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Getting the Right Victron MPTT and Cable Sizing (SmartSolar 150/60?)

Hi Alll,

I am wanting to set up a small-ish solar system on my property to eventually be off-grid one day. This is my initial foray into solar and will likely want to do something a lot larger in the next 3-5 years. The charge controller is the brain the system (imo) so I wanted what I read to be the best brand. That is why I came to this forum for help.

I have "settled on" the following based upon my perceived (and future unperceived) needs as to power consumption/storage. I will keep the following "generic" as to brand seeing that this is a Victron-sponsored forum.

1) 4 x 200W (12V) panels that will be wired in series

2) 2 x 200 A-hr (12V) LiFePO4 batteries

3) 3000W-4000W (12V) inverter

4) Right-sized Victron Charge Controller

Here are my observations/questions:

A) I now need to know if I am picking the correct MPTT charge controller. I used the "calculator" that Victron provides and it lead me to the SmartSolar 150/60 (MC4). I do believe that this is correct. Am I? ;-) I will have ~800W of power and the 150/60 handles up to 880. The 60A output confuses me because I believe that my panels will generate a max of 11.7A being in series in optimal conditions.

B) I am also concerned about using the correct MC4 cables to connect the solar array to the Victron. I believe that they standardly come in 12/10/8 AWG. Looking at the spec sheet for the 150/60, it looks like the MC4 connections (footnoted) are limited to 30A that I believe would put me in a 10AWG cable? Am I correct?

C) My next question would be what gauge of wire would I want to connect the charge controller to the battery with? Once again - I believe the spec sheet states AWG2 wire. Looking at the charge controller pictures (alone without any other reference to size), and the real estate available for the wiring, it does not look like a beefy AWG2 wire would fit, that is why I am asking. Is AWG2 the correct wire size?

I have been all over the web looking to learn solar energy system design and integration ;-) I have a fair understanding of electrical (Ohm's Law and the basics), however, I do not do this for a living or am I specialized in it. I do not want to buy a "kit" or have to work with a dedicated dealer. I am just trying to build this on my own, getting it right the first time, without the markup of buying from one source.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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Lifepo battery compatibility question

Hi! I think I have an easy one that I just want to confirm. Current setup is 2x Renogy 100 watt panels to a SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 to 2x 100ah AGM batteries in parallel. The AGMs are getting up there in age (came with the camper) and I’ll be replacing them in the next couple months. Can I plug and play 2x lifepo batteries with that setup? 12v system. Using a Smart BMV712 to monitor.



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Wind Turbines and victron charge controllers

hi, i would like to know if victron mppt charge controllers support wind turbines? if yes could i run 2 controllers in parallel, one with solar and one with a wind turbine?



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19 Answers

can i use any solar controller with victron lynx distributor

can i use any solar controller with victron lynx distributor
or more accuratlly can i use a "Renogy 40A Rover Li MPPT Solar Charge Controller" or multiple ?

and is the lynx distributor compatible with "kings 12v slimline AGM deep cycle battery's " or kings lithium 12v battery's

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Dakota battery brand support

Does Victron support Dakota Lithium battery products?

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1 Answer

Model Phoenix 12/24. When the power switch is turned on, it lights up (bulk) and after a few seconds goes into (failure + fast blinking Bulk) output voltage = 0V

when trying to configure settings:

Adjusting maximum bulk current.

Adjusting absorption voltage.

Adjusting float voltage.

- the system enters setting mode, but the output voltage remains zero

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EV Charging box doesn't recognize one type of car

We tested the charging box, it generaly works, with Mercedes BMW and Tesla, but not with a Smart EQ, it is not recognized and therefore no charge is possible. We changed the charging cable, that was not the reason. Can we test something else or is this possibly due to the firmware?

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Sonnenschein PRO Series & Multiplus-II compatibility

Hi Team Victron, can you please advise on the compatibility of Sonnenschein PRO Series with Multiplus-II (48V system) or are there any documents stating the same ? The Sonnenschein datasheet shows Victron-compatible however the Victron list does not include Sonnenschein PRO Series.

Secondly, I'm currently planning to use 1xMultiplus-II/3kVA, 4xSmartSolar 150/35 (1.5kWp Solar per controller), 4xSonnenschein PRO Series 9.6kWh in a 48V system. Communication-wise: Colour Control GX with Victron 4G Modem & GPS for GX Controllers. Would you have any concerns about the configuration?

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Exceeding capacity of MPPT 150/100?

I’m building an RV system using (6) 250w panels with the following specs:

Max Power: 226.92w

Vmpp: 21.052v

Imp: 11.01a

VOC: 24.34v

Isc: 11.75a

While researching for the appropriate Victron controller, I attempted to use the MPPT Calculator (Excel) to size the charge controller, but my panels don’t seem similar enough in specs to the Victron panels for inputs.

I plan to use MPPT 150/100 with the above panels (which I already have) in parallel and 12v. But now I’m confused as to whether the panels exceed the controller’s capability, and/or whether I should wire it differently in some combination of serial/parallel.

Can anyone verify this unit will work or recommend a better course of action or a different hardware configuration. Any help greatly appreciated.

BTW: I currently have a 12v battery bank using (4) Trojan T-145 6-Volt batteries. I realize this is small for the above, but plan to replace this after I install the above.

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What size MPPT charge controller for these batteries?

What size MPPT charge controller for :8-90 watt Zamp 19.1 volt 4.7 amp panels in series/parallel. Four strings of two panels. String volts=19.1x2=38.2 volts. System : 4.712x4=18.84amps

With: 3-Ampre Time 12 volt 300 Ah LiFePo built in 200A BMS.

Plan to add one additional string.

Which Victron MPPT Controller?

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Mppt controller/ or smart monitor.kompatinlität mit smart mppt100/30


Weiß jemand welche Monitor von den beiden mit meinem smart solar charge mppt 100/30 kompatibel ist! (Solarregler mit Bluetooth)

Es gibt ja den mppt Control(rund)(Manual wird nur bluesolar erwähnt)

Oder den smart Monitor (längliche) anscheinend nur für größere 150er mppt aufwärts!

Wer weiß da was?

Vielen Dank gruß

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Solbian SP-52L / MPPT 75/15

Hi All,

Apologies for the newbie question: I'm thinking of mounting one or two Solbian SP-52L panels on my sailboat. The specs for these panels are:


Voc: 10.9V

Vmp: 9.1V

Isc: 6A

Ipm: 5.7A

If I've understood correctly, I would indeed need to wire at least two of these panels in series in order to use my MPPT 75/15 (i.e. to achieve the required minimum voltage). One panel alone would not work in this configuration. Is this correct?


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Nube here - Which controller should I use?

Hi all. Brand new to the community.

I am installing a total of 8 385w Jinko panels. Originally, I had planned 2 strings, each in a series-parallel connection. I had planned on using 2 250/60 controllers.

Then, someone told me I could go with a 150/85 for each string if I wired each string in parallel.

My panels:

Vmp - 40.8v

Imp - 9.45a

Voc - 49.1v

Isc - 9.92a

Device rating- 20a

Any suggestions?


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PWM Controller

I think I’m slightly out of my depth looking through some of the discussions on here!!

I converted a camper a while ago and then decided to fit a ‘simple’ solar system

I installed one 100w panel and a 20amp Victron PWM controller which has worked well, but was planning to ‘improve’ the performance

I’ve now got a second identical panel to add, but, am slightly confused as I’ve been told that I can wire it in series or parallel!

I was told that the controller would allow this, but, is this correct if I wire in series and then have 24volts to it?

Any pointers would be very helpful

Many thanks


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