | 3000 | 120 2x120
  • Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Non-Isolated 12 | 12 | 30

I plan on a Battery switch on the starter battery negative terminal.

The coach system, I am planning to use a Shallco Bi-Stable Latching Relay BR-300-12-1-34 on the main negative terminal of the Lynx Power In before the Smart Shunt.

This should provide 100% battery disconnect from system. At this point the MPPT should turn off.

My question is: with the motorhome being all electric (no propane) is there any need for additional battery switches on the 12V input to MultiPlus II and/or the Solar output from the Lynx Power In?

This is my preliminary diagram


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Are Fuses or Breakers Necessary Between Battery and Lynx Distributor?

In my set-up the 4/0AWG wires that connect the batteries to the [Battery Bank] Lynx Distributor do not feature fuses. There are fuses internal to the Lynx Distributor, but the wires are effectively unprotected until they reach the Lynx Distributor.

Of course, I’ll keep those runs as short as possible (less than two feet long per wire/conductor) but it still seems weird to me to have a wire run unprotected.

Should I have an MRBF, or similar, fuse directly on the battery terminals?

Should I be using a different fuse or circuit breaker to protect the wires between the batteries and the Lynx Distributor, or is the system safe as it's currently designed?

The wiring schematic in the Lynx Smart BMS doesn't show any fuses in that location.

The example schematic on the Victron Support site doesn't show any fuses here (

On the other hand, this post ( on the community makes me think I will need protection, if what that discussion says about Lithium batteries arcing past MEGA fuses is correct.

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Lynx Distributor Fuse LED red

Is there any update on the Lynx Distributor Fuse light LED issue? 1 of the 4 slots for the Mega Fuse was empty, so the LED correctly lit up red for that slot. Today I just added a Orion 24/24-17 charger with a 50A fuse. As soon as I added the fuse, the red LED for that slot turned off as expected, and the LED in the middle of the distributor turned green. A few minutes later I noticed that the red LED lights were on again.

I checked the fuse, and it was not blown.

Do I have to reset something here to get the red LED’s to turn off?

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lynx distributor mounting on metal

Can you mount the lynx distributor on 1/4" aluminum plate as I assume the plastic case would insulate it? Thnx J

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alimentation lynx distributor


je viens de mettre en route mon installation solaire (multiplus II + RS450/200 + lynx distributor + sectionneur bipolaire + lynx power in + 8 batteries pylontech + cerbo gx).

Je constate que les leds du lynx distributor restent éteintes. Existe t-il à la vente, un câble pour alimenter le power distributor ? Depuis le Cerbo gx par exemple.


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About lynx distributor connection equipment (bolt, nut, washer, lock washer)

Hello. There are a few things I wonder about lynx distrubitor connection equipment (bolt, nut, washer, lock washer). I would be glad if you help.

1- Bolt, washer, nut are stainless steel, but the lock washer is copper. Why is that ?

2- I can't find a copper lock washer. Do you mind if I use stainless steel?

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Pylontech setup compatible with the Victron ecosystem ?

Hello there.

I have a Multiplus II 5000 VA with 2 MPPT 250/60 (with a VE direct port)(I will add a 3rd string / 1 MPPT 150/30 in two weeks giving 8.2 kWp of PV modules) and a Pylontech Force L2 (3 modules or 10.65 kWh) linked via a Lynx DC distributor and controlled via a Cerbo GX.

Is it possible to add 2 Pylontech modules Force L1 with their own BMS to this system ? The Cerbo GX has 2 BMS Can inputs: can it control or be controlled by two (Force L1 and Force L2) Pylontech BMS ? If yes, I would just need a 2nd Lynx since the 1st one is full (already 4 DC IN).

Cheers from Liguria and a nice sunny day today

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Three Phase System and Splitphase system from one LiFePo4 battery bank

Maybe it sounds strange.
I will build here in Panama a splitphase system with 2 Quattros. There will be a LiFePo4 battery with 290Ah/48V(600A max) with Lynx, Cerbo and MPPT RS.
Thats the easy part.
The battery is connected via VE.Can (its using the Pylontech protocol) to the Quattros.

But I have wood working machines from Austria, which run on three phases 380V.

Now the question:
Would it be possible to buy additional 3x Mulitplus 5000VA , configure as three phase, connect them seperate with the battery cables to the same Lynx (Distributor) system?
The second VenusOS could run on a Raspi. Maybe a smart shunt is needed for the Multiplus system?

As the MPPTs are loading the batteries (it distributes DC power to the system) it should work. Or, am I wrong?

Then I would have the split phase in my house and the three phase system in my workshop.

Of course it is expensive. But changing all the motors of the woodworking devices is also expensive.

btw: Can I use the Phoenix inverter smart 5000/48V. I mean can I configure it as three phase? Would be cheaper instead of 3 Multiplus...

Any concerns?
Thank you!

ps.: the workshop will be build new. Ie. the cables would be like in Europe additionally to the 120V in separate hoses.

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Panels to distributor?

Rookie question-I have the Victron Energy Lynx Distributor. Currently I have batteries hooked up to the distributor powered/charged by 6 100 watt panels. I have other panels not being used to charge batteries. Can I hook up panels directly to the distributor? The distributor is hooked up to a Victron Energy - MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-50 120V

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Wire Size? 4/0 Lugs compatibility with Lynx Distributor?

My Victron dealer is wants me to use 4/0 battery cable to connect my 12v 3000 watt inverter/charger to a Lynx Distributor. They also want me to use 4/0 to connect my 4x Viltron 200 ah batteries to a Lynx Distributor In.

The longest battery cable length to attach the battery terminal to the Lynx In is 5 feet...... is 4/0 overkill? It would be nice to have smaller diameter battery cables that offer more flexibility if possible.

Will the 4/0 lugs fit on the Lynx buss bar? My Vicron distributor said that they may need some trimming...


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Small fuses for Lynx Distribuor

Hi All

Would like to add some smaller loads to lynx distributor and 48v system. Some are 30A and some are 10A. Anyone know where I can get these, or if they even exist?



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parallel batteries using Lynx Power In - Diagonal Connection

Have 4 x 48v 100ah server rack batteries, Using Lynx power in as bus bars. I'd like to connect as shown below, but I can't get a diagonal connection (positive from battery 1 and negative from battery 4) .


Is wiring as shown above a bad idea, or does the size and short length of bus bar alleviate the issue of pulling both positive and negative from battery 4

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Connecting two Victron distributors


I want to connect two Victron distributors, but with the connections coming in from both sides. (see the attached picture)

So the top on have wires coming ind from the left and the bottom one from the right.


If I connect it as shown on the picture, I will be fusing the negative wire on the top distributor and the positive on the bottom one.

Do you see any problems with this approach?

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