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Suggestion for VictronConnect's readout feature

My feature request/suggestion is for the ability to choose which bit information I would like to see in the device readouts on the VictronConnect app

This idea came after realizing that there is no wattage readout for the SmartShunt but there is space for it in the readout section of the app

bowlegs868 asked

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Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra will not connect via Victron Connect

This phone appears to incompatible with Victron Connect. Bluetooth can see all my smart devices but there is no way to make the phone ignore pairing requests. Over an hour on the phone with both T-Mobile and Samsung tech support and problem could not be resolved.

Has anybody successfully connected with this phone?

paul-r asked
Thiemo van Engelen (Victron Energy staff) edited ·

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Phoenix inverter App ever shows 0.

The status of May Phoenix inverter 12/375 has been changed in the App.

Before shows "normal " or maybe the Number of Watts.

Now Always show "0".

Its normal?

Thank you, i attach a screenshot.


Fra asked
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Suggestions for improving Victron Connect

hello, after 2 years of use and study I noticed fews things that Victron products can improve a lot with little effort.

1) the count of the cycles of the smartshunt and of the various models of BMV.

A cycle is only counted under 65% ..

This is incorrect in my opinion for lead acid batteries one should count a cycle even at 90% or 85%.

IN my RV the system is correctly sized, the batteries are agm for 178ah, and the photovoltaic of 450 watts.

I live in a pretty good climate and never run out of batteries below 80/85%.

So no cycle counts, apart from synchronizations.

This also leads to an inaccurate reading of the average discharge.

In fact, the average discharge is based on cycles and not on synchronizations.

In fact, I have average discharges of 25/30 ah and this is not detected, since my battery pack is 178ah and I never discharge below 65%. actually never below 80%.

2) it would be nice if the victron Connect app for the smartsolar also displays the internal temperature of the solar controller.

This temperature is certainly detected by the smartsolar but is not displayed.

3) it would be nice in the "trends" section to be able to cross the curves of 3 values and not just 2.

For example "battery voltage + battery current + soc".

it would be nice if the AH count was implemented in the historical trends of the smartshunt. Instead it is the only data that is only available in real time.

4) it is a pity that a small economic accessory is not available that records in a memory all the data of historical trends in CSV format to be exported.

The trend is only available on the App for 46 days and the possibility to save the history every 30 days (but only manually) from the smartsolar.

When I had the Epever-based system, a simple object costing 20 euros would record months of data at a time in. CSV.

I hope these suggestions can be taken into consideration, at least in part… at least the talk of battery monitor cycles.

Fra asked
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Application for the use of VictronConnect System Connect Split Phase 180 (Auto)

Can Victron Energy provide specific description and application for the use of Victron Connect System Connect "Split Phase 180 (Auto)" when setting up two Quattro's 12_5000_220_100_100_120V Inverter Chargers please.


editwiz asked

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Impossible to connect Inverter Phoenix after some days

Bluetooth worked for some days. Now impossible to connect, it stucks at 20%.

Restart at 1% and then shows the help text. I followed all instructions in the linked manual.

Inverter not in the list of the Bluetooth devices, but available (for binding)

PW reset impossible after input of the PUK Code marked inside the connection Box.

Tablet with Android, switched Off and On. Connect App deinstalled and reinstalled.

Bluetooth works with the Charger.

Will it work with the VE.Direct Cable ?

lorbass asked

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VictronConnect App for Windows - Error loading file #7

Another person has sent me a file from a new system to check their programming.

I have the latest version of VictronConnect app for Windows (v5.73) on my laptop, but receive this error message when I attempt to open the file:

"Error loading file #7 File created for an unsupported firmware version, update VictronConnect. "

This also happened yesterday, with a completely different system on a different laptop.

Not much to work with here, any suggestions?


victronguy asked

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BMV712 shows 99,1% soc but VictronConnect shows 100%

Particular when being mains charged via my IP22 , my BMV712 display shows 99.1% or a little less then 100% for a long time , but the VictronConnect main page for the BMV712 will show 100% ( which is correct by the way , as the IP22 status page will show the battery is in “ storage mode “ )

I can manually synchronise the display to 100% but it seems odd the VictronConnect is different to the bmv lcd.

goboatingnow asked

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Mppt load output,user defined settings

Unable to input 2 different values in the load output settings of smart solar mppt,(user defined ).ie set user defined 1, to a set value,then the value inputted in user defined 2 over writes the other value to the same!……is this by design or due to a bug?

Mark asked
Mark commented ·

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VictronConnect app on MacOS feature request

Hello Everyone,

Would it be possible to integrate the current date and time (including seconds) into the app; the motivation behind this is that it is sometimes unclear as to whether the app has timed out or stalled hence displaying historical data.

Best regards

bazil asked

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Unterschiedliche p max Ergebnisse Victron Connect zu VRM Portal

Hello, In the Victron Connect under devices solar controller mppt 150/35 under history P max 425 watts, but in the VRM portal under solar charger it says 311 watts. Where do these distortions come from

borki asked

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victronconnect 5.72 [verlauf][history] does the sharing "knob" function / kein datenexport möglich?

The laying "3dotted V" for sharing has no function.

Errors (eg.batt low) are not shown in the lower part of the stripe, despite of being confirmed or not.

Has someone else testet this function?

k-k asked
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More overview

VRM in all glory...

But is there a way to see all the info and make changes i can see and make on the victron connect app in "local " mode... on my laptop for example?

Carl asked

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Can’t use VictronConnect anymore to connect Cerbo Gx

I have multiple Victron devices on my boat. When trying to connect using the Victron app I can see all devices and connect to them, except for the Cerbo GX. All devices are shown in blue, except for the Cerbo which is grey. When trying to connect to the Cerbo is says connection isn’t possible because it is already connected to another phone…this is the status since I tried to connect the Cerbo using wifi. Until then I could use the app for the Cerbo without any problem. What to do?

arno asked

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