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Load-Anschluss bitte Stromstärke künftig einstellbar

Ich mag die kleinen Laderegler, wie z.B. den 75/15 usw. Der Ladestrom für die Batterie lässt sich begrenzen. Das ist eine sehr gute Eigenschaft! Leider ist eine Begrenzung der Stromstärke für den LOAD Anschluss bisher nicht möglich. Doch genau das hätte ich schon öfter gut gebrauchen können und wünsche mir diese Möglichkeit sehr.

Es wäre super, wenn künftige Modelle diese Fähigkeit hätten. Dazu muss wahrscheinlich die Hardware geändert werden.
Aber ich wollte mir schon immer einen weiteren Victron holen und warte gerne, bis es einen solchen Laderegler von Victron gibt. :-)

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Wieso lädt mein Victron Smartsolar MPPT Laderegler 100/50 nicht immer?


Nach der Installation meines Victron Smartsolar MPPT Laderegler 100/50 auf meinem Segelboot habe ich zwar Spannung auf der Batterieseite und auf der PV Seite gehabt, aber eine Ladung ist zunächst nicht erfolgt. Nach einiger Zeit und mehreren Versuchen, einen Fehler zu finden , hat die Ladung dann begonnen. Am nächsten Tag war es wieder dasselbe. Kann dieses Problem daran liegen, dass die laut Unterlagen verlangte Spannungsdifferenz von 5 Volt nicht vorlag (siehe Bild)? Muss an jedem neuen Tag zuerst wieder eine Spannungsdifferenz von 5 Volt vorliegen, bis der Ladevorgang beginnt? Kann man den Wert von 5 Volt verstellen und niedriger vorgeben?

Danke für jeden Rat


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Other power sources than PV for MPPT regulators

MPPT RS 450 data sheets contain the footnote comment regarding the max PV short circuit current: "2) A higher short circuit current may damage the controller if PV array is connected in reverse polarity"

Does this mean opposite that I am able to connect other sources to the PV input. I have a 350 Volt vehicle battery what I could use to support my 48V system over the night. Charging is done with vehicle charger.

There seems no sufficient answer to very similar question 55662. The question seems also interesting for 80V batteries and smaller MPPT Models without galvanic isolation. I know, this is not possible with any PWM regulators. They dont contain inductors for current regulation and their operation relies purely on the PV intrinsic resistance.

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Cerbo GX shows wrong Quattro input for Input Current Limit

We have installed two independant Quattros connected to a CerboGX. One through VE Bus and the other through MK3 to USB adapter.

Both Quattro units have Shore power on AC Input 2. One has a generator connected to AC input 1. AC input 1 (generator) is set to 40 amps and "Controlled by remote" is disabled. AC input 2 (Shore power) is set to 32 amps and "Controlled by Remote" is enabled.

On VRM on remote console I can see "Input Current Limit" is 40 Amp. It cannot be adjustable. I cannot see the 32 amp input current parameter.

On the Garmin MFD I can see Input Current Limit is 32 amps. Not yet sure if it can be adjusted but will know tomorrow afternoon. I hope so.

It appears the CerboGX is displaying the wrong input. It appears to be displaying the input disabled from adjustment rather than the input which is enabled for adjutment.

Has anyone else seen this? Cerbo Firmware V2.75. Is this a software anomoly or have I somehow misunderstood how this works.



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Multiplus X 2 and 100A current sensor

Hi All,

We have a single 48/5000 multiplus 2, with ESS and 48V lifepo4 battery in a parallel grid connected system. Also 4kw PV direct to grid with an old school grid connected inverter. Currently we use the victron 100A current sensor connected directly to the multiPlus to drive the ESS instead of an ET112 grid meter connected to the Venus OS (raspi).

The system is working great.

I have 2 questions regarding this if anyone can help.

  1. We want to add a second Multiplus. Can we do so still using the current sensor connected to the master only. If so do we just configure the slave in the normal manner but leave the external sensor fitted box 'unchecked' ? - Or do we need to fit a meter (ET112) ?

  2. Because we are running the current set up using the external current sensor the system thinks it sits between the loads and the grid (see photo) and as such throws up a lot of L1 overload messages. I assume I can ignore these as the L1 does not actually pass through the MultiPlus.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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Multiplus Dynamic Current Limiter setting, Surge Guard, and Honda Generator

I am having a strange issue in my system. I have a 3 year old 12vdc/120 vac 3000va Multiplus in my RV along with an AM Solar SPS (Smart Phase Selector). This takes care of the second leg so all of the AC outlets and appliances are connected to the inverter. My system includes a hardwired Southwire 50a Surge Guard and when dry camping I use one or two Honda EU2200 generators with bonded plugs if I need to turn on the A/C. Otherwise I have plenty of solar and lithium batteries for everything else. On a recent firmware update my Multiplus has an option for Dynamic Current Limiting under the general tab. I set it and my system was fine pluged in to 50 amp ac and I assumed one or both of my generators would work as well.

