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possible to add wind and alternator (both via shunt to VRM)



I would like to know if you can ipdate the VRM web based to be able to add besides solar also other energy sources in the dashboard for example I have a shunt of the engine alternator and a shunt on wind silentwind turbine. it would be great






Daniele Calabrese asked

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Different measures of power, multiplus II and smartshunt



yesterday I realised that there was a huge different of power between the measured power from multiplus II and smartshunt, but the strangest is today I check that if I choose multiplus 2 like battery monitor the measured power is almost the same, but if we choose smartshunt the difference is appreciable enough, the load is the same in both examples.


palom170 asked
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Smart Shunt and Phoenix strange behavior



I use in a Island setup a Victron Smart shunt (500A/50mV) to measure the current from the battery to a Victrom Phoenix without VE.direct and a 48V/12V Inverter for 12V LED lighting.

If the 48V/12V Inverter sucking energy, everything is a s expected, the Smart shunt shows a negative energy consumption. But if the Phoenix sucking energy, the energy consumption is POSITIVE!!

What is wrong here, someone have a idea, what is the problem?

buddhafragt asked
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Shunt showing negative with nothing connected


Image Caption


Image CaptionHi guys, hope someone can help share some advice. I’m a bit stumped with my Victron smart shunt. Previously installed it, was working like a charm. Recently post a camping trip the smart shunt appears to have stopped working correctly. I use Lifepo4 battery and kings battery box. The shunt continues to show negative, even when I turn the battery box off - so there is nothing pulling energy.

I thought I was having issues with the solar charger today (it was showing 2amp below what I was reading on the regulator). But then noticed when nothing was attached I’m getting -2amp+.

Does anyone know why this may be?

Any help will

Be greatly appreciated! I haven’t been able to find this issue online. I’ve tripled checked my wiring - it’s odd because I haven’t changed anything and it was working great before a few days ago.

warnemet asked
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Implausible capacity display with Smartshunt

I've installed a Bluetooth 500A Smartshunt in my RV along with a MPPT 100/20 solar controller. The battery used is a 280Ah LiFePO4 from Forster. After a night out and a morning coffee, the capacity went down to 82%, which is quite common. But within seconds the remaining capacity indicator jumped to 100% with no power connected (except 3W solar power). In this case, of course, the display is no longer correct. Any ideas whether this is a setting or a hardware issue?


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Smartshunt (BMV712) with two MPPT 150/35

Hi all,

I am running two MPPT 150/35 in parallel one a 24V system with a 500V Smartshunt. These three Victron devices all show up correctly in the VictronConnect app. (I did also add these three to one network via the VE.smart network so they are supposed to communicate via bluetooth).

Now comes the issue: When only one MPPT is active (the other deactivated via the app), the readings of the shunt seem to match the MPPT readings (as well as the BMS readings), however as soon as both MPPTs are active, the readings of the shunt are all over the place, jumping from positive to minus readings and showing pure nonsense while the BMSmatches the sum of both MPPT readings, so these seem to work just fine.

Anyone had this issue before?

I tried to set the VE.smart network up again which did not help, I also think this should not realte to the issue at all.

My distributor did not react thus far which is why I thought I might try here.

Thanks a lot in advance!

s-w asked

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Using a Victron shunt to monitor different brand charge controllers

Been a little conflicted on what to do with my system as I upgrade.. I currently use a 3k Multiplus, victron battery shunt and an older victron battery monitor with a CCGX (soon to become a cerbo gx I think) running from 24v 280ah of lifepo4.

My current SCC is a Morningstar Tristar MPPT 60a. But I'm wanting to add another 2.5kw of panels so need to add another SCC. I love the way all the victron equipment talks to eachother, and I'm sure their charge controllers are top tier too, but I really do like the morningstar controllers.

I was originally debating selling the TriStar and buying two victron controllers mainly for the data sharing between devices. Using the DC shunt to "calculate" the solar power does work fine, but in instances like when my geni is running and charging the batteries (power is a little dirty) the DC system power really starts getting erratic (albeit SOC always remains spot on).

But now I've discovered you can add a second victron shunt between your other brand SCC and the rest of your system which negates the need to "calculate" DC power and gives real accurate figures. I believe I'm right in saying you need the "smart shunt" to do this and not just the regular one.

Has anyone run this kind of setup with luck? Am I missing anything? And I assume once that shunt is fitted "has DC system" can be turned off and the shunt will be recognised and shown as a PV input?

And one last thing, would the new smart shunt bypass the main shunt and connect the SCC straight to the battery or do you still run it through both shunts?


Jamie Greenaway asked
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Cerbo-s GX + SmartShunt as DC Energy Meter not showing up when selected as Inverter type

I recently added a 2nd SmartShunt to my system on the negative cable between the Lynx Distributor and my SunGold inverter. My understanding was that I could set the SmartShunt to "DC Meter" then select the type as "Inverter" and then when I viewed the VRM portal, I would see a tile for "Inverter" and be able to see what wattage was being drawn from the inverter.

However, after installation and setup, I saw no such graphical tile in the VRM portal. It does show up in the devices list and I can indeed confirm that the shunt is working, wired, and setup correctly. But, there's nothing on the GUI layout.

When looking at the firmware, it shows that my shunt is on v4.09 (yet it also says that the latest firmware is v4.08 - which is very confusing).

Is there some secret setting somewhere that I am missing? What do I need to do in order to get an "Inverter" tile to show up in the GUI of the VRM portal?

timh83 asked

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ESS - MPPT gets disabled

Hello all,

I have a small solar system with buffer battery:

1 x solar cell 410 W

1x SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

1x SamartShunt 500A/50mV

1x Battery 12V 28Ah

1x MultiPlus 12/800/35

Everything is connected to a RaspberryPi with VictronOS via USB cable

2x Ve.Direct to the SmartSolar and SmartShunt

1x Ve.Bus to the MultiPlus


ESS is selected as configuration on the MultiPlus and DC power supply.

