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External Current Transformer added to Multiplus?

Hello, I'm a new Victron equipment owner, and this is my first post on this forum.

To expound on the title, I want to bring the existing built in current transformer in the Multiplus out with remote wiring such that it can sense and account for loads that do not pass through the unit. Just like the Multiplus II units have as a factory option.

Has anyone here done this before?

Some background for context- I have a motor coach with a 12/3000/120-50/120v inverter charger. The coach has a generator set, as well as a shore power connection, and a transfer switch with sufficient dwell time between sources to allow the Mulitplus to drop it's connection to the line, before the new source is brought on line.

I have some loads that are allowed to operate from any source, ie inverter, generator, or shore power, some loads that can operate from generator or shore power, and some loads that are shore power only.

Additionally, I may connect to a shore power source ranging from 15 amp, 120 volt up to 120/240 volt, 50 amp. When on the three wire source, an attempt is made to balance the loads somewhat, in order to improve voltage regulation by reducing neutral current. Also present is an automatic autotransformer to supply neutral current when it's advantageous.

The implementation of all of this will be simplified by the presence of a remote current transformer for the Multiplus, which brings me full circle to the question at hand.



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