Last week I went to an event in Delaware with no hookups. It was hot and I needed to turn on the A/C. When I went to connect one or both Honda's the surge guard did its normal 2 min delay but then the display would turn off for a few seconds and then it would start all over again never allowing power to pass through. I could also see it was showing a ground fault error. I have bonded plugs on both generators and never had this problem before. The whole week I could not use the A/C as there is no bypass on the surge guard. I assumed it might have been a defective SPS. If I disconnected power after the surge guard it connected fine. I had called Southwire, and AM solar tech support and they were all scratching their heads.

When I got home yesterday i plugged into my 50 amp outlet and expected to see the same issue but it connected normally. Long story short after trying many things I disabled the Dynamic Current Limiter in the MultiPlus settings and my generators connected fine. I tried several times off and on and it was very repeatable. I have no idea why this would happen. Hopefully if it happens to someone else they will know what to try.

Best regards
Lou Cetrangelo
Saint James, NY

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2 AC shorepower grids and generator in Quattro-Parallelsystem - setting input limits separatly?

i plan to install this ESS-System:
2 Quattros in parallel to increase power
1 SmartSolar MPPT
1 Generator
1 Batterypack

I have 2 AC shorepower grid connections 4,5 KW and 3 KW for 2 separate appartements.
Now my question:
To avoid overload the grid connections can i set their limits separatly, maybe to connect 1. AC (4,5 KW) to the AC input 2 of the Quattro (Master) and the 2. AC (3 KW) to the AC input 2 of the Quattro (Slave)? I plan to connect the generator to both AC inputs 1 of the 2 Quattros in parallel.

I read this documentation but i not found an answear:


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How to limit current in Phoenix Inverter 12/1200

Please forgive me in advance as question reveals a gap in my understanding.

To address a 12v vehicle to. 48v house battery scenario - instead of a dc-dc charger I would like to consider using a phoenix inverter to go 12v->AC going into the MPii-48/3000 to charge 48v battery

Is there a way to limit the maximum power the phoenix will put out even if the MP is accepting of more (e.g. in active charge mode).

I know I could use a dc-dc like the Sterling however I really want to understand if and how this scenario could work.

thank you

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 no current


Hi all,

My new 100/20 isn’t loading my LiFePo4 battery. Solar voltage is fine and all seems to be correct. I checked the wiring and fuse, etc… I honestly have no idea what the problem could be. :-(

Battery reads 12,7v at battery pins and at the SmartSolar pins, but display shows 11,24V

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Victron Quattro Maximum power from public grid

Hi there,

Following background: I want to install a photovoltaik system at home with a battery and therefore use the Victron Quattro to achieve, that it is on the one hand possible to use the energy "from the sun" and those from the public grid if necessary. However in my case I do not really know which Quattro I have to use, as the following question appears: has the Quattro 48/5000/70 for instance a 5 kW limitation in general, or is this limitation just when he has to convert the energy from the battery ? Basically I want to know if a 5 kW Quattro is able to let more power through when consumed from the grid or if there is also this limitation.

My question appeared as I have seen the "Maximum feed through current" in the datasheet, which is for the 5 kW Quattro given with 2x100 amps. I think the 2x comes from the 2 possible AC outputs from the Quattro. But are the 100 amps related to the 230V? So is it possible to let 230V*100A=23 000W = 23 kW from the public grid through the Quattro?

I just need to know this, as I am not sure if I can cover my hole power demand for each phase with the Quattro I want to use.

Many thanks in advance

Thomas Lederer

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Constant charge voltage and max current


Will these settings work for 250/100? I want the mppt to output constant 50 volt and maximum variable current (based on solar harvest conditions), up to max current.

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MPPT 100/20-48V maximum load current 100mA???

I am looking at using the MPPT 100/20-48V but I noticed that the manual specifies a maximum load current of 100mA for a battery voltage of 36-48V. For 12V and 24V it is 20A.

I cannot imagine why there would be such a difference, and how the unit can be useful at 36V or 48V, with only 100mA of available load current. Unless you are simply not supposed to use the load output in this mode.

Can anyone shed some light on this question?

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What is the current rating of the Multiplus 12/1600VA/70 for AC-OUT-1 with power assist active?

I'm trying to determine the external breaker needed to go between the Multiplus 1600 and the AC Distribution Panel and am unable to find this information in any documentation.

The link below states to use a 75A breaker for the Multiplus 12/3000/120 due to the 50A transfer switch current and the additional 25A when power assist is active.,for%20the%2012%2F3000%20multiplus.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Small alternator 16A with Lithium


What recommendation would you share to charge 90Ah LiFePO4 with an alternator rated 16A.

Alternator is not a smart version, don't have any control in case of high temperature.

I'm quite sure that putting it without any Orion-Tr Smart would blow the alternator in a while.

OrionTr-Smart 12/12-18 is almost good, but since cannot set the current limit, it doesn't help too much.



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Multiplus-II AC Input Current Limit -> Per Leg or Total?

I've got a new installation connected to grid power. Does the AC Input Current Limit setting limit power on L1 and L2 individually or does it limit the total amount of power available for L1 and L2 combined?


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