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Transient current cause Seplos BMS to shutdown

Hi Victron community, I have one question regarding a couple Victron / DIY LFP pack with Seplos BMS.

If it is just to say that Seplos is not in Victron's compatibility list for BMS, you can save your time and are not forced to participate to this thread ;)

I use this BMS (I have 4 of them) and it is working fine, but, as there is a "but", a big one, I discovered that using only 1 battery pack (14kWh / 200A BMS) with a 5kVA Multiplus 2 doen't allow it to start as the transient current is too high for the BMS (fixed values in the BMS are 250A for 30mS, not changeable if you don't want to damage your hardware and loose the warranty).

Is there a known solution to limit the starting current on the Victron side?

Else anyone intending using those BMS in a Victron environement must pay attention to this "detail" and better find another model if they don't intend to have 2 or more battery pack.

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Limit Input Current to 10 A


I am looking for a way to limit the Current for a powersupply using my Orion dc dc 12/24-5 as source. The Orion can use more Amps for a short time, but then fails. How can I make sure, it only draws 10A and not any more, even when the powersupply could use more Amps.

I ran out of ideas and found no real solution.

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How to limit current in Phoenix Inverter ve.direct 12/1200

Please forgive me in advance as question reveals a gap in my understanding.

To address a 12v vehicle to. 48v house battery scenario - instead of a dc-dc charger I would like to consider using a phoenix inverter to go 12v->AC going into the MPii-48/3000 to charge 48v battery

Is there a way to limit the maximum power the phoenix will put out even if the MP is accepting of more (e.g. in active charge mode).

I know I could use a dc-dc like the Sterling however I really want to understand if and how this scenario could work.

thank you

mattsimonnewman asked

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MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-50 120 - AC input current limit - split phase

When using input current limiting with the Multiplus-II, is the current rating for 1 leg, or both on split phase. For example, if I have a 50 amp input split phase input, do I select 50, or 100.

phil-garver asked

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Multiplus2 input current limit

When I have a ~1400w load and select 5A input current limit, my multiplus limits to 4.5-4.7A, perfect. But if I raise it to 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, or 7.5 amps it limits the current to 5A in all those settings, only when raised to 8A it will stop power assisting. Is there any setting that makes it limit to what is actually chosen in the setting? I have built a function to automatically regulate this setting based on PV power and battery current but it does not work correctly because of this inconsistency...


mr happy

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Different charging sources - simplest separation way


I have a question about the currently used methods - what is the best and optimal method of separating power sources. I have on yacht following set of charging devices:

1.2x alternator 12V 80A on engine
2. Victron Multiplus 12 | 2000 | 80-50A
3. Wind/solar charger - output max 40A (other manufacturer)

Then I have 3 battery banks:
A. 1x 12V 120Ah standard battery - starting batt.
B. 2x 12V AGM 110Ah (Victron) - bowthruster and winch
C. 3x 12V AGM 110Ah (Victron) - house batt.

Please advise how is the optimal solution for connecting this different charging sources. I think to use three AgroFET 100-3 or 200-3 separators for each charging source. But maybe experienced users can advice more optimal method which control the charging current from different sources?

Do you think it is advisable to also separate the alternators and treat them as two separate power sources.


elektrotechco asked

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IP65 12/25 2021 inrush current and save fuse size?

Based on a ‘zeilersforum’ topic I found this question discussed: “Blue Smart IP22 charger trips automatic fuse” in this community.

Summary: a IP22 12/30 will trip a 6A and 10A fuse and not a 16A. So, you may need an inrush limiter as proposed by Victron.

In the same discussion Victron added that this phenomina has been discussed while preparing the IP65 design.

Old harbours may be fused at 6A or 10A rather than 16A. The shore fuse may not be accessable after it trips (a reset will do, if accessable).

1:-is the IP65 12/25A model year 2021 adapted in a way to limit the inrush current to 5A or such that a 6A fuse will not trip?

2:-to which save fuse size have the IP65 improvements result in: are 6A and 10A tested?

3:-if not, is Victron willing to test this (or these) charger(s) in order to document needed fuse level and inrush limiter recommendation?

4:-is there a Victron approved hardware interface or schematic with component list available for save use at 6A fuses (a 5A inrush limiter)?

5:-neither manuals are prescribing an “aansluitwaarde” (current supply level) and do not warn for low level harbour fuses. The charger will only take 1.5A average so this inrush is very unexpected. Will you update the manual or supply an addendum on the product tab of the website?

We have a seagoing trailer sailer located in the Netherlands and are planning sailing from remote locations next year, where neither 16A nor 24/7 harbour master may be obvious. The IP65 12/25 is the main charging source for the lfp battery.

