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Victron 12-200 BMS before or after Lynx Distributor and Shunt?

What is the best order of setup between the BMS Smart 12-200 & Smart Shunt... I am also using a Lynx Distributor. I am a bit confused whether the solar MPPT should also be connected to the System+ terminal of the BMS 12-200? (I am sorry I am a novice vanlifer and I just spent all my savings on Victron so I can restore power to my van, any help will be gladly appreciated)

My setup consists of the following if it matters:

3x200AH VE Lithium 12v

Smart BMS 12-200

Smart Shunt

Lynx Distributor

Cerbo GX


Multiplus 2 3000W

2 x MPPT Chargers (100-30 100-50)

Unfortunately all the examples I find online consist of using the LynxBMS or the other BMS systems.

Thank you so much community.

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