Connected on the MultiPlus:
AC input - Grid supply
AC output - continuous load of approx. 200-400W


The following problem has now come up:
When the SmartSolar is connected to the Raspberry, it switches to state: externally controlled and shuts down. If at all 5W - 20W come through. If I disconnect the VD.Direct and restart the SmartSolar, it delivers the full PV power.

Does anyone have an idea?

If desired, I can also provide RemoteDesktop (AnyDesk) if someone wants to look at it.

Many thanks in advance.

I am grateful for any idea! ;)

brenner-d asked
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Suggestion for VictronConnect's readout feature

My feature request/suggestion is for the ability to choose which bit information I would like to see in the device readouts on the VictronConnect app

This idea came after realizing that there is no wattage readout for the SmartShunt but there is space for it in the readout section of the app

bowlegs868 asked

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VRM additional shunt not visible

I have added additional smart shunt via ve-direct to cerbo to be able measure accurately charge current from additional charger. Shunt is configured as DC source and named as AC Charger. It is visible in VRM device list but not in dashboard or in the list of devices at Advanced page. So I can see status and history only through Cerbo but not via VRM.

Is there way to refresh VRM to get additional shunt data to shown in advaced page so I can export statistics?

All devices in the system have newest FW. VRM instance ID 48e7da89e12d


janieronen asked
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Energy Meter Capability

I currently have a full Victron system (soup to nuts) on our sailboat. We use SmartShunts to monitor power output of a wind generator and one of the small solar banks that cannot be supported by a Victron MPPT. They work great.

I am currently installing an Electromaax 24V/160A high output alternator on our main engine. It is externally rectified and controlled, assisting with heat management and charging of the Victron LFP bank (24V/600Ah). The installation requires two shunts for system monitoring: 1) The main system shunt for the battery bank on the negative side and 2) A secondary shunt on the positive output side of the rectifier (used as an Energy Meter as well for the Alternator). Both are Victron Smart Shunts 500A/50mV.

It appears the Smart Shunt on the positive output side is no longer working. Maybe it is a defect or damage caused by myself during transport/install/etc.

My question. Does anyone see a potential cause for failure based on the layout (output side + of the alternator)? This is the first piece of blue equipment with a short lifespan and it makes me wonder if the install is to blame.

Thank you all for your insight.

mday73 asked

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Suggestions for improving Victron Connect

hello, after 2 years of use and study I noticed fews things that Victron products can improve a lot with little effort.

1) the count of the cycles of the smartshunt and of the various models of BMV.

A cycle is only counted under 65% ..

This is incorrect in my opinion for lead acid batteries one should count a cycle even at 90% or 85%.

IN my RV the system is correctly sized, the batteries are agm for 178ah, and the photovoltaic of 450 watts.

I live in a pretty good climate and never run out of batteries below 80/85%.

So no cycle counts, apart from synchronizations.

This also leads to an inaccurate reading of the average discharge.

In fact, the average discharge is based on cycles and not on synchronizations.

In fact, I have average discharges of 25/30 ah and this is not detected, since my battery pack is 178ah and I never discharge below 65%. actually never below 80%.

2) it would be nice if the victron Connect app for the smartsolar also displays the internal temperature of the solar controller.

This temperature is certainly detected by the smartsolar but is not displayed.

3) it would be nice in the "trends" section to be able to cross the curves of 3 values and not just 2.

For example "battery voltage + battery current + soc".

it would be nice if the AH count was implemented in the historical trends of the smartshunt. Instead it is the only data that is only available in real time.

4) it is a pity that a small economic accessory is not available that records in a memory all the data of historical trends in CSV format to be exported.

The trend is only available on the App for 46 days and the possibility to save the history every 30 days (but only manually) from the smartsolar.

When I had the Epever-based system, a simple object costing 20 euros would record months of data at a time in. CSV.

I hope these suggestions can be taken into consideration, at least in part… at least the talk of battery monitor cycles.

Fra asked
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SmartShunt 500A/50mV “No Devices Found”


I installed this device inside my battery box for a travel trailer. The battery is a RENOGY RBT100LFP12S 100A Lithium battery.

These were installed together in late June 2022. Everything connected and worked at the time. Late August I noticed the app no longer had the device or any device listed.

It was still in my Bluetooth list. I tried to connect and it did not work. I deleted it from the list. I restarted my phone. I deleted and then added the VictronConnect App back to my phone.

I then disconnected all the wires from the SnartShunt and waiting a while and reconnected everything. The App still cannot find the device.

I am at a loss. This device was not cheap. It worked for only a month or so. Really would like some help and or advice to get it working again.

1211fred asked

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Désynchronisation du SOC ?

Bonjour la communauté,

j'ai une installation comme présenté sur les schéma. Mon problème est une désynchronisation entre le SOC affiché (63%) et le SOC réel puisque le Multiplus maintient en Float la batterie avec une tension à 53.3V.

J'ai lu sur un autre post une méthode pour réinitialiser le SOC (https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/102985/comment-reinitialiser-le-calcul-du-pourcentage-cha.html) mais je n'arrive pas à le faire sur le GUI. Y a t il une autre méthode (via DVCC) ?

Je précise que je n'ai pas de Shunt mais que j'ai commandé un "Smart Shunt", cependant même dans ce cas il faudra réinitialiser, une procédure qui semble décrite dans le manuel (automatique ou manuel)

Confirmez vous mon analyse ?






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