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Sonnenschein PRO Series & Multiplus-II compatibility

Hi Team Victron, can you please advise on the compatibility of Sonnenschein PRO Series with Multiplus-II (48V system) or are there any documents stating the same ? The Sonnenschein datasheet shows Victron-compatible however the Victron list does not include Sonnenschein PRO Series.

Secondly, I'm currently planning to use 1xMultiplus-II/3kVA, 4xSmartSolar 150/35 (1.5kWp Solar per controller), 4xSonnenschein PRO Series 9.6kWh in a 48V system. Communication-wise: Colour Control GX with Victron 4G Modem & GPS for GX Controllers. Would you have any concerns about the configuration?

Multiplus-IILithium Batterycharge controller compatibilitysmart solar charging behaviour
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