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BMV-712 storing trends for all but Consumed Amp Hours

Using VictronConnect on Android updated to the latest version, I'm looking at trends for my BMV-712 and can zoom out in time and see stored history for all of soc, temp, volts, current, and power, but when I select consumed amp hours it only shows the real-time reading plus whatever history is kept as long as the app remains opened and connected to the battery monitor. Is Ah something that is still not kept in the device's history?

An interesting note, probably unrelated, is that there is a blank window of about 17 minutes showing no stored trends at all, of any of the values. That empty window of time coincides with some of the time I was opening and closing the app trying to figure out why no Ah history existed (during the past hour).

cgesmike asked
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Unable to create new Battery Preset using VictronConnect on Mac

When using VictronConnect v5.47 on my MacBook (macOS 11.6), the Create Preset option is greyed out (ie unavailable) in the Battery Preset drop down list.

This isn’t the case with VC 5.82 on my iPad (iPadOS 16.3.1) or my iPhone (iOS 16.2).

The situation is consistent across all three of my SmartSolar 100/30s, all running firmware v1.61.

Any thoughts on why Create Preset isn’t available on the Mac version of VC?

allan-fraser asked

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iOS Victron Connect app. Stored trends no longer working


Had this working perfectly on my Smart Solar 150/100 right from when it was introduced on beta. After a shutdown of a couple weeks (battery taken out of service) it no longer displays any stored data on the trends tab.

Victron connect iOS app 5.90 beta, also tried reverting to non beta 5.80

Smart solar firmware versions shown in screengrabs

Are there any settings I should check?


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What does "Charger Accept Mode" mean?

Have been plugged into shore power (electricity) at an RV park for 3 days. Unplugged today, drove to the desert, batteries at 100%. Checked batteries around 9:30 pm, down to 80%. Fired up the generator and after an hour or so the batteries read 100% but my wall panel where the inverter info is said "Charger Accept mode". I know what bulk, absorbtion and float are but what the heck is "Charger Accept Mode". What does that mean???

mbujo asked
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SOC on Cerbo GX and VRM

Good morning,

I wanted to know why the SOC is only calculated on the A consumption measured by the smart shunt, and is not taken into account that the multiplus keeps the battery in float mode, at 13.5 volts.

From the diagram you can see that the soc keeps dropping even though the battery is kept at 13.5 volts, now in the cerbo I have selected the battery meter from the multiplus, now the percentage has stopped and no longer drops.

Attached is the diagram of how I have connected the devices.

do you have any explanation on this?

Thank you



This is after i selected the multiplus as battery meter on VRM



Diriye Amey asked
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VRM portal not showing current values

Hi, I have a strange one. Everything was working perfectly fine but I needed to move the batteries to a new location and since then the VRM portal will not load the current readings on the dashboard. My setup consists on 2 12v batteries in parallel, a 500amp smart shunt, smart solar 100/50 and a RPI running venus OS. The readings that are displayed on the dashboard are the last readings just before I switched it all off to do the relocation. The android widget on my phone works fine and shows the correct data and if I go onto the VRM portal history it shows all the correct information. Its just the main screen dashboard isn't updating and the victron connect app will not connect through the VRM connection. I have attached an image of the message I get on the victron connect app and also the VRM dashboard, sometimes it will show the true values for a few seconds and then update back to the old not correct values. I have tried turning everything off and back on again and no luck, also tried reseting router incase it was an Internet issue with no luck. The venus os is connected to VRM and is reporting correctly by the looks of it.





whiteley91 asked
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installation filaire entre Victron et groupe électrogène pour démarrage automatique

bonjours ; recherche plan de câblage entre Cerbo gx - Victron multiplus -2 48v 5000kw 70-50 pour démarrer un groupe électrogène diesel de 5500kw en 230v

roland-majolo asked

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I can’t see my solar controller in VictronConnect anymore

I had to restart my victron system after my batteries failed. It’s all back up and working properly but I can no longer see my Smartsolar charge controller (MPPT 100|50) in the Victron Connect Device List. I can see it via my Cerbo GX and it’s charging (when the sun is out :-). Also pressed the orange refresh button, bottom right. Any advice on why it’s not being detected in the Victron Connect Device List please?




safari-oz asked
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problème dernière mise à jour victron connect


suite à la mise à jour récente de victron connect, des informations de contrôle ont disparu.

nous sommes hors réseau et avons besoin au quotidien d'une fonction disparue, du moins, toujours là mais plus fonctionnelle.

dans le menu "tendances", la puissance solaire en w qui fonctionnait parfaitement avant la mise à jour n'est plus fonctionnelle. au lieu de (W), seul () apparaît.

pensant que cela venait de ma tablette, je l'ai remise à l'état d'usine, fait un reset sur mon RS6000 mais rien n'a changé.

l'info puissance solaire apparaissait toujours dans victron connect sur mon téléphone mais depuis la mise à jour dans ce dernier, cela ne fonctionne plus, ni sur le téléphone, ni sur la tablette.

cela vient donc de la mise à jour de l'application victron connect.

comment faire pour régler ce problème?

merci d'avance.

cedricp asked

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How to connect two Island Log-cabins via 230Vac?

I have a Log-cabin in the Alps with 2x SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 VE.Can, CCGX, 1x Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000, 48Vdc 9kW Batterie, 4.2kWp PV Array.

Now my Neighbor (70m Cable-Distance) would like to link in.

The Idea is to bild a separat Island System a the Neighbors Log-Cabin and link both Island-Systems via 230Vac.

Should we link both Inverters via VE.Can over the 70m distance or does there exist a solution to just use the AC-Line?

Pascal Maag asked

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ThinkPad T60 with WinXP

Good evening,

I have a IBM ThinkPad T60 with Windows XP and tried to install the configuration software but it complain about a missing DLL.

Unfortunately I can not more buy in Europe a LEGAL new Windows7 DVD with activation code, even Google show you several 100 results where to buy.

This Enterprise's are just fooling peoples.

Windos 10 can not be installed because the Laptop is not performante enough...

Does anyone has an unused ENGLISH or GERMAN version of Windows 7 DVD+License and want to give it up?

Thanks for your Help

Michelle Konzack asked

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Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra will not connect via Victron Connect

This phone appears to incompatible with Victron Connect. Bluetooth can see all my smart devices but there is no way to make the phone ignore pairing requests. Over an hour on the phone with both T-Mobile and Samsung tech support and problem could not be resolved.

Has anybody successfully connected with this phone?

paul-r asked
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Suggestion for VictronConnect's readout feature

My feature request/suggestion is for the ability to choose which bit information I would like to see in the device readouts on the VictronConnect app

This idea came after realizing that there is no wattage readout for the SmartShunt but there is space for it in the readout section of the app

bowlegs868 asked

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Phoenix inverter App ever shows 0.

The status of May Phoenix inverter 12/375 has been changed in the App.

Before shows "normal " or maybe the Number of Watts.

Now Always show "0".

Its normal?

Thank you, i attach a screenshot.


Fra asked
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Application for the use of VictronConnect System Connect Split Phase 180 (Auto)

Can Victron Energy provide specific description and application for the use of Victron Connect System Connect "Split Phase 180 (Auto)" when setting up two Quattro's 12_5000_220_100_100_120V Inverter Chargers please.


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