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Power for STEM trailer with solar and Pylontech 2000c

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Hi, I run a project where we take an aircraft and VR flight simulators to schools, charities and local and national events for STEM/aviation outreach.

Earlier this year we had the above system fitted to the transport trailer to give the aircraft and simulators an independent power source. It’s quickly failed and the electrician/solar company that fitted it is now incommunicado unfortunately.

The PowrMr solar charger does nothing. We tried swapping it out for a new one but with no luck.

We are now looking at options to return us to operation. A temporary measure for lighting was to plug a lead into the plug from the inverter output but this was to get the lights on. Otherwise we’ve been forced to use a generator or mains supply.

We wish to upgrade the system to two Pylontech batteries and more panels next year but with the batteries not charging on solar or mains we need to rethink the supply and looking at Victron due to comparability with the Pylontech. Our initial draw of 1500 watts is increasing due to the hot weather needing cooling fans. Even so we are unlikely to exceed 2500 watts.

Any suggestions on a cost effective basic system. We are charitable so will have to raise any funds we need.


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