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mppt 150/85 tr ve can bulk but not charging

hi everyone

i have a problem with a NEW mmpt 150/85 tr ve can mc4 that does nt want to charge goes into bulk but no charge ,in the same configuration i ve put another that instant goes in bulk and charge

any ideas?de7e2257-6ba9-40e4-a6d7-9fdcd41b7d2c.jpg8f253e20-5eca-47f9-acae-24aadddae08a.jpg7dcb2f9a-5ede-42af-889d-52a8c7e536c9.jpgb083598b-e70c-464c-aeef-9cda211a3430.jpg

back-telefon asked

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Cyrix Li Ct

Hi Victron Community* On a customer's boat, I connected the alternator with a Cyrix Li ct to the lead-acid starter battery and to the Li batteries with integrated BMS (third-party product). I set up the "Charge disconect" of the CyLiCt using a simple on-off switch to manually interrupt the charging of the Li batteries. Now the regulator of the alternato has broken. The starter batteries were cooked with 16V. My questions now for confirmation: Can the CyLiCt be used in the installation type described without Victron BMS and? I assumed so far. And; "Does it absolutely need a DC/DC converter/charge controller to protect the alternator from overcurrents, despite the integrated BMS of the batteries and could the damage have been caused by the missing converter/charge controller? I'm looking forward for answers.

Robert M.O. Seidel asked

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can i use any solar controller with victron lynx distributor

can i use any solar controller with victron lynx distributor
or more accuratlly can i use a "Renogy 40A Rover Li MPPT Solar Charge Controller" or multiple ?

and is the lynx distributor compatible with "kings 12v slimline AGM deep cycle battery's " or kings lithium 12v battery's

jay112 asked
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Model Phoenix 12/24. When the power switch is turned on, it lights up (bulk) and after a few seconds goes into (failure + fast blinking Bulk) output voltage = 0V

when trying to configure settings:

Adjusting maximum bulk current.

Adjusting absorption voltage.

Adjusting float voltage.

- the system enters setting mode, but the output voltage remains zero

yevgeniy asked
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Sonnenschein PRO Series & Multiplus-II compatibility

Hi Team Victron, can you please advise on the compatibility of Sonnenschein PRO Series with Multiplus-II (48V system) or are there any documents stating the same ? The Sonnenschein datasheet shows Victron-compatible however the Victron list does not include Sonnenschein PRO Series.

Secondly, I'm currently planning to use 1xMultiplus-II/3kVA, 4xSmartSolar 150/35 (1.5kWp Solar per controller), 4xSonnenschein PRO Series 9.6kWh in a 48V system. Communication-wise: Colour Control GX with Victron 4G Modem & GPS for GX Controllers. Would you have any concerns about the configuration?

tmm asked

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Mppt controller/ or smart monitor.kompatinlität mit smart mppt100/30


Weiß jemand welche Monitor von den beiden mit meinem smart solar charge mppt 100/30 kompatibel ist! (Solarregler mit Bluetooth)

Es gibt ja den mppt Control(rund)(Manual wird nur bluesolar erwähnt)

Oder den smart Monitor (längliche) anscheinend nur für größere 150er mppt aufwärts!

Wer weiß da was?

Vielen Dank gruß

klem asked

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Use swith to connect panel & regulator

Hello all,

I have a small panel (80W), sufficient for my boat.

I want to be able tu cut off both panel and charge controller ("regul"), but also prevent a wrong manipulation (that is to say; panel connected to charge controller but charge controller not connected to the battery.

I have plan to use 2 bipolar switch, wired like in this picture.

Well here only the "+" is shown, to have it clear, but the idea is to set 2 switch, one on the "+", and another on the "-".


Is there any issue to do it this way ?

Any risk when the charge controller is connected to the solar panel and the battery simultaneously ?

louarn asked

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Charge profile for Nissan Leaf Gen1 48v on 250/100?

I am new to Victron and Solar in general. I just purchased a 250/100 charge controller and want to make absolutely sure I don't ruin my starter battery. I am using a Nissan Leaf Gen 1 14S setup at 48volts. I want to make sure I use the best charging profile for this, can someone give me some guidance from their setup?

ash88 asked

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Help choosing charge controller and what will i need to change to maximize solar charging

I have a 2021 eclipse attitude rv that has (2) 210 watt solar panels roof mounted, with a Zamp Solar ZS-30A 30 Amp Digital PWM Solar Charge Controller. This trailer is new to me and have tried to do alot of research on solar/ chargers. I was looking at the victron 100/50. I am not sure if this is the correct choice, I am currently seeing 30 amps of charge rate but will not keep that up until the lifepo4 battery is charged, it will kick into float very early in my opinion. I also plan on adding (2) panels but not for a awhile. also what wiring changes will i have to do to the solar panels to use the victron charge controller? thanks for nay help

craigjz2 asked

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