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Inverter charging and discharging with AC limit enabled

Hi all,

Some background; Multiplus-II-GX grid tied, supplementing house via 'AC input 1', I am using ESS charging schedule along with limiting the max inverting system is a '48v' (58.8v) liion setup with it's own BMS that does not communicate to the inverter.

With no limit at 3000W which is the rated output the system works absolutely as intended, and when set to 0W it completely stops inverting.

I believe that I have a configuration issue here as this only occurs when I enable the 'Maximum inverter power' option to (for this example) 500W, the inverter seems to be ignoring the 500W limit.


2022-12-12-21-23-41.gif*the 99% SOC is wrong since I tried a firmware update, it was correct prior to 30 minutes ago

**I would also note that I use an external current monitor but the 'Grid' has NEVER shown correctly even though it does keep the house at around 10W and charges correctly when solar excess is occurring.

At 500W I then see the inverter switching between charging and discharging, seemingly trying to get to 500W as seen below:


I'm open to share more for troubleshooting as I've reached my Google-fu ability with fixing this.

Hope someone can shed some light!

***EDIT: possible cause; when the limit is enabled it goes to the max current then scales down. So if the house load is 700W and the limit is 500W it will go to 700W then down to 500W but when the load is 2700W it goes all the way, then starts a bulk charge?? and repeats this behaviour.

Multiplus-IIESScurrent limit
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