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Cyrix Li Ct

Hi Victron Community* On a customer's boat, I connected the alternator with a Cyrix Li ct to the lead-acid starter battery and to the Li batteries with integrated BMS (third-party product). I set up the "Charge disconect" of the CyLiCt using a simple on-off switch to manually interrupt the charging of the Li batteries. Now the regulator of the alternato has broken. The starter batteries were cooked with 16V. My questions now for confirmation: Can the CyLiCt be used in the installation type described without Victron BMS and? I assumed so far. And; "Does it absolutely need a DC/DC converter/charge controller to protect the alternator from overcurrents, despite the integrated BMS of the batteries and could the damage have been caused by the missing converter/charge controller? I'm looking forward for answers.

Cyrix Battery Combineralternatorcharge controller compatibility
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