Please add the question numbers as a reference to your answers. Thank you.

booty24 asked

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motorhome is 30amps but the amp meter is reading 50amps?

I have 600 watts of solar a 100/50 mppt and a multiplus 3000 120 12. My amp meter in the motorhome says that the input amps are at 50amps but the system is only 30amps how can that be? It was good and read 30 amps for a year and now it has changed?

robert-s asked

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Buck-Boost Maximum Input Current

How do you change the maximum input current? (Setting 21) The setting isn't highlighted in the Tsconfig Software.

anders-2 asked

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Product request - Smart BMS CL 24/100

Lately we have many requests for installing big RVs with big 24V alternators (100A or more) and also more than 400Ah or more of lithium batteries.

With lithium batteries you should use a DCDC-charger but if you want to (or have to) charge the batteries from the alternator as fast as possible you have to install 2, 3 or more Orion-TR Smart or use 2 BuckBoost 100A (which is way to expensive).

So it would be great to have an easy way to limit the current like it is possible in 12V vehicles with the Smart BMS CL 12/100.

Matthias Lange - DE asked

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Feature Request - Set MPPT max current value in 0.5A steps or decimal value

I can set the max current value of my 75/10 MPPT in VictronConnect for Windows to a whole number only, but I would like to set it to a decimal value e.g. 2.5A. Can I do this somehow or could it be implemented in a future release?

Especially batteries with lower charging rates need at least .5A steps for efficient loading with bigger(ish) panels while not charging with overrated current.

deltron asked
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Multiplus II GX control charging current with analog input


I want to control the charging current of a multi2 GX 48V 3000 with a analog input .

I have allready a ESS system and want to add this feature Ladestromsteuerung.

I have a external current sensor - it deliver 0..2,33 V acording the power of a PV inverter.

I want to reduce the charging current of the Multi - if not enough power comes from this PV.

For 2,33 I want maximum , for 0V I want minimum DC charge current


I have measured the voltage is comes to the Multi but if I activate the Assistant for charge current - the battery is not charged anymore.

If somebody has a idea how to make it work - would be great.


volkerkuehne asked

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On ArgoFET 100-2, what limits the excite current.

I have argofet 100-2, (fitted in 2009, and its feeding excite current forward ( in excess of 20 amps) when alternator not running, (with ignition on where the excite voltage comes from). Direct communication with Victron technical is needed.

It is positively dangerous and narrowly avoided fire simply because I had not switched the house battery isolator on. All the spec sheet says that the "new" argoFET unit excite current is limited, but obviously it is not on my version (2009). Is there a change in specification? Is mine a OLD one

or has it developed a fault,,,,,..

mobbzy asked

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Digital Multi Control - not able to set current limit over 5 amp

I have a MultiPlus 24/3000 (Firmware 469), using a Digital Multi Control to remotely limit the current.

In the past I had no problem switching currents between 5-16 amps. Now however the current limiter is only allowing a maximum of 5 amps. I have tried changing the settings on Shore limit. Turning off "Overruled by remote" does display Ac 1 on the DMC, and does allow me settings over 5 amps. Any settings I try with "Overruled by remote" enabled does limit me to 5 amps, both in "Charger only" and "On" mode.

What could be the cause of this?


aslak-heggland asked

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Multiplus 24/5000/120 settings: search mode, max charge current, input current limit


I have the above Multiplus, BlueSolar MPPT 100/30, 2x200W/12V serial PVs, 2x200Ah/12V serial AGM batteries, Honda EU2200i generator and have the following questions about three settings:

1. If I have both the search mode and AES switched on, which is over-riding the other or can they work together?

1. For the 400Ah/24V battery set it doesn’t seem possible to set the maximum charge current as low as the generators continuous output 1800W/230V=7,8A. The lowest setting is 25% of something (percentage of what is still unclear? Maybe 100A x 25% = 25A?).

3. The input current limit can only be set to the following values:6,3A (1.4kVA at 230V),10A (2.3kVA at 230V),12A (2.8kVA at 230V),16A (3.7kVA at 230V),20A (4.6kVA at 230V), 25A (5.7kVA at 230V),30A (6.9kVA at 230V), 50A (11.5kVA at 230V). The question is how this setting affects the charging on different loads. It is clear that I should not have this setting to more than the generator’s continuous output power. But is it so, that 1) at no load the genset is charging with current of the setting (e.g. 6,3A), 2) when there is load up until the setting (6,3A), the load will be supplied 100% by the genset and the rest is used for charging and 3) when the limit setting (6,3A) is passed then the load will be covered by the genset AND the batteries and no charging will happen?


dosse asked

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