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VictronConnect: Some slight viewing improvements please

It would be really nice if VictronConnect had some superficial viewing improvements, especially in the overview screen, making it slightly more useable a dashboard.

Specifically, for my old deteriorating eyes, a slightly bigger font, as well as a locked device position, iow, the devices do not constantly jump around as they are rescanned. Especially when other campers are nearby.

I know the obvious, probably marketing preferred, solution would be a Cerbo GX, but I (and maybe others like me) have a tiny folding roof style camper, with only a minimalistic solar+shunt+orion. So apart from the price, it would also cost mounting space, screen space, and worst of all, unneeded 24/7 background current draw (which is why I also decided not to go the RasPi Venus route: way too much constant current draw, it eats 10Ah/day